Knight Europa: Brace yourselves... Thanos is coming... 



The Medieval Marvel Universe Brace yourselves...
Created by: DuttPanda Property:A Song Of Fire And Ice, A Winter With The Dragons, A Storming Of Pain, An Earthly Odyssey.


The Marvel Medieval Universe is the official universe of the Game of Thrones inspired fanon comics series, the Ice And Fire Novels, that consists of mystical creatures, hazardous characters, thrones, adventures and drama! Follow the ambition-filled detours of Iron Knight, Knight Europa, Sir Banner and other men`s houses that clash against each other for tyranny and power!


Iron Knight was the frontier leader of the Stark House. Although a king, his mind worked as a dictator. He was one of the most intellectual and one of the most innovative minds of Earth. Ever since Doctor Strange, from the Illuminati House had cursed him to be one with his unbreakable Adamantium war armor, he took advantage of his new abilities, like developing mystical powers with it, and using it for physical advantages. The 616 counterpart of Iron Knight (Stark Cartwright II) and his empire is Tony Stark and his followers and Stark Industries. Stark also represents the barrier of technology.

Knight Europa was the symbolism of the frontier/organization, Eragorn, a very large community that thrives to bring solace and justice to the world, it`s 616 counterpart is S.H.I.E.L.D itself. Knight Europa`s 616 counterpart is Captain America. In this reality, Europa`s name is Sir Roger De Mowbray. He is often seen courageous, brave, patriotic and somewhat considers his motherland as his life. He will do anything to defend America, his home nation. Knight Europa also depicts the barrier of acrobatics.

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