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The Magician
Misfortune Vol 1 2
The Epic Battle Has Begun...
Writer The Ultimate Thinker
Artist The Ultimate Thinker
Editor-in-Chief BeholdtheVision
Published 25/05/2016
"The Fool"
"The Priestess"
Quote1There was just something in his eyes! Those green eyes! I know you won't understand, but...Quote2
--Louisa, recounting the events that lead to her death to Misfortune.

Quote1I understand, my lady. I think I have seen them. I've seen those same eyes.Quote2
--Misfortune, commenting on his random earlier encounter with Alistair.

"The Magician" is the second issue of Volume 1 of the comic series "Misfortune", written by The Ultimate Thinker, for Paragon Comics. The story mainly focuses on the character of Alistair Baldrick and his backstory, along with an inside look on the murder and rebirth of Louisa Just.


Previous Issue: The Fool

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