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Current Alias

Robot Boy



Team X (Formerly)

Jefferson Davis (Father, Deceased), Rio Morales (Mother, Deceased), Aaron Davis / Prowler (Uncle), Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Adoptive Father)


Base Of Operations
Stark Tower





Unusual Features
Cybernetic Enhancements


Marital Status
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Diplomatic Leader, Former Multiverse Hopper

Genius Level Intellect


Place of Birth


First appearance

Tales from the Multiverse: Team X #32


Quote1 I make being a cyborg look good. Quote2
-- Iron Man

Miles Morales was a scientific prodigy whose parents never quite knew how to handle his vast intelligence. When he was fifteen, his father decided to take him to see a multi-dimensional transporter demonstration being put on by Tony Stark, one of Miles's favorite scientists.

However, during the presentation, the super-criminal Doctor Octopus showed up in an attempt to kill Stark and steal the transporter. However, it wasn't long until Spider-Man showed up as well to challenge him. Miles's father, being a police officer, felt a duty to intervene. However, that only made things worse. Miles refused to abandon his father, and his presence only forced Doctor Octopus to conduct extreme measures.

When it was clear he wasn't going to get away, he intentionally sabotaged the transporter to explode, claiming both his and Jefferson's lives. Spider-Man was barely able to get Tony Stark out of the blast zone in time, but noticed Miles too late. As he shot a web at the child, who was reaching out for his father, he had already become engulfed in the multi-dimensional energy. But Spider-Man got him out in time to save his life. However, he had become severely scarred and was barely clinging on to survival.

Spider-Man and Tony Stark rushed him to the nearest high-tech laboratory and, with the help of fellow scientists Reed Richards and Serena Patel, were able to use Tony's arc reactor technology to replace his missing body parts and enhance his internal systems to resuscitate him back to life. However, they had unintentionally connected Miles's consciousness to the cloud, giving him the unique ability to communicate with and control technology at will. Feeling guilty about what happened to him, Spider-Man and Stark both agreed to look out for him and help him come to terms with his new reality.

While he was initially horrified by his own reflection, the unconditional love he received from his mother helped him to accept his reality. Eventually, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and use his powers to fight crime. Initially, Spider-Man didn't approve, but when he discovered that Miles's Uncle Aaron was his enemy, the Prowler, he came to understand Miles's devotion. He agreed to take him under his wing as his protege, eventually earning the name Iron Man.

For the next few years, Spider-Man and Iron Man fought side by side, becoming close friends. But one day, a confrontation between Iron Man and the Prowler resulted in the death of Rio Morales, effectively orphaning Miles. Peter saw it as his responsibility to take care of Miles, and filed to legally adopt him. From there, the two of them began working outside of Stark Tower to better monitor the flow of crime throughout the world.

This worked for a few years. But eventually, the hacker villain known as Arcade attempting to tap into the Stark Tower mainframe. Iron Man fought back, but the conflicting systems interfering overloaded the hub, resulting in a large explosion. However, Miles was not killed, but rather taken from his reality by a being called the Silver Sentry.

Miles, alongside alternate versions of Spider-Girl and Lightspeed, were chosen to join Team X to make up for their recent losses. Iron Man quickly became a valuable asset to the team, and was even able to form close and meaningful relationships with most of his teammates. While he and Lightspeed eventually struck up a romantic relationship, he formed a much deeper bond with Spider-Girl, who never truly knew her father. The two of them bonded over tales of two different Spider-Men from two different worlds, eventually coming to view each other as brother and sister.

But eventually Team X wound up in a reality ruled by Ultron. Iron Man was instrumental in tearing him down, but their ultimate success only reduced human society essentially back to the Stone Age. Feeling responsible for the devastation, he volunteered to stay and help humanity relearn the basics of technology, and how to use it to build a perfect society. Lightspeed opted to stay with him, and together they bid goodbye to their teammates, offering their services in the future, should they ever need them again.

Unbeknownst to Miles and Julie, however, is that they would never see Spider-Girl again. Not long after they left the Team, she met her death on a mission involving the psychotic killer Morlun.

Powers and Abilities


  • Technopathy
  • Super Strength
  • Energy Blasts


  • Genius Level Intellect

Strength level

Super Strength





  • Cybernetic Implants


  • Capable of Flight and Teleportation
  • The Nexus


  • Photon Cannon
  • Tasers


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  • At the time of being recruited onto Team X, Miles was 22-years-old.
  • Iron Man, alongside Lightspeed and Spider-Girl, were recruited to replace Cannonball, Toad, and Angela.
  • Since becoming Iron Man and bonding to the arc reactor technology, Miles no longer physically ages.

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