Mikhail Rasputin White King

White King II

Mikhail's history is the same as that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Mikhail would return from self-exile, seemingly insane and now desiring to fulfill the legacy of Grigory Rasputin, who achieved his full mutagenic potential by gaining new mutant powers and having his existing powers amplified to the maximum level. Mikhail began to believe irrationally that he would be an even more powerful mutant warlock than his ancestor, and began to devise a way to steal his powers. To achieve this, he joined the Hellfire Club, and after several tests he was named the new White King by the Inner Circle. With the help of Sebastian Shaw and Vargas, he managed to capture Grigory and, using a xenogenetic transfer device, absorbed his powers, disintegrating the ancestor in the process.

With his amplified powers, he and the other members of the Inner Circle faced the X-Men for possession of the "Ultimate Legacy Virus," and Mikhail fought his brother. But the Club was defeated by the unexpected intervention of Emmett Frost, the son of Adrienne Frost the new White Queen of Hellfire Club.

Mikhail has continued to pursue his plans to surpass Grigory Rasputin as the greatest mutant warlock that ever existed on Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Mikhail Rasputin is an Omega-Level Mutant, who wields the following powers:

Warping, Alteration, and Transmutation of Energy and Matter: He has the ability to manipulate subatomic matter and warp energy by altering, transmuting and re-configuring their atomic structure and wavelengths (respectively) to an unknown degree. He has used these energies to teleport through space. He is also able to affect another's energy-based powers, such as turning Iceman fully solid in his organic ice form.

Energy Absorption: Mikhail could absorb virtually any type of energy and channel that energy through his blasts. It is unknown he could absorb energy to achieve other effects such as increased strength or physiology. His energy absorption ability and his ability to wield energy had their limits. For example, Havok was capable of easily overpowering him and had him at his mercy after Mikhail threw him into a sun. He has described himself as a "High Order Energy Manipulator" and an "Omega-Level Energy Manipulator."

Energy Manipulation: Mikhail has the ability to psionically sense, tap into, and manipulate various forms of energy as he sees fit. He can project radiation along the electromagnetic spectrum and even manipulate some exotic variants such as Cyclops' optic blasts or Adam Warlock's magical energies.

Variable Energy Blasts: Mikhail could generate light, heat, force, electricity, and other forms of energy in the form of powerful blasts. He could generate these blasts from his hands as well as his eyes.

Flight: Mikhail was able to fly and levitate using his powers. He was capable of interstellar flight (adding more energy to become increasingly fast, presumably sub-light speed).

Solid Energy Constructs / Simulated Telekinesis: Mikhail could solidify his energy into force fields and other shapes. The effect of his energy constructs could be used to simulate a form of telekinesis by lifting and moving objects.

Power Suppression: Mikhail could apparently use his powers to override those of another person's mutagenic aura, making them temporarily unable to use them. It is unknown if this was limited to only other energy-manipulators.

Energy Detection: Mikhail was capable of detecting energy signatures from great distances when the power in question was potent. This included other mutants with energy powers usually at lesser ranges and starships at far greater rangers based on their engines.

Energy Self-Sustenance: He also appeared capable of breathing in space, although this ability seemed to be limited. If he didn't rest or find power other then his own, his reserve would leave him seemingly scarce until he did.

Healing: Mikhail was also shown capable of healing from seemingly deadly injuries by manipulating his body's energy composition. The full extent and speed of Mikhail's capacity to heal is not known. The term healing is used in lieu of regeneration as Mikhail Rasputin did not regenerate his eye or heal the scar inflicted on him by Gladiator.

Power Siphoning: Mikhail Rasputin demonstrated the ability to siphon his opponents' powers. This was shown when Mikhail Rasputin siphoned Phoenix's power of displaying events of the past through telepathic means. It is not known whether Mikhail permanently kept these powers or not, but it's unlikely.

Psionic Resistance: Mikhail has proven highly resistant to psionic attacks. The only such attack to be successful was performed by Phoenix after he had already lowered his defenses in order to show the X-Men his memories of when she was the Dark Phoenix. In most cases he is able to use the telepath's own psionic energy to protect himself from the same attack.

Superhuman Strength & Endurance: Mikhail's enhanced physiology grants him superhuman strength and endurance. His strength and endurance are said to be at the same level as his brother (Colossus).

Radioactivity Immunity: Mikhail Rasputin is also immune to the effects of radiation and extreme temperatures, and to a lesser extent, other forms of energy or physical injury.


Extensive use of his powers over a long period of time could deplete his reserves, though he does not need his reserves to manipulate energy.

Though extremely powerful and showing an aptitude for strategic thinking, his overconfidence often leads him to defeat.

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