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Max Eisenhardt (Earth-61615)
Real Name
Max Eisenhardt
Current Alias

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, Mister Magnus, Michael Xavier, Erik the Red, Master of Magnetism, Henryk Gurszky, White Pilgrim, Magneto X



Genoshan Republic: Brotherhood of Mutants; formerly X-Division/X-Men (defunct; situational allies)

Jakob Eisenhardt (father; deceased), Edie Eisenhardt (mother; deceased), Magda Eisenhardt (wife; estranged), Nina Eisenhardt (daughter; deceased), Lorna Dane (daughter), Wanda Maximoff (adopted daughter), Pietro Maximoff (adopted son)







Marital Status

Mutants right activist, ruler of Genosha, adventurer, headmaster, revolutionary, teacher; formerly would-be conqueror, terrorist, Nazi hunter, carpenter, prisoner of war

Some public schooling, unspecified advanced training in genetic engineering and robotics.


Place of Birth
Nuremberg, Germany

First appearance

Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 1 1


Quote1.png All my life, I've been at the mercy of men just following orders... Never again. Quote2.png
-- Magneto

Early Years

As a boy, Max Eisenhardt (born 1936) was forced to live in a death camp during the Holocaust. When first incarcerated with his family, Max pulled apart a metal gate as he was separated from his parents. Seeing this, the Nazi collaborator and secret mutant Sebastian Shaw had Max brought to him. He was fascinated by the boy's potential and attempted to get him to move a German coin. When this failed, he had his mother brought in, threatening to kill her if he couldn't succeed in moving the coin. When it didn't work, he shot the woman, causing Max to tear apart the lab in horror. Shaw then tortured him over the next several years in an attempt to draw out the boy's mutant powers.

The X-Division

Years later, Max was now undergoing the new civilian name of Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (simply Erik Lehnsherr), starting a new life in the United States of America. Following the conclusion of World War II, Erik spent years trying to find Shaw and exact vengeance, hunting and murdering other Nazis along the way and keeping the coin as a reminder of what the man had done to him.

He eventually tracked Shaw down to a small boat off the American coast during the height of the Cold War. His attempt at revenge was cut short when he was pummeled by Shaw's cohorts in his Hellfire Club, outnumbered and outclassed by their mastery of their mutant powers. He was eventually saved by fellow mutant, Charles Xavier who was with Moira MacTaggert and the CIA at the time, and was also finding the Hellfire Club. Together and with CIA support, Xavier and Erik gathered a team of young mutants to battle the Hellfire Club, who were attempting to start a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States as part of a plot to eradicate non-mutant life on the planet and rule over the new world order. Unfortunately, he ultimately leaves the X-Division (later now known as the X-Men) after successfully killing Sebastian Shaw during the mission, defeating the Hellfire Club. He left due to his different beliefs in humans with Charles, believing that mutants should never ever take orders from humans ever again and believes that mutants shall be the superior race of the Earth.

Broken Ideologies

Increasingly convinced humanity would not peacefully relinquish the planet to Homo Superior, Erik became more radical and cynical. Abandoning his real name, Erik took the title Magneto. Realizing that Xavier didn't agree with his views, a paranoid Magneto took to wearing the helmet previously owned by Sebastian Shaw to prevent the psi intrusion into his mind. Xavier decides to confront Erik alone and finally manages to convince and fled with a handful of followers to abandon Erik's Brotherhood, but Magneto decided to teach him and the other followers a lesson and broke his spine, leaving him crippled for life.

Brotherhood of Mutants

Erik Lehnsherr embraces his extremist identity as Magneto

Soon after Xavier's escape, Magneto led his established Brotherhood of Mutants in an anti-human campaign of political assassinations and terrorist bombings. A few years later, Magneto and the Brotherhood moved to a remote island in the Pacific known as Genosha, to avoid high profile from the public and build their own civilization as Mutant Supremacists. Erik even devised a new language to his followers, and through his technical intelligence, he started his own kingdom he named, "The Citadel."

Upon his study and search for lost and oppressed mutants throughout Europe and America, Erik met the young nomadic siblings Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, whom he assumed were mutants at first meeting. Seeing the potential in the two, Erik adopted the twins under his wing and protection with the ranks of his Brotherhood and gave them the chance to live a new life thanks to his care and the resources which Erik owns.

