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Real Name
Marvin Esperanza Desiderio
Current Alias
The Wisher

Wishing Man (frequent Western alias), The Wizard, Marv, Marvy, "Marb," "Marbin," Wishing Wizard, The Hooded Wisher, "The One Who Wishes," "Ang Nagnanais" (Filipino translation of the latter)



Mr. Desiderio (father), Mrs. Desiderio (mother), Gregorio Desiderio (brother); Ophelia Magdalena (love interest)


Base Of Operations
Manila, Philippines; formerly the Avengers Tower, New York City






Marital Status

Vigilante, adventurer, student

Current college student; former high school graduate

Human mutated by the essence of an Elder God

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Avengers 3 1


Quote1.png You know... This power... I never really asked for any of this, but it just came to me one day because I simply believed that want--no I knew that needed to save those people, even if the God of Thunder himself was the one breaking loose. The day, I genuinely thought it would have been my time that I... You know what... And to be honest, it became one of the best goddamn things that has happened in my life, and I'm only seventeen... Quote2.png
-- Marv Desiderio

Early Years

Marvin Esperanza "Marv" Desiderio was born somewhere in Cebu, Philippines at some point during the early 2000s, to a middle class family. While he was still an infant, his parents got the life-giving chance of getting themselves, along with him and his older brother Gregorio, permanently move and settle to the urban regions of Manila, the country's known capital city. Growing up into early adolescence, Marvin has developed himself into a more introverted, socially-anxious teenager who mostly finds it hard to communicate and socialize with strangers unless he gives himself enough courage to (albeit it is still difficult in spite of that), due to several environmental factors which included him not being able to spend much time with his parents, to which his mother was working overseas, somewhere in Singapore, while his father was working somewhere within the country, still far away from his beloved children.

However, despite his often observed social issues, Marvin has also worthily proven to himself and his inner circle of peers for his extraordinary creativity and gifted intelligence, along with his continuous inspiration and motivation from the concept and existence of superheroes all over the world, especially in the United States of America with both the first public appearance of the Avengers and the predated vigilante group Defenders during the historical Battle of New York, partially introduced to him and his brother ever since he was still a child.

Ultimate War

The Wrath of Ragnarok

At some point in his teenage years, Marvin was already on his way home riding a bus with his closest friends experiencing daytime traffic, when suddenly, the skies of Manila started to turn into grey. As the citizens of the city witness a series of thunder, all they could expect and hope was for Thor the God of Thunder himself to show up and greet them in person. However, Marvin felt very much different among the rest when he watched the darkening skies, and the fact that he wished that what his expecting to happen at the moment, was only making himself feel even worse.

When the "actual" Asgardian warrior seemingly lands in the middle of the city to meet the authorities in a public ceremony held at Plaza de Roma, Marvin so felt relieved that it wasn't what his "gut was telling him" all along. When Thor came to introduce himself with the Manila Police District to "offer" the people of the Philippines their own protection in the growing threat across the globe that lasted for several days, everyone outside was cheering and thanking for the peaceful God of Thunder for his noble deed. That was until, the man that was thought to be Thor gave the police captain a firm handshake, a handshake that abruptly electrocuted the captain, killing the latter in seconds.

Plaza de Roma Massacre

Marvin , his friends, and the rest of the watching citizens could only watch in shock and scream out on what they just witnessed with their own eyes. In response, the other officers repulsively took their aim and immediately shot Thor, only to lately realize that their already overwhelmed. As Thor took out the hostile officers with ease, he began a ruthless and merciless massacre across Plaza de Roma where he was accompanied by several other Hydra sleeper agents, slaughtering more than hundreds of both innocent civilians and members of the authorities who deemed to defend them in the ensuing chaos.

Along with it, their bus driver was struck by the lightning summoned by the hammer of the unhinged Thor, causing Marvin's friends and most of the passengers to leave the bus in an act of panic. Marvin begged his friends to stay inside the bus and hide until the superheroes would come and save the day. In response, an adult passenger bitterly replied to Marvin that he shouldn't always rely on superheroes to protect him, reminding him that he should always be prepared to protect himself and his loved ones when the worst comes, before leaving the bus with the rest of the panicking citizens in an attempt to get into safety.

Despite this, Marvin was one of those who remained inside, starting to break down in tears as he hears the screams of many people. In an act of impulse and sudden urge to save the panicking people, Marvin suddenly leaves the bus to tries and save those who were on the verge of death, only to get himself struck by a lightning summoned by the Thor doppelganger. Marvin was thought to be certainly dead due to the blast, but miraculously, he would wake up almost immediately afterwards. Alongside his survival, the massacre was also eventually averted when several S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjets led by agent Cary Armstrong accompanied by E.D.I. airships came to the rescue, subsequently saving the day right when after they've apprehended the Hydra agents and killed the man they thought was Thor, revealing that it was only one of the android duplicates controlled by the main android they would later call as the infamous "Ragnarok".

