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Mutant X

Real Name
Kevin Reynolds
Current Alias
Mutant X

The Mutant God




  • Lacy Reynolds (Mother)
  • George Reynolds (Father)
  • Nicole Prescott (Wife)
  • Kyle Reynolds (Son)
  • Scott Reynolds (Son)
  • Jennifer Reynolds (Daughter)
  • Crystal Reynolds (Daughter)

  • Universe

    Base Of Operations
    Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters




    Black, with White Streaks


    Marital Status

  • Superhero
  • Inventor
  • Schoolteacher
  • 1 of 2 Kings of New Genosha

  • Education
    Masters in Various Fields


    First appearance



    Quote1 You worship gods; you praise heroes, you look to heroes for guidance and yet you look to us like we're a disease that you cannot understand. We mutants are more than you can ever be and we will not be subjected to the prejudice of the Governments and I'll be damned if my friends & family become the subject of such prejudice. Quote2
    -- Mutant X to the United Nations
    Mutant X (20th Century)
    Kevin Reynolds was born to Lacy Reynolds on May 5, 1958 in Saratoga, New York. He was raised by his mother because his father died during World War 2 while liberating prisoners from Auchwitz Concentration Camp. Reynolds grew up knowing that his father died at the hands of evil and since he feared that evil would in fact rise; the young son of the fallen soldier took up the alter ego Mutant X after he discovered his powers at the age of 16.

    He and his friends would later join as a team in order to save others from harm and protect their little community; however by the end of the 70's; Reynolds found himself sent into the military and placed in a special team commanded by Maj. William Stryker. By the 90s; after being within the team; Reynolds was working for a mining company in Africa; where he discovered a rock that would later help Col. Stryker create Adamantium. As soon as he discovered enough of the element; Reynolds liquidized it and surgically grafted it to his natural bone claws and skeleton.

    By 1999; Reynolds was contacted by Charles Xavier who offered the mutant a job at the Xavier Institute For Gifted Youngsters as a physics and Science teacher. He accepted the job and taught many young mutants. At the same time; he met his wife and had his children. He also came across his old friend; who would later become known as ForestFire.

    Since his start as a superhero; Mutant X continued as the physics and science teacher at the Xavier Institute; as well as one of the key members of the X-Men.

    Marriage & Family

    By the 2000s; Mutant X had married his sweetheart Nicole Prescott and later became a father when his wife gave birth to their first child; Kyle Reynolds. His wife later had another son Scott Reynolds and soon by 2009; he became the father of fraternal twin daughters; Jennifer and Crystal.

    Mutant Rights

    Because of the rising tensions between mutants and humans; Mutant X decided to take charge and lead a campaign so that mutants and humans can in fact co-exist. His campaign was later given a chance to explain itself when he was offered a chance to speak in front of the United Nations. He accepted the chance and made himself known as a mutant, as well as convinced the world leaders to enforce mutant rights on the world. Senator Robert Kelly also got him a lunching with the Commander-In-Chief the next day.

    Mutant X accepted the offer and spent 20 minutes at the lunch with the President; until Emma Frost and her henchmen attacked the White House. This later led Mutant X to prove himself as the protector of mankind when Emma Frost had the President held hostage. He stopped Emma when his wife Nicole attacked Emma from behind; leading to him cuffing Frost and capturing her henchmen. 2 weeks later; Mutant X was contacted by Senator Kelly who in turn explained that the Mutant Rights Enforcement Act would be ratified by the whole world and they offered him to be the one to seal the document.

