Mary Jane Watson is a main character and Peter's Girlfriend in Spider-Man Unleashed by Team Unleashed. She is currently known as Psylocke.


Mary Jane is the daughter of Philip and Madeline Watson and Peter Parker's girlfriend. At the age of 3 she fell ill with a disease that would kill her within 48 hours, they were looking for Johnathon Drew, however he was dead, so they found the man who would become the High Evolutionary, who was an expert in psionics. Using some special tablets he managed to cure Mary Jane however gave her psychic powers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Her strength appears to be enhanced as she knocked a thug out in one punch and it is guessed that she can lift 1 ton. Also when in her energy form she can lift 3 tons.
  • Energy Form: MJ can boost her powers using a purple energy form that drains her stamina but increases all of her powers to certain levels.


  • Unlike Betsy Braddock (The mainstream Psylocke) she is not a mutant but was given her powers by a special tablet. 
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