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Mukuro Azusagawa
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The Sephiroth's Blessing
The Qliphoth's Curse




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A woman visited by Angels and Demons, and gifted by both with a book and the ability to channel their powers through her body. Upon encountering a man with no memories, she assists him in his journey to regain his past while also unraveling the reason why she was blessed by the Angels and cursed by the Demons.

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Mukuro lived a very content life with her family, always listening to her parents and doing as they asked without question. She unfortunately lost her birth parents in a car accident when she was 10 years old, and was transferred into the care of a foster family. Her new father treated her poorly and cruelly, abusing her physically and almost sexually at one point. Her new mother tried her best to protect Mukuro, but would end up in worse shape. This continued for 10 years, and Mukuro's foster mother committed suicide sometime during those years. At this point, Mukuro wouldn't ever come home to her monster of a father, instead spending the night at a friend's house or even sleeping on park benches at night. Anything to keep herself away from him. It was also during this time that she began to pray to God for help, for mercy, for salvation. When she finally turned 20, she took the first job she could and moved out of her abusive foster father's house for good, taking an apartment nearby her workplace as a bartender. In her new home, she find a strange belt buckle and a book with holographic pages instead of proper paper, holding the names of Angels and Demons within it. She would discover that these names would become crystals that proved to be compatible with the belt buckle, which would accept a single crystal and empower her with an Angelic or Demonic armor based on the name she called upon. With this, she became the vigilante "Oukan," fighting crime to distract herself from her past... until she encountered a man with amnesia and a book like hers...

Powers and Abilities


Mukuro's powers are derived from the Angels and Demons listed on the Sephiroth and Qliphoth trees, all contained with her book which she's nicknamed the "Crown Encyclopedia." Each Angel has a Demonic counterpart, with both providing Mukuro an armor, as well as an ability specific to that Angel/Demon. Some of these abilities are the same, or have very little correlation, but the Angel's ability is connected with its Demon's ability somehow.

