The Marvel Games Universe (MGU) is a shared universe of video game titles based on the heroes of Marvel Comics. It is unrelated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has it's own original storyline. The games in this project all exist in the same shared universe, such as heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc.

This was inspired by the recent influx of Marvel video games, such as PlayStation 4's masterpiece Spider-Man and the recent Avengers game, which I'm hoping, isn't all bad. Let's call this Earth-690 as a placeholder, since it's required in this wiki.

Video Game Titles

  1. Marvel's Spider-Man: The Spider-Man games are the titular/flagship game title of this gaming universe. The Spider-Man games are released every two years. The sequels are also alternatively promoted as the new seasons of the first base game itself. Along with the Spider-Man games that mainly feature Peter Parker, expandalone/separate games of itself have been released for Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) and Venom (Eddie Brock) that are also treated as their standalone games, as well as expansions to the Spider-Man title itself. This is an open-world, single-player game. Every sequel/season (players that have the base game can stack the sequels on the base game itself) updates New York with new stuff, like new landmarks, missions and dozens and dozens of features. The game starts off with the origin of Peter Parker down to his adulthood.
  2. Marvel's Iron Man: Two Iron Man games have also been released under the Marvel Games Universe, with the sequel being promoted as Season Two of the Iron Man title. The first game follows Tony Stark's origin as Iron Man, where players will continue upgrading the Iron Man suit from the very beginning, while keeping terrorists and corporate rogues in check. The second game follows Iron Man trying to dismantle an evil organization trying to replicate the Iron Man technology globally. While the first game is open world, set in New York, players will have to travel to off-world places for many missions. The second game mostly follows a linear storyline, where Iron Man has to travel globally, with no open-world prospects, although at the end of the game, the player can return to exploring an updated version of New York again.
  3. Marvel's Captain America: Two Captain America games, the second one also alternatively promoted as Season Two of the original, has been released. The first game is set in the 40's, during Steve Roger's WWII days before he went into cryosis. The second game is set in the modern day where Steve Rogers faces off against the hordes of HYDRA. The first game is not an open-world game but a linear storyline, while the second game is an open-world feature set in Washington DC.
  4. Marvel's Thor: A Thor game has also been released, similar to the model of the Destiny games. The game's base open world location is Asgard. Players can also visit other worlds such as certain locations of Earth, Niffleheilm and dozens of other realms to do missions. Thor is a story-based game and players can go on adventures in other realms with the Warriors Three and upgrade their armor, equipment and gain many items.
  5. Marvel's Wolverine: A story-based Wolverine game is also released based on his days a while after the Weapon-X program. This game is heavily inspired by the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, which we can all conclusively determine is better than the movie itself in every way possible :) However, the Wolverine game is not open-world.
  6. Marvel's Avengers: The Avengers game introduces the teaming up of multiple pre-established superheroes into the fold. Heroes like Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye that weren't in previous games before are given their own segments of the game called Origin Missions. These are entire sub-sections of games that follow bits of their origin story, through which players can unlock essential skills, items and features for those characters. For example, as the Hulk, the player can go onto the Origin Mission, see a narration of Banner's history, go into a cutscene of his first post-transformation sequence, being chased down by the military, where players can then go smash some military dudes, tanks, whatnot, from which they can also learn a lot of things about Hulk's playset and give him upgrades, then to more cutscenes and narration about his later actions, then players can jump into his first fight with Abomination, from which more features can be unlocked, and so and forth.I thought I would give Hulk his own game at first, but this seemed to be the way to go. After all, there aren't any open-world prospects with a Hulk game on it's own. This game sees Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow coming together to dismantle an Avengers-level threat.. before the term existed. Yep. More details TBA.
  7. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: This is also an open-world game, also somewhat similar to the model of the Destiny games and the Thor game of this universe. The story mode starts off with only Peter Quill, with him finding his way through the other future Guardians. The player can then, shift alternatively between the characters like the system of the Ultimate Alliance games or the Ps2 Fantastic Four game. They can travel to many planets to loot valuables or stop invasions/takeovers and whatnot. This is the first in the games line that can be played online. Players can choose to be any of the Guardians and go on missions with online players as different Guardians to different worlds to do missions and gain loot or items. Once again, just like the Destiny games. Post-launch missions and characters, like Mantis, Nebula and Moondragon can be unlocked.
  8. Marvel's Fantastic Four: This is also an open-world game similar to the model of Ultimate Alliance and the Ps2 Fantastic Four game in the sense that players can swap between the Fantastic Four characters midst combat at will, while exploring an assortment of different realms. More details to be worked out.
  9. Marvel's Doctor Strange: This game allows players to follow Stephen Strange on his journey as the Sorcerer Supreme, while being able to master the arts of sorcery and magic, fighting interdimensional foes, travelling to WEEEEIRD dimensions and more. It is a single-player, story-based game that allows players to free-roam in the different worlds introduced throughout the story post-story.
  10. Marvel's X-Men: Details TBA. Thinking of keeping a limited roster.