As the wreaking havoc end in silence, Marvin and a few of his surviving friends slowly exited the vehicle, seeing the bloody and destructive aftermath in the city. Looking at the many recovered lifeless bodies, including his own friends, and those who were mourning for those whose loved ones had perished, Marvin silently broke down in tears once more, remembering the people he just lost in that traumatic moment, while he and several other survivors were being accompanied by police officers to ride a military truck on the way to his home. Entering his house, he was surprised to see his parents with his older brother.

All of them warmly embraced each other out of impulse as they started to cry out of relief, relieved that everyone in their family was safe after everything that has happened. In response to the growing threat across the nation, along with most of the entire globe, Marvin and his family tried to temporarily move back to their province in Cebu, only to find out through the news that the half the island's portion became a warzone for both sides, the terrorists that was the Movement Alliance and the heroic Ultimate Alliance, mostly accompanied and assisted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and E.D.I. forces.

Miraculous Wishes

Appalled by the series of unfortunate events unexpectedly entering his once ordinary life, Desiderio, in his worsening grief, decided to stay and isolate inside his bedroom for the next three days after the horrendous massacre on Plaza de Roma, much to his family's concern who still didn't give up on supporting and taking care of him. Along with his his traumatic experiences since the incident, Marvin felt somewhat really different when he was struck by the very lightning he never expected to ever encounter, getting an odd and fathomless sense that the lightning was meant to hit him, as if it was truly destined to "meet him" on the moment that he taught would be his last.

Nonetheless, Marvin still tried his very best to move on and adjust a little bit more in his not so normal life, and as his everyday school came back a week later. Returning back to his high school life, Marvin would desperately look at bright side of being alive, only to hopelessly realize that he had lost most of his closest friends since the tragedy had inflicted his very life the past week. Dazed and confused by what to do with his life, Marvin started experiencing things that he never expected would be doing as a student and a delinquent. By that, he began to unintentionally skip some of his classes mostly due to being late, and even if Marvin gets the chance to catch up on time, he mysteriously tends to space out in almost every discussion of his subjects, worrying his teachers and even some of his classmates. With Marvin himself noticing the unprogressive change that was been going on, he knew too well what was going to happen to him in his school life, or at least he assumed that he thought he already knew how they'd react, after he was caught too many times skipping or dazing off classes. In a moment of hopelessness and personal nihilism, Marvin felt careless on whatever may happen to him after hearing the faculty and staff try dealing with his strange behavior, with Marvin assuming two outcomes of the situation: they would have to suspend him, or if they're quite considerate or sympathetic: simply excuse him from classes, for several days until he gets the help that he needs and hopefully recovers. Nevertheless of the outcome, Marvin was stoic enough to not care what life brings him next. On a particular day after class, Marvin was outside his the streets of his school when he unintentionally witnessed the aftermath of a bloody accident, a dreadful hit and run to be exact.

As he sees the body of an oddly familiar female student at his school, lying there, lifeless and still bleeding, Marvin morbidly felt nothing. Despite the scene of the crime reminding his traumatic experience at the Plaza, Marvin could only feel a slight guilt within himself in his numb heart, yet strangely enough, no tears would fall off his eyes since he no longer have left. However, at that moment, Marvin had a wishful thinking before putting it into words, something that some of the other bystanders had found extremely dreadful and morbidly inappropriate. He whispered to himself, "wouldn't it be better if she was still alive?" before walking to the bus stop where he patiently and silently waited for his way back home. For almost fifteen minutes, Marvin could only hear the never-ending gossips and weary screams of those who were still at the scene. And by the sixteenth minute, the unimaginable and impossible happened.

The once pessimistic and nihilistic minded Marvin suddenly felt a tiny yet significant glimpse of hope within him when the people's gossips suddenly shifted into voices of rejoice and relief, especially after he hears repeatedly exclaim that the victim he saw minutes earlier "came back to life, like a miracle." After getting on a bus on his way home, Marvin jokingly considered the unattainable assumption that his words might have caused the miracle, though he almost immediately discarded his own humorous intuition and rendered to the popular belief that it was just a "miracle," considering how religious most the people are in his motherland, along with the fact that the crime was located behind a church. That was first out of the many first moments Marvin had accidentally demonstrated a mere aspect of the very power he never knew he had.