While the pair would accept that he’s their father, they would eventually reject Magneto's leadership for what he trained and thought them to believe in over their years in the Brotherhood, eventually leaving the Brotherhood after the encounter with the heroic X-Men had opened their eyes from their father's dark delusion of his mutant separatist beliefs and means of terrorism. Magneto would later momentarily reunite with the power twins in different future encounters as they were frequent allies of the X-Men and subsequently debuted as Avengers, with the two confessing that they forgave him for how he treated them as trophies and champions (instead of children) but they wouldn't ever accept his extremist ways unless he had a change of heart.

An Unwilling Alliance

The conflict between Erik's brotherhood and Charles' X-Men lasted to continue for years, until the CEO and founder of the Trask Industries, Bolivar Trask decided to introduce his world-changing invention to the public, and that is the Sentinels, the mutant-hunting robots. His reason for inventing these anti-mutant machines is to prevent mutant terrorism caused not only by the Brotherhood of Mutants, but also the damages and destruction held responsible by the X-Men from rising and happening ever again.

With the help of both teams, the Sentinels rampaging in the city were destroyed and the program itself was eventually decommissioned and Bolivar Trask is then arrested after it is revealed that he attempted selling American military secrets to other countries. After the defeat of Trask and the Sentinels, the Brotherhood and the X-Men remained arch-enemies again, as usual. It was later revealed that most of the unused Sentinels were stolen and reprogrammed by Magneto and the Brotherhood and was used as the guardians of the gates of his citadel, at the island of Genosha.

Defeating Apocalypse

After reawakening from his sleep, Apocalypse meets him in his citadel at Genosha and convinces him to join him as one of his Horsemen and bestows even more power upon him, giving Magneto the power to move the Earth's core. Due to his abandonment to his own Brotherhood, the team disbands and separated their ways after their leader left the mutant supremacy. Some did remain loyal to the Brotherhood but with no one to lead them, the Brotherhood is still powerless.

Charles Xavier discovers what happened and tries to reach Erik, but it was to late. Magneto leaves with Apocalypse and attempts to destroy the world. While trying to damage the Earth's core, he is confronted by Mystique and Quicksilver. Together they manage to convince him to join them and fight against Apocalypse. After Apocalypse's defeat, Xavier and Erik are finally able to reaffirm their friendship, and Erik returns to rebuild Charles' destroyed mansion. Though Charles asked him to stay, Erik declined and left, albeit on friendly terms this time. Eventually, Erik returned into leading the Brotherhood, revealing that he still have some hatred for humanity left in him. Due to this, his friendship with Charles and his old friends went crooked once again, since they still have different ideologies.

A Sinister Rivalry

Magneto met his menacing match, Mister Sinister

Realizing that he had no chance against the X-Men alone, a liberal-minded but extraordinary mutate known as Mister Sinister eventually allied himself with Magneto and joined the Brotherhood, pretending and introducing himself as a believer in mutant supremacy as well as being an anti-human, believing that mutants should and will always be the top of the food chain, though in reality he joined so they could help him gain the upper hand in defeating the X-Men and as well as studying and manipulating their mutant (including the Brotherhood) powers and abilities and also getting each of their DNA so he can conduct an experiment by genetically alter himself once again, so he can be more powerful than he was before.

He was so manipulative overtime that he even manages to earn the trust of Magneto and the rest of the Brotherhood) except for Magneto's closest loyalists, who already had a secret suspicion against him), causing for him to become his right-hand man when they are in a war against fellow mutants, such as the X-Men or humans, such as the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

As a high ranking-member of the Brotherhood, Mister Sinister surprisingly conducted a few terrorist attacks by taking down several organizations with the help of his hybrid enhanced sleeper agents that he created in his lab using the genetic samples of the mutants and mutates he once collected from. From time to time, Sinister had the desire of gaining power and control over all living organisms on the planet, since he desirably wanted to harness and manipulate the evolution of life in this planet.

Movement Alliance

Around the spring of 2015, Sinister began observing and studying every tragic and disastrous events in the world, and thus he realized that the state of modern civilization is worsening from time to time due to the existence of enhanced individuals such as the mutants and mutates, realizing that sooner or later, the community that relies on super-powered individuals would eventually collapse. Due to this, he plans on creating a massive revolutionary war that would be much worse than any other war in the history of the world, so much worse it could create a new movement throughout the civilization as we know it, where the world will be ruled by terrorists, following an established new world order.

