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Goblin Master

Real Name
Max "Maximus" Yeager
Current Alias
Goblin Master

The Demonic Goblin, Ghidorah, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin, Demogoblin.



Cabal, Order of the Goblin (Multiverse), formerly Oscorp and Gathering of Five.

Draco Yeager (son, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Formerly Oscorp Tower





Unusual Features
Maximus' left eye has a scar across it as a result of Spider-Man (Peter Parker)'s final battle against the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn).


Marital Status


College graduate

After injecting himself with the DNA of an ancient alien, Maximus Yeager became jealous of the father of his greatest rival. Years later, he donned the mask and mantle of the world ending Goblin Master.

Place of Birth

Place of Death

Max Carroll

First appearance



Quote1 You still don't understand, do you? You think that all of this was for the sole reason of destroying you? Oh, no, my dear child. This, this was all to get back at your father, for it was that bastard who destroyed my life, cheated me out of the power in which you wield now. I knew that even if your father was killed, you and your family would live on, and he would still win. I knew that I couldn't physically destroy you, so I would do the next best thing; break you. I do believe I've succeeded in that respect. And now... the endgame. Quote2
-- Goblin Master

Early life

Not much is known about Maximus' shrouded past, but it is known that his father abused him and his mother through childhood.

Oscorp Japan

At 31 years of age, Maximus was hired by the Japanese division of Oscorp to create newer and better super-soldiers for the Japanese and American militaries. He was paired up with geneticist Timothy Parker Sr., and the two became fast friends. After dredging up the skeleton of the original Godzilla from the bottom of the ocean, the two extracted the remaining marrow in order to utilize it's DNA to create the new super-soldiers. However, they were unable to secure a test subject to test the serum on. Tim Sr. tested the serum on himself. When Maximus discovered this revelation, he became jealous of his colleague. After gaining DNA samples from another recently deceased creature, this one from outer space, Maximus performed the same type of genetic experiments on the samples as were done on Godzilla's. Injecting himself with the formula, Maximus went insane and battled Sr. at their laboratory, their new, awakening powers allowing them to withstand each others' attacks. However, during the battle, a gas line broke and a fire started. The two would escape from the blaze and subsequently resign from Oscorp a short while later and go their separate ways.

Birth of a Son

At some point between the 10+ years Maximus saw Tim Sr., he impregnated an unidentified woman who would soon give birth to a son. This son would eventually become Draco Yeager, the second Goblin Master.

Plane Crash

At some point, Maximus would murder the mother of Draco and take his son to raise him as part of a cult. Maximus, using his accelerated powers, would eventually gather together a group of henchmen, who were former employees of the Kingpin of Crime. Maximus would start sending Sr. threatening letters, demanding that he turn over the original vials of the surviving super-soldier formula. However, when Sr. refused, Maximus sent his henchmen to ransack their Sr.'s home. Fearing for the safety of his son, Tim Jr., Sr. and his wife, Diana, dropped the child off at the home of Peter and Mary Jane Parker.

On the subsequent plane ride out to Japan, Maximus hijacked the plane and mortally wounded Diana with his evolving powers. Tim Sr. and Maximus would fight on the plane, eventually causing the plane to malfunction and crash into the sea below them. Diana would die, but Tim Sr. and Maximus would survive, thanks to their accelerated regenerative factors.

The Gathering of Five

Returning to New York, Maximus sought training under the tutorship of the recently-returned Norman Osborn. Eventually, thanks to his powers, Maximus would become Norman's right-hand man in the Gathering of Five, and while Maximus himself didn't participate in the ritual itself, he did serve as Osborn's bodyguard for the eventual arrival of Spider-Man. Yeager managed to stall Spider-Man long enough for Osborn to don his Green Goblin costume, leading to a violent, brutal, and catastrophic final confrontation between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

The Goblin Master

Last Stand




Secret Wars



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Powers and Abilities


  • Gravity beams: Maximus is capable of firing a triple array of lightning bolts directly from his mouth. These bolts are highly explosive and very destructive. He has also been able to wire his gravity beams to fire from his mask as well.


  • High intelligence: Maximus has an IQ of 207. He is capable of constructing highly complex machinery in a matter of 3 days. He has also been able to use his intelligence to exploit his enemy's greatest weakness. This was shown when he threw Felicity Hardy, the girlfriend of Timothy Parker, the current Spider-Man, off of the Brooklyn Bridge, killing her. This caused Tim to retire from being Spider-Man for a few months.

Strength level

Maximus can lift up to 47 tons.


  • Fragile ego: Maximus' only weakness his his belief that no one can stop him.


Equipment: Goblin Master costume
Transportation: Goblin Glider
Weapons: Heavily modified pumpkin bombs, razor bats, and gloves which fire out gravity beams from all ten fingertips.


  • The mask of the Goblin Master's costume is near identical to the head of ShinGoji, the Godzilla design used in the 2016 film Godzilla: Resurgence.


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