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Mojo Adams

Mojo Adams (Earth-61615)
Real Name
Mojo Nocenti Adams
Arthur Vaughn (new identity), The Maker of Mojo 's World of Mutants, Heartless Bastard, Guy Worse than Trump, The Famous Fat Guy on Television, "People's Senator," Senator Vaughn, Too Nice for A Senator



United States Government, U.S. Congress: United States Senate; formerly Mojo News Network (founder and president; defunct), one-time employee of the National Security Agency

John Adams (distant ancestor; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Ryker's Island; formerly Mojo Island






Unusual Features
Albino, morbidly obese

Marital Status

Politician (senator), retired television presenter and producer, Media Mogul

PhD in Political Science, among others at Oxford University


Place of Birth
Quincy, Massachusetts

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 1 49
Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 3 18


Quote1.png Yes, that's right... I'll give everyone, everything that they want... All, so I could take it away from them... Quote2.png
-- Mojo Adams

Early Years

Mojo Adams was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. A distant descendant to the former President of the United States John Adams, he was a retired famous and successful television producer turned politician, who was first widely known by the media and public for his controversial show, "Mojo's World of Mutants," a reality television show and documentary in which Mojo, his personal assistant Major Domo, and his entire crew would gather and travel all across different countries to hunt lost, homeless, and helpless mutants before unhesitatingly handing them over to the authorities after framing them for causing crimes, making it seemed like the mutants were the one who first attacked the crew, rather than just defending themselves from their abusive treatment.

Many people who have seen the show had sincerely thought that his television program itself was too inhumane and unethical to even exist, to the certain point where they would start rallying in the streets and start signing petitions to have the show cancelled, along with some trying to sue Adams for creating the show in the first place. Unfortunate to those who wished to have the show taken off the media, Mojo's wealth and unbelievable influence & power in manipulating the entire media for several years was able to effortlessly save both his long-time career and the show in the process, renewing it for five more seasons only right after its first season had ended.

Journey to Krakoa

Later at some point in the early 2000s, Mojo and his network, Mojo News Network, were secretly hired by the then-current executives of the National Security Agency to temporarily help them on their covert operations on infamous mutant terrorists, most notably the fugitive organization known as the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. Mojo gleefully accepted their recruitment, seeing this oppurtunity as a stepping stone for his media network to become the most-watched network as a publicity stunt of "making amends" for his past actions in his controversial show, despite the fact that the agency firmly restricts them from documenting any details of their classified mission and reporting them to the public.

During their covert operation, the went to travel across the unknown regions of the Pacific Ocean to find out if the anonymous sources that the Brotherhood was seen in an unknown was in fact true, only for the latter to unexpectedly discover the "forbidden island" known by the native tribes as the "Krakoa," which was actually a radioactive hive-mind entity, or in simplier terms, a hostile, territorial "living island." The Krakoa being was enraged by their unintended tresspassing it had destroyed most of their fleet, leaving only Mojo and his crew alive, but was thankfully rescued by a mysterious mutant isolationist called Longshot, who was able to get them away from Krakoa as far as they could before he was going to let the crew stay at his home island for a while to recover.

However, instead of paying his on debt to Longshot for saving his life and letting him stay at the mutant's home, Mojo has decided to have his heavily-armed crew trap the mutant and try to capture him, while he would film the scenario for the premiere episode of his running show's second season. The latter was then successful in capturing the mutant, where they have subsequently taken him on their way back to the states, without having Longshot's father, best friend, and lover knowing what exactly happened to him. There, it was later revealed that Mojo had the assistance of an illegal brainwashing technique similar to the "Faustus method" using his highly-advanced equipment, controlling the mind of Longshot, awaiting for his brainwasher's first order: kidnapping the X-Men.

Show's Cancelled

When he finally orders Longshot to execute his mission, Mojo was once agan confronted by a few representative agents from the N.S.A., questioning Mojo what really happened back then during their covert operation to the Pacific, only for Mojo to instead, let Longshot knock them all out as the former has intended to using the agents as well, as part of his premiere episode. Because of it, Mojo also used his hypnotic tech on the agents, as he orders them the same mission he also commanded Longshot.

