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In response to your character art question Edit

Hi. Actually it is a very simple answer. We use Hero Machine 3. All you have to do is google it. Hope I helped!

X-Men (Earth-2011) Pics Edit

Hey, I am Topher from Earth-515, and I appreciated your applause of our Earth-515 pics from Heromachine 3.0 on your main profile page. I have seen that since DWeb4.0 told you about heromachine, you have been cranking out a lot of pics. As you may or may not know, I am also a big X-Man fan. Out of our trio-collab, I have domain over the X-Men and their pics. Anyways, I liked your initial character designs, which are pretty good for a new heromachine user. I remember when I first used heromachine, my pics were not the quality that they are today. My original Scarlet Witch looked like a clown, red riding hood, hooker catastrophe! Anyways, I have made a new pic since then. So as a fellow X-Men enthusiast and Heromachine user, I would love to give you some good tips for using heromachine if you want them. It took me and DWeb along time to figure somethings out, so I am here to help if you want. I digress... So, I liked your initial concept for Psylocke and felt like doing my own spin on it and wanted to show you here. I tried to stay in spirit of your original pic, while upping it to the next level. I hope you like it.

ZTM1234 Psylocke Design Topher5151992 00:48, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

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