    Powers & Abilities


    Mutant X is known to be in fact a mutant that reigns supreme over Phoenix and even Apocalypse. He is also known to retain his powers while he is in the Savage Land as well.
  • Invulnerability: Mutant X is known to possess the ability to resist bullets; rockets and other weapons and attacks capable of withstanding attacks that would kill the Phoenix.
  • Pathogen/Antibiotic Resistance: Mutant X is known to be immune to all forms of viruses, bacterial infections and even resistant to every form of antibiotics. He also is immune to the mutant cure as well as the cross species virus that was accidentally released in New York in 2012.
  • Godlike Mentality: Mutant X was born was a brain the size of a Human's; however unlike a normal human brain; his was known to possess more knowledge than any thing; even the knowledge possessed by Ultron can fit in his brain. With the use of his telepathy as well; Mutant X is actually capable of burning information into his head and keeping it there indefinitely.
  • Immortality: Unlike Wolverine's longevity; Mutant X's natural lifespan is in fact eternal.
  • Godlike Strength: Mutant X is known to possess greatest strength of all the X-Men; as well as seeming limitless. His strength allows him to move planets and destroy asteroids the size of planets.
  • Godlike Speed: Like Quicksilver and other Super fast; Mutant X is 10 times as fast.
  • Godlike Durability/Stamina/Endurance:Mutant X's stamina and endurance is capable of matching that of Apocalypse and surpassing Jean Grey when she is the Phoenix. It also surpasses Hercules' as well.
  • Godlike Agility/Reflexes: Mutant X's reflexes and agility is extremely superpowered; allowing him to move so fast that he can in fact make it look like he didn't even strike or dodge.
  • Godlike Senses: Mutant X possesses senses that exceed those of Wolverine's and even Thor's.
  • Flight: Like Storm; Mutant X possesses the power to defy the laws of gravity; capable of letting him fly without the use of wings, psychokinesis or a power source.
  • Godlike Healing: Like Wolverine; Mutant X possesses the same healing factor; however his healing is 5 times faster than Logan and immediately after sustaining damage.
  • Intangibility: Like Kitty Pryde; Mutant X is capable of walking, running or flying through solid matter.
  • Invisibility: Mutant X is capable of becoming invisible to the naked eye and stay invisible as long as he desired.
  • Teleportation: Like Nightcrawler; Mutant X is known to possess the same teleportation powers.
  • Optical Blast: Mutant X is known to project the same blast as Scott Summers; however he is capable of controlling this power. He is known to control this power as well as use it for heat.
  • Telepathic Powers: Like Charles Xavier; Mutant X is known to be a phenomenally strong telepath and he possesses many mental powers at his disposal. He's so strong; he's actually capable of infiltrating Ultron's mind and tamper with it. He is also incapable of becoming mind controlled by anyone with telepathic capabilities.
  • Psychokinesis: Like Jean Grey; Mutant X is known to possess the same ability to allow him to move or stop any object with his mind. He can in fact use this power to keep him immune to Magneto's magnetic powers due to his adamantium skeleton.
  • Power Absorption: Like Rogue; Mutant X is capable of absorbing beings of their powers; however unlike Rogue, he can actually keep their powers longer.
  • Atmokinesis: Like Storm; Mutant X is known to possess the same atmokinetic powers and create any known natural disaster from the sky.
  • Cryokinesis: Like Iceman; Mutant X is capable of emitting and controlling anything that is made of ice. He can emit it in the form of his breath or in the form of a ray emitting from his hand.
  • Shapeshifting: Because of his intangibility and metaphasic powers; Mutant X is known to change into various forms and shapes that he can think of or know.
  • Reality Manipulation: Mutant X is known to actually create whatever he desires or thinks of from his mind.
  • Biological Evolution: Unlike other mutants; Mutant X possess the capability to physically evolve. This later came about when he discovered his reality manipulation.
  • Omnipotence: By the year 2100; Mutant X had already evolved into a biologically omnipotent being; however in order to complete his transformation; he needed to touch the Tesseract; which endowed him with the power cosmic; making him an omnipotent being.


  • Inventor: Mutant X is known to possess a very innovative mind; capable of creating many of his greatest inventions; ranging from new solar powered machines to machines powered by Vibranium and the Tesseract. In fact this is one of the ways Mutant X has been known to make money; by selling some of his many inventions secretly to S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Mixed Martial Artist: Throughout his life; Mutant X has learned how to fight with many different forms of martial arts; enabling him to actually combine everything he knows into attacks that are devastating to his enemies.

