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Dragon Man II / Bahamut

Michael Stonner is a young soldier in the British Army who discovered that he had the natural power to become a giant, platinum were-dragon with a massive muscular physique. Unlike other were-dragons, he believes he has a responsibility to use his powers correctly for the good of the world. He has adopted the codename "Bahamut," the legendary dragon god (although his teammates in Excalibur prefer to refer to him as "Dragon Man II").

Powers and Abilities

Michael has the power to extend the molecular density of his bodily mass until it becomes as heavy as a mountain range in motion and his strength, physical invulnerability, and height become proportionally larger, comparable to such superhumans as the Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, Juggernaut, the Thing, Sasquatch, and Thor, among others. He can channel energy from the earth's gravitational field for his wings in order to fly, repelling the field of gravity and making maneuvers impossible for any fighter jet. He can imbue his mouth, eyes and hands with gusts of incandescent blue flaming bio-energy, which becomes stronger with his density.


  • Michael is not a mutant, he is instead a draconic race of lycanthrope, or were-dragon, which is an ancient race of lycanthropes dating back to ancient times alongside Inhumans, Atlanteans, and Eternals, and is passed down genetically through a recessive gene. No one knows how many of these beings exist, but it is known that they are extremely secretive and rarely involve themselves with global affairs.
  • He is a bodybuilding fanatic, and even though he is already huge and immensely muscular, even in human form (being more than 1.95 meters tall and having over 200 kilograms of pure muscles), still wants to "improve." He seeks to someday participate in the Mister Olympia bodybuilding competition (even though the organizers of the competition would likely not allow a superhuman to participate), and has built his physique regardless of his ability to qualify for the competition.
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