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The Monkey King

Real Name
Marcus Hong Oshiro
Current Alias
The Monkey King

Victorious Fighting Buddha, Stone Monkey, Monkey-Man, Monkey Buddha, Great Sage---Equal of Heaven, Sun Wukong



White Lotus Society, University of California Los Angeles, Blood Lotus Society (formerly), HYDRA (formerly)

Lord Morgan Hong (father);

Nishikawa Oshiro (mother);

Lady Mao Heli (stepmother);

Matthew Hong (older brother);

Tsuji Keyes (second cousin,aunt);

Andy Keyes (second cousin,uncle)

Base Of Operations
Los Angeles, United States


5' 8” (As Marcus Oshiro)




Marital Status

Vigilante, college research student, primate ethologist


Marcus Hong Oshiro was born as the ninth human reincarnation of the legendary, Victorious Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong. However he did not possess nor realize that he had possessed Sun Wukong’s powers until he finally began meditating during his freshman year in college.

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 “Regardless of how far you can jump, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Quote2
-- Laozi

Past Lives

Sun Wukong

One millions years ago, the Celestials arrived on Earth, where they experimented on organisms on the planet in an attempt to create new species with advanced abilities. The Celestials constructed a machine called the Crucible using the Mind Stone, an Infinity Stone. Using the Crucible on humans, the Celestials created two new “improved” sentient species of human, the Eternals and the Deviants. After triggering a war between the Eternals and the Deviants, the Asgardians stole the Crucible with the stone, and used it to persuade the Celestials to leave forever. Not knowing how to contain the Infinity Stone any other way, Odin placed the stone in the Crucible. To prevent any corrupt leaders from taking it, Odin hid the Crucible in the Pacific Ocean, where plate tectonic activity brought it out of sea level, and onto a paradise island south of Japan known as the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, which was only inhabited by a population of macaques.

For centuries after the Celestials left Earth, the Eternals and the Deviants warred against one another, but soon enough both peoples found a third party threat. At the dawn of civilization, the half-Eternal half-Deviant named Yu Di, called himself the Jade Emperor and conquered the forces of Eternals and Deviants in East Asia. The Jade Emperor Yu Di incorporated many East Asian Eternals and Deviants into his kingdom, Heaven, which sat hovering in Earth’s atmosphere above the land known as East Asia, and was shielded from the view of surface dwellers. In history, Yu Di also invited two humans, the Gautama Buddha (a human and founder of Buddhism who learned that great spiritual meditation can allow people to access the memories and the powers of beings in their past lives), and Laozi (a human who and founder of Taoism who discovered the arts of longevity and invented the elixir of immortality).

Meanwhile, the energy that emitted from the Mind Stone actually increased the intelligence of the macaques on the island such that they became an intelligent civilization of anthropomorphic macaques. The macaques took the Crucible and placed it on the cliff of the island where it fought the forces of nature for centuries. During this process, a macaque hair with macaque DNA triggered the Crucible, which created a mutant, anthropomorphic macaque clone with super-enhanced capabilities.

Birth of the Monkey King

Sometime during the Warring States Period in China, the Crucible, after suffering from centuries of fighting with the forces of nature, finally gave in during a thunderstorm over the island. The macaque that developed within the Crucible burst and out from its destruction as the legendary “stone monkey.” During this magnificent event, the Jade Emperor ordered two Deviants, Mile Eyes (has the enhanced ability of having a third eye that has a sight range of a thousand miles) and Earshot (has the enhanced ability of tuning into any sound the wind blows into) to observe the commotion. When they reported back to him with the news, Yu Di dismissed the event as unimportant.

The stone monkey joined the macaque civilization. At one point, the macaques decided that whichever monkey was brave enough to jump into the waterfall on the island and then jump back would become their king. The stone monkey was the first to be brave enough for the jump. He jumped into the waterfall and found a large cave on the other side with a wooden plaque naming the cave “Shui Lian Dong,” meaning "Water Curtain Cave" in Chinese. As he left the cave, the monkeys declared the stone monkey their king. As king, the stone monkey made the word “stone” taboo and called himself the Monkey King. Using the remnants of the Crucible, the Monkey King made himself a makeshift crown with the Mind Stone as a ceramic gem.

After becoming bored of playing all day on the island, the Monkey King decided to leave the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits in seek of knowledge and a purpose. The Monkey King sailed to Mainland China where he sought out an old Taoist sage, an Eternal known as the Master of the Sun who was the legendary teacher of many great Eternals and Deviants. At first the Master of the Sun refused to take him in as a disciple, but when he saw that the Monkey King had in his possession the Mind Stone, he allowed him to be his disciple in exchange for the stone.

