This new-crossover series introduces the dark and paranormal to the MCU, in a Defenders-style production of superheroes mini-series where the heroes eventually all come together in the Midnight Sons to fight a common enemy.

Phase 1


We begin with John Jameson (JJJ's son). In his series we follow him going to space, becoming the hero Colonel Jupiter back on Earth, and then slowly being torn apart by his villainous alternate personality, Man-Wolf, as he starts to lose control. A psychological thriller about John's descent into darkness. His season will introduce Morbius as a corrupting and manipulative influence, and explore the reason behind John's transformation via the mysterious and fantastical planet of Fortisque. Also featuring: J. Jonah Jameson & the Daily Bugle, Agent Martin Reyna, Simon Stroud, Stephen Beckley, and Jennifer Walters.


We learn that the Darkhold was not one of a kind, but instead an artifact of a deep, ancient magic that has transgressed many generations and been in the middle of many underground wars. Our protagonist Victoria Montesi is forced into the centre of it all after learning the truth about her father, who was infertile, and used the book to sire her, bearing her into a family of priests and magicians but losing the book at the same time. Ghost Rider brings the book to Victoria, attempting to restore the Darkhold with its guardian family, revealing to her not only her family's hidden past, but also that she is naturally resistant to the corrupting influence of the Darkhold and is able to cast spells from it without any known penalty. Sub-plot: Victoria learns of her family's long-standing deep hate for vampires - like Morbius. Supporting cast: Louise Hastings, Sam Buchanan, Modred the Mystic, Bova. Introducing Lilith, Mother of All Demons.


Here we follow Blade, the Vampire Hunter, as the protagonist, doing what he does best, slowly getting tied up in a fight against Morbius, with John (Man-Wolf) on Morbius' side. The season culminates with the two setting their differences aside for a common purpose - Lilith - and forming the Midnight Sons.

Midnight Sons

Blade, Morbius, John/Man-Wolf, and Victoria go head-to-head with our antagonist Lilith, as her and her Lilin begin their invasion. At their lowest point Morbius is infected by the Lilin Bloodthirst, resulting in Louise Hasting's death, and in a misguided attempt to stop him, Blade is (temporarily) turned into Switchblade by the Darkhold, (temporarily) killing Morbius, but in the end, the team triumphs and is branded as the Midnight Sons. Introducing Yuvraj Singh.

Phase 2

Hannibal King 

First show post-Midnight Sons, Hannibal King, a private investigator finds his job description has been ominously pulled towards supernatural and occult detective, hunting demons and helping spirits. Featuring: Detective Fantôme, Anaïs.

Agents of S.T.A.K.E.

aka S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Paranormal Containment Unit, aka Nick Fury's Howling Commandos

A dark-comedic take on a paranormal thriller, focusing on several side characters, with cameos by previous leads. At S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Area 13 base, Clay Quartermain commisions his own taskforce of supernatural, paranormal, and otherwise fantastical outcasts; Martin Reyna (now as Warwolf) and Catherine Mora lead the likes of N'Kantu, Zombie, Goom, and the creepy (ad secretly bad) lab tech Paul Kraye. The series follows a lose arc leading the group on a mission to secure the 'Earth Idol of Golthana' from a tanker ship after it mutated the crew into mindless humanoid plant creatures. Featuring Jillian Woods, Man-Wolf, Hannibal King, Marcus the Centaur.

Darkholders II

Victoria and Yuvraj take on the real Darkholders, and their creation of the N'Garai. Featuring: Chthon, Modred the Mystic, Kaluu.


Pseudo-origin story, we learn about Morbius' origin, and one of his first intended victims, Amanda Saint, whom he ended saving from the Demon-Fire cult. In the present, Stroud is on the hunt for Morbius, whom he believes was responsible for the recent death of Chief Warner. But the real culprit proves to be Reverend Daemond, who had past ties to the Demon-Fire cult, himself, bringing up the past memory of Saint. But as things come to a head, Daemond's own past catches up to him, as they are visited by the Fortisquan Caretakers. Morbius meets the Cat People demons, and band together to defeat Reverend Daemond and the Caretakers. Also Featuring: Man-Wolf, Balkatar.

Midnight Sons II

Morbius leads the Midnight Sons, alongside Paranormal Investigator Hannibal King on a crusade against an increasing number of undead zombie forces – much to Agent of S.T.A.K.E. Zombie's chagrin – and the destructive Hunger Virus. Victoria and the Sons are ultimately able to close the dimension the invasion is coming from, but when one of the Sons is faced with a zombie version of themselvs, we're left with the idea that our universe might be due for a larger full scale invasion. Along the way, King is bit by an unseen vampire. Featuring: Undead Jasper Sitwell.

Blade II

Blade meets a new vampire in town, Henry Sage, who tells him about a new serum that allows vampires to survive in the sunlight. When that serum proves to be a little more than advertised, Blade is left trying to stop his old-nemesis and now friend, Morbius, once again, and get to the bottom of the new drug. Also featuring: Hunger.

