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Real Name
Michael Gabriel Welkin



Yaweh (Ancestor) Asherah (Ancestor) Mary Welkin (Mother), Nathan Welkin (Father, Jericho Welkin (cousin), Paxton Welkin (Brother), Maya Welkin (Sister)


Base Of Operations







Unusual Features
Blue sclera, amber iris. Black eye like markings on the tips of his feathers and several tribe like markings on his body.


Marital Status

X-Men Trainee

High School


Place of Birth


First appearance


Physical Description

Dark Brown skin with thin eye brows and almond shaped eyes. His sclera are sky blue his iris is amber colored, they are described as being beautiful to look at. His hair is sapphire blue and curly which he usually keeps cut short. A Cupid's Bow shaped lips, a lean figure but wide muscled shoulders with long, thin fingers. He has several tribal like tattoos on his body that appeared when his mutation activated. When he uses his powers or is feeling intense emotions they glow. He has a pair of snow white wings on his back with black eye like markings on the tip of each feather. When not using his wings or in order to blend in with a crowed he can retract them into his back. He is considered to be very handsome by many.


Quiet and withdrawn Michael appears to prefer solitude and is a bit of a loner and doesn't enjoy being the center of attention. Despite this he is friendly and is capable of social interaction with other people and does have many friends. He prefers to remain out of the spotlight and let other people take the limelight. He has a witty and sarcastic personality and has been called a smart ass by many.

However when the time comes Michael has no problem asserting his authority and taking control of a situation. Even if it means he must confront someone older and stronger than himself to do it.

He is very perceptive, noticing little details other people ignore or miss. This helps him during a fight as it can help him quickly figure out his opponents powers and fighting style.

He is studious with a love for history and studying biology and mathematics.

He is also biromantic, valuing romance with both genders over sex.


Heir Apparent

Michael grew up with his older siblings Paxton and Maya in Queen Anne Seattle Washington. Michael comes from a long line of Cheyarafim mutants, who like Warren and Jay have angelic mutations.

Michael's mutation is unique as there is always one member of his family who has the mutation called the 'Ohr' by his family. For a bloodline to pass down the exact same mutation is very rare in the mutant community and has allowed the Welkin clan to survive over the years.

There have been other members of the Welkin family with their own unique mutations (like Michael's cousin Jericho) only those who have the Ohr are the heirs to the clan.

The last heir was Michael’s grandfather who, like many of his predecessors used his abilities to help provide for his family as well as give them a comfortable life. He died when Michael was young and Michael has few memories of him.

Michael's mutation activated when he was ten. Cerebo immediately detected his omega level signature and Xavier along with Betsy and Warren went to speak with his parents about enrolling him at the Xavier Institute. Michael was especially taken with Warren who shared a similar mutation; But his parents were not willing to send him to be taught by the X-Men due to the fact they had so many enemies and were constantly under threat of attack. Xavier respected their wishes, but he knew Michael would manifest more powers eventually and advised Michael's parents to keep an eye on him and left his card so they could contact him should they change their mind.

His parents already knew exactly what Michael was capable of and were well prepared to help him learn to control his powers. As could be expected there were some set backs, for a time Michael had to be home schooled until he learned control without the risk of accidentally incinerating one of his classmates.

This was also to protect him-at least for a time- from anti-mutant hysteria. Although his wings could be easily hidden away his eyes could not be altered. Once people saw them they instantly knew Michael was a mutant.

As per family tradition Michael was made the heir of the majority of the family fortune and property. This caused tension between him and his eldest brother Paxton who felt it was unfair that Michael inherit so much simply because of his mutation, a right he believed belonged to him as he was the oldest and the first born son.

Brother Against Brother

Paxton already had anti-mutant beliefs and the family tradition only fueled his bigotry. Around their parents and kin Paxton did not show much ill will to Michael, but in private he found ways to torment Michael and bully him.

Thanks to his power Michael was able to see the true depths of his brothers feelings for him. Because of this Michael has a lot of animosity to Paxton for his bullying.