The Master of the Sun gave the Monkey King a name, Sun Wukong, and taught him to use his super-enhanced abilities and energies. Sun Wukong became extremely strong (strong enough to lift his 7,960 kilogram staff) and extremely fast (fast enough to 54,000 kilometers in one somersault). Sun Wukong developed a diverse array of super-enhanced skills. He learns 72 transformations allowing him to transform into 72 different animals or objects. He also learns to create illusory clones of himself by plucking his hair and blowing them into the air, one clone per hair. He learns to see through the eyes of his clones as well. He also learns spells that change the size of things (though retaining their mass) including himself, allow him to blow strong winds from his mouth, and create small protectives shields that protect those who stand within them from demons (as long as they never leave the circle). He also learns various martial arts.

After recklessly showing off his 72 transformations to the other students, the Master of the Sun dismisses Sun Wukong for disrespect, and forbids him from returning.

Upon returning to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, Sun Wukong found his fellow monkeys being bullied by a Tiger-like Demon called Flying Tiger, who has taken up residence in his cave. Sun Wukong defeats Flying Tiger and turns him into a rug. He decides to train his monkeys in the fighting arts, and he goes to the underwater realm of the Dragon of the Eastern Seas, a demon dragon named Ao Guang who is also a high-class subject of the Jade Emperor. After threatening Ao Guang with his life and the destruction of his realm, Ao Guang gives him weapons for his monkey army, and allows him to try out several weapons for his own use. After destroying all of the heaviest weapons of the realm, Sun Wukong settles for a massive 7,960 kilogram golden-banded adamantium-alloy staff used for measuring the height of the Pacific Ocean.

Using his learned size-manipulation powers, Sun Wukong is able to shrink the Golden-Banded Staff down to both weapon size and an even smaller size that allows him to fit the weapon in his ear. Ao Guang also gives him a set of adamantium-alloy Golden Phoenix Armor. At the begging will of Ao Guang, the Jade Emperor tasked the Ten Yama (ten demons with the ability to see the future and could thus correctly predict the dates of death for every mortal in the universe and would punish the worst ones just prior to their ends) to trap Sun Wukong into the purgatory-like underground realm, Diyu, until his death. However Sun Wukong was able to defeat the Ten Yama and escape.

Havoc in Heaven

Hoping that a promotion and a rank amongst the gods would make him more manageable, the Jade Emperor invited Sun Wukong to Heaven, where the monkey believed he would receive an honorable place as one of the gods. Instead, he was made the Protector of the Pegasi to watch over the stables, which was one of the lowest job in heaven.

When he discovered this, Sun Wukong rebelled and proclaimed himself the "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven". He then got revenge by setting the Pegasi free. The Heavens' initial attempt at subduing the Monkey King was unsuccessful, and they were forced to recognize his title; however, they tried again to put him off as the guardian of Heavenly Garden. When he found that he was excluded from a royal banquet that included every other important god and goddess, Sun Wukong's indignation again turned to open defiance. After stealing and consuming Xi Wangmu’s “peaches of immortality”, Laozi’s “pills of longevity”, and the Jade Emperor’s royal wine, he escaped back to his kingdom in preparation for his rebellion.

Sun Wukong later single-handedly defeated the Army of Heaven’s 100,000 Eternal warriors - each fight an equivalent of a cosmic embodiment, including all 28 astral entities of the constellations, Four Heavenly Kings, and Nezha (the son of the Jade Emperor’s top general) who proved himself worthy - and proved himself equal to the best of Heaven’s generals, Erlang Shen. Eventually, through the teamwork of Taoist and Buddhist forces, including the efforts from some of the greatest deities, and then finally by Bodhisattva of mercy, Guanyin, Sun Wukong was captured. After several failed attempts at execution, Sun Wukong was locked into Laozi’s eight-way trigram cauldron to be distilled into the elixir of immortality, (so that Laozi could regain his “pills of longevity”), by the most sacred and the most severe samadhi fires. After 49 days, however, when the cauldron was opened, Sun Wukong jumped out, stronger than ever before. He now had the ability to sense pure evil in any form through his “golden-gaze,” an eye condition that also gave him a weakness to smoke, and proceeded to destroy Heaven’s remaining forces.