Spider-Man Series


The game lets players delve into the life of Peter Parker, Midtown High's wallflower who receives superpowers thanks to a genetically modified radioactive arachnid. Players will have to learn how to Spider-Man around things just like Peter and this game is deeply rooted in a story-based experience. This game covers the entire first year of Peter's high-school as a 15 year old and has a timeline. In this game, Peter is orphaned, like in the comics. However, there is one other change to the story. In this universe, Peter's parents and younger sister, Teresa Parker, 'died' in a car accident while in a research trip to another city.

Every Spidey game has a lot of constants. Each game involves the Kingpin and the crime-families at certain capacities, where Spidey tries to bust them down, each time, with varying levels of failure and success, an ongoing storyline throughout the games. Norman Osborn and Peter's tension grows in each game and the future Green Goblin's evil side is revealed more and more every game. Mary Jane is introduced in the final half of the first game, and the tension between Peter, MJ, Gwen and the Black Cat grow every game. Spidey will also bump into two or more heroes in every game.

The main antagonist is the Vulture, an unethically disgruntled Oscorp employee who decides to go in the black market weapons dealing business, with other villains making appearances such as the Shocker, Beetle, Tinkerer, the Enforcers, Prowler, Boomerang, Tombstone, Silvermane, Hammerhead, Kingpin (just a short fight), Kangaroo, Molten Man, the Burglar (Uncle Ben's killer), Macho Man Randy Savage (yep! The wrestling match), Flash Thompson, Kennie Kong (yep, they're going to be cafeteria bullies in the game for awhile before you finally put a stop to their beatdowns by shaming them in a side mission where Peter annihilates them in basketball until he intentionally loses the match at the end to downplay his newfound strength), Blackie Drago (a low level mob who you face that will constantly get away) with additional appearances from Luke Cage (each Spidey season, he ends up facing off against a different Defender somehow xD and Peter ends up in Harlem facing off against Cage while he's just discovered his powers and afraid, with Luke misunderstanding his intentions initially) and a side-mission where Spidey and the Human Torch meet each other for the first time and the Torch becomes competitive with Spidey and decides to challenge him on a race across town (yes, the Ultimate Spider-Man stint! This side mission will be very difficult and can be playable any time and is available in every sequel as well, with more features and updates)

More details coming soon, including pizza delivery missions and much much more.

Spider-Man (Season 2)

The game follows the entirety of Peter Parker's second year in high school, where things begin to get complicated for him on every aspect of his life. At the end of the game, Gwen is fatally injured and Captain Stacy is killed. Peter tranfuses his irradiated blood onto Gwen, who receives spider-powers.

The main antagonist is the Lizard, a mentally challenged Oscorp subdivision scientist whose obsessions, compulsions and downturns lead him to create a cross-species outburst in the city, with other villains making appearances such as Hammerhead, Kingpin, Tombstone, Rhino, Scorpion, Sandman, Vermin, Jackal, Black Cat, with additional appearances from Iron Fist (with whom Peter has to go on a side-quest of busting down some corporate Roxxon executives who have planned to assassinate some people who know about some internal shady stuff by hiring the psychotic White Rabbit to do a hit job) as well as a chasedown from SHIELD and Nick Fury who are revealed to have been keeping tabs under him (post story mission), a face-off against Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops and the rogue mutants Blob & Pyro. Iron Man also appears in the game during the cross-species breakout in the city, where he tries to contain the outbursts.