Later on, the Brotherhood of Mutants faction led by Mister Sinister (under the guise of Magneto) has caused wreak and havoc across the anti-mutant country of Sokovia's capital city, Novi Grad, which immediately have gotten the attention of the X-Men. The heroic mutants then clashed against the mutant terrorists, resulting with their defeat and escape back to the sacred island of Genosha, where Magneto attempted to banish Sinister out of the Brotherhood due to his actions.

After revealing his true plans to Magneto and his intentions to the Brotherhood such as the threatening Magneto of eradicating mutantkind and allying himself with several organizations Magneto has despised of, including the Nazi-based Hydra which Magneto had been despising off since his childhood. As a result, Magneto demands Sinister to leave his team, though during his time as a member he manages to earn the trust of several mutants, gaining allies inside the Brotherhood and those members include three of Magneto's loyalists, Multiple Man, Mastermind, and Hard-Drive, while the rest of the traitors had been brainwashed by the villain, leaving only few members who still stood by Magneto's side, his loyalists.

During the final moments of the battle against Mister Sinister, the latter's faction and his separated Brotherhood were confronted by the X-Men and Magneto's Brotherhood in his own fortress in Sokovia, in order to finally end his reign of terror. The battle lasted for hours, with Sinister and his subordinates killing several heroes and anti-heroes who opposes him until he was the only one left standing after his allies were either killed, escaped the war-zone, or were saved from his coercion.

Somehow, Sinister still manages to escape Sokovia again until he was found by the brave and bold Archangel and a few mutants to stop him from retreating. Sinister outmatches his enemies after absorbing all of their powers and killing them, until Archangel battles him to save his son, Angel. He almost defeated Nathan, until they crashed into a thermal power station, mortally injuring both of them. Shortly after Warren's death, Sinister suddenly vanishes after leaving the scene.

In the end, he was eventually founded by the mutant resistance once again in Magneto's mutant island of Genosha, after the dying Archangel threw a tracker on him without him noticing it, earlier during their battle. In the end, all of Sinister's clones were killed and he as well was finally defeated after he was defenseless after being surrounded by the X-Men and the Brotherhood who used all their strength and powers against him that disintegrated the villain in the process, killing Mister Sinister and ending his tyranny and the Ultimate War once and for all while Magneto reclaiming his throne as the head of the Brotherhood of Mutants, freeing the people of Genosha in the process.

Eventual Redemption

Following the events of the Mutant Ultimatum during the late 2020s, Magneto would end his extremist crusade upon the realization that he had his violent ways of terrorism were merely a means to justify his pain and grudges in the past, a lasting hatred which even got his old friend Professor X killed. The old mutant even contemplated turning himself to the authorities in or taking his own life, but was intervened by the consolation of his family and closest comrades, reminding him that he has suffered and punished himself enough. In the following months, he has since revitalized the mutant nation of Genosha as he expanded its land and territory with his powers, welcoming it as a haven and sanctuary for all mutants and even other humans who would want to reside or visit it. As a result Genosha decided to participate in diplomacy with other former isolationist nations such as Wakanda and New Attilan.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Magneto was argued to be either be an Alpha-level Mutant or even a Omega Mutant, and has been stated on several occasions to have been one of the most powerful mutants. Magneto has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate any metal and achieve a variety of effects. Magneto once blanketed the entire globe with a self-generated electromagnetic pulse that caused widespread devastation. Moreover, he can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously. He can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers.

  • Magnetokinesis
    • Magnetic Force-Fields
    • Magnetic Armor
    • Magnetic Rays
    • Magnetic Flight
    • Geomagnetic Link
    • Gravity Reduction
    • Metal/Matter Manipulation
      • Metallic Morphing
    • Organic Iron Manipulation
    • Electromagnetic Sight
    • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation
      • Electrokinesis
      • Photokinesis
  • Limited Astral Projection
  • Telepathic Resistance
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered, particularly by secondary mutations


  • Genius Intelligence
    • Biochemistry Expertise
    • Genetic Genius
    • Technical Genius
  • Multilingual
  • Indomitable Will

Strength level

Class 20+


  • Physical Condition



  • Magneto's Helmet
  • Magneto's Armor


  • Flight
  • X-Men Blackbird (formerly)


  • Magnetically-Powered Devices


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  1. Modern Comics: X-Men Vol 1 26


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