Final Defeat

With all of their options exhausted, the Jade Emperor and the authorities of Heaven appealed to the Buddha, who arrived from his temple in the West. The Buddha made a bet with Sun Wukong that Sun Wukong could not escape from Buddha's palm. Sun Wukong, knowing that he could cover 54,000 kilometers in one leap, smugly agreed. He took a great leap and then flew to the end of the world in seconds. Nothing was visible except for five pillars, and Wukong surmised that he had reached the ends of Heaven. To prove his trail, he marked the pillars with a phrase declaring himself "the great sage equal to heaven" and urinated on the pillar he signed on. Afterward, he leaped back and landed in the Buddha's palm. There, he was surprised to find that the five “pillars” he had found were in fact the five fingers of the Buddha’s hand, and it stank of his own urine. When Wukong tried to escape, the Buddha turned his hand into a mountain. Before Wukong could shrug it off, the Buddha sealed him there using a paper talisman on which was written the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in gold letters, wherein Sun Wukong remained imprisoned for five centuries.

Journey to the West

Five centuries later, the Bodhisattva Guanyin went out in search for disciples who could protect a Buddhist pilgrim from the East to journey to India to retrieve the Buddhist sutras. In hearing this, Sun Wukong offered to serve this pilgrim, Xuanzang, a monk of the Tang Dynasty, in exchange for his freedom after the pilgrimage was complete. Guanyin understood that the monkey would be hard to control, and therefore gave Xuanzang a gift from the Buddha: a magical headband which, once Sun Wukong was tricked into putting it on himself, could never be removed. With a special chant, the band would tighten and cause unbearable pain to Sun Wukong’s head. To be fair, Guanyin also gave Sun Wukong three special hairs, which could be used in dire emergencies. Under Xuanzang's supervision, Sun Wukong was allowed to journey to the West.

On the Journey to the West, a story that was adapted into a fictional epic by White Lotus Master Wu Cheng’en during the Ming Dynasty, Sun Wukong faithfully helped Xuanzang on his journey to India. They were joined by Zhu Bajie, a swine-headed demon and Sha Wujing, a river demon, both of whom offered to accompany the priest in order to atone for their previous crimes. Xuanzang also rode a white horse that was once a dragon. Xuanzang's safety was constantly under threat from demons and other supernatural beings (some who believed that his flesh, once consumed, would bring them longevity, and others who did not want him to succeed with his quest to obtain the scriptures), as well as from bandits, so Sun Wukong often acted as his bodyguard and was given free access to the powers of Heaven to combat these threats. The group encountered a series of eighty-one tribulations before accomplishing their mission and returning safely to China. There, Sun Wukong was granted Buddhahood for his service and strength, and became known as the Fighting Buddha.

Sun Maweng

After the Fighting Buddha finally died at the end of the 13th century, a man named Sun Maweng became the first reincarnation of the Monkey King. Sun Maweng and Laozi, under the alias of Peng Yingyu since the destruction of Heaven by the Asgardians sometime near the end of the Yuan dynasty, founded the White Lotus Society, a society that supported freedom, equality, and human power (many high ranking members knew that the Eternals and Deviants and everything were actually true and believed that regular humans were the rightful rulers of Earth). The White Lotus launched the Red Turban Rebellion, which overthrew the Yuan dynasty. Sun Maweng learned to use the abilities of Sun Wukong and access the memories of Sun Wukong through deep meditation. Maweng discovered that he could only gain access to Sun Wukong’s abilities after deep meditation, which usually wears off after extensive use of the powers. He used his powers to defeat the Yuan armies that opposed him, and he helped many of the lower class in the kingdom who suffered under the authoritarian rule of the Khan. He is regarded as the first human superhero in China.

Early Life

In the 80s, Marcus Hong Oshiro was born as the illegitimate son of criminal mastermind Lord Morgan Hong (leader of the Blood Lotus Society) and the daughter of a yakuza leader, Nishikawa Oshiro.

---The Blood Lotus Society was founded during the Republican-era in China by White Lotus Master Mong Sao Qiang and grew out of the Chinese Civil War. During the era, Master Mong Sao Qiang and his followers supported the violent Nationalist regime of Chiang Kai-shek and began criminal activities to aid in the Nationalist effort. For violating neutrality and committing crime against Chinese people, Master Mong Sao and his followers were banned from the White Lotus Society, and so they formed the Blood Lotus Society, a cult crime syndicate that joined HYDRA during the Japanese occupation of China.---

After learning of the affairs between Lord Hong and Nishikawa Oshiro, Lady Mao Heli, wife of Lord Hong, made Lord Hong destroy the Oshiro yakuza clan and kill Nishikawa who was pregnant at the time. Nishikawa fled to Los Angeles where her cousin lived with her husband, and Marcus was born there. When Marcus was four years old, he recalled being taken from his home and being separated from his mother, and he spent an entire day at Disneyland with a stranger man (who turned out to be Morgan Hong), and another, older boy (his stepbrother, Matthew Hong). The man and the boy dropped him off at his mother’s cousin’s home later that night. Since that day, he never saw his mother ever again, nor did he see his father and stepbrother for the rest of his childhood.

