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Real Name
N'Dare Rose Howlett-Munroe
Current Alias

Wild Thing, Princess of Kenya, Howlett's Little Rebel



Young X-men; Formerly Jean Grey School Student Body

Logan Howlett (Father), Ororo Munroe (Mother), Daken (Paternal Half brother, Deceased), X-23 (Father's clone), Kymera (Maternal Half Sister), Erista (Paternal Half Brother), Mongrels (Paternal Half Siblings, Deceased), Boien Howlett (Nephew), Kara Howlett (Niece), Howlett Family Tree, Munroe Family Tree


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Eyes glow bioluminescent white when using powers similar to her mother


Marital Status

Adventurer, hero

High School


Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 The winds and lightning are mine to command Quote2
-- N'Dare Howlett-Munroe


N'Dare is the daughter of Logan Howlett, AKA Wolverine, and Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm. Being the daughter of two veteran X-men N'Dare has lived her entire life at the Jean Grey School long before her mutation would set in, becoming quite accustomed to seeing things most normal people would consider "strange". As a result, N'Dare grew up not minding mutants around her, especially since there was a chance she could become a base-line human despite her parents being two very powerful mutants in their own right.

From a young age this young woman was quickly instilled with the ideals of the X-men, at least what they stood for in modern day, and with the beliefs of her own parents. She also began training at a young age about how to fight, defend herself, and emotional control. But from early on N'Dare displayed her father's known temper and impatience, earning her an early moniker of "Wild Thing" which became a running joke that this would become her codename when she "popped her claws" the first time like Logan. Though Logan didn't find this amusing, both N'Dare and Storm did and even considered it as a true codename someday.

Still, this didn't change the fact that in time N'Dare became a rather skilled fighter as she got older and seemed to have no trouble going toe-to-toe with mutants. She also became something of a daddy's girl and a close bond with her mother compared to that of Kymera. But, the two also had a decent relationship, albeit being slightly strained whenever Kymera seemed to not get along well with their mother. Nevertheless, life was pretty peaceful while N'Dare grew up and it seemed for the time being she would indeed remain human as life continued with her training and spending time with her parents when they weren't busy with the school.

When N'Dare finally reached the age of fourteen however, things began to change. First, it began with one of her solo outings into New York that she happened to have a run in with Chris Summers who at the time was on his own personal business. Though the two were tense at first that resulted in N'Dare questioning his being there it quickly simmered down when Chris explained himself. What also happened, despite the brief tension, was an almost instant attraction between the two and N'Dare spending most of the day with the Summers boy to speak of his goals and dreams, being the first to accept becoming part of his new team before he even asked. Following this the two agreed to never speak of the meeting but also decided to date in secret as well.

Shortly after, N'Dare would soon come to discover her own mutant gene as during a training session with her father things got heated and in her anger the young woman triggered her Bone Manipulation. Shocked but excited, the training session continued until the two finally stopped. Shortly there after, N'Dare began training in the danger room and would discover the last two powers but it was found she had no control over the weather like that of her mother. But it also began the start of a new path.

Being a Rebel

When turning sixteen, N'Dare really began to take a new turn in becoming rather rebellious towards her parents and the school. Mainly, she began secretly approaching people about joining Chris's team, those that she knew she could trust to not speak of recruiting them. Though it took time, N'Dare did have a few people thinking about it while it took a meeting with Chris himself to truly get them to take the plunge into reviving Xavier's dream and go against the wishes of their guardians and parents.

Thus, she became more of a rebel when she began to be less and less away from the Jean Grey School to meet up with Chris and to help direct the team. At the same time N'Dare also keeps her eyes out for possible candidates to join the new Young X-men, primarily the team her father came up with training in the Savage Lands.

Powers and Abilities


  • Aerokinesis:Though not able to control weather like her mother, N'Dare has a acute psionic connection to the air leading her to have a fine control over it despite being young still. She is powerful enough she can create hurricane force winds or generate tornadoes despite there being no visible change in weather patterns. She can create vortexes from her hands or generate a strong gust of wind that easily propel her into the air to simulate flight. She also can create a protective veil over herself to fly at speeds nearly equal to that of a jet when she is flying about in the air to avoid being torn apart by the g-force generated at the speeds she goes. She also has a refined control to make concentrated spheres of varying size, wing blades, and protective barriers. Though she also has shown being skilled enough she can for a short time stop the flow of air into one's lungs.
  • Electrokinesis:Another prominent power N'Dare has is to generate and manipulate different forms of lightning and electricity. She can absorb and redirect electrified sources, including those from lightning storms, allowing her to go unharmed by them majority of the time. She can cast lightning bolts or generate an electrical field over her body to create a personal force field that protects her from most energy-based attacks and some physical blows, or increase her own close combat skills. She can make concentrated lightning spheres or add sharpness to blades she might use. She can also vary the power of this ability to stun someone or alright kill them by frying their body. N'Dare has also shown being able to increase her speed by "Skating" on the lightning field she creates around herself.
  • Bone Manipulation:N'Dare has the power to manipulate her bone structure, allowing her to create bone protrusions along her body that are normally jagged and sharp. These tend to protrude along her back, which are usually longer then anywhere else, her shoulders, elbows, lower arms, and framing her face around the eyes and forming a crown-of-spikes along her forehead and face frame. She also has shown to create "bone claws" coming from between her knuckles in homage of her father. The lose of any of these usually can be replaced but usually causes her to have to replenish her calcium levels after long periods of time. But overall, these protrusions can be used defensively and offensively, and she can shape them into different weapons if she chooses to.
    • Regenerative healing Factor:As a result of the above mutation, she has a regenerative healing factor. This allows her to grow bones, organs, and repair her skin tissue each time she she is struck or attacked, usually healing within seconds to minutes. She also is immune to diseases, infections, poison, and alcohol and has a slowed aging process.


  • Master Martial Artist:With her parents being leaders and veteran members of the X-men, N'Dare has been trained by them all her life in various martial arts, most especially her father. As a result, N'Dare is easily a black belt in several styles and some Kenyan styles not seen outside the villages her mother frequents.
  • Master Tracker/Hunter:Despite lack of keen senses, N'Dare has been trained in hunting and tracking techniques by her father.
  • Decent Thief:From her mother, N'Dare has learned some tricks of being a thief, mostly in picking locks and pickpocketing.

Strength level

N'Dare has the average strength for someone her age, height, and weight who engages in intensive exercise


  • N'Dare's powers are heavily linked to her emotions much like her mother, as a result she has to keep some state of calm which is difficult.
    • On that note, N'Dare does have her father's temper sometimes which leads her to not always think rationally.
  • The use of her Bone Manipulation causes a lot of the calcium in her body be used up, potentially leaving her without something vital for her body. As a result, N'Dare has to drink or eat anything that has a high calcium content.



  • Ancestral Ruby:Like her mother before her, N'Dare inherited her mother's family's ancestral ruby and always keeps it with her.
  • Pocket Knife:Though not necessary, N'Dare has multipurpose pocket knife with different tools on it just in case.

Transportation: Her powers, Chris's teleportation, X-let
Weapons: Her powers, Pocket knife, sometimes various daggers/swords


  • N'Dare is an idea for a possible daughter from Wolverine and Storm.


  • Despite a long-standing rivalry between her father and Scott Summers, N'Dare has admitted to a few she has a crush on the youngest Summers kid, Chris Summers.
  • N'Dare also has stated she has an addiction to pie.
  • Her name is also a combination of people her parents both lost and who were close, N'Dare being Storm's mother's name and Rose being a childhood friend and love interest to Wolverine.

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