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Craig Watson (father), Maria Watson (mother), Anna Watson (aunt), Peter Parker (husband), May Parker (daughter)


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Forest Hills, Queens





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Max Carroll


Quote1.png Only your friend... Peter Parker? Quote2.png
-- Mary Jane Watson to Peter Parker.

Early life

Mary Jane Watson was born in late 1981 to Craig and Maria Watson. As a child, Mary Jane was often beaten by her father, a known alcoholic with an inferiority complex and a flaring temper, with her mother often having to step in and stop him. It eventually got to the point where Craig left them both. Craig's sister, Anna, would frequent to the Watson household to help maintain stability due to Maria's depression and became close with Mary Jane.

Mary Jane met Peter Parker when the 2 were in preschool together, and eventually became best friends, befriending Harry Osborn and Mac Gargan later in life. Over time, Mary Jane would progressively fall in love with Peter, a feeling that would be rekindled later in their lives.

High School

Once the group got to high school, Peter and Mac were made frequent targets of bullying by football star Flash Thompson and his lackey, Kong. Flash would attempt to kindle a romance with Mary Jane, but she rebuffed his efforts.

My Crush, the Nerd. My Crush, the Super-Hero

One day, during the beginning of their sophomore year, Mary Jane, Peter, and the rest of their class would partake in a field trip to the Trask Industries-owned Horizon Labs, where a demonstration in a safer version of nuclear energy was to be given by Peter's old Science Camp instructor Otto Octavius. During the experiment, though, a spider that had been caught in the device and irradiated as a result escaped the lead casing and bit Peter, causing him to fall unconscious in Mary Jane's arms.

Mary Jane later accompanied Peter back to his house, where he awoke. After being told that he would need to be kept home from school due to possible exposure to radiation, Mary Jane told Peter she was glad he was okay before she headed home.

Days later, Mary Jane ran into Peter on the street, both acting somewhat sheepishly towards each other. However, from behind a house, Flash, having been beaten up by Peter as a result of his new powers given by the spider bite, watches with anger.

A few days after that, Mary Jane became witness to another confrontation between Peter and Flash, which ended with Peter humiliating the bully by revealing their fight from a few days ago. Peter then humiliated Flash further when the latter attempted to punch him, only to be sent flying when Peter swiftly dodged the blow. With Flash humiliated, Mary Jane looked on at Peter in shock just as he leaved the cafeteria.

Later that night, Peter's Uncle Ben was shot and murdered by a thief that Peter himself had let go hours earlier at a wrestling confederation he had taken part in. Peter, under the guise and costumed identity of Spider-Man, caught this man and left him for the police. Mary Jane and her mother comforted Peter and his Aunt May at the funeral a few days later, with Mary Jane apologizing to Peter over his uncle's death.

A few weeks later, Peter fully embraced his masked identity as Spider-Man and began fighting crime in New York's streets, something which didn't go unnoticed by Mary Jane. Eventually, following Spider-Man's conquest over his first enemy, the Vulture, Peter would ask out Mary Jane on a date, which she accepted.

Caught in the Middle

Mary Jane would be caught in the middle of most of Spider-Man's early battles with his enemies. The first would actually be on her first date with Peter a week after the Vulture was defeated. It was here where the super-powered thief Shocker crashed their date, but Mary Jane was able to aid Spider-Man in Shocker's defeat.

She would also fall victim to Spider-Man's fight with the Scorpion, Mac Gargan mutated by an experiment conducted by Miles Warren in an effort to eliminate the wall crawler. During Gargan's attack on Midtown High, he bit into Mary Jane's arm, poisoning her. Fortunately, Spider-Man was able to get her medical attention in time and she recovered.

The Lizard

Mary Jane eventually learned Peter's identity at the start of Christmas Break '96 when their biology teacher, Curt Connors, was mutated into the Lizard during an attempt to regrow his right arm, which he had lost during the Gulf War. Spider-Man had gone down into the sewers beneath the snow-covered streets of New York to fight the Lizard, only to be outmatched and defeated by the beast and forced to retreat, severely injured. Suffering a case of hypothermia, and his injuries sustained in the fight becoming infected, Spider-Man barely made it back to the Watson household in time, where he collapsed in Mary Jane's room. It was here where Mary Jane took off Spidey's mask and discovered his true identity.

Upon reawakening, Peter tried that he had gone down into the sewers to rescue Connors and cure him of his mutation, but Mary Jane refused to listen, angered that her own boyfriend kept such a secret from her without saying so much as a peep. However, Mary Jane, whose guardians were out of town for the time being, allowed Peter to stay the night, seeing as how he was too sick to go home.

Later, during the night, Mary Jane overheard Peter having a nightmare about the night of his uncle's death, something spurred on from his failure to save Connors. Upon reawakening Peter, Mary Jane learned of his origin. Peter explained how he was partially responsible for the Lizard being like this, as he was the one who aided Connors' experiments, and that it was his responsibility to stop him. Mary Jane, sensing that Peter hadn't truly forgiven himself for his uncle's death, decided to forgive him as a human being, prompting the 2 to begin making out in bed.

The next day, Peter headed for his high school, bringing notes he had kept from Connors' experiments, intending to break into the science lab to create a cure for his condition. Meanwhile, at the Watson house, Mary Jane witnessed on the news that people were beginning to get sick and come down with a case of "artificial gangrene". Phoning Peter, he realized that the Lizard was spreading more of the serum that created him through the sewer water, intending to turn Manhattan into a reptile kingdom. Spider-Man managed to create a cure for the virus and stop the Lizard.

