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Quote1Make Your Universe.Quote2
--Game Tagline

Marvel Universe: Age of Heroes also known as Marvel Universe Online and Marvel's MMO (M-MMO) is a 2022 MMO RPG Online video game based on the Marvel Comics Universe. It features a variety of characters consisting of almost all Marvel characters in one game, while also creating your own Marvel Hero or Villain.


The gameplay consists of role-playing since it intends to have to make your own path into the Marvel Universe while keeping the RPG elements such as leveling and inventories. The world of Marvel is mainly a shared, public space instead of heroes or villains owning territory. The public space features dynamically-generated content designed for both hero, villain, or neutral player characters, which may lead to interesting Player Versus Player battles called "Civil War".

Players can choose where to begin various locations such as Asgard or SHIELD's Helicarrier. For example, if the player chooses to be Shield agent character, they will begin at the Helicarrier or if they choose to be a Spider (Man), they'll also start in New York City.

Game Modes

The MMO will contain basic and new featured game modes that most MMO's usually do and don't have.

  1. Civil War - Player v. Player Mode, Fight against other players in PVP matches.
  2. Hero Mode - Player v. NPC, Play Story missions or Side Missions
  3. Free Roam - Player v. NPC, Free-roaming anywhere when not on any story missions


Hero Intro - Captain America

The world has fallen into the darkness with evil tyranny running a mock A.I.M., Ultron, Loki, Abomination, Red Skull and his Hydra, Magneto, and many others. Then there are those that want to protect the free world, The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.E.I.L.D., and so forth but sometimes even with our legendary heroes is never enough to keep the evil at bay. That's where you (Your character) comes in to help our heroes defend and protect the world from the evil that lives within Earth or outside of our universe.

Villain Intro - Loki

This world... and all of its goodies just ready to be taken. Some are at the top of the food chain, feeding on pain and prey of the underworld and underclass. They think they can take whatever they want and do whatever they with no consequences. No more... We will not take this anymore, they want bad? They will get bad right to the bone. (Your character) Show the world and this universe what you're made of! Show them how bad you can be.

Neutral Intro - Deadpool

Don't you just get tired of picking sides? Hero or Villain? Forget all of that! Be like me, Deadpool! Your number 1 Mercenary with the mouth! I tried to be a hero with the X-Men, messed that up. I tried to be the bad guy, even messed that up. So I said, Fogetta about it! I'm just gonna do what I do best! (Your character) So be like me and show off!

Character Creation

Here you will customize your hero, villain, or neutral into the universe. Once you make your character and pick your organization of characters, you will be dropped off to a starting point, depending on your character's chosen abilities.

Body Parts Playable Classes Vendor Locations
Name Shield Agent Nick Fury Helicarrier
Gender Iron Hero Tony Stark/ JARVIS / Pepper Potts Stark Tower
Species Infinity Watcher Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum
Skin Tone Hulk Bruce Banner/Hulk Avengers Compound
Body Type Spider-Mutate Peter Parker Daily Bugle
Head/Face Symbiote Eddie Brock/Venom Church
Hair Mutant Professor X/Magneto Xavier's School of the Gifted/Genosha
Facial Structure Asgardian Thor/Loki Asgard
Torso/Chest Galactus Herald Silver Surfer/Galactus Moon
Arms Guardian (Of the Galaxy) Peter Quil - Star-Lord/Ronan Knowhere
Hands Nova Corp Nova Prime/Nova Xandar
Legs Super Soldier Captain America/Winter Soldier Avengers HQ
Feet Mercenary Deadpool Bar
Markings Hunter Black Panther Wakanda
Accessories Ultimate Marvel (Within limits) Captain Ms. Marvel Air Force Base
Ability 1 Hydra Agent/Soldier Red Skull Hydra HQ
Ability 2 A.I. Vision/Ultron Abandoned Church
Super Ability 1 Assassin Black Widow Helicarrier
Super Ability 2 Archer Hawkeye Helicarrier
Inventory Fantastic Hero Mister Fantastic Baxter Building/Fantastic Four HQ


Factions will be available to players once they get their first initiation mission before being able to join a faction. If you are neutral, you are welcome to only join two factions only.

  • Iron Legion (Iron Man)
  • Shield Recruits
    • Shield (Weapons & Upgrades)
    • Nick Fury (Missions)
  • Infinity Watchers (Doctor Strange)
    • Mordo
  • Gamma Warrior (Hulk)
  • Captain America Corps (Captain America)
  • Symbiote Hive (Venom)
  • Web Warriors (Spider-Man)
  • Panther Hunters (Black Panther)
  • Guardian of the Galaxy
    • Star-Lord (Upgrades)
    • Rocket (Weapons)
    • Gamora (Armor)
    • Groot (Abilities)
    • Drax (Missions)
  • X-Force (Professor X)
    • Brother (Brotherhood of Mutants) (Magneto)
  • Deadpool Corps (Deadpool)
  • Hydra Agency (Red Skull)
  • Ultimate Marvel (Ms. Marvel)
  • Nova Corp
    • Nova Prime (Missions)
    • Nova (Upgrades)
  • Asgardia Warrior
    • Thor (Missions/Weapons)
    • Loki (Missions/Weapons/Upgrades)
  • The Widows (Black Widow)
  • Ultron's Legion
  • Hawk Archers (Hawkeye)
  • Galactus Follower (Silver Surfer)
  • Fantastic Heroes (Mister Fantastic)


Expansions and DLCs with various new outfits, weapons and emotes

  • Guardian Expansion DLC
    • New Outfits
    • New Weapons
    • Space Expansion
    • New Emotes
  • Wakanda Forever DLC
    • New Outfits
  • Age of Ultron DLC
    • Weapons
    • Outfits
  • Webs of Shadow Expansion (Symbiote/Spider-Man)
    • Symbiote Skins
    • Symbiote Infection Map
  • Fantastic DLC (F4)
    • New Outfits
  • Infinite Realm Expansion (Doctor Strange)
  • Infinite War Expansion DLC
    • New Outfits
    • War Expansion
  • Endgame DLC


  • Marvel's: AOE is inspired by DC's Universe Online.
  • This is a fanmade idea of what it would be like if Marvel had an MMO RPG.
  • Civil War Game Mode is inspired by the Blizzards "Overwatch" model of PVP.
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