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This page is for all of the realities published by Uncanny X-Factor.

Earth Name First Appearance Reality Backstory
Earth-2 TBD There are no heroes.
Earth-22 TBD Captain America was never frozen, and remained in the military.
Earth-31 TBD In an Age of Apocalypse done in the main universe following Genesis' rise into the role of Apocalypse, the young generation of heroes must fight back.
Earth-59 What If? Vol X TBD What if the Phoenix possessed 5 Avengers?
TBD An undetermined alternate Magneto succeeded in mutating an entire world: this one. As such, everyone here is a mutant.
Earth-86 TBD Britain is the supreme world power, and the primary home of superheroes.
Earth-94 TBD What If: Nocturne's baby had survived?
Earth-110 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality to Victor of the Banished.
Earth-158 What If? Vol X 7 What If: The Thunderbolts and X-Force were used to reform villains?
Earth-159 TBD Home to an alternate Peter Parker who hunts Klyntar the way Blade hunts vampires, later joining the Midnight Sons.
Mainstream X
TBD The main universe in Multiverse X. Other realities are compared to this one, and in turn, it is compared to Earth-616.
Renaissance Squared
TBD Marvel Renissance merged with the DC Universe: the Amalgam Renaissance.
Earth-223 TBD What If: Jean Grey came back during Avengers vs. X-Men?
Earth-227 Broken Vol 1 1 Home universe of the Broken series.
Earth-287 TBD What If: Angel formed the X-Men?
Apocalypse Now
TBD Multiverse X's Age of Apocalypse.
Earth-369 TBD The Elders of the Universe decide that, in order for the new generation of heroes to have a cause, the first generation must be removed. As such, all new heroes must fight to earn their mentors' aliases and return to the world they knew before.
Earth-376 TBD The Avengers and the X-Men were physically merged together.
Earth-399 TBD Following the Civil War, SHIELD took total control of the Avengers, dividing them into squads. Xavier decided to do the same for the X-Men. Some heroes, however, aren't too thrilled with the idea.
Earth-419 TBD Home to "Caged Cap" seen during Cap-Verse.
Earth-444 TBD Following a battle between Doctor Doom and the Captain Universe-empowered Silver Surfer, everyone was given the benefits of the cosmic force.
Earth-469 TBD What If: M'Baku was chosen to be the Black Panther?
Earth-537 TBD What If: Spider-Man became a victim of Morbius' hunger?
Earth-585 TBD Magneto was responsible for the formation of the X-Men following the death of Charles Xavier.
Age of Pym
TBD After Hawkeye adopted the Captain America mantle, Hank Pym went insane and took the world over. This is Multiverse X's version of the Age of Ultron universe.
Earth-625 TBD Home to Doctor Octopus of Weapon X.
Earth-650 TBD Home to Spider-Zeke, as seen during Spider-Verse.
Earth-659 TBD Home reality of Spider-Girl of the Banished.
Earth-662 TBD What If: Anthony Stark was an agent of Weapon X?
Earth-695 TBD Home to X-Man from Weapon X.
Earth-710 TBD Home to Captain America (Charles Xavier).
Age Without Apocalypse
TBD A strike team of X-Men is sent back in time to kill Apocalypse. But given that he was the world's first mutant, this leads to a world without mutants altogether.
Earth-773 TBD What If: Captain America discovered the gem of Cytorrak?
Earth-794 What If? Vol X 23 What If: Jubilee didn't save Wolverine from crucifixion?
Days of Renaissance Past
TBD Home to the Sentinel-ruled Days of Future Past.
Earth-875 What If? Vol X 1 What If: Cyclops and Apocalypse permanently switched bodies?
Earth-888 TBD Home to Gwen and Miles Morales, married leaders of the Spider-Web.
Earth-942 TBD Similar to Earth-399, but these heroes are the only ones left following the Civil War.
Earth-989 TBD Home reality to Sandman of the Banished.
TBD Home to the Avengers (Academy), Fantastic Four (Power Pack), and X-Men.
TBD This is the first reality written by X to feature solely the children of popular Marvel heroes.
Earth-1196 TBD After the Civil War, Reed Richards created a mass army of HERBIEs to patrol the world and fight crime, eliminating the need for the SHRA.
