This universe is based on the classic Marvel. It acts as a reboot to the continuity, similar to DC Rebirth. Some parts are influenced by Marvel movies.


The first superhero was Captain America. Steve Rogers became Captain America in 1942. Azzuri also fought in WWII as Black Panther, trying to protect Wakanda from Nazis and provided Rogers with vibranium for his shield.

Rogers was frozen while fighting the Red Skull in 1945.


In 1961, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm gained superpowers from traveling to another dimension. This marked the beginning of the Age of Heroes. They were followed a year later by Ant Man who was joined by Wasp a year after that.

In 1969, the Silver Surfer arrived on Earth.


In 1987, Janet van Dyne disappeared into the subatomic quantum realm. Hank Pym also retired.

Present Day

Captain America was awakened. Scott Lang and Janet van Dyne Jr took up the Ant Man and Wasp identities. Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Peter Parker became Spiderman.



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