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Miles Warren
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The Jackal




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New York City





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Miles Warren was an accomplished professor at Empire State University who specialized in genetics. Back when he was starting his career he mentored the up-and-coming Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius who wound up going into business together, creating OsCorp. However, he remained in touch and on positive terms with both of them moving forward.

Years later he'd have Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy sign up for one of his courses. One night while he was leaving his lab and heading to his car Miles across the way saw Gwen being accosted by a drunken student who wanted to sleep with her. She flatly refused, but not taking no for an answer he grabbed her. Miles ran over, roughed up the student, and shoved him away. Telling him that he was going to be reported. Gwen was shaken-up because of what happened so Miles walked her back to her dorm where he explained what happened to her roommate.

After their next class Gwen waited until the room was cleared and then went to Miles to thank him for what he did. It lead to the two talking and hitting it off well and they kept up a rapport in their later interactions. With the more time they knew each other, the more Miles in spite of his better judgement found himself more and more infatuated with her.

It would also be around this time that Otto Octavius after an accident in the lab became the notorious criminal Dr. Octopus. After which Norman came to Miles with the offer to fill in his position as OsCorp's lead lab scientist once his current year finished out. Telling him that at this point he felt like he needed somebody he could truly trust in the position to hold it at least temporarily.

He wound up accepting the offer, but deep down resented distancing himself from Gwen. Thus he offered her an internship as his assistant whilst at OsCorp and she accepted. However, it did no favors for his obsession. He also found himself becoming resentful towards Peter. In spite of how the two had gotten along, he and Gwen were dating by this point.

A project Miles took up was on the OsCorp performance enhancers and they eventually reached a phase that he thought were ready for human trials. Around this time Gwen would be kidnapped by the Green Goblin when the initial conflict between he and Spider-Man would reach its most heightened. During this time Miles would also uncover Norman's goblin arsenal and begin to put the pieces together in his head.

After Spider-Man tells her about what happened Miles he would decide to take matter into his own hands. Knowing the Goblin's power, Miles would inject himself with the current version of the performance enhancer.

He would track down the location of the ultimate battle Spider-Man was having with the Goblin and his henchmen. He'd come to have a confrontation with the Goblin himself, but whilst his newfound physical strength would take him off-guard initially Osborn would manage to overpower him. During the fight however the Goblin would begin to speculate as to why he was there and so determined to rescue Gwen. The Goblin taunted him with the thought that he actually "has a thing" for her and would make fun of him by calling him a "dirty old man". Miles would be prompted into a hysterical rage and charge him. During one more exchange of blows the more focused Norman would manage to beat him down but then walked away, leaving Miles in shambles, after seeing Spider-Man and left to follow him.

Miles would eventually recover, get up and see a mortally wounded Gwen drop down the side of the building and fall into the river below. Miles would jump down to save her. Upon landing he comes across one of the Goblin's henchman who wades into the water to investigate what happened. He hears Miles land behind him and turns around in shock. He fires a couple of shots at Miles, and though he's taken aback at first he strides forward and effortlessly rings the thug's neck and then picks up the unconscious Gwen.

Miles took her back to OsCorp where he did what he could to provide her the necessary medical attention. Try as he might none of it was working, and so after her heart beat stopped he injected her with the performance enhancer in a desperate bid for it to enhance her regeneration enough to save her life.

When Gwen came to it was in shock. And Miles went on to explain what happened. They agreed that they needed to be monitored for awhile due to both of them using the serum as well as the circumstances of her revival and thus they agreed that she'd stay at his apartment for awhile. In this time he also came to discover that Peter and Gwen had broken up shortly before the Goblin grabbed her. Sending Miles' imagination off again.

Gwen would eventually find a letter Miles wrote when he just felt that he had to get his feelings for her out somewhere. Miles was walking by and saw this, and rushed in to try and calm her down and explain everything. She eventually got quiet as he began to pour out his feelings to her. She just stared stunned and tries her best to give some comforting words. Miles saw it as a kind of invitation moves in for a kiss. Gwen then pushed himself out of her arms, slapped him, called him a creep, told him that he was never going to see her again, and began to storm off. A now enraged Miles then grabbed her, forced her down, and had his way with her.

Afterward Miles was so horrified by what he did that his sanity began to break down. He couldn't accept that such a brilliant, respected, and in his mind virtuous man could have done something so heinous. And thus as a coping mechanism his psyche began to generate an alternate persona that came to be called "The Jackal" that he tried to pin the blame on for the atrocity.

He'd continue to work at OsCorp, now under the control of Harry Osborn who is in a power struggle with his father's former assistant Donald Menken. The company would eventually find itself by two new criminals on the horizon. First being the Hobgoblin who went on a binge of stealing technology, blackmailing executives, and destroying important facilities. The other was a thief that came to be called the Black Cat. However, she'd eventually begin to target Miles personally.

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