His sister Maya was always fiercely protective of Michael, Paxton was always careful to not bother Michael when she was around. Like their Mother Maya encouraged Michael to take pride in who and what he was. Both his parents loved him, his mother doted on him (which only fueled Paxton’s jealousy of him) his father was more firm and taught him that being a mutant would be a trial that he would have to overcome.

Besides his sister and parents the only other person Michael was close to was his cousin Jericho who had a similar angelic mutation as was common in their bloodline. But since it was not the traditional one of his ancestors Jericho was not considered a true heir.

As they got older their relationship became more strained as Jericho like Paxton became Jealous of the praise and attention Michael received from the family because he was the heir.

When Michael started attending public school with his brothers and sister it did not take long for him to have to deal with bullies. It got to the point where he was physically assaulted by some of his peers (who only attacked him so viciously because Paxton was spreading rumors that Michael was flirting with their girlfriends) that things took a turn for the worse.

Paxton had thought they would rough Michael up a bit, but when one of them tried to pull a knife on hims Maya took the blow and was seriously injured. Michael unleashed his fury and injured his attackers enough that they had to be hospitalized.

Life in Westchester

Of course Michael was expelled from school. The only reason he avoided being sent to a juvenile detention center was partly because of his families influence and because there had been witnesses who saw what had happened.

In order to keep him safe Michael’s parents decided to send him to Xaver’s school. Michael was not happy to leave home at first but he quickly adjusted to his new life. Since he could finally be more open about his nature and not hide what he was he found a happiness he did not have before.

Thanks to both his good looks and his gentle nature Michael soon found himself popular and well liked among his peers, something that took him a while to get used to at first.

His roommate was Jay Guthrie, they quickly bonded over their similar mutations, love of music and were soon best friends; Having come from a large family Jay easily fit the ‘big brother’ role in their friendship. Since Paxton was not the best brother to him, it soon became a common thing to see the two of them together.

Becoming an X-Man

At first Michael had no desire for heroics.

Warren-who took a personal interest in Michael’s progress-was convinced he would make a great hero and tried to persuade him to become a trainee.

Michael had little faith in himself, but when it was revealed their was a traitor in the school Michael would soon find out he was made of stronger stuff then he realized.

Rachel (under secret orders from Xavier) began to scan the minds of the students of the school one by one. To her surprise Michael felt her intrusion in his mind, even more shocking he was able to enter her mind and find out some of her secrets.

He feared she had learned that his feelings for Jay were turning from friendship to romantic and threatened to reveal the things he learned from her mind if she told anyone.

Rachel agreed, she had found Michael was not who she was looking for but resolved to keep an eye on him.

Ironically it was Michael who found the traitor. Mystique had infiltrated the school, thanks to her mental shields none of the telepaths could sense her. Once she had learned of the schools weaknesses she ordered her group, the Brotherhood to engage the X-Men.

But Michael saw through her disguise and stopped her before she could infiltrate Cerebro and steal the names and locations of all the mutants in it’s database. Naturally she was better at hand-to-hand combat. But like Rachel she did not know the full extant of his power and not only did he manage to stop her from getting Cerebro’s files but was able to restrain her long enough for the X-Men to apprehend her.

Feeling good about himself Michael finally accepted Warren’s offer to become an X-Trainee and took the name of Seraph, after the order of angels.

The Champions

Joining Warren's team the Champions; Named after Warren's old team back in Los Angeles. Michael joined his fellow students, Rickard Åhs, Angie McKay, Devin Annable, Jacob Starchild, and Wayne Tonda on the team.

Rickard was made the team leader and Michael the co-leader. Rickard's maturity and responsible nature worked well with Michael's analytical mind and easy going nature. The Champions were all quick to bond and became a very formidable team.

One of their first missions was a trip to Germany to investigate reports of a supposed angel that lived in a church that was helping people overcome their inner demons.