More details coming soon.

Spider-Man (Season 3)

The game follows Peter's final year at high school until his graduation. He goes on a trip with his class before his graduation. This is the only Spidey game that doesn't have an open-world scope to it throughout the entirety of it's run until the end. Peter goes on a class trip to Los Angeles as a part of his school field trip (a place he convinced the school authorities of going to tactfully since that city also happens to be where the Kingpin is happening to be embezzling his funds offshore and where a major crime family showdown is about to take place

The main antagonist is Mysterio (a master illusionist backed up by an advanced tech crew using alien tech to create advanced illusions who is trying to steal from the Kingpin and Maggia crime families) with other antagonists appearing like Electro, Kingpin, Shocker (who has broken free, Rhino (who had been previously freed by corrupted police under Fisk under the ruse of an escape), Hammerhead, Chameleon, Black Cat, Hydro Man, Spider-Slayer, Spider-Slayer MKII (to emphasize, Kingpin and Norman Osborn are the two that are responsible for the experiments behind Scorpion, Rhino, Sandman, Molten Man, Electro using cross-genetics, exoskeleton fusion or experimenting with Terrigenesis crystals to artificially impose elemental powers onto humans) as well as funding the creation of the Spider-Slayer suits to get rid of Spidey who was proving to be unprofitable for his criminal enterprises.

The Spider-Slayer was created by Spencer Smythe and Alistair Smythe. Spencer accidentally dies while trying to assassinate Spider-Man, as per hired by Fisk for, and Alistair decides to avenge his father by taking up the mantle of the Spider-Slayer as it's second incarnation but obviously the noob fails lol.

Appearances from Nick Fury throughout the game are evident, Shang-Chi (a pseudo Defender) can be tagged along on a side mission. The Maggia, Kingpin's Crime family and the Triad crime families were to all meet in Los Angeles for their big territorial showdown. Shang-Chi was there to track down the Triads who had ties with his father, the evil Mandarin, suspected of having deadly weapons.

Him and Peter have to take down masked terrorists who happen to possess destructive negative energy with corrupting abilities (the first allusion to Mr. Negative and the Inner Demons). Another antagonist, not a villain, Peter has to face off, a pivotal one, is Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy, herself. Gwen is angsty after the death of her father as well as the gaining of her superpowers at the end of Season 2 and tries to get involved in the gang warfare herself, before she and Peter eventually team up to take down Mysterio and cease the potential gang warfare in Los Angeles.


This expandalone/spin-off follows Gwen Stacy as the Spider-Woman. It is relatively smaller in scope and is set on a different open-world setting. Fresh off of resolving her issues with Peter and teaming up with him to stop the Los Angeles gangland feud, Gwen travels to London, England to help her widowed mother and her brothers set their new household there, since Gwen plans in studying at Oxford for her university a year later (she intends to take a year off just to get the hang of Spider-Woman-ing).

The entire game is set in London and is set two months after Spider-Man Season 3. Gwen finds herself in odds with a multitude of weird antagonists there. The main antagonist is the troubled and superpowered Shriek, a substance-abuse inflicted mutant who has been pushed to the brink of insanity. There, she also faces off against assassins sent by HYDRA interested in harnessing Shriek's powers, such as the Black Tarantula, Crossbones as well as British mob boss; The Rose (the Kingpin's nephew who has been assigned to investigate the appearance of a Spider-Woman), Spot, an Inhuman with Darkforce altering/manipulating abilities under HYDRA, the Chameleon (sent by Kingpin to aid the Rose), accompanied by Taskmaster. Gwen also comes into odds with the Black Knight, Pete Wisdom (head of MI13, which helps her in taking down secret HYDRA and mob factions), Psylocke, Elsa Bloodstone (monster hunter), Swarm (a monster Bloodstone also seeks to eliminate; a living corpse taken over by a swarm of super-intelligent mutated bees) and the Man-Thing (another underground monster Bloodstone happens to be after).

