MARVEL REQUEST ALLIANCE is a Marvel Ultimate Alliance spin-off featuring characters requested by people in the comments. It will have only 30 playable characters all chosen from requests in the comments.


  • 2 requests per person
  • Once there are 30 characters on the roster I will not accept any more requests


You control a team of three characters in different 3D environments. Each character has four attacks: a projectile attack, a melee attack, a boost attack, and a special finisher attack that they can only do when their energy bar is full. They fill the energy bar by defeating enemies.



Name: Series: Attacks:

Jean Grey (requested by Actingoutlove)

Marvel Projectile - Psychic Blast

Jean sends out an invisible blast that sends anyone it hits flying back

Melee - Psychic Slam

Jean reaches out in front of her and if she grabs onto an enemy she flies up into the air and slams them to the ground

Boost - Phoenix Force

Fire appears around Jean, damaging enemies and healing any damage done to her at the same time

Finisher - Dark Phoenix

Jean slowly floats up into the air and unleashes a giant burst of fire

Magik mra

Magik (requested by Actingoutlove)

Marvel Projectile - Magic Burst

Magik fires a beam of magic energy out in front of her

Melee - Soulsword

Magik thrusts her Soulsword forward

Boost - Teleport

Magik briefly disappears for a few seconds and when she reappears all damage done to her is healed

Finisher - Magic Armor

Magik summons her mystic armor making her invincible to any attacks for a few seconds before the armor disappears

Frost yo

Emma Frost (requested by Shadow757)

Pyro yo

Pyro (requested by Shadow757)

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