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Memory Plastics

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Memory Plastics
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Characters with Memory Plastics Costumes:

Green Goblin 2099, Blade 2099

New SHIELD 2099 (Earth-928.2)
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Memory Plastic came to be when Researchers at MIT and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers have invented a class of materials so remarkable for their agility in changing shape as they react to heat, they might be described as acrobatic plastics. The new materials, known as "triple-shape materials," can assume three different shapes, each shape depending on how much heat is applied.

This landmark achievement comes from the laboratories of chemical engineer Robert Langer of MIT and polymer chemist Andreas Lendlein of the Helmholtz Institute in Teltow, Germany in 1960.

Armor and Weapons

Memory Plastics in armor and weapons where first used as SkinTight body armor, first introduced for police use in 2013. At the time it was a remarkable piece of Memory Plastic technology that made claims it couldn't hold up to.

By 2021 memory plastics work in a variety of modes, but most share the same basic characteristics - they transform from one form (their normal form - either a hard or soft plastic form) to a hard form (sometimes in a different shape) with the application of a certain stimulus (usually pressure/impact). The most famous use for memory plastics is of course the SlamDance Inc SpawnBlade.


Not incredibly useful on it's own, it is at it's best under another layer of armor. Any damage up to that 40 mark is no prevented, it is only reduced by 1/3 as the thin layer of memory plastic attempts to redirect the kinetic energy across the material instead of through it. Damage over the 40 mark is dealt in full. Any time the armor is penetrated, reduce this threshold by 5SP. Directly after the impact, the suit is stiff and hard from the memory plastics redirecting the impact energy.


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