The Bearded Tremor is a villain turned hero in the Superior Universe. His incredible strength and even greater durability made him a formidable adversary. He got the ridiculous name from when he decided to become a wrestler to cash in on his massive strength, but was kicked from the WWF when it was discovered that he was cheating by using superhuman powers, at which point he became a criminal. He was always a pretty good guy however, and changed sides when the Wrecking Crew, a villainous team of which he was a member, destroying homes and killing people just for the sake of sadism. He turned on his former allies and helped Captain America and Iron Man defeat them, and joined the Heroes for Hire, a mercenary super hero team, and even temporarily joined S.H.I.E.L.D. (the Superior Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division) He was killed during the Ultron Incident, when Ultron decided to wipe out the solo heroes of NYC.

Name: Morgan Merman Mormon (He was originally going to call himself the "triple M" when he became a wrestler, but realized that he would have to reveal his ridiculous name in order to explain it, and chose the almost even worse name of the "Bearded Tremor" instead).

Powers and Abilities

He can lift about 5000 tons, and can survive 3 kiloton of force or more, and can evidently defy physics, as he is possibly able to lift more weight than he could survive lifting.

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