Marcus Oshiro continued to be raised in Los Angeles by his mother’s cousin and her cousin’s husband, Tsuji and Andy Keyes. In 8th grade, Marcus befriended a Vietnamese-American and Buddhist, Thomas Tran, who became his best friend. During his childhood, Marcus, from his roots as a reincarnation of the Monkey King, had very great athletic ability which came to great use in the school track & field team as well as when competing in judo and wushu competitions throughout grade school. Socially, Marcus was also a rather amusing person and loved to joke around and pull pranks.

On the academic side, Marcus found himself fascinated with the behavior of primates, such that he began pursuing a career as a primate ethologist starting in high school. A prodigy in the field, Marcus got a scholarship to UCLA at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where he befriended and became a disciple of Nobel-Prize winning scientist Dr. Oliver Pearce, who has developed a formula that maps out the similarities in every experimentation of genetic mutation on any member of the Cercopithecinae subfamily. The instructions layed down by the formula effectively allows scientists to successfully test any X-gene mutation experiment that abides under the rules of the formula and ensure that the test result specimen will carry the gene, although not necessarily show it as a phenotype. Through this process, scientists have been able create many “X-Monkeys” with super-enhanced abilities for their kind. However, scientists have been trying to find a formula to create X-Men, however have been unsuccessful (with the exception of cases like Wolverine or Deadpool which are classified).

Marcus Hong becomes obsessed with his studies and took many extra classes that basically almost ended his social life and often hardly allowed him to visit home. Seeing his stress, Marcus’ childhood friend Thomas encouraged him to meditate to relieve himself of stress, and cut classes and perhaps try out stand-up comedy.

Becoming the Monkey King

Marcus Hong was successful in stand-up comedy, but was unable to focus and meditate. Via a contact suggested by Thomas, Marcus seeks out the Buddhist man who opened a tea and therapy shop called the White Lotus House in Downtown LA. The man went by the simple name, Mr. Wu, and he told Marcus to try and recall his schoolwork, and then try and forget that all of it was important. Marcus did so, but still could not meditate correctly. Mr. Wu told Marcus that he had even more issues that effected him other than school work. He tells him to recall his early childhood when his mother disappeared, and then forget that it was ever important. Marcus does so, and he ends up meditating for a surprising forty minutes, which Mr. Wu deems “incredible for the first try.”

On the way out Marcus feels incredibly energetic and “amazing.” He maintains a sprint to the downtown bus stop without slowing down, commenting how he should have meditated long ago and would have won all the track competitions if he did. However during the bus ride home, the bus driver is held at gun point by gang members of the Bloods after trying to skip the bus stop where the Bloods hung out.







  • The Face Changer: The Face Changer is the super-villain alias/alter-ego of Lord Morgan Hong (leader of the Blood Lotus Society, a HYDRA head, and the father of Marcus Hong Oshiro/Monkey King). His costume is largely inspired by the Chinese opera “bian lian” masquerade tradition, in which Face Changer changes his mask to represent his emotions. Face Changer does not have superpowers, but he is a criminal mastermind and a person with a lot of money and power that gives him authority over subjects who do have superpowers.
  • Red Mercury: Red Mercury is a super-villain alias of Matthew Hong, Marcus Oshiro’s older stepbrother and Lord Morgan Hong’s legitimate child. Unlike his father, Red Mercury is a mutant, a trait he gets from his mother, who is also a mutant; he has the ability to control metals (metallokinesis), his favorite being the toxic liquid metal, mercury, which he is immune to.
  • Yu Di: Thousands of years ago, Yu Di established an empire that united the two opposing races created by the Celestials on Earth, the Eternals and Deviants, and became their leader known as the Jade Emperor. Following this unification, Yu Di’s empire built Heaven, a floating realm above the clouds over East Asia that was invisible to Earth dwellers. When the Jade Emperor refused to remove his kingdom from Earth in the 12th century, the Asgardians destroyed Heaven and memory wiped humans who knew of it (except for those who learned to use meditation to remember it). Yu Di and his most powerful followers were trapped in Diyu, a purgatory realm that imprisoned the immortal souls of the most powerful beings. After the Blood Lotus rebuilt his body and freed his soul from Diyu, Yu Di went on a quest to regain his power, gradually uniting all the Eternals and Deviants on Earth and at some point try to rebuild Heaven and enslave humanity. Yu Di possesses Earth Manipulation and can turn his enemies into stone, preferrably jade, by staring into their naked eyes. He can also levitate and possesses a similar amount of strength and speed as Monkey King.