  • Sephirothic Angel Empowerment - Mukuro calls upon one of her 10 Angels for armor and an ability of some kind. However, her "Crown Encyclopedia" indicates there is another Angel for her to call upon, though it is currently sealed and blank. Half of her Angels are currently sealed away due to power restrictions.
    • "Base" Tier Angels (Currently-accessible Angels):
      • Sephira 10: Sandalphon - Mukuro’s default Angel, who provides her with a sword and purple armor. It’s the most balanced, combat-practical Angel of her default set.
      • Sephira 9: Gabriel - A music-based Angel who projects energy constructions in rhythm to musical pieces for attacks. The more in time, in tune, and invested Mukuro is in a song, the stronger her attacks will become.
      • Sephira 7: Haniel - This shape-shifting Angel is perfect for stealth. It grants Mukuro a staff weapon which can be altered to any shape Mukuro requires in a given instance, though it does have a 5-minute cool-down before the ability can be used again. Whatever is altered will be a near-perfect imitation of whatever they were transformed into. However, the memories and personalities of the transformed objects or subjects will remain the same.
      • Sephira 5: Camael - A fire-based Angel which grants Mukuro a halberd engulfed in flames. Mukuro will constantly produce fire in this form, and the flames grow in both size and intensity the longer she uses this form. The halberd can transform into a cannon that can weaponize the flames she produces, redirecting the fire through its barrel in any manner Mukuro sees fit. Kazuto’s Kagutsuchi is seemingly capable of synchronizing with Camael, allowing Mukuro, Kazuto, and Kagutsuchi to fight together in a highly effective manner.
      • Sephira 4: Zadkiel - A water-based Angel who can manipulate water in all three of its physical states (ice, water, vapor) for mobility and defensive purposes. Zadkiel is one of the few Angels or Demon Kings who can provide Mukuro with a familiar companion, which also acts as a weapon in this form since the Armor itself is optimized for mobility and water manipulation. Zadkiel has proven to be partially compatible with Kazuto’s Kuraokami, especially when the two manipulate ice together.
    • "Higher" Tier Angels (Currently inaccessible):
      • Sephira 8: Raphael - A wind-based angel which splits Mukuro into two beings: Mukuro-L and Mukuro-R. Mukuro-L is more robotic than her usual self, speaking in short, straight-to-the-point sentences and holds a blank expression most of the time. On the other hand, Mukuro-R is much more expressive and emotional, to the point of physically emoting whatever she’s currently feeling (i.e. she’ll hum a happy tune when she’s in a good mood). Both halves of Mukuro wield the power of wind, capable of throwing blades made of hyper-compressed wind or casually redirecting air flow to work in their favor. Mukuro-L wields a pendulum with an angelic artifact at its end while Mukuro-R wields an angelic lance. She can also remain in one form, wielding a bow and arrow empowered by gale-force winds. Unfortunately for both Mukuros and Kazuto, this form is highly compatible with Raijin, as he can empower the split Angels with his lightning for increased damage.
      • Sephira 6: Michael - Michael allows Mukuro to distort a localized field of space within a 5 meter radius. She can seal away physical aspects of her target, open gaps in space to teleport or redirect attacks, or separate the molecules holding objects together with her key-shaped halberd.
      • Sephira 3: Zafkiel - Zafkiel allows Mukuro to wield the power of time through a revolver representing the hour hand of a clock, and a lever-action rifle representing the minute hand of a clock. She simply needs to call out the name of a bullet, and the next shot will take on the respective bullet’s attribute. Different bullet effects cannot be applied to the same bullet, but can be applied to successive rounds; meaning one bullet can be used for foresight and predictions, and the one after that can be used to stop time.
        • First Bullet: Aleph - Stops time for 5 seconds.
        • Second Bullet: Bet - Rewinds time by 5 seconds.
        • Third Bullet: Gimmel - Skips a 5-second period of time.
        • Fourth Bullet: Dalet - Allows Mukuro to see a maximum of 5 seconds into the future.
      • Sephira 2: Rasiel - Rasiel is a non-combat Angel, but possesses an immense wealth knowledge. Rasiel holds knowledge on everything in this universe's earth, requiring her to use keywords to filter through all the information and find what she needs. Instead of a weapon, Mukuro channels her power through her Crown Encyclopedia, a book similar to Kazuto’s Aegis Encyclopedia, to search through the vast wealth of this world's information when she uses this Angel. She can’t really use this in combat, but the sheer amount of knowledge it possesses is enough to destroy one’s mind if they aren’t prepared, hence why it’s a Higher-tier Angel.
      • Sephira 1: Metatron - Metatron harnesses the power of light in multiple ways for Mukuro. She can move at near-light speed, generate beams of intense light, and teleport within a 5 meter radius. Mukuro makes use of Metatron’s abilities through a crown-like plumage of golden pillars, which can each fire individual rays of energy or group together to form a large, more concentrated beam. It’s focused more for mobility and long-ranged combat, though it can create hard light weapon constructs if needed.
  • Qliphothic Demon Empowerment - Mukuro calls upon one of her 10 Demons for armor and an ability of some kind. However, her "Crown Encyclopedia" indicates there is another trio of Demons for her to call upon, though it is currently sealed and blank. Half of her Demons are currently sealed away due to power restrictions.
    • "Base" Tier Demons (Currently accessible):
      • Qlipha 10: Nahemah - Like its counterpart, Nahemah is a balanced, combat-forward Demon King, manifesting as a pair of single-edged greatswords with a more aggressive and revealing armor design.
      • Qlipha 9: Lilith - Lilith draws upon the energy of others or ambient atmospheric energy, shaping it into a wide variety of weapons at the cost of armor integrity and physical mobility. While her physical being is weak, her ability to manipulate ambient energy into constructs is enough to compensate.
      • Qlipha 7: Baal - Baal empowers its user with the power of a storm, capable of producing a thick storm-like mist that can hide Mukuro. From within this mist, she can teleport, blast people with thunder, soak them in acid rain, etc. However, she cannot maintain the mist for long, nor can she spread its radius greater than 4 meters.
      • Qlipha 5: Asmodeus - Much like its counterpart, Asmodeus is also fire-based and compatible with Guren’s Kagutsuchi. However, due to Asmodeus’ connection to lust in some myths, Mukuro may become much more flirtatious and promiscuous when channeling Asmodeus’ power.
      • Qlipha 4: Astaroth - Astaroth is both very similar and extremely different to its Angel compared to the other Base-tier Demon Kings. Like its Angelic counterpart, Astaroth is highly proficient in wielding water in all three of its physical states, though it shows far more destructive possibilities with this power. With ice, it can bring things down to Absolute Zero for a finisher-type attack. With liquid water, it can produces streams of hyper-pressurized liquid capable of cutting through things with ease. With steam, it can blast superheated, hyper-pressurized steam like a heated blade. Unlike its Angel, its armor possess some defensive prowess of its own. Guren’s Kuraokami is somewhat compatible with Astaroth, though it limits the Demon King to ice only.
    • "Higher" Tier Demons (Currently inaccessible):
      • Qlipha 8: Adramelech - Adramelech summons a demonic familiar imbued with the power of wind and lightning, wielding a pair of scythes as weapons. Mukuro is still a single person, though powered by her negative emotions. The two of them strike with the ferocity of a storm and the speed of lightning, hard and quick. Like its counterpart, it is compatible with Guren’s Raijin, who prefers this side of Mukuro as she occasionally lets a suggestive line slip from her lips; most of these are on accident, and both Mukuro and Guren debate with Raijin on whether or not she’s actually interested in the thunder deity.
      • Qlipha 6: Belphegor - Like its other half, Belphegor can distort space. However, it is instead used to make bring anything the user desires into reality. With this, Mukuro can bring weapons from other realities into this, or copy an enemy’s weapon to use against them. It can even copy Guren’s familiars. In addition to this, it retains all of its Angelic abilities on a greater level. It cannot copy or create living beings, and the copied weapon’s durability will be half of the original’s current durability level. Some weapons will actually shatter after two or three uses, and cannot be copied again for a whole day.
      • Qlipha 3: Lucifuge - Lucifuge can hold its level of time control longer than its counterpart, extending its time limits to 10 seconds instead of 5. She can pause time for a maximum of 10 seconds, rewind time 10 seconds, or erase 10-second gaps in time. However, her foresight remains at 5 seconds for an unknown reason.
      • Qlipha 2: Beelzebub - Beelzebub, being the Lord of the Flies, summons hordes of fly-like beings to attack for Mukuro. It generates swarms of flying energy pellets in a similar manner to a fly, and sends them to attack. While Rasiel holds boundless knowledge, Beelzebub holds boundless hunger, and uses its energy pellets to attack and convert enemies into energy for it to consume.
      • Qlipha 1: Satan - Satan possesses darkness, opposing its Angelic counterpart by engulfing enemies in shadow tendrils and other dark constructs. It can travel through shadows within a 5 meter radius, spew shadow projectiles, and whip enemies with shadow tendrils. Mukuro can consume enemies with these shadows to heal herself, if needed.