Spider-Man (Season 4)

This game follows Peter in his second year of university. This season is basically this universe's equivalent of Ps4's Marvel's Spider-Man. This is the first game that skips an entire year of academic activity. This combines elements of both the Ps4 game as well as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. Peter is mentored by Doc Ock in this, while Norman who has become the mayor and is the asshole behind almost every villain's origin story, apparently. Gwen isn't present in the game, as she is currently in England. The Avengers are also occupied in the West Coast. Miles Morales is introduced in this game. Harry Osborn is in drug rehabilitation in this game instead of being under experimental treatment, since in this universe, Osborn is trying to save his wife, under stasis, from death under experimental treatment using cross-species treatment, a secret that isn't revealed until way later. Peter has been Doc Ock's lab intern for a year, starting from his first year at university.

The main antagonist is Doctor Octopus, the secondary villain is Mr. Negative, and other villains such as Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Shocker reappear after they are broken out of their imprisonment at the Raft. New antagonists like Taskmaster, Tombstone, Screwball, Puma, Black Cat also appear in the game. Daredevil also teams up with Spidey to take down Kingpin in the opening stage of the game. Kingpin is finally busted in the first mission of this game, which creates a power vacuum in the city for criminals, leading the stage for Martin Li's Inner Demons to take over. Spidey also has to face off against private militia, the Sables, led by Silver Sable, while the city is eventually submerged in a viral state caused by Oscorp bioweapon Devil's Weapon that could lead to a global pandemic. Doc Ock becomes unhinged by the end as his neurodegenerative disease paired with his AI tentacle arms starts to amplify his derangement. The Defenders will appear during the prison breakout of criminals, trying to keep the city under control. The Avengers are unable to enter the warzone due to quarantine restrictions.

At the end, Aunt May tragically dies, a victim of the Devil's Breath virus. Vulture also sacrifices himself to help Peter survive from a deadly Electro in gratitude for helping his son Mark Toomes/Molten Man for safely relocating to a safe place, free of a life of crime. Doctor Octopus is defeated by Peter and is he is about to bomb Oscorp tower into oblivion, Peter reawakens his humanity, and a humanized, self-distraught Otto decides that he will not die a monster and shoves Peter away from the building and starts to destroy the bombs in the building, as the police shoot him down, until one of the bombs go off anyway, thus killing him. In a DLC for this game, Peter faces off and tries to end the Maggia Crime Family War once and for all, with Hammerhead's rise to power, as well as Black Cat's return, and Silver Sable's intervention, along with Yuri Watanabe's turn to the dark side as Wraith.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

This expandalone takes place a year after the Devil's Breath Incident. Peter is in his third year at the university and has critically injured himself at the middle of the game courtesy to the big boss, Regent, rendering him unable to continue his activities as Spider-Man for awhile. Gwen is abroad. Mary Jane has started her career as an interning investigative journalist while in university. Mile's playset differs a lot from Peter's. with what, his newer set of powers, after all.

Miles will have to face off against the recent rise of street gangs who have gotten access to advanced weaponry and tech from a secret black market network. He also has to face off against Augustus Roman/Regent, the billionaire CEO/owner of global information and technology conglomerate Empire, who has created a suit capable of power mimicry in an effort to steal all the powers of the superheroes in the world, who he sees with contempt, since he blames the recklessness of heroes as a fatal flaw as his family died in the collateral damage between the Avengers and an enemy. In the final battle against Regent, since most heroes are immobilized by Regent, Miles, Peter and Gwen, who has returned from the UK, all reunite to help lend Miles a hand against the deadly power mimicking antagonist.