Earth-1273 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality of Commissar Wagner of the Banished.
Earth-1306 TBD This reality's Beast is a menacing terrorist and loyal agent of Magneto.
Earth-1404 TBD What If: Amadeus Cho took Hercules' powers?
Earth-1477 TBD Spider-Man in transformed into a spider-monster by the spider-bite.
Earth-1617 TBD Wonder Man and Beast strike out on their own to be the best heroes they can be.
Earth-1717 TBD The new reality created after Earths 616 and 1610 merged during Secret Wars.
Earth-1776 TBD Home to Carnage (Peter Parker) of Weapon X, where the Avengers are radically different, and Spider-Man is a relentless killer.
Symbiote War
1862 Vol 1 1 After Spider-Man rejected the Venom symbiote, he declared war on all inhabitants of Earth and has almost succeeded.
Earth-1993 TBD Deadpool is hired by Norman Osborn to kill the Avengers, and he does. A new team of Avengers rises against him.
Earth-2029 What If? Vol X 2 What If: Deadpool became an Avenger?
Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 1 Multiverse X's 2099 universe.
Earth-2212 TBD The alternate reality which is home to Nocturne.
Earth-2335 Spider-Man: Green Vol 1 1 After a PR fallout caused by the death of Gwen Stacy (which happened much earlier in this universe than in 616), Spider-Man is officially sponsored by Oscorp. This leads to a team-up with Project: Green (better known as the Sinister Six), the murder of the X-Men, and the imprisonment of the Avengers.
Earth-2410 TBD An earth inhabited by the standard Marvel characters as well as the characters from Dimension X.
Earth-2536 TBD Home to the Hulk (Steve Rogers) seen during Cap-Verse.
Earth-2691 TBD Home to Black Wasp of the Banished.
Earth-2992 TBD Home reality to Gambit of the Banished, as well as Sabretooth from Weapon X.
X-Ceptional Vol 1 1 If Professor X joined the Fantastic Four's flight, the X-Men would expand greatly, but so would mutant-human tension.
Earth-3856 TBD Home to Captain America (Carol Danvers).
Earth-3975 Banished TBD Home reality of Techno of the Banished.
Earth-4458 TBD Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, and Phoenix are the Horse(wo)men of Apocalypse. The small band of rebel X-Men is fighting them.
Age of X-Men
TBD The reality created when X-Man was created within Legion's mind, transforming the Renaissance plane of existence.
Earth-4787 TBD An offshoot of Earth-1098, where the Young Avengers became the Avengers, and the young X-Men took their mentor's monikers.
Earth-5393 Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Spider-Man is a mutant, and therefore a long-standing X-Men member.
Earth-5464 TBD Home to Devil from Weapon X.
Earth-5754 Banished, issue TBD Home to the Phantasm Four (like Marvel's Ghostbusters)
Earth-5961 TBD Home to Captain America (Pietro Maximoff)
(Infinitely Warped)
Infinity Warps Vol 2 1 Multiverse X's Warp World reality.
Earth-6164 TBD What If? Shadowcat brought the O5 X-Men back?
Earth-6433 TBD An entirely Golden-Age Marvel reality.
Earth-6662 TBD Spider-Man turns to Doctor Strange to remove his 6 arms.
Earth-6751 TBD Home to Captain Russia (Natalia Romanova).
Earth-6884 TBD Home to Magneto of Weapon X.
(Guardians 3000 Renaissance))
Amazing Adventures Vol X 30 Home to the Future Guardians of the Galaxy from Multiverse X.
Earth-7482 Infinite Galactus #1 Galactus sated his hunger by feeding upon the Infinity Stones. He depleted the Soul Stone ensnaring the threat of Thanos, and the Reality Stone restoring the planets he'd eaten once. He joined the Future Foundation and swore a life debt to Reed Richards and Norrin Radd. They formed the Future Foundation and examined the cosmos together.
Earth-7652 TBD Home to Hellhawk of Weapon X.
Earth-7848 TBD Home to Deadpool of Weapon X.
Earth-7855 TBD Home to Hulk of Weapon X.
Earth-7912 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality of Silver Spider of the Banished.
