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Mike Sparks

Real Name
Mike Sparks
  • Mutant Dragon God

  • Alignment


    Hotshot (Brother)
  • Ororo Munroe (Wife)
  • Halle Sparks (Daughter)

  • Universe

    Base Of Operations
    Xavier Institute For Gifted Youngsters






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    Mike Sparks was born during the 17th century A.D. in Poland. He grew up on the streets and pick-pocketed with his brother known later on as Hotshot. He constantly bailed his brother out of jail for getting into trouble and throughout the centuries; grew further and further apart from him.

    World War 2

    By World War 2; Mike was captured by the Nazis and was sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, where he met his friend Schmuel. Schmuel unfortunately died while in Auschwitz via gas chamber; where Mike was when he saw his friend die from the gas.

    He survived the gas chamber and before they could examine him for his power; Allied troops liberated him from the camp. Troops such as George Reynolds assisted in the liberation; however he was killed by a German machine gunner. For the next 20 years; Mike spent his time alone in America.

    Legends Unite

    By the 1960s and 70s; Mike met his friend known to many as Mutant X. Mike and him had a few meetings; all times they assisted each other until the 1980s.


    By the 1980s; Mike was apart of a covert government group known as the X-Team led by Major William Stryker. He was joined by Hotshot; however later on left the team to pursue a quiet life.

    Quiet Life

    By the 1990s; Mike owned a Bake and Auto Repair shop in Canada. At the same time; he was reunited with Mutant X. Later on however; Hotshot found Mike and both brothers battled each other. Hotshot won and destroyed ForestFire's bone claws; however later on, Stryker came to Mike with an offer he absolutely couldn't pass up.


    By the 90s; Mike underwent a procedure that coated his entire skeletal structure in the virtually indestructible alloy known as Adamantium. He eventually escaped when he heard Stryker tell his men to kill him and he later managed to stay the night at a small farm that was destroyed by Zero when he went after Wolverine. He later sought the help of Fred Dukes and found him at the arena where John Wraith used to work. Dukes explained to him where Logan and Wraith went; to find Gambit.

    He searched for Gambit in New Orleans; however found nothing; although he found his apartment and he discovered a map to 3 Mile Island. He arrived at the island and was attacked by Stryker who shot at both him and Wolverine; hitting both of them in the head with several Adamantium rounds. He lost his memory on account of this and eventually walked away with no memory of what happened or who he was; however retained only one name; ForestFire.

    Mutant X & ForestFire

    By the 2000s; Mike traveled throughout New York where he encountered Mutant X. Mutant X called him Mike; however because he had no knowledge of his birth name or Mutant X, he battled Mutant X until Mutant X explained who he was and where he came from.

    Since then; ForestFire has joined the X-Men and has worked with Mutant X not just as a friend but both became a dynamic duo of their own; known to many as Mutant X & ForestFire.

    Marriage & Family

    As an X-Man; ForestFire became acquainted with Ororo Munroe, who is known by all as Storm. She and him eventually fell in love; then married and had a child whom they called Halle.

    Powers and Abilities


    ForestFire is known to be as powerful as Mutant X; in fact he is even capable of matching him in a straight up fight.
  • Immortality: ForestFire was born back in the 17th century and is capable of never aging and always staying in his physical prime.
  • Invulnerability: Much like Mutant X; ForestFire is immune to pain, damage, projectiles and even magic.
  • Godlike Strength: ForestFire's strength is known to be that of godlike stature.
  • Godlike Speed: ForestFire is known to move so fast; he's actually capable of catching the fastest superhuman with ease.
  • Godlike Agility: ForestFire is known to possess agility far superior to that of Spider-Man and Wolverine.
  • Godlike Durability: ForestFire's anatomy is known to be far more tougher than that of Thor and even Odin.
  • Godlike Senses: ForestFire's senses are known to be far more superior to that of Wolverine's and even Thor's.
  • Godlike Stamina: ForestFire's Stamina is known to actually be virtually limitless and allows him to stay in a fight for years; possibly even centuries.
  • Godlike Healing: Like Mutant X; ForestFire has proven to have actually healed injuries that are sustained as soon as he is injured. He can also regenerate lost limbs in the same amount of time.
  • Godlike Foreign Body Resistance: ForestFire is known to be extremely resistant to all known Earthly and alien diseases; as well as antibiotics. He is also capable of actually resisting the cure for the x gene and even the Cross Species Virus
  • Godlike Mentality: Like Mutant X; ForestFire possesses an extremely intelligent intellect and is capable of keeping the same amount of knowledge in his head as Mutant X.
  • Power Absorption: ForestFire is known to possess the same form of power absorption as Mutant X.
  • Telekinesis: Like Mutant X; ForestFire is known to possess the same form of Telekinetic capability.
  • Shapeshifting: ForestFire is known to change into other people; some even from his own mind. He also has the shifting power to actually turn into an enormous fire breathing dragon.
  • Flight: ForestFire is known to fly 2 ways; one way would be defying gravity without the use of his wings and or other powers. The second way is when he is a dragon; he can utilize his enormous wings to get him of the ground.
  • Teleportation: ForestFire is known to teleport from place to place at will; anywhere around the world.
  • Heat Breath: Because of his ability to change into a dragon; ForestFire is capable of actually producing fire as hot as the sun at will; whether he is a dragon or not.


  • Mixed Martial Artist: ForestFire is known to have had many masters in the styles of hand to hand combat; including celebrity martial artist Bruce Lee. He now knows how to combine everything he has learned and fight hand to hand with not only style; but with honor.
  • Multilingual: ForestFire is known to speak many languages including Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, French, German and even Chinese.
  • Meditation: Because of ForestFire's past; he is known to practice many forms of meditation in order to keep him relaxed and cool headed.
  • Weapons Expert: ForestFire is known to be the most extreme of the weapon wielders in the X-Men. He never carries a gun; mostly his claws; however he usually likes to utilizes bladed and melee weaponry as well.

    Strength level

    ForestFire's strength is known to be the same as Mutant X's.


  • Telepaths: ForestFire is known to be vulnerable to certain telepaths such as Charles Xavier and Mutant X and other telepaths. Whenever someone evil gets into his head; they can make him see past memories; mostly painful and that causes him to feel like he's going crazy. Usually he says "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" when this happens. He has been able to gain some telepathic blocks for memories that are extremely painful; however some that are painful enough are not blocked.


  • X-Men Uniform: Mutant X designed a uniform especially for ForestFire while he is on missions. It's designed with the same regenerative fabric and is capable of shapeshifting whenever he does.
  • Adamantium Laced Skeleton: ForestFire's entire skeletal structure has been reinforced with the virtually indestructible alloy known as Adamantium.
  • Harley Davidson 1948 Panhead: For his birthday; Mutant X bought ForestFire a vintage 1948 Panhead; which he modified with weapons and other different gadgets.
  • Flying
  • Teleporting
    Weapons: Adamantium Claws: ForestFire is known to possess 6 1 foot retractable Adamantium (former bone) claws from in between his knuckles.

    Creator's Notes

  • ForestFire's background is somewhat of a combination between Magneto's and Wolverine's.
  • ForestFire's friend in the concentration camp known as Schmuel; is in fact a reference to the film "Boy in The Striped Pajamas".


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