Mir Anatoly


Mir is the newest synthezoid created from the lineage of Vostok, one of the original members of the People's Protectorate. He was created to replace the original Vostok, who was destroyed in the Russian invasion of the Dire Wraiths. His personality software includes the prior knowledge of Vostok. Its first mission with the Winter Guard was to confront the Squadron Sinister, which wanted to bring part of their dead world to Earth, sacrificing Russia in the process. Mir's technopathic powers proved to be very effective against the technology of the Skrullian Skymaster, who Mir managed to defeat in a battle. Mir keeps faithfully loyal to its creator and programmer, Galina Nemirovsky, and assists her wherever possible in all his fighting alongside the Winter Guard.

A few years after his creation, Mir and the Winter Guard joined forces with the Avengers and Alpha Flight to combat a group of Atlanteans, in order to avoid an international incident. The Winter Guard would also come into conflict with the Abomination and the Hulkbusters regarding a Russian scientist named Ivan Drenkov. Eventually the Winter Guard would join with the Avengers and Inhumans to defend the Earth from an invasion of aliens called "Builders" and battle the forces of the Mad Titan Thanos during the "Infinity" saga.

Powers and Abilities

Mir is an amalgamation of human computing resources and technology of the Dire Wraiths, resulting in a synthezoid as complex as the Vision. Mir has the ability to handle and control any mechanical system in many ways. He has demonstrated the ability to disarm missiles, bombs and other firearms, and manipulate the mechanical components of any existing technology. With his ingenuity, he can do whatever he wants with technology, such as dismantling it, changing its function, or even transmuting it with a single thought, changing its physical structure, size, shape, and mechanical constitution. For example, he took control of an Atlantean ship and used it to form a restraining wall against an enemy. Mir can also interface with any mechanical system to take control of it and gather information.

His body also possesses the capacity to produce energy beams from its eyes, performing a range of optical attacks. His body is composed of billions of microscopic nanobots in turn composed of a metal alloy, rendering him super strong (at the same level as the Vision) and durable. He can shape his limbs into various bladed weapons or absorb the impact of blows in a liquid state, and finally possesses the ability to fly.

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