Earth-8154 TBD Elektra was resurrected by the Hand instead of Daredevil. Home reality of Bullseye of Weapon X.
TBD Home to older versions of current heroes (such as Abraham Erskine/Captain America).
Earth-8493 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality of Magi of the Banished.
Alpha and Omega
Alpha/Omega #1 Professor X formed the X-Men with Juggernaut and Magneto, leading them down a radically altered path. This is Multiverse X's version of the Mutant X universe.
What If? Vol X 76 Multiverse X's MC2 reality.
Earth-9327 TBD Home reality of Ruby of Weapon X.
Earth-9784 TBD Spider-Man was murdered, and it's unsure by whom. Characters such as the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Slingers are hot on the killer's trail, and who can step up to replace a legend?
Earth-9820 TBD Home reality to Henry Pym of the Banished.
Earth-11064 Banished TBD A gene bomb unleashed by the government removed all powers/enhanced abilities. Only 40 heroes remain, and they must be kept from seeking revenge on humanity.
Earth-13375 TBD Home to Mr. Immortal, after the death of everyone else on Earth.
Earth-16451 Banished Vol 1 5 Captain America was discovered by the Fantastic Four instead of the Avengers.
Earth-17045 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality of the Fantastic of the Banished.
Earth-21739 What If Vol X Issue TBD What If... Jean Grey was a Herald of Galactus?
Earth-23306 TBD 3rd Offspringaverse
TBD A reality where all superhumans were transformed into Deathloks following the Civil War. Home to Deathlo-Kap seen during Cap-Verse.
Earth-27045 TBD What If: Darwin wasn't killed by Sebastian Shaw?
Earth-28076 TBD 4th Offspringaverse
Earth-28259 TBD Home to Patriot of Weapon X.
Earth-28773 TBD Home to Hercules of Weapon X.
Earth-29812 TBD An alternate Earth-2335 in which the Oscorp takeover began even earlier, leading to Captain America to fall under Oscorp's control for a time, and Spider-Man joining Oscorp willingly as a result.
Earth-32198 TBD Home to Ms. Marvel of the Banished.
Earth-33184 TBD Home to Mr. Fantastic of Weapon X.
Earth-39393 TBD Home to an alternate Mimic who used his powers to single-handedly take down the Acolytes and save the world, making him a grand hero in mutant-human relations and leading him down the path of Exiles' Mimic.
Earth-41875 TBD Home to Havok of Weapon X.
Earth-49165 TBD Home to Vision of the Banished.
Earth-51012 Avengers: Evolution Season 1 1 The home universe of the Avengers: Evolution TV show. Soon featured a relaunch of X-Men: Evolution as well, and later such spinoffs as F4 Evolution and Young Avengers Evolution.
Earth-59469 TBD Home to Black Widow of Weapon X.
Earth-64846 X-Men: Rogue World (video game) The reality in which the video game "X-Men: Rogue World" takes place.
Days of Renaissance Past
Uncanny X-Men Renaissance Vol 1 141 Home to the primary Days of Future Past alternate future of Multiverse X.
Earth-68532 TBD Home to Wolverine (Peter Parker)
Earth-69612 TBD Home to Snowbird of Weapon X.
Earth-71526 Marvel eXtreme aXis #1 Heroes are villains, and villains are heroes (permanently) following Axis.
Earth-76155 TBD Home to the Spider of Weapon X.
Earth-84216 Banished Vol 1 2 Charles Xavier and Magneto agreed on mutant world domination.
Earth-95475 TBD Home to Banshee of Weapon X.
Earth-96616 Banished TBD Home reality of Phoenix of the Banished. In this world, Schism split the X-Men into 3 teams, never to be healed again.
TBD Home to the Multiverse X take on the canon MC2 reality.
Earth-237421 Banished Vol 1 1 Home reality of Black Panther of the Banished.
Earth-429378 Cap-Verse Vol 1 1 Home to the "Soldier Supreme" seen during Cap-Verse.
Earth-666227 Broken Issue TBD The future of Earth-227.
Earth-3397901 TBD Home reality of Siryn of Weapon X.
Earth-9688616 TBD Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were Inhumans, and took the throne.
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