In the aftermath, on Christmas Day, Peter was given a special gift by Mary Jane; a brand new costume to replace his tattered homemade suit. It was here that Peter rekindled his vows to her and set off to continue on as Spider-Man, with Mary Jane muttering "go get 'em, Tiger".

The Vulture's Counterattack

In the aftermath, on the heels of Valentine's Day coming up, Mary Jane and Peter attended an annual assembly at their school being given by Curt Connors in relation to the N.Y.S.E.D., but the Vulture subsequently attacked and once again kidnapped Connors, prompting Peter to jump back in as Spider-Man to save the doctor and stop the Vulture.

Mary Jane was at the scene when Spider-Man returned back to the school with Connors in tow. She subsequently gave him a big hug in commemoration of his victory against Toomes.

Caring for Aunt May

Mary Jane and Curt took care of Peter's aunt during her ailed state while Spider-Man hunted the Master Planner in search for the ISO-8, the only thing that could cure her condition.

Rivalry With Gwen Stacy

Mary Jane would soon find a romantic rival in the form of Gwen Stacy, whom was enamored by Peter's personality and endeavors into science.

When Peter began spending subsequent time with Gwen during projects together, Mary Jane became more and more jealous, eventually causing her to break up with Peter on the grounds that he might be more attracted to Gwen than her. However, this only served to allow Peter to hook up with Gwen Stacy shortly thereafter.

In the subsequent days, Mary Jane hooked herself up with Harry, whom was still dealing with his father's amnesia caused by his most recent battle with Spider-Man as the Green Goblin.

The Six-Arms Saga

When Peter tried to be-rid himself of his powers to be with Gwen Stacy, he accidentally grew 4 extra arms in the process. He subsequently traveled to M.J.'s house, seeking shelter. They then went to Doctor Connors' house for help, but were attacked by Michael Morbius, the new substitute science teacher at school who had turned into a vampire in an effort to cure himself of a blood disease.

Spider-Man tried to fight Morbius, but was overpowered. Connors then transformed into the Lizard and attacked Morbius, but was incapacitated by Morbius' bite, which locked Connors in a state of being half-man, half-lizard. Morbius then escaped. Spider-Man ordered M.J. to call the cops and tend to Connors while he chased Morbius. He later managed to retrieve the cure from Morbius, but lost the vampire in the process.

Problems with Harry

During the course of Mary Jane's relationship with Harry, things became tumultuous. Harry became more and more arrogant and sexist, even going as far as to try and prevent Mary Jane from talking to Peter period. Things eventually reached a tipping point when Harry sexually assaulted M.J. behind their school, forcing her to end their relationship right then and there.

Afterwards, Mary Jane became the first to witness Gwen cheating on Peter with Harry, but would keep this information from him for years.

Re-Uniting with Peter

After Norman Osborn returned to the persona of the Green Goblin, he kidnapped and murdered Gwen by throwing her off the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man, in turn beat the Goblin into submission, but was unable to save the villain from his own glider, whom he had attempted to use to slay the wall-crawler. As a result, Osborn was impaled on the metal plate.

Following Gwen's death, Mary Jane comforted Peter through his depression over being unable to save her. As they grew closer together, their un-dying love for one another re-ignited and they hooked up together once more.

The original Clone Saga

Months after getting back together with Peter, Mary Jane would find herself a host to a mysteriously-resurrected Gwen Stacy. Biologically, she was found to be 100% identical to the original Gwen Stacy, leaving Mary Jane, Peter, and Harry confused as to why this was the case, with Peter himself nearly suffering a mental breakdown as a result of seeing his deceased girlfriend.

Gwen was later revealed to be a clone and part of the Jackal's plot to drive Spider-Man insane as part of his revenge scheme for killing the original Stacy, whom the villain was infatuated with.

Harry's Vendetta

Mary Jane would be caught in the middle of all of Harry's attempts to slay Spider-Man out of revenge for Norman's death.

She was with Peter and Doctor Connors at Mayor Waters' penthouse when the original Spider-Slayer robot crashed the scene. Peter leaped into action as Spider-Man, but the robot kidnapped Flash, who was dressed as Spider-Man himself as part of a prank, by accident. Spider-Man then swung off to save him.

Mary Jane was also present with Peter at a press conference being attended by Mayor Waters and Wilson Fisk when the Hobgoblin crashed the scene in an effort to lure out Spider-Man as per Harry's orders.

At last, Mary Jane bore witness to Harry's mental breakdown over his failures to eliminate Spider-Man, leading him to become the second Green Goblin and organize the initial Sinister Six team as part of his last, grandiose plot to defeat and humiliate Spider-Man. After the majority of the Six were defeated single-handedly by Spider-Man and the wall-crawler chased the Goblin to Forest Hills, Harry attacked Mary Jane and Doctor Connors until Spider-Man arrived to stop him.

When the Goblin kidnapped Spider-Man and left him to die in an abandoned OzCorp warehouse rigged to explode, Mary Jane was the one who convinced him to not do this and save his best friend. Although Harry successfully managed to get Peter away from the building just as it exploded, he had a heart attack as a result of the performance-enhancers he ingested not being gaged correctly and, thus, poisoning his blood, damaging his heart as it pumped through.

Mary Jane later comforted Peter when Harry died en route to the hospital. She also attended the funeral for Harry along with Peter, Connors, Flash, Liz, and many of their schoolmates. It was here that Liz revealed to Mary Jane that Harry had also had a sexual fling with her and that she was pregnant with his child.

Dark Turn

Mary Jane subsequently became the subject of abuse when Peter bonded to

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