This angel was actually a young mutant named Franziska. Like Michael she too had a angelic mutation. Her powers were telepathy and telekinesis. She used her psychic powers to help sooth the minds of the people who came to the church.

But a group of bigots arrived during a sermon, intent on weeding out the mutant. The Champions and Franziska worked together to send the mob running.

Franziska decided to go to America and enroll at Xavier's in order to keep the church safe and to learn to increase her skill and better help the mentally troubled.

Tragedy Strikes

For a time Michael was truly happy.

He had friends, he had respect of his peers and he was training to become an X-Man. His parents were not to thrilled to learn this, but they saw how happy Michael was and supported his decision.

Thanks to the versatility of his power and his own analytical mind, Michael showed a lot of promise as an X-Man.

His feelings for Jay were becoming stronger. Michael had developed feelings for him but knew Jay was not into men. Confused about his own orientation and what to do about Jay it was Victor who gave Michael the help he needed.

Victor figured out Michael had developed a crush on Jay. He noticed how Michael always found an excuse to touch Jay, whether it was a friendly arm around the shoulder or brushing his shoulder against his.

Michael was also known to buy Jay a lot of gifts, no one thought anything of it, but Victor knew it was because Michael was trying to show his affection for Jay.

So when Michael came to Victor for help he was happy to assist Michael with his situation. After explaining his feelings and situation Victor helped Michael understand his orientation was not so much bisexual as biromantic.

He encouraged Michael to confess his feelings to Jay because he knew Jay would understand and still want to be friends with Michael.

But before Michael could confess his feelings to Jay the mansion was faced a massive attack by the Purifiers who had amassed a large attack force, using upgraded Sentinel’s to attack the mansion when several of the X-Teams were away on various missions; many were killed, Jay among them.

Seeing his best friend ruthlessly murdered caused Michael to snap, tapping into the ancient power of his bloodline he wiped out a large portion of the Purifiers, helping the school regroup and give the other X-Teams time to return to defeat the remaining Purifiers.

Needing time to recover Michael took some time off and returned home to recover and mourn the friends he lost.

Michael knew it had been Paxton who had stirred the hornets nest by spreading rumors at school which resulted in the attack. But he told no one as he did not want his family to suffer any more because of Paxton’s bigotry. He also knew Paxton felt very guilty for inadvertently getting Maya hurt, so when he returned home he found Paxton had changed.

Having come to terms with Michael and realizing the foolishness of his actions Paxton asked for Michael’s forgiveness and began to try and rebuild their bond.

With Paxton treating him better Michael’s stay at home was a lot better. He knew Paxton meant what he said but still needed time to forgive his brother for his previous actions.

His parents tried to convince him to stay. They feared the X-Men would be attacked again and that Michael might not survive.

Michael decided to return to the Xavier School and finish his education and his training to be an X-Man. His time with them gave him a taste for heroics much to his parents displeasure.

Before he returned his father gave him the Teraphim. And ancient family heirloom that had been made during the time of the Cheyarafim. It could only be used by the heir of the Welkin family and was a powerful weapon.

With it, Michael returned to the X-Men. Ready to smite any who would bring harm to the innocent

Powers and Abilities


Michael is the latest in his family to inherit their ancient power known as the The Ohr. A power passed through the Welkin bloodline, marking them as the heirs to the first Cheyarafim Yaweh and his wife Asherah. It grants Michael several superhuman abilities and marks him as an Omega-Level mutant. The Welkin family is unique in the fact that only one member has the power of the Ohr at a time. The last one to wield it was Michael's grandfather. Michael didn't manifest it until he turned ten, two years after his grandfather passed. No one has ever manifested the Empyrean before the age of ten or before the current heir passes. Beast theorizes that the Empyrean is a form of energy that passes to the next heir upon the death of the current heir.

Wings: Michaels wings give him the superhuman ability to fly. They are not made from solid matter like Warren’s wings, he seems to have some control to their size, making them as large as fifty feet to ten feet from wing tip. They are shown to be more durable then they appear, he has used them to shield himself from gunfire and explosions. He is capable of retracting them into his back to blend in easier with humans.

