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Maxwell "Max" Dillon, is better known as the supervillain, Electro.                                                

Max Dillon
Real Name Maxwell Dillon
Current Alias Electro
Alias(es) Max Dillon
Gender Male
Height 6 ft
Weight 203 lbs
Eyes Glowing Blue (as Electro)

Brown (normal)

Hair None, but was brown when he had hair


Max was born in rural Louisiana to Steve and Emma Dillon, who owned a ranch.  Max was not interested in farming, and instead, wanted to become an engineer.  He moved to New York and graduated from a university in New York City, studying electrical engineering.  He later got a job at Oscorp, working on the computers, lab equipment, and electricity there. 

Max was trying to fix some circuits, which had sparks flying off of them, but he was electrocuted and he fell off

Electro's first transformation

of a broken stairway.  He was repairing stuff in a part of the Oscorp building which had been damaged when an earthquake hit New York.  After falling off of the stairway, he fell in a tank of water.  Little did he know, that he had fallen into the secret, deep lab of Oscorp.  In the tank were electric eels, but not normal electric eels, they were enhanced with radiation and genetically modified.  Being stung and attacked by the eels, caused Max's body to produce an aura of electricity.  He released a shockwave from his body and broke out of the tank, realizing that he had gotten super powers.  He decided he would kill Spider-Man, so he could be a hero himself. 

He fought Spider-Man and was defeated when Spider-Man grabbed a large firehose with his webbing, and blasted Electro at it with full force.  Electro's aura faded away and he became a normal man again, the water had weakened him.  A mysterious man in a black trenchcoat and hat, appeared, and grabbed the unconscious Electro.  The two of them escaped, via a teleportation device. 

Electro later reappeared and fought Spider-Man again, but this time, Electro was much, much stronger.  Electro had been enhanced by someone, but who?  His body was more electric than human, he had gone into his second form.  Electro was no longer weak to water, and so, Spider-Man used a special device given to him by Curt Connors, which froze Electro.  Electro was locked away in a supermax prison.

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