Wishful Thinking

As the next days follow by, Marvin's once mundane, depressed, and somber world slowly turns into a more majestic, delighted, and surprisingly spectacular one. Due to this discovery, Marvin decided to engage and be more productive in high school as a convenient way of learning how to use his powers, but most importantly to use it responsibly, remembering both his parents' valuable advice and the superhero Spider-Man's unforgettable quote of having great responsibility when one has great power, something that he has heard many times from his parents' words and the world news, respectively. Despite using his powers, Marvin never perceived himself to be a hero, but someone who simply strives to do what's right and just by saving others whenever he can even if people won't directly acknowledge it was his own altruistic doing. With a simple thought and/or putting it into words, Marvin can easily get back at a bully as if it was "karma," turn a chaotic riot into a peaceful protest, and even undo the worst of crimes from ever happening with a simple wish.

To some, the effects of his powers seemed to be an act of God that was the culturally-accepted divine intervention, and strangely enough, Marvin felt that the source his powers came from one, but more strangely enough, it truly did come from something, someone cosmic and godly, similarly like the ones his religious ancestors had been believing during the dawn of mankind and the one he and his religious people are still believing to this very present. Every time Marvin uses his powers, he began to experience visions of the very entity who unbeknownst to him had been responsible for giving him its powers since the Thor's massacre at Plaza de Roma, revealing itself to be an Elder God (claiming to be a Filipino-based deity) from an extradimenisonal realm whose real identity and story was long forgotten to Filipinos during the Spanish Inquisition in the Philippines a long, long time ago.

Learning where his abilities really came from through this episodic dreams, he discovered that the unknown Elder God died after trying to fight a universal-level threat, and with its final breath the Elder God used its own nigh-omnipotence of "wishing" to transfer all of his powers into a young and mighty fellow who is genuinely worthy of its power. And by coincidence, the god transferred all of its powers through a conduit so that was insignificant and common, not even its adversary would detect, to which it used lightning and the rest was history. Seeing all this origin in one dream, Marvin was overwhelmed with the best and worst emotions to think that such someone like him, a tiny and insignificant teenager, was granted such powers by a dying god, something that he considered in disbelieving in since Ultimate War. Because of finding out the fathomless truth, he had to live the fact that he can longer live a normal life as an freely-questioning and forever-exploring adolescent, since he no longer is normal.

Birth of The Wisher

Still, unlike most superheroes who have to maintain two lives with their egos and alter-egos, Marvin doesn't necessarily have to be like his heroic idols that is either in the western side of the world or the newly-arising heroes within his country, who first emerged post-Ultimate War. Unlike his heroic idols, he can merely be a do-gooder without having to craft a heroic persona since no one would know that he has powers to begin with, but the thing is, Marvin knew how boring and uninteresting it would be if that remains to be the case, plus his patience of not having to be acknowledged for what he was secret doing was wearing thin, day by day. In the end, Marvin concluded that his safe space of a situation was too laid back" and lacks any thrill" which apparently is expected to always happen in a "superhero's life." As a response, he wanted to join the thrill by finally crafting his superhero persona. Marvin initially believed his decision was too cheesy and comical, but in the end, his childish and slight immaturity tendency couldn't resist but go on with his plan to be a vigilante. In his defense, this opportunity to be a hero would apparently make up his unstable, mostly non-existent social life, though he was unsure about it. And speaking of social life, Marvin never wanted to use his powers to make friends and get other people to like him, strongly believing that its unethical and irresponsible, making him no better than the villainous mind-controlling hypnotists and telepaths he frequently sees on television and reads on the internet.

Unfortunate for Marvin, everything was hard since he planned to suit up and power up as a vigilante because such requirement includes owning his own costume, either a makeshift or a final one, which finding or going to a tailor was already hard to begin with. He tried to make a wish, but due to his confused and unsure emotions, nothing happened, making him question whether he could find someone who is great at designing. At that lost moment, Marvin finally found someone who could help him, thanks to him asking that said question with his mouth, thereby meeting one of his schoolmates, an artistic lady named Ophelia Magdalena, whom he was reluctant on meeting at first but time simply rendered him to become good acquaintances with her, since she helped him design his ideal suit in the form of a sketch, masquerading his true intentions as simply requesting her for an artwork based on his fanfictions, because Ophelia was a known "campus artist" within his school.