Seeing that he almost had everything to film his show, Mojo then sends Longshot and the agents to the renowned X-Mansion to kidnap the heroic mutants, to which they did so. With it, Mojo had also implanted smart contact lenses with built-in camera to the "hunters," as he supervises their every single action. On their arrival at the mansion, Longshot and the agents were able to take down the main X-Men, with the exception of Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler, whom he actually had slight difficulties in dealing with. Nevertheless, the brainwashed hunters had accomplished their mission, much to Mojo's delight, subsequently taking the mutants to a remote artificial island located at the edge of the Bermuda, in which Mojo had introduced as the "Mojo Island."

There at the island, he was expecting for the heroes to face off against Longshot and the agents, intending for both sides as they were forced to fight to the death all for the sake of broadcasting it on live television. His plans, however, were eventually foiled by the combined efforts of the X-Men and Longshot's closest allies, who desperately and reluctantly came to the former for their help in finding him. Feeling too panicked, Mojo tried to make the kidnapped members fight their own teammates using his brainwashing tech, though his attempt still failed, giving the heroes the chance to revert the coerced ones back to normal state, before conclusively confronting Mojo in his hidden headquarters.

Only a few days later since the events of Mojo's assault, it was seen that Adams was put into trial for both his past and recent crimes, which were all evidently exposed to the public, thanks to the help of the X-Men. While his trial was ongoing, his show was decided to be ultimately cancelled due to his countless unethical deeds, along with the court's decision of shutting down his media network for good and arresting those who were also, voluntarily involved in helping him make the show running. In conclusion to his trial in court, Adams was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison at Ryker's Island, serving retributive justice for those he had done wrong.

Flee to Safety

The afternoon before the very day the significant historical worldwide conflict known as the Ultimate War has been unleashed by the diabolical Movement Alliance, Adams was inside his cell, where he was suddenly approached by a random security guard, who just opened the gate for reasons unknown, much to his confusion. The guard then tells him to get out the cell, to which he was been given a uniform similar to the guard's, to which he immediately wears afterwards before the guard guided him to walk out of the prison, unknowingly taking him to the facility's helipad. The guard then tells him to wait for a little while, to which he questions to why was he doing this. The guard intentionally remained silent and tells Adams nothing, right until a helicopter has finally landed, revealing to be the young philanthropist Larry Trask, the son of the late Bolivar Trask.

Mojo then asks whether they've already met before, to which he responded that they haven't, but he and his father already did before, with Trask explaining that on behalf of his father, he would like to pay his father's debt to Mojo (since he once helped him support his father's project, the dismantled Sentinel Program) by giving him a second chance to leave the country since he was warned by someone about the impending that would occur soon. Mojo delightfully accepted his offer after seeing that Trask he has a baggage containing Mojo's old gears and equipment, in which he then enters the helicopter, ultimately leaving the states as they set their next course to an unknown destination.

Political Years

For the next several years since the world conflict, Adams and Trask were revealed to have constantly traveled across Europe before deciding to stay at Oxford, England, where they subsequently evaded the chaotic and traumatizing events of Ultimate War, by having themselves engage in studying several fields in politics and education at Oxford University for reasons yet to be revealed, with Mojo using his new fabricated identity, Arthur Vaughn.

However, in the aftermath of the Mad Titan Thanos' success at decimating through conquest of obtaining all of the six Infinity Stones, Adams and Trask were unfortunately one of the many countless people who died when he finally snapped his fingers, killing half the life of the universe. Adams, Trask, and the rest of half the universe were only brought back to life when the Titan was finally defeated by the heroes of the universe, led by Adam Warlock. As Mojo came back to reality, he continued to live his life in Oxford as if nothing has ever happened to him.