Phase 3

Hannibal King II

Dealing with his new reality as a vampire, King teams up with Blade (who is still on the outs with Morbius) to form BorderLine Investigative Services (aka the Nightstalkers) to take down vampires who prey on and drink human blood. One investigation leads them down the path to discover that King was turned by a vampire named Deacon Frost, and that Frost also was responsible from the creation of the doppleganger of Blade – the version of Blade we had been unwittingly following all along. Featuring: Frank Drake, Quincy Harker, Taj Nital.

Blade III

When an ancient allegiance of undead vampiric forces comes together to try to take back the mortal world, Blade and fellow vampire hunters Hannibal King and Qunicy Harker are forced to make new allegiances and race to make the ultimate sacrifice. Featuring: Varnae, Tabitha Gance, Xarus, Deacon Frost, Crease, Topher, Domini, Janus, Raizo Kodo, and Ghost Blade.

Agents of S.T.A.K.E. II

​​Reyna, Mora, and the gang go up against Nina Price, a werewolf who is a bitten by a vampire, and loses control. Meanwhile, while they are trying to bring her back, another force is also trying to subdue Price, but to more lethal ends: Elsa Bloodstone.


While workign for Luke Cage in New York City, Jillian Woods, Sepulchre, is approached by Kaluu to join his fight againt evil, in part because of Darkforce powers; he introduces her to James Scully to form the Shock Troop. Scully is a trained soldier who was convicted of the accidental murder of his brother, and takes the job to try and escape. While on their first mission Woods and Scully are lost over the Bermuda Triangle and transported unknown location which appears to incorporate elements from various points in Earth's history, centered around the mysterious Tower of Time. The two most make new allies in this strange land to stop Slitherogue who is preparing for conquest of all of Earth's history using the Tower. During this, Wood leanrs the truth about how she got her powers and her own past life. Featuring: N'Kantu, Crystar, (a) Black Knight. Special guest: Doctor Druid.


Elsa learns of an old Peruvian prophecy that tells of the Monster King all the monsters fear. This leads her to an Inhuman kid in Atlanta named Kei Kawade with a passion for drawing, but whose, unbeknownst to him, new Inhuman powers allow him to summon and create the monsters he drew, leading to an invasion of monsters and the Monster King – Leviathon Mother. Featuring: Lucius Farnsworth, Medusa, Karnak, Louise Fisher

All in a Day's Work (Microseries)

A limited companion microseries, similar to Agents of Shield's 'Slingshot'; it is one continuous half-hour story, told in six, approximately five-minute long, mini-episodes, meant as supplemental story.

A new Inhuman tries to join New Attilan, although her motives turn out to be less than pure. Louise Fisher and the new Genetic Council are left with stopping the invader and keeping her from getting her hands on a powerful artifact.

Phase 4 - Finale

Mighty Avengers: Part I

In Season I of the multiseries grand finale, Bloodstone, now tight with the Inhumans, discusses with them returning the Lost Talisman of Kamar-Taj to the Mystics after Barbara McDevitt (and Jason Quantrell) threatens it’s security, and delivers it to Kaluu and the NY Sanctum. Bloodstone meanwhile reunites with her former-Nextwave crew members Monica Rambeau and Catherine Mora while in the city. Jason Quantrell however has other plans, and breaks McDevitt out of jail (and experiments on her) to get the Talisman themselves. They awaken the Deathwalkers to use them to get to the Talisman without anyone knowing they're behind it. Kaluu recruits Blade (now Ronin-like after training with Ghost Blade), Sepulchre, and Luke Cage. They cross paths with Nextwave (who are drawn out by Quantrell’s Mindless Ones) and take on the Deathwalkers before the sudden appearance and introduction of Blue Marvel. They form Avenger Prime and defeat Deathwalkers. End of Part I.

Mighty Avengers: Part II

In Season I of the multiseries grand finale, the Mighty Avengers are each individually affected from their encounter with the Deathwalkers; however, Cage specifically becomes extremely materialistic, going as far as having business affairs with Jason Quantrell of Cortex Inc., not knowing his true nature. Blue Marvel’s backstory is briefly explored (he has worked briefly with Nextwave/NASA/John Jameson before, before getting accidentally involved with the Negative Zone), and that he was called to Earth for an unspecified threat; he gets close to Monica. Blade and Hannibal King investigate the supposed death of Gideon Mace, believing it to be supernatural in nature, (in reality, he was killed by a now monstrous McDevitt and himself turned into a monster), eventually revealing Quantrell’s role with Beyond Corps. (and the Negative Zone); King is turned into a monster like Mace and McDevitt. Blade finally buries the hatchet with Morbius and recruits him to try to figure how to cure King. Meanwhile, Sepulchre gets Cage to snap out of it and they confront Quantrell only for Cage to be teleported into space and saved by Blue Marvel. Slowly the Mighty Avengers are turned into monsters, and Quantrell begins to infect the world (cameos by Nightstalkers, Forgiven, Agents of S.T.A.K.E., Darkholders, Man-Wolf, Inhumans, Shock Troop, etc. being turned). While Blade holds the line against his fellow teammates, who had all been turned into monsters, Monica confronts Jason Quantrell and distracts him long enough that Blue Marvel is able to open a portal to the Exo-Space and send him back, and Morbius is able to come up with a cure.

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