Going home with Ophelia's design on a sketch paper, he simply wandered how he may be able to bring it to life as his costume in which this enigma of his had made made accidentally discover another aspect of his vast power. Testing the extent of his powers, Marvin locked himself in his room, took out his black jacket outside his cabinet and hold it while he foolishly stares at it and slowly thinks of transforming his jacket into Ophelia's design which reveals to be a cloak. Surprisingly enough, what he expected indeed happened, thus discovering that matter manipulation is one of the applications of his power. Now that he has created his costume, Marvin suited up into his heroic persona as he went out into the crime-ridden and accident-prone parts of his city every night in order to make his appearance still noticeable despite being enveloped by the dark.

In his first time going out as a cloaked vigilante, Marvin's cosmic powers were finally being noticed by the people had saved, though he admitted to himself, he still have to work on his fighting skills before he could even get the chance to take on ensuing crimes and criminals themselves. Furthermore, one of Marvin's habits after saving bystanders from danger was frequently telling them optimistic sayings, most notably the habit of wishing them well or wishing them the best before stepping back into the shadows (as in going home), which was his way of telling people to be safer next time, kind of the way Spider-Man does to his rescuees and his catchphrase of being the friendly neighborhood. Other than his combat skills and quips, Marvin has to keep his secret identity into check, otherwise his vigilante activities would fully catch the attention of the authorities, who were in acquiescence with the global Superhuman Registration Act. Nevertheless, these sayings from him would eventually make him memorable, as days later most people in his city's neighborhood are colloquially describing him in Filipino as "Ang Nagnanais", which is then roughly translated into English as "The One Who Wishes," before being simplified as "The Wisher," making the latter his people's chosen heroic moniker.

Powers and Abilities


Chaos Magic Reality Warping: Greatly empowered by a dying ancient Elder God through a lightning briefly summoned by the Ragnarok's artificial E.D.I. hammer, the Wishing Man appeared to possess the ability to wish things into becoming reality by either having a strong and confident thought or mouthing what he wishes would come true, although his powerful cosmic abilities still has a few set of limitations, depending on such situations he has yet to experience in his young life, something that he would be going to learn how to adapt to, someday in his still growing life. Furthermore, his source of powers comes from the energy force known as Chaos Magic, something that is so powerful yet so rare in the universe, which only those with the greatest of wills and courage could handle, most notably the Avenger Scarlet Witch. Some greatest feats include having to resurrect any being that has died recently. However, like all the greatest of powers, even Marvin's heavenly cosmic has its few limitations. While, he should only activate his reality-warping ability whenever his mentality is in a mostly healthy state, otherwise if he had used in a situation whenever he's mentally or emotionally unstable, two of the worst case scenarios would end u him unintentionally destroying reality itself and create an irreversible fissure in space-time the same way the Fault was created by the Great Old Ones, which is worse.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Mental Process
  • Superhuman Healing
  • Immortality
  • Resurrection
  • Quantum Reality Manipulation
  • Probability Field Manipulation
  • Matter Manipulation
    • Antimatter Manipulation
    • Dark Matter Manipulation
    • Molecular Reconstruction
    • Transformation
    • Metamorphosis
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Gifted Intelligence
  • Talented Writer
  • Multilingual
  • Trained Combatant

Strength level

Class 12+


  • Power Limitations
  • Cosmic Repercussions
  • Mental Issues
    • Mild Depression
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Anxiety
  • Existential Crisis



  • The Wisher's Cloak
  • Equipment Manifestation
    • Fighting Staff


  • Portal Generation
  • Teleportation


  • Weapon Manifestation


  • This character is an adaption of the Wishing Man, which first appeared during the mainstream Marvel Comics in the second issue of Invincible Iron Man Vol 2, which was first released on August 2008.
  • It was only recent when Marvin discovered that the very woman he first saved from death during a hit and run accident was Ophelia Magdalena, his schoolmate, good acquaintance and love interest.
  • Considering his notable poor social skills to communicate with others, especially meeting new people, Marvin himself and some of his close peers and family thought himself to be on the autism spectrum. However, despite this, Marvin has recently improved on this particular dilemma communicating to people as The Wisher, though sometimes he would still feel overwhelmed whenever he's under distress and anxious.
  • Prior to the traumatizing Ultimate War, Marvin was born and raised as a devout Roman Catholic. Unfortunate for him, everything changed when he was traumatized during Ragnarok's attack in his city during Ultimate War, for such a life-altering event had actually given him an atheistic mindset and skeptic-like thoughts. However, after receiving his cosmic and godly powers, he now contently identifies himself as an omnist.
  • Desiderio is usually mistaken by others for a mutant or a cosmic entity, even though it was later revealed that he was once an ordinary human selectively powered by the essence of an Elder God with an unspecified name and mysterious origin, a being whose essence is mostly powered by Chaos Magic.
  1. Modern Comics: Avenger Vol 3 2


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