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Mighty Defenders is a comic book series written by Jacky 50A based on the Defenders. It revolves around an unlikely group of superheroes with an ever-changing roster similar to its mainstream version. The comic's creation is inspired by the writer's love for team-ups in a way similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Unlike the original Defenders, this team's roster is more consistent and solid though it still has revolving changes happening in some events.

The series takes place in Earth-5000 and occurs before Rom, the Spaceknight. This is made possible since the Rom series is mostly set in outer space and Earth is all but mere mentions there. As for the original Defenders' existence, they exist in this universe but no longer active.


First Arc

The Defenders return! Well, not exactly the same Defenders but, they're here! When a powerful object crashes on the West Coast of the United States, an unlikely group seeks to harness its power. Little do they know, it also attracts a number of unlikely heroes with different intentions altogether! With clashing alliances and different ideologies, can the heroes put aside their differences and save the day?


Vol 1: Defenders Unite


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The Heroes

The Villains


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