Eventually, Mojo and Larry had finished their long-time education in politics, successfully graduated at Oxford University as Vaughn, and even gained a PhD in Political Science, before he and Trask finally returning to the United States during the days of the seemingly endless peaceful times within the community living among the existence of superheroes, most people would refer to as the "Heroic Age."

Revisiting the Past

Because of this discovery, the duo had conveniently thought of a clever idea after finding out a breaking news about the upcoming future Senate and Presidential elections of the late 2020s, giving them a opportunity to run for those positions, with Adams seeking to run as a senator, while Trask was running for presidency for reasons, not even Mojo himself would know what Trask's motivation was, assuming that the latter was just so desperate for unlimited power and influence. In the next following months of Adams' busy political campaign for the position of Senator, Adams and his whole political team, revealing to be the surviving former crew of his dismantled news network (including his loyal assistant Major Domo), tirelessly roam throughout the entire country to promote and endorse his campaign. During his campaign, Mojo had also decided to pay his "old friend" Longshot a visit since they've last seen each other when see saw an article reporting that the once-abandoned Mojo Island was recently been taken over by a large population of mutants about a year ago, led by the former mutant isolationist.

As his fabricated identity, Mojo peacefully and joyfully came to meet Longshot on the island, as it he was just promoting his campaign to the rest of Mojo Island's population. During their meeting, Vaughn and Longshot had a civilized discussion regarding the future senator's views on the mutant race, to which he also exclaims he firmly supports their rights as free citizens of their country, gaining the respect of the mutant towards Vaughn. However, as they finally shook their hands one last time, a overly-confused Longshot suddenly finds the politician somehow suspicious, feeling as if he has already met Vaughn before though he couldn't remember it, sensing that some kind of "barrier" has been restraining him from fully reading his memories. Before leaving the country of Mojo with his crew, the residents of the island were heavily unaware that their home was in grave danger.

Mutant Ultimatum

Mojo's senatorial campaign, along with Trask's campaign for presidency, was going so well and so progressive his fabricated facade of positive influence over the United States were proven to be even more powerful, he grew a lot of supporters not just across the country, also across the rest of the globe for his positive outlook on the current and future state of society, and his pledges and promises of keeping that positivity and peace in his terms as a future senator of the congress, doing his best to keep the constitution the same state it's supposed to be, fair and justified. Because of his ideologies and speeches continuously influencing the public and the government which became even more effective and influential after the unfortunate death and sacrifice of Steve Rogers during the Battle for America, something that greatly shook not just the entire country but the whole world, Vaughn was critically acclaimed by most people as the next known "People's Senator".

Despite the mutant-contained event Mutant Ultimatum changing the world's views on the mutant race and their activities as both terrorists and heroes, Vaughn publicly announced that his views towards the recent conflict regarding the growing mutant discrimination, implying that his views towards mutants has also stayed the same since he first saw the heroic acts of the X-Men, persuading that everyone should still treat every single mutant equally, no matter what they've done. Unbeknownst to both the public and government, all of this was nothing but an effective strategy that was part of his political scheme for fame and power over the nation.

The Elections

Months have passed since the unforgettable Battle for America and the recent Mutant Ultimatum, comes the official United States Presidential election and Senate elections, in which Vaughn was elected as one of the 100 senators, with his poll unexpectedly receiving the highest number of votes, while Trask was successfully elected for President of the United States, replacing the nation's previous president.

With Vaughn now officially a Senator of the US Government, he finally get the open contingency to freely manipulate the entire Senate into his grasps using his convincing facade of powerful influence to the public and the government. Due to both their successes, Trask and Adams were now working with each other as the former has finally shown to Adams his true motivation and objective as the new President, introducing him to the relaunching and reliving of his father's legacy, resurrecting the initiative of the Sentinel Program as an act of all-out extermination against mutants.