He also has to stop the mysterious and deadly Prowler, who turns out to be Aaron Davis, who has donned a new armor (later a copy of the Iron Spider suit as well), while going against tech-savvy villains like Speed Demon (who uses nitro-boosted shoes that accelerate his speed), Spider-Slayer MKIII (Alistair Smythe back with a new suit ayee -_-'), a resurfaced Screwball, Taskmaster back again to assassinate Spidey (initially unaware there was a new Spidey on the horizon), Electro (who had escaped the events of the last game), Boomerang, Sandman (also returning, initially as a villain, later helping Miles defeat some other villains and warming up to him), Typhoid Mary, Bullseye, Wraith (unaware it is Yuri Watanabe), he also pairs up with Jessica Jones to do a crackdown on a local warehouse filled with criminals including a returning Blackie Drago in a side-mission. Players will also be able to relive Peter Parker's high-school like side missions as Miles himself is a high school student.

In the first half of the game, before Peter gets paralyzed, players can go on webslinging races along with him or undertake Mentor Challengers with him. The game also has side characters like Ganke and Cindy Moon, Miles' best friends. Ganke learns of Miles' identity, however, Cindy, suspects Miles to be Spider-Man. In future games, Cindy will try to find proof on whether Miles is Spidey or not. In the game, there is a side mission solely focused in debunking Cindy's obsession with figuring out who the Spider-Man is, as well as in the next Spidey games too, and most importantly in Season 7.

Spider-Man (Season 5)

This takes place in Peter's last year of university. This follows Norman Osborn's transition into the Green Goblin. Gwen returns to the US after her spider-powers start to dissipate and instead she starts to become sick with radiation accumulation, thus going under the treatment of Mr. Fantastic. Harry returns from rehab. Oscorp is on the brink of bankruptcy. Norman Osborn's wife finally dies after decades of attempts on preserving her. He becomes completely unhinged after he has nothing to lose. In this game, the player can alternate between three characters, Peter, Miles and Gwen. However, the more Gwen uses her superpowers, the more her sickness worsens. Although Peter and Gwen had practically given up on their increasingly toxic romantic relationship, filled with sweet moments and then awaited by escalating tensions an woes, after the death of Gwen's father, they still deeply loved each other, even though not as lovers, but as lifelong friends. Ever since then, Peter had been suffering from an inferiority complex, allowing himself to be played by the likes of Black Cat, while avoiding MJ, believing she deserved far better. Peter graduates from university in the first half of the game.

The main antagonist, obviously, is Norman Osborn himself, aka the Green Goblin, other villains include Goblin Jr/Harry Osborn being forcefully transformed into a monstrous version of the Goblin, Hobgoblin/Roderick Kingsley brainwashed/drugged into patrolling as a fake Green Goblin, Man-Wolf/John Jameson; J. Jonah Jameson's son who is turned into a werewolf after his moon-landing where he is affected by the rays of the Moonstone, successfully helping John turn back into normal will help J. Jonah Jameson improve his opinion of Spidey. Other villains like Silvermane, Spider-Slayer also return in the game one last time, and both end up dead.

Hammerhead and Tombstone also make appearances in the game, and both are killed by Osborn. Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and portal-making mutant Blink also makes an appearance in the beginning of the game in a side-quest with Peter and Miles, where he and Pool thwart the Juggernaut from causing ruins to New York and trying to portal trap him into a mutant island prison. Additional antagonists like Mysterio and Lizard also reappear, employed by Osborn to make Peter's life miserable (although Curt is forced to do so in his part and ends up helping Peter ultimately). At the end, Gwen is killed by Norman, who apparently also perishes.

Spider-Man (Season 6)

This takes place a year after Gwen's death. Peter has gone rogue and become a dark punisher, a brutal enforcer of justice. Mile and MJ try to rescue his moral conscience but Peter has kept his distance from them and gone off the deep end. Peter had bonded with the symbiote, an extraterrestrial parasitical lifeform that feeds on the negative emotions of people that he finds in the opening set-piece of the game, where a mysterious parasite is reported to have an outbreak in a government facility, and this symbiote hence amplifies one's powers, which caused his ascension into the dark side paired with his crippling guilt and vengefulness. Kraven the Hunter has come to New York to hunt Spidey, while pretending to teach him his brutal methods of crime-fighting, whereas he was poaching him to be a worthy contender for him just for a good fight. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock also falls onto the dark side and ends up becoming the Venom.