  • Feathers: The feathers of his wings are imbued with small portions of his power. His feathers have been shown to heal injured people when they touch them and generate small amounts of angel fire. Michael used a feather to recharge himself after he lost his wings and needed to recharge.
  • Flight: His wings posses an innate power to grant him the power to defy gravity. He has been observed to hover and levitate in the air without moving his wings. With them he can fly at speeds around 250 miles per hour. When using his angel fire he can fly at even greater speeds and into the depths of space.

Ignis Fulmen: More commonly known as angel fire, it is Michael's most powerful and versatile ability. It is crystal white and is described as being like a mixture of fire and lightning. Illyana has said the fire is actually the holy flame of angels and only used by the most powerful practitioners of white magic. Thanks to it’s mystical nature it does not have the regular limitations of fire or lightning. It does not require oxygen and can burn even underwater. It can not be extinguished using regular methods and is capable of harming those with pyrokinetic abilities. It is the antithesis of hellfire and is capable of breaking powerful dark magical spells and curses as well as protecting Michel from their effects.

  • Energy Projection: He can release Angel Fire as concussive force blasts that can level entire buildings. He usually uses his hands, eyes or wings to do this but can release it from any part of his body. Should his attacks be some how reflected back at him Michael can simply re-absorb it without harm into his body. By touching an object he can channel some of his angel fire it to enhance it's natural features. He has used this on weapons like swords and staff's to increase their durability and on bladed weapons to make them sharper. He can also channel guns, increasing the potency of the bullets. He has to be careful because if he puts too much power into an object he could destroy it. The items he infuses gain the abilities of his angel fire, making them effective against demons and specters.
    • Aura:Michael can create a defensive aura that greatly enhances his durability and protects him from melee attacks as his aura will burn anyone who touches him. It is strong enough to protect him from high caliber guns and explosions as well as extreme temperatures such as lava and through an unknown means allows him to breath underwater and in space as long as it is active. Without his aura he is voulnerable to attack.
    • Shape Manipulation: Michael can shape his angel fire into any assortment of forms and shapes. Michael can form any weapon he can imagine. This includes swords, spears, daggers, whips, hammers, clubs, bow and arrows, javelins, ax, etc. He can control the size and shape of the weapons he creates, remaining unhindered by their weight.

Lumen Curatio: Michael is a powerful healer, capable of healing even the most deadly of injury or sickness. He can also heal mental scars and injuries such as helping people suffering mental disorders or amnesia. He is also able to revitalize someone and restore their stamina, when Nightcrawler was too tired to teleport Michael was able to re-energize him. He has also been shown healing tears in the fabric of reality and space. Closing a tear made by the N'Garai and a portal made by Blink. It tires him to do this and depending on the number of people he heals as well as the injury can drain him.

  • Regeneration: Thanks to this power Michael has been able to heal from massive and lethal injuries. He has survived being shot multiple times and regrown an arm. He did die when he was impale through his brain but a few hours later when the obstruction was removed he immediately began to heal. This hints that although his healing factor is strong it does have limits. Hank has theorized that if he were to be decapitated or a large enough portion of his body was destroyed he would not survive.
  • Purification: Several of the X-Men became stranded in Limbo and began to become corrupted thanks to N'astirh's magical influence changing them into dark versions of themselves. But Michael was able to purify them when he touched them and returned them to their natural state, when N'astirh tried to corrupt Michael he was shocked to discover he could not. Michael was also able to cleanse the Ebony Blade when it became corrupted.
  • Empathic Link: When he heals a person he can sense their physical and emotional pain as if it was his own. This can help him locate the source of a persons injury when their body is injured and help him understand a persons emotional distress in order to better aid them.

