Miss Auguste, or the Riddler, or the Joker, is a psychopathic criminal who has been responsible for the deaths of over millions. Her identity is completely unknown and is considered the deadliest woman to ever exist in the modern age. However, in recent comics, she has been killed off. She is also the arch nemesis of the Shadow.

According to her, she was born with a lust for murder, blood and satanic rituals. Her obsession grew frenzy to the point that she commited her first murder at the age of nine, stabbing an adult 19 times and then drinking off his blood.

Some famous individuals, like the greatest detective/crimefighter of America, Shadow, has fallen prey to her infamous traps and riddles. Also, extremely high powered people such as Nova have been defeated by her high intelligence and cunning strategies. She is highly deadly, and although unskilled in battle, she plays mind games with everyone, and her scarred and burned face causes people to feel exhausted as a result of a toxin scarring her named lithomubylne. She is identified by her codename Auguste, a reference to the type of clown called an auguste. She kills and causes crimes for joy and although has been caught by the police more than many times, she has always escaped.


She is always seen in red glasses, and applies a specialized lipstick, that is actually toxic. Her whole face is seen powdery and completely white due to her being washed upon a vat of toxic chemicals in a factory.

Although extremely rare, when she is angered, her high blood pressure causes her skin to trigger toxic symptoms so if she is in contact with someone at that, the person will burn or melt to death. She kills and does bad thing just for fun. Her only apparent weakness is boredom. When she is bored or when she does not feel well, she either becomes insanely mad or so hyper and relentless, that her heart beat increases to such a point that she may even have a heart attack.

Her notable actions include the live assasination of President William Chestnut in national television, hypnotizing Nova to cause mass genocide and then causing Nova to cause suicide, and also the permanent shutdown between the Link, the bridge that connects the Earth and Asgard.

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