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  • Hi there! I happened to be browsing articles and I saw Preston Creel, and in reading his physical description I saw that he was supposed to have a black and red Phoenix costume, and since I knew one existed I found it and uploaded it as a new costume. I hope that's OK, I figured you might appreciate a more accurate image. Let me know if I overstepped.

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  • Please see this thread.

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  • Sorry I kept forgetting you! You may add sage in, but can you tell me her powers? We already have one martial artist/elemental on the team so I'm looking for different characters. She's my final one regardless so can you tell me some facts about her as a person? Personality, powers, age etc?


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    • Oh sorry, I may not be able to join then but I'll tell you anyway. 

      Dark Ice Manipulation: Sage is able to make Dark Ice or snow and manipulate it to her advantage. She can make constructs with the ice and just normal deadly attacks. Her Dark Ice is also capable of slowing down regenerating factors. Due to her special bloodline, her dark ice is much more dangerous and super destructive than normal and should not be underestimated. She has extreme power although it doesn't look like it. It can blow even blow a giant hole in the mountain, demonstrated in her anger when she ran away from her estate.

      Martial Arts: Her primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, Jujitsu, and Ninjitsu. And her family's own personal rare fighting style... Which is a secret...

      Immense Agility: Sage's astonishing mobility allows her to attack from every position, move in the enemy's blind spot, and fight on any kind of terrain. In terms of defense, Sage takes full advantage of her agility to fall back quickly, dodge the enemy's attacks and react immediately after being hit. She also has an excellent sense of balance.

      Healing Factor: Sage can recover from injury much faster than normal, as demonstrated by the fact that the multiple wounds inflicted to her by her parents completely healed in just a few minutes.

      Immense Speed and Reflexes: Sage is tremendously fast. She can move so fast that her opponents may lose sight of her, and kill a target without them realizing until the fatal blow has been dealt. Her reactions are also first-class: Sage can react to the slightest amount of danger instantly, maybe even gunshots fired at near point-blank range.

      Increased Perceptions: Sage also has enhanced senses that allow them to see, hear, smell, touch and/or taste at an increased speed and understand it as it is processed.

      Immense Tolerance to Pain: Sage can bear very intense physical pain without her physical or mental abilities being impaired. She's had her leg broken by one of her sisters once, but hadn't even flinched and showed any signs of distress.

      Resistance to Electricity: As a child, Sage was trained to endure large amounts of electricity. Her older sister Raven often electrocuted her for training and punishment.

      Immunity to Poison: As a member of the Zeller family, Sage was trained and became resistant to almost all kinds of poisons.

      Strong Muscle and Joint Control: Sage can dislodge her joints at will and in the blink of an eye, an ability that enables her to escape from most ties.

      • Claws: One of the several assassination arts self-learned by Sage consists in adjusting the anatomy of her hand- Her fingernails turn into claws that are sharper than knives, with which she can sever a limb, a head or even rip out an heart with frightening ease.
      • Snakes: Sage whips her arms with incredible fluidity and speed, cleaving anything that comes in contact with them.

      Genius-Level Intellect: Sage's intelligence surpassed that of a teenage girl in her years. She is knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, endowed with prodigious intuition and analytical skills.

      Master Weapon Specialist: Although she prefers to fight with only her bare hands or ice weapons, Sage is capable of turning any object into a lethal weapon, even if she has no familiarity with it.

      Master of Stealth: Sage is very proficient in hiding, spying and infiltration.

      • Silent Step: Due to her training, Sage has learned to walk and run and do everything without making a sound.
      • Blind Sight: Sage is able to interact with her environment without the aid of vision.

      Zoological Knowledge: Sage knows a lot about animals (and plants, to a much inferior extent), partly due to her fascination in animals.  

      Adrenal Activation: This is Sage's power boost where she can activate her adrenal glands, increasing their strength, speed, reflexes, marksmanship, stamina, dexterity, endurance, access memories she usually couldn't remember, wisdom, and overall stats by 5x. She rarely uses this power-up since she only uses it when she's in a prolonged battle, draining her bodily resources.  

      She's 20 years old. And her personality is chill. She's usually very chill on the outside and impaitent. She's quite tough, but she's also really nice.  When she's in her assassin mode she's kinda bloodthirsty and deadly. 

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  • I still want Deadpool. What do I have to do to have him?

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  • Hello, TheSuperiorOne! I am a man just like you, DuttPanda who dedicates his spare time to Wikis and I don`t know if you have the same interest but especially the movies!

    Idk why I`m saying this but thats not the point of this conversation. Maybe you know- NOT. Okay, whatever. Listen, I heard from Vision0 that you maybe able to do a Deadpol series in Earth-101420 universe. So can you give a confirmation? Some details?

    Goodbye Superior Man!

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  • If you have a skype, you can add me on irockz1066 there so we can talk about the RP in a faster format, and if you or the others ever need to contact me about something.

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  • You found the wiki I am most active on. Feel free to check my stuff. 

    Even though I believe you can't roleplay here...But ask the admins to be sure. 

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  • Hi, welcome to Marvel Fanon! Thanks for your edit to the File:Images.png page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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