Lectio Anima: Also known as Soul Reading, this power allows Michael to peer into the souls of others and into different levels of reality as well as see various forms of energy. It prevents him from being fooled by shape-shifters as he can see the difference between souls. This ability also allows him to see ghosts and other normally invisible beings. It also allows him to see through illusions and other powers that confuse the mind. It also lets him observe spiritual energy and magic.If he is physically touching someone he can share this power with them so they can see the world as he see's it. It has shown to be less effective on those who do not have a soul. When he uses this power his eyes become noticeably more luminescent. Since he reads souls he is able to use his ability on even the most powerful and skilled of psychics without their notice most of the time.

  • Ocular Mind Reading: As long as he is making eye-to-eye contact Michael can scan the surface thoughts of a person. If his own vision is obstructed or his targets eyes are damaged or destroyed it may prevent him from reading them. He can tell the difference between true memories and false memories, because as he has said that the mind may forget but the soul always remembers. He was even able to use this on Betsy without her realizing it when he was still just a boy, because unlike other psychics he is not reading ones mind but their soul. Betsy even commented that she didn't sense him scan her mind nor did she sense that any of her mental defenses had been breached or weakened.
  • Visual Empathy: Michael can read a persons aura and visualize their emotions as colors. This allows him to tell a persons emotional state with a single glance. It can also tell him if a person is lying or telling him the truth and if they are being manipulated by empaths. He can tell the workings of a group by observing their auras as they interact and can quickly tell who is loyal and who can be swayed. It also allows him to easily manipulate a person
  • Life-Force Detection: He can see the life-flow of living beings and differentiate the life energy of others. This allows him to judge a persons health or help warn him if someone is actually a shape-shifter by the difference in peoples chi. He was able to easily identify Mystique as he recognized her essence and can tell the difference between Multiple Man and one of his clones. He can also tell if someone is related by how similar their life-force is.
  • Power Identification: Michael can tell what kind of power an Enhanced Human (Mutants, Inhumans, Mutates, etc) possesses. When he first met them, Michael could tell that both Betsy and Xavier were psychics but Betsy had telekinesis and Xaviers telepathic powers were far superior to hers. He can also tell if a persons power is mystic in nature or even what type of magic user a person is. He can also see powers that are normally undetectable when they are being uses.
  • Psionic Immunity: Even though Michael's psychic abilities have more to do with his spirit he has shown some limited psionic abilities. He was able to sense when Rachel tried to read his mind without his permission she was shocked to find he not only sensed her but had been going through her mind without her knowing and threatened to tell some of her embarrassing secrets if she told anyone what she learned from him. Other psychics like the Stepford Cuckoos say his mind is difficult to scan but not impossible.

Empyreal: A form that taps into the primeval power of the Welkin bloodline, increasing Michael's powers to extraordinary levels and giving him access to powers he normally does not have. When activated his eyes shine, his hair becomes a fiery blue, a halo appears over his head the markings on his body glow gold and his skin turns a bright luminescent white color making him look similar to a marble statue. The eye-markings on his feathertips will glow green, red and blue.

He can only able to maintain it for so long as it puts a great deal of strain on his body and if he overuses it he risks being incinerated by his own power. The longest he can use it for is five minutes before his own power begins to burn him, the time can be shortened if he overexerts himself.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* When using the Empyreal his powers are greatly enhanced.


Multilingual- He can speak Russian and Latin as well as understand and communicate using American Sign Language.

Skilled Tactician- He has shown a sharp analytical mind which gives him an edge in a fight as it allows him to plan effective strategies and face multiple opponents and maneuver them on the battlefield. Warren has stated Michael is similar to Scott in that way as he has multiple strategies in place to win a fight.

Intellect-Michael is skilled in genetics, physics and biochemistry. He was able to replicate Spider-Man's spider-webs as well as create a serum that slowed the effects of a secondary mutation on a mutant.

Strength level



Wings: His wings seem to be the medium for his power. If they were to be amputated then he would be severely weakened and would only gain his powers back if he got them back. If his wings were destroyed then the power they contain would be released and return to Michael and he would regrow a new pair of wings.

Overuse of power: If he uses his Archon mode for too long it can cause him to become unconscious for long periods of time or he will burn up from power excess, killing him in the process. He is also shown to be greatly tired after using it.

