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Solar Guard

Real Name
Myra Shaara
Current Alias
Solar Guard



Young X-men; Formerly Jean Grey School X-men Student Body

Neal Shaara (Father), Heather Cameron (Mother), Davis Cameron (Uncle), Unknown Aunt, Victor Cameron (Maternal Cousin), Mr. Shaara (Grandfather), Mrs.Shaara (Grandmother), Sanjit (Uncle, Deceased), Miles Warbeck (Materal Grandfather, deceased), Deathbird (Alleged Grandmother), Neranami Royal Family (Possible family)


Base Of Operations
Unknown; Formerly Jean Grey School, Westchester, New York





Gold(Occasionally looks orange)

Unusual Features
Golden/Orange metallic skin and feathered wings, Shi'ar eye markings, Vertical pupils lacking pupils, claws, feathered hair


Marital Status

Adventurer, Hero

High School, Some college

Mutant with Shi'ar heritage from her mother's side

Place of Birth

First appearance




Myra is the daughter of Neal Shaara, the third Thunderbird, and Heather Cameron, otherwise known as Lifeguard. She is a second generation mutant who has spent much of her early life in Calcutta where her parents decided to settle following Heather becoming pregnant a few years after the Avengers-X-men conflict. Some months later baby Myra was born, already visibly showing signs she was a mutant with her Shi'ar traits visible like that of her mother. Metallic skin, metallic feathered wings, eye markings, and feathered hair showed despite a slightly diluted gene pool of Shi'ar, it was very prominent in her own genetic make up.

Despite the realization that their daughter was a mutant, the two former X-men remained at Neal's home where Myra was raised like any other child. Although, Heather also took great care to help teach her the ideals of Wolverine's X-men and how to use some of her powers from an early age. As a result of her upbringing, Myra became a rather accepting individual at an early age, playing with human and mutant children alike, rich or poor, younger or older.

But when signs of powers similar to her father's began to appear about the age of ten, it was becoming a concern if they should keep Myra in Calcutta. Eventually, the decision was made when Myra accidently discharged a small explosion of solar plasma in the backyard, leaving a decent area cracked and much of the plants and ground scorched by accident. Thus, they packed up some stuff, locked down the house, and moved back to Westchester, New York to the Jean Grey School where Myra was quickly enrolled and welcome warmly by the staff and students.

Here, Myra began to blossom quickly with her powers and into the woman she would become in the present day. She quickly made friends with some future members of the Young X-men, in particular taking a shine towards Kal'Dara, a fellow Shi'ar like herself and her cousin, who she discovered shortly after her arrival there at the mansion.

Through focus, discipline, and careful instruction, Myra began to learn to control her abilities better and even discovered others. By the time she was turning fourteen she had become decent enough she could somewhat control her variant of her father's powers and had gradual control of her Biological manipulation. She also quickly became an adept close quarters combat fighter and showed some natural talent with melee weapons. And it was also about this time that Myra began to not only have a close friendship towards Kal'dara but also romantic feelings.

Starting Anew

Remaining a student at the Jean Grey School, Myra found great fun and pleasure in being among her own kind. And she also found it sometimes difficult being a mutant but otherwise still did her best in classes, showing an aptitude towards English partaking in many activities the school had to offer. Yet, she also found herself becoming bored as the school seemed to have many things that were becoming all too often the same thing.

During a trip to go out shopping with Kal'dara and Chatan Guthrie, the latter with the two teenage girls out of lacking anything else to do, things changed. Surprisingly, the three were approached by none other then Chris Summers, causing some tension at first among them before Chris explained himself. Though it took time to convince them Myra was one of the first to suggest giving him a shot when he pitched the idea of forming their own X-men team to which she saw a chance for a new change of scenery and to actually do something rather then stick to just classes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shi'ar/Mutant Physiology:Due to her mother's Shi'ar heritage, Myra inherited Shi'ar traits similar to that of her mother which was further impacted by her father being a mutant. Therefore she has gained some of the Shi'ar traits such as greater strength and stamina compared to most humans and has caused her to have the following powers:
    • Metallic Skin:Much like her mother, Myra has gained a metallic, bullet proof skin that is yellow-orange in color and spreads across her whole body to her wings. This further increases her strength and makes her incredibly durable to withstand fires, bullets, and great impact forces.
      • Minor Biological Manipulation:Myra also has some control of her metallic skin in the form of biological manipulation. She can literally alter her metal skin on a mental level to change it, becoming like armor, shields, or weapons. She has so far in training demonstrated making spikes on her body, creating "armor" in certain parts for better reinforcement to superhuman or great impacts, and causing her fists to become larger.
    • Wing Manifestation:As a result of a trait from possibly her grandmother Deathbird and therefore form her mother, Myra also has manifested feathered wings. These wings are eight feet long and also metallic much like the rest of her body, having the yellow-orange coloration with more golden colored top feathers. These wings are slightly less durable then the rest of her body but allow her to fly to great heights and are strong enough to be used as weapons.
    • Claws:On the tips of her fingers, Myra has sharp claws that are another result of her genetic throwback DNA from her family. The are durable enough to go through most metal and easily tear through flesh and bone.
  • Solar Energy Generation:A secondary power Myra has is a variation of her father's power in being able to generate solar plasma energy from her body. This can be most visible emanating from her hands and eyes when in use, giving the appearance of fiery solar energy literally coming from her body. Though she cannot convert heat to this plasma like her father Neal can she does have some control to do a few things:
    • Solar Plasma "Cover": By controlling this emanating energy, she can manipulate it to cover her entire form which gives her an appearance if literally being a "sun person" of sorts. This gives her a kind of protective layer across her form that allows her to enhance her combat, melt projectiles, limited energy protection, and limited immunity to heat/fire.
    • Solar Plasma Explosion:By firing this energy from her hands in the form of bolts she releases explosive forms of this energy that within a few seconds after explode. This can happen within a 3-foot radius and usually is equal to that of a grenade. Through concentration, Myra can also release this in an explosive heat wave from her entire body for a much larger, more destructive explosion then a few bolts could do combined.


  • Decent Hand-to-hand combatant:With her parents being X-men and growing partially around them, Myra has been trained in unarmed combat. She has proven herself to be a few belts below that of black belt and seems to use techniques that make full use of her metallic form and wings.
  • Trained Lifeguard:Despite her fear of water, Myra has been trained by her mother as a life guard. This allows her to know how to use CPR and first aid plus is a strong swimmer.
  • Master Aerialist:Due to her natural affinity to flying, Myra has trained from a young age in aerial maneuvers. Thus, she uses her combat in the air and is rather acrobatic when it comes to doing aerial stunts.

Strength level

Two or three times that of a human woman her age, height, and weight.


  • Myra can only generate her own solar energy but cannot absorb it.
  • Her metallic body may be bullet proof but she is not above facing dented or even damaged, leading her body to naturally take time for this to heal like normal humans.
  • Myra ironically has a fear of large bodies of water.



  • Myra wears a locket around her neck that has a picture of her parents on either side.

Transportation: Her wings, X-jet
Weapons: Her own powers


  • Myra is based on the idea if Lifeguard and the third incarnation of Thunderbird were to have a child.


  • Due to a near childhood drowning, Myra has shown a fear of large bodies of water but handles smaller bodies fine.
  • Myra has only admitted to very few people she is a lesbian, having even secretly held a crush towards her fellow Young X-man, Kal'dara for quite sometime.

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