Sentinels Uprising

Besides helping Trask in preparation to relaunching the Sentinel Program to the government, Vaughn was able to manipulate the entire Senate in passing several laws that the President had introduced in his first term, without so much great effort, revealing that Mojo himself and his loyal crew have immorally used his hypnosis tech on the Senate, along with the members of the House of Representatives. As a result to his actions, the government was able to progressively implement several laws in support against mutant rights. Other than these passed laws, the President had also decided to permanently shut down the famous global organization Avengers International after the end of the Battle for America has ended in the noble sacrifice and demise of Steve Rogers, the legendary Captain America, subsequently downgrading the status of the heroic team as a public organization, reverting them back to a private organization. During Trask's term, the government has established the "Executive Order 3144" to have stray mutants apprehended or corralled into containment centers/camps or face immediate execution, effectively removing mutant rights and taking away all citizenship statuses they may have had before, something that enrages and concerns both mutantkind and its righteous supporters.

With the government's discriminatory actions now on the rise, Adams gave his best efforts to help Trask on the program by abducting the brilliant geneticist mutant and Longshot's father "Arize," forcing him to work for his research to upgrade the Sentinels, since Mojo had threatened him to bomb the entirety of Mojo Island in an instant command. As a response to Mojo's threats, Arize had no other choice but to reluctantly help Trask's team in building the "Sentinel: Mark X." Because of these actions caused mainly because of one's hatred and aggression towards mutant kind, the mutant race was once again have to face the next largest threat on their own as both the heroic and evil forces of the mutant race were forced to assemble and at the same time, hiding within the several remote islands outside the States, including Magneto's Citadel in Genosha, and the Mojo Island, in the meantime.

However, due to his father's disappearance, Longshot and his allies were determined to bravely enter the deadly Sentinel-infested country, all to find and rescue his very loved one. In the climatic finale of the war of mutants, Longshot was successful in finding his father's whereabouts, despite Mojo's greatest struggles to defend himself from the heroes. In the end of Sentinels Uprising, Mojo was once again defeated for the second time by the mutant heroes, but at the tragic cost of losing his father, who inevitably sacrificed himself to disarm the explosives Adams had secretly planted on Mojo Island and consequently save its inhabitants. Mojo was also on the verge of getting killed by Longshot due to his father's death, but his teammates beggingly prevented him in doing so, convincing that Adams deserves to be punished for what he has done, but in the righteous, moral way.


Adams was once again later seen back in Ryker's Island after his defeat, where he was now imprisoned through solitary confinement for life, due to the several countless crimes he intently committed, especially his recent ones. There, he was once again approached by someone he thought was another security guard whom he hope would be breaking him out once more. Mojo smirked in disbelief and happiness, as he expects to see the light of day. Unfortunately, instead of opening the cell to let him out, the guard entered the cell, slowly approaching him before closing the cell once more.

The mysterious guard then reveals his real identity to Mojo, who was in fact Longshot, who came to him for act an vengeance for the former's actions of sadistically killing his father. Because of this, Mojo begged. In Arthur's last and simple response, he remembered that if his father was still alive, he would have forgiven Mojo for trying killing him, giving Mojo a sign of relief at the moment, only for that expression to be short-lived after Arthur followed by saying that he wasn't his father. Three continuous gunshots can be heard from outside the cell, before a sober Arthur was shown coming out of it as he leaves the prison, undetected.

Powers and Abilities


Since he was an ordinary human, Mojo has no superhuman powers.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Durability
  • Gifted Intelligence
    • Expert Businessman
      • Multi-Millionaire
    • Political Science
    • Multilingual
  • Expert Manipulator
  • Trained Combatant

Strength level

Class 10+


  • Non-Superhuman Physical Conditioning



  • Advanced Hypnosis Technology
  • Prosthetic Mask for Arthur Vaughn
  • Psychometric Blocking Bracelet


  • Private Plane
  • Private Vehicles

Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: X-t(In)ction Vol 1 6


  • Senator Adams was among the secretive figures yet powerful connections who served as assistance and crucial contribution in making Mister Sinister's final agenda possible, something that inevitably sparked the X-t(In)ction Event of the Mutant Ultimatum.

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