Miguel O'Hara aka Spider-Man is a superhero of Nueva York City in 2099.


Miguel O'Hara was born in 2083 to George and Conchata O'Hara, his brother Gabriel O'Hara being born a few years later. He was once a member of a street gang run by youthful racketeer Clifton Black, Terry had his fair share of run-ins with the NYCPD while in his early teens, even serving a three-month stint in juvenile hall as he was 14 years old, which spared him from Clifton's three year sentence.

Years after Spider-Girl was last seen, Miguel O'Hara would later work for Alchemax as part of their genetic program, intending to create a new Spider-Man for Alchemax to use. During the initial testing, Miguel's DNA was inserted into the machine.

Miguel found himself on the run from another street gang named the Green Goblins, who had modelled themselves after the deceased Norman Osborn. Miguel fled onto the home of Mayday Parker, where an aged Mayday assisted him in defeating the Green Goblins. The strain of the fight placed substantial stress on Mayday's heart and she collapsed. Miguel helped Mayday into the mansion and in the process, stumbled upon the entrance to the Spidercave.

When Miguel tried to leave Alchemax but CEO Tyler Stone tricked him into taking a drug called Rapture. As only Alchemax is legally allowed distribute this drug, O'Hara has to remain with the corporation or Tyler will call the police to say he's getting the drug from the black market. To get out of the situation, Miguel used the gene alteration machine on himself, intending to use an older template of his pure genetic code that was entered into the machine's databanks during initial experiments to overwrite his current biology to free himself from the Rapture. Due to a miscalculation, Miguel's genetic code ends up being 50% spider, giving him spider abilities. 

After finding his father, George O'Hara had been murdered by Aaron Delgado under Stone's orders, he tried to convince Mayday to help but she refused. Miguel tried taking evidence of Stone's dealings to Captain Jean DeWolff but Tyler forcibly took it from him.

He stole the latest incarnation of the Spidersuit. At first Mayday opposed Miguel's efforts but he was able to convince her to let him take the mantle of Spider-Man. Spider-Man ended up exposing Tyler to his own Goblin formula and killing Delgado.

Mayday began training Miguel for his new role as Spider-Man. Miguel would also ally with his ex-girlfriend Xina Kwan.

Powers and Abilities

Miguel possesses most of the spider related powers of Peter Parker and Mayday Parker. A noticeable different is that instead of a spider-sense, he had enhanced vision and hearing.

He also uses a nanotech costume.


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