Max Dillon, a.k.a Electro, is a villain in The Legend of Spider-Boy. He was given electric powers by a hospital operation gone wrong. He is currently in SHIELD custody on board the R.A.F.T..


Once a normal mechanic, Max Dillon was repairing a car one night in his driveway, when it began raining. Max went to go inside, but before he got out from under the car lightning struck it, causing the car to explode on top of him. Max was electrocuted and severely injured. His girlfriend rushed him to the hospital, where they realized they needed advanced machinery to keep him alive. Luckily, Tony Stark had just recently begun donating tech to the local hospitals for good publicity. They had a special Arc Reactor built by Stark to keep HIMSELF alive, and they implanted it into Max. However, the electricity still surged through Max's body, and it messed up the Arc Reactor.

Max later discovered that he can now make the Arc Reactor send out powerful electric pulses that made all nearby technology freak out. Max caused a huge black out in the city, but kept his powers secret. He later discovered he could also use the electric pulses to control technology. He also realized he could overload nearby tech, causing the tech to explode. One day, he reunited with his girlfriend, but saw that he couldn't get too close to her without shocking her with electricity. Every living thing he came in contact with was destroyed by the electricity he generated. He became enraged and blamed Stark for it, attacking Stark Industries. However, teenager Peter Parker was their on a school field trip, so he snuck off and put on his Spider-Boy costume so he could stop Max.

Tony Stark was also secretly a superhero, and eventually Iron Man appeared on the scene. Spider-Boy and Iron Man teamed up to stop Max by luring him to a nearby water tower, which Iron Man blew up with his repulsor blast, causing all the water to pour onto Max and fry him. Max was taken into SHIELD custody, and locked away.


  • Electric Blasts - Max can generate lethal bursts of electricity, which will shock anyone they hit.
  • Controlling Electricity - Max can control and short out any near electric devices.
  • Immune to Electricity - Max can withstand lethal amounts of electricity without being harmed.
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