    Strength level

    Mutant X is known to possess a strength more powerful than many of the ancient gods; including the Devourer of Worlds himself; Galactus.


    Magic: Although Mutant X is somewhat godlike; he does have one physical weakness in general. Most forms of magic are capable of damaging him. He was first exposed to magic in the 1960s when he first encountered Loki; who knocked him unconscious. Later on after acquiring his Adamantium Skeleton; Mutant X was still vulnerable to magic; however now with his internal armor; it merely knocked him down and not unconscious.

    Weapons, Equipment & Transportation

  • Adamantium/Diamontanium Laced Skeleton: Mutant X's skeletal structure has been reinforced with Adamantium. He later discovered a way to combine Adamantium with diamonds; in turn creating Diamontanium, which he later reinforced his skeleton.
  • Visor: Mutant X designed a ruby quartz visor like Scott Summer's visor. The visor he wears is somewhat a form of mask.
  • Custom Modified X-Men Uniform: Mutant X's X-Men uniform was made by him and him alone. It is designed as a secondary shell that increases his durability while wearing it. It is designed with regenerative nano fibers laced with an Adamantium shell. It is designed to withstand heat and cold; as well as gives Mutant X some protection against magic.
  • Ruby Quartz Sunglasses: Back in the 60s; Mutant X wore sunglasses that look somewhat like Scott's and wore them as a mask.
  • Flight
  • Running
  • Teleportation
  • Heavily Modified Ford Mustang
  • X-Jet
    Weapons: Adamantium/Diamontanium Claws: Like Wolverine; Mutant X possesses 6 1ft retractable Adamantium Claws, formerly bone claws that extend from in between his knuckles. After reinforcing his skeleton with Diamontanium; causing his claws to be reinforced.

    Creator's Notes

  • Mutant X was created to be the most powerful mutant of all time. He is a combination of many of the mutants that are members of the X-Men.


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    Thor Odinson

    Back in the 1960s; Mutant X met Thor, who was visiting Earth from his home of Asgard. He was attempting to settle a bet with his brother Loki in hopes of making the mortals worship him as a god once more. This was when Mutant X came in and wanted to meet the great god of thunder. Thor then utilized his powers of atmokinesis, in an attempt to make Mutant X kneel; however because he possessed the same power; Thor was outrageously outgunned.

    A fight broke out between the two titans and when Odin heard of this; he arrived on Earth and returned Thor back to Asgard; where he was banished back to Earth; stipped of his powers and turned mortal. Mutant X; despite having had a brawl with the Norse god of thunder, wanted to assist Thor and maybe get to the bottom of what happened.

    Thor explained what happened between him and Loki where they wagered on if he could make the mortals worship him like a god once more. Mutant X knew Loki was a trickster and that meant trouble. Thor couldn't get back to Asgard; however what they didn't know was that Odin had sent Lady Sif in order to watch Thor and see whether or not it was his doing that caused him to cause much damage. She observed Thor who was wearing an experimental suit that gave him his powers and for the next several days; he assisted Mutant X and his friends. Sif reported her findings to Odin and he realized something was indeed up. He would later arrive at Earth where he met up with Thor and Mutant X and they discussed what happened. Odin now knew that Loki was the one who started trouble and so Odin granted Thor his power back.

    Odin Allfather

    Mutant X first met Odin during the incident with Thor and Loki's bet. He didn't meet him until later on however.


    The female friend of Thor; met Mutant X when she escorted Odin to meet with the powerless Thor and Mutant X at his secret base. They were known to have had a bit of a close relationship; however she decided against it and since then she and him have been good friends.


