Real Name Michael Nobel
Current Alias Solaris/Solaris Knight
Alias(es) Hikaru Tengami. Michael Riddle, Scion of Twilight,
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-616
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 215 Pounds
Eyes Right eye: Brown, Left Eye: Red
Hair Jet Black, greying
Unusual Features Bionic red eye, manifests one crow and one eagle wing, sharp canines


Early Life

Michael is a being of ambiguous heritage, but he identifies as a mutant, born with the regenerative ability to be compositive of mystic light, usually recognized as a corona of white fire, similar to that of the Phoenix Force. After being born in 1991 to his parents, he spent his fortumative years obsessed with heroes, thinking that his powers were given to him because of a destiny. As such, after the Decimation event, one in which he was mysteriously not depowered he lept at the chance to help his heroes the X-Men, applying for the Xavier School as a student.

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