  • Bilingual - Mukuro is well versed in Japanese and English.
  • Skilled Melee Combatant - Mukuro took several self-defense classes when she was young, and her Angels and Demons have begun to train her in additional combat techniques that take advantage.
  • Creativity - Mukuro's Angels and Demons have trained her to use their abilities in much more creative and tricky ways when channeling their power.

Strength level

Without the assistance of her Angels or Demons, Mukuro boasts above-average strength for a human of her size. Her strength increases depending on what Angel or Demon she channels.


  • Crown Driver - The Crown Driver is what Mukuro uses to transform and channel an Angel/Demon's power. However, it is limited to only one Angel/Demon at a time, and requires the user to manually swap out which entity is in use.
  • PTSD - Mukuro has PTSD of the car accident in her past, as well as from her sexual abuse as a child. It's usually set off when she witnesses car crashes, sexual abuse, or someone mentions the event(s) to her. Once triggered, she has a panic attack and is unable to calm down unless someone helps her calm down.



  • "Crown Encyclopedia" - A book that opens up to reveal a holographic interface. It actively records information for Mukuro and holds her Sephira/Qlipha Crystals when inactive.
  • Sephira/Qlipha Crystals - A set of crystals based on the Sephiroth and Qliphoth that give Mukuro her powers and armor.
  • Crown Driver - A strange belt-buckle with a lever that holds the Sephira/Qlipha Crystal Mukuro wants to use on it. Used to transform into her vigilante armor.


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  • Mukuro's vigilante alias "Oukan" is the Japanese word for "Crown," the name she's given to all of her equipment.
  • Mukuro is 23 years old.

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