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Masked Marvel is a 2015 American Live Action Marvel superhero series created by DuttPanda and associated with Vision0. It is a part of the unclarified universe of Dutt and Vision.

Central Cast

Tie-Ins and Themes

There are up to eleven seasons of the television series consisting of nine episodes each season. Mainly, a single season is based on an entire character or a huge plotline. The seasons also have episodes that have tie-ins with it`s sister series, Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme.

Seasons Information

Each episodes are made with potential, care and effort. The series maintains a style of dark dramatic fantasy genre. Ocassionally, comedy blends in with the topic too. It follows Peter Parker`s daily life as Spider-Man and his responsibilities. The first season itself is a whole flashback of Peter`s first main arc and that few moments before the procession of the Avengers.


  • Season 1: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin
  • Season 2: Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin
  • Season 3: Dr. Otto Ocktavius/Doctor Octopus
  • Season 4: Maximus Dillon/Electro
  • Season 5: (In his tie-in as a New Avenger Avenger, his main foes were:) Dark Avengers, Robert Reynolds/The Sentry (he also teams up with Strange and Wiccan as also a part of the Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme TV Series, but nonethless, there aren`t any main foes of his in there)
  • Season 6: Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Season 7: Cletus Kassady/Carnage
  • Season 8: The Invaders (a symbiotic organization)
  • Season 9: Clone Forces
  • Season 10: Sinister Six
  • Season 11: (he is in the Spider-Verse saga)

Episode Guide


Introduction Theme Song-0

Introduction Theme Song-0

Credits Soundtrack 1

Credits Soundtrack 1

Credits Soundtrack 2-0

Credits Soundtrack 2-0

Timeline and Settings

The story takes place in New York, Manhattan, six months after the assemblance and disbanding of the Avengers. Peter has made his way as a superhero. His best friend was Harry Osborn. Currently, his best friend is Bruce Wayne.

Trivia and Notes

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  • Batman appears in this series as a Marvel character and an ally of Peter. Due to a storyline, Bruce Wayne`s role is portrayed.
  • Mary Jane Watson is a valley girl over here.
  • Mary Jane Watson is revealed to be the Black Cats secretly.
  • There might be two more seasons after Season 11. It is not officially confirmed yet.
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