    Mutant X met Spider-Man when the Cross Species Virus was released into the city. He assisted in helping the infected as much as he possibly could. Later on Spider-Man and Curtis Connors found a cure for the disease and so Mutant X weaponized it to make the cure spread throughout the air.


    When Mary Jane showed signs of gaining spider powers; Peter took her to see Mutant X about what happened. He examined her and discovered the same DNA pattern as Peter possessed. Later on however Mutant X then decided to experiment with a sample of the alien symbiote which was frozen for the last 2 years. He then engineered a new breed of symbiote that would bond to the host; however the host had the controlling power. He later gave this symbiote to MJ; explaining to her what it can do and what she could do to control it as Spider-Woman.


    Mutant X has assisted the Daywalker known as Blade on several occasions. He has actually managed to improve upon Whistler's serum and made it so that Blade was incapable of developing a resistance to it. Blade also has assisted Mutant X in saving the students at the institute when they were kidnapped by Danica Talos. Mutant X and his son Scott actually took on Dracula.

    Abraham Whistler

    When he met Blade; Mutant X also was introduced to his mentor Abraham Whistler. Whistler was an aging man who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and his leg was in a brace to help him walk. Mutant X took a sample of his own DNA and isolated his regenerative gene in order to help Whistler not only cure himself of cancer; but also help him walk better and fight vampires better.

    Black Cat

    The slippery and elusive cat burglar of New York City; also known as Felicia Hardy was known to have been a thief for a long time and she was used by Wilson Fisk as a way to fund his experiments and business and held her father hostage. Mutant X assisted her with rescuing her father and provided a distraction for Black Cat while she rescued her father.


    By the 1990s; Mutant X was approached by Charles Xavier about a job in working as a teacher and inventor for the X-Men. Mutant X accepted the job and headed for Westchester, New York. Once there; he became a member of what the students called the X-Men.


    Literally one of the oldest friends that Mutant X has is his comrade ForestFire. They met back in the 1960s where they mostly had confrontations with ForestFire's brother Hotshot. ForestFire however later lost his memory after an Adamantium bullet to the head. Mutant X is still trying to help him regain his memories.

    Charles Xavier

    The telepathic founder of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters; has been known to have enlisted Mutant X when he was 25. He was the one who gave him the position of quantum physics teacher and Charles also has introduced him to several new mutants in order to place them in the records.

    Jane Langstrom

    Born Jane Grey is the semi-fraternal twin sister of Jean Grey; said to have died during childbirth. She was later found out to be a member of the Grey family because Mutant X assisted in deducing her actually identity.

    • Daredevil
    • Iron Man
    • War Machine
    • Nick Fury
    • S.H.I.E.L.D
    • The Avengers

    Captain America

    The Vibranium shield throwing Star Spangled Man with a Plan met Mutant X after S.H.I.E.L.D contacted him about discovering Steve Rogers' body frozen in the Arctic. Mutant X was there when Captain America was revived and that's when he met him. Since then however both heroes have been great friends and one time; Mutant X's son Kyle took Cap's shield and sent it flying at Red Skull who was trying to flee from the scene.


    Bruce Banner met Mutant X after almost getting killed by Abomination. Mutant X saved Bruce's life before Abomination stabbed his brain. They later thwarted a HYDRA plot to release a mutagen strain of Hulk's DNA out into New York.


    The demon who is prophesied to bring about the apocalypse. Mutant X met Hellboy back in the 60s; when Professor Trevor Broom came to Saratoga in search of Mutant X. He wanted to offer him a chance to fight monsters. Despite his respectful refusal; Mutant X found himself fighting monsters left and right.


    • Magneto
    • Brotherhood of Mutants
    • Sentinels
    • Apocalypse
    • Galactus
    • Venom
    • Carnage
    • Allstaire Smythe
    • Vampires
    • Dr. Doom
    • Red Skull
    • HYDRA
    • Lady Deathstrike
    • Omega Red
    • Justin Hammer
    • Hammer Industries
    • Grigori Rasputin
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