Powers and Abilities


Monkey King possesses the powers of the first Monkey King, Sun Wukong. However, to access these powers he must first meditate. A common sign that Monkey King cannot continue using his powers much longer is yawning and feeling drowsy.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Monkey King possesses enough strength to easily lift up his 7,960 kg (8.8 tons) Golden-Banded Staff with two fingers like chopsticks. Like in the legends, Monkey King can hold the weight of an entire mountain on his back (for five centuries). Monkey King is well known for his swinging skills indicating strong upper army strength and grip. However, Monkey King’s greatest physical strength extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump a total distance of 54,000 kilometers in one somersault, just as it says in the legends.
  • Super-Speed: When running in the same form as general human runners, Monkey King can reach speeds of fifty miles per hour, though he usually finds it more efficient to jump.
  • Enhanced Senses: Monkey King has moderately increased eyesight, smelling skills, touching senses, and taste senses. Salty things will taste even saltier, as do sweet, bitter, spicy, etc. For Monkey King, time goes by slightly slower than usual, allowing him to have very much improved reaction time.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Monkey King has a greater stamina than a normal human meaning he can perform physical activities for an extended period.
  • Superhuman Balance: Monkey King is able to perfectly balance on any object no matter how small or narrow with little effort, even with two fingers.
  • Superhuman Durability: Monkey King's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. His body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. He can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by a incredibly strong opponent, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.
  • Superhuman Acrobatics: Monkey King’s balance, dexterity, and flexibility are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete, and are rather similar to that of a monkey. Monkey King has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics.


  • Simian Transformation: Also known as the 73rd transformation, this is the Monkey King’s ability to transform into the likeness of the original Monkey King, Sun Wukong, which is essentially a “congenital superhero costume.”
  • 72 Transformations: Allows Monkey King to shapeshift into 72 different forms, usually objects and animals.
  • Illusory Copycats: Monkey King can transform each of the hairs on his body into another inanimate form by plucking one and blowing it into the air, usually a copy of himself, but also in any possible likeness of his will.
  • Size Manipulation: Monkey King has the ability to alter the size of any non-organic object he touches. However when he uses this power, the mass of the manipulated object doest not change.
  • Fire Avoidance Charm: Allows him to survive in fire. However, he is unable to fight while using this ability.
  • Water Avoidance Charm: Allows him to survive underwater. However, he is unable to fight while using this ability.
  • Golden Gaze: Allows Monkey King to identify evil no matter what form it takes; however, it also causes smoke to sting his eyes.
  • Wind Breath: Allows Monkey King to blow strong winds with his mouth.

Strength level



None known.



  • Phoenix-feather Cap: One of the treasures of the Dragon Kings, they give this to Sun Wukong in order to get rid of him when he acquired the Golden-banded Staff. It is purely ceramic, and Marcus actually sells it because he does not like to wear hats.
  • Golden Chainmail: One of the treasures of the Dragon Kings; they give this to Sun Wukong in order to get rid of him when he acquired the Golden-banded staff. It is chain mail covered with plates, all of which made of indestructible adamantium alloy.
  • Cloud-stepping Boots: Made of lotus fiber, these are one of the treasures of the Dragon Kings; they give them to Sun Wukong in order to get rid of him when he acquired the Golden-banded Staff. The Cloud-stepping Boots are named after the ability given to those who wear them; lightness that allows one to be able to stand on clouds.


  • On foot with incredible leaping distances.


  • Golden-banded Staff: Often simply known as the Monkey’s Staff or just the Staff, this is his primary weapon, originally an adamantium-alloy rod used to measure the depth of the sea. The Staff was originally given to Sun Wukong by the demon Ao Guang, otherwise once known as the Dragon King of the Eastern Seas. The staff weighs about 7,960 kg, but Monkey King can lift it easily and change it to any size.





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