Sensory Overload: When using his Soul-Vision Michael must be careful as he can only perceive what his mind can understand. When looking at one of the Infinity Gems his eyes began to bleed profusely and he described it as looking at the sun. When using it on gods like Thor seeing their true divine form can cause him to have a bad headache.

Ancestral Connection: At the heir, Michael shares a spiritual bond with his ancestor and progenitor of the Empyreal Force, Yahweh. While he sleeps Michael only had access to three of his abilities, and can only access the other when he is in his Archon form. But when Yahweh awakens from his curse Michael gains powers he normally can't use. At first he feared if Yahweh were to die he would loose his power but Yahweh later said if her were to die than Michael would inherit his full power.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet
Weapons: Teraphim: Made during the war with the Neyaphem and passed through the Welkin family for generations the teraphim appears as a simple metal bracelet when dormant but when activated it is capable of assuming a verity of weapon forms that Michael can channel his power through.

When Michael returned home after the Purifiers attack on the school his parents knew he had reached a point where his powers were a serious danger to him. So when he decided to return to the X-Men his father gave him their family relic in the hope it would protect Michael from his own power.

It has shown a level of sentience as it seems to chose who can wield it. It always works for Michael and a select few but others it has reacted violently to. When Mystique tried to steal it and it burned her hand. It allowed Noshiko to hold it at first, but when she called it a useless hunk of junk it burned her and would not allow her to touch it again.

It also serves as a countermeasure. In the event Michael should lose control of his powers or remain in the Ohr Kadmon for too long the Terephim will automatically encase him in an egg like sphere. Shutting his powers down and forcing him to rest while it protects his physical body. How it is able to do this is unknown. His father told him it was designed not only to help the heirs of the Welkin family hone their power but protect them from it as well.

It's final purpose is as a sort of black box. It records the history of the heir of the Welkin family. Sometimes it shows the current heir it's memories of it's previous masters, either through it's reflection or in a form of a vision or in a dream in order to help the current heir master and understand their powers. When Michael was training to activate the Archon state at will the Terephim showed him a vision of the dangers of losing control of it's power.

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Is mostly moddled after Matthew Daddario in appearance

He is Afro-Asian American. His mother is of Chinese-Korean descent and his father is an African-American.

His motto is a Latin quote from Psalm XXIII:4, "non timebo mala", meaning "I will fear no evil".

His favorite color is blue

Can speak Latin and Russian and knows American Sign Language.

Enjoys reading, his favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy.

He enjoys Grunge music.

Some of his favorite music singers are Adele, One Republic, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Lindsey Stirling.

Is borderline Claustrophobic. Gets edgy in tight enclosed spaces and dislikes having to go through caves and tunnels.

His family crest is an angelic figure holding a sword.

Is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks.

Huskies are his favorite dog breed.

Manifested his powers at the young age of ten.

He usually avoids looking people in the eye because he had issues with controlling his soul-reading abilities when he was a kid which caused him to see memories he'd rather not have seen. Even though he can control that aspect of his abilities he still avoids eye contact.

Even though he can retract his wings into his body he can not alter his eyes so when he would go out he wore colored glasses and told people he had an eye condition.

Is a omega-level mutant.

Politically affiliation is independent.

A lot of his angel fire attacks are modeled after the Supers from the video game series Destiny.

His angel fire is visually similar to the hex bolts of the MCU's Scarlet Witch, only instead of red it is white and looks like a mix between fire and lightning. The way he summons and controls it is similar to how Wanda does in the movies.

Though his father is Catholic he has chosen to practice Shinto like his mother and often prays to the sun goddess Amaterasu for guidance and protection. He even has his own personal shrine to her.

Despite claiming to read souls others are more willing to believe he is a unique kind of telepath. This is do to some who simply do not believe in the idea of a soul or are uncomfortable with the idea.

Michael's pic was made by Twitter user @Wandaswarlock

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