Maxwell Dillon was a scientist at Jupiter Labs. He was experimenting on irradiated animals, when intern Mark Raxton was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, becoming the Molten Man. Spider-Man went to investigate, and accidentally knocked Dillon into a tank containing radioactive electric eels. Dillon was transformed into a being of pure electricity, and blamed Spider-Man for his mutation. Using his powers, he broke out of containment, and recruited Molten Man, promising to cure him if he helps stop Spider-Man. He was defeated, and later on given the nickname Electro.

Powers & Abilities

  • Electrokinesis - Maxwell gained the ability to control all nearby electricity.
  • Technopathy - Maxwell can manipulate any technology that runs on electricity.
  • Electric Blasts - Maxwell can generate electricity, and fire it off in the form of a deadly electric blast.
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