There are two main antagonists. The first main antagonist is Kraven the Hunter, the final main antagonist is Eddie Brock/Venom. Other villains that appear are Calypso, Kraven's fiance, who also happens to be an ancient and powerful witch, Scorpion (who Venom possesses for awhile and later kills), Sandman, Sin-Eater; a deranged but extremely dangerous terrorist with a split personality disorder and Wraith. The vampire Morbius appears for the first time and there is a large plot of Peter, being a brutal enforcer of justice, coming into blows with a misunderstood Morbius before helping him with his problems, as well as having to fight against vampire hunter Blade and later Morbius' nemesis Hunger. The symbiote induced Peter also has a heated showdown with a shocked Wolverine, surprised of what Peter has become. Peter also comes into blows with the Punisher in this game, while both have become brutal crime-fighters, Punisher disapproves of Spider-Man's turn to violence not befitting of him. Players, as Peter can also fight against Daredevil, who is angry at what Peter has become. Miles, for the majority of this game, tries to help Peter. Black Cat also makes her final appearance in this game, bidding goodbye to Peter tearfully after seeing his transition into something he was afraid of becoming once and deciding the toll of a life of crime has finally caused her to snap, thus deciding to live out a normal life, from now on.

Wraith kills the Sin-Eater and then commits suicide out of guilt, causing Peter to fall even more into his mortal frustrations. Peter, later is able to disassociate the symbiote from himself, thanks to the help of Miles and MJ, and Brock, due to his grudge against Peter (I'll explain everything later, dw) is possessed by the symbiote and becomes the bloodthirsty Venom. Kraven finally hunts Spidey down, buries him, takes his costume, deciding to be the Spider-Man worthy of his iconic title, but Peter rises from his grave to beat the bejesus out of Kraven and reclaim his identity. Venom persuades Sandman into fighting Spidey to the death out of reluctance, since Venom kidnapped his daughter. Ultimately, Peter supposedly kills Venom, but both Brock and the venom paired to it; escape. Sandman flies away to a new city. Peter and MJ get together at the end of the game.


This is another expandalone/spin-off following Season 6. This takes place in a different open-world city, in San Francisco, where Eddie Brock has relocated to following his stand-off with Spider-Man. The symbiote stays paired to him. Eddie used to live in San Francisco but later relocated to New York to pursue a career in investigative journalism after his divorce. Here, he tries to live under the radar and get back with his ex-wife Anne Weying who is now with another man. Meanwhile, the Life Foundation, an advanced alien tech experimenting cult organization, responsible for preserving the crashlanded symbiote in the first place, has set up camp in the city to hunt down Eddie Brock and retrieve the symbiote Kylntar that he is bonded with.

The main antagonist in this game is Riot. Carlton Drake, the Life Foundation tycoon bonds himself with a maniacal, power-hungry symbiote who corrupts Drake with power, while wanting to fuse with Eddie's Kylntar and become even more powerful while redirecting his symbiote mates from outer space to the planet to take over the planet. Other antagonists include the Thunderbolts, the government's Suicide Squad, who try to track down and hunt Brock too, who include Red Hulk, Deadpool, Domino, Abomination, Yelena Bolova/Black Widow, Elektra. Towards the later half of the game, the symbiote is extracted from Eddie and used by the military on vet Flash Thompson who has lost his legs to create a symbiotic response/counter-measure to Lasher who has freed all the Lasher and Venom symbiote clone infested human test subjects from the Life Foundation laboratory. Flash Thompson becomes Anti-Venom. After Brock's detachment with the symbiote, players have to play as Flash Thompson for awhile, clearing the city of symbiote-infested people.

Later, the original Kylntar symbiote repairs with Eddie, while cloning an asexual copy of itself, for Flash, who becomes wounded in battle once again, and Venom is reborn. She-Venom also has an appearance in the game, and players can play as She-Venom for one scene where Ann Weying is temporarily possessed by the symbiote in a bid to save Eddie Brock from the military. Later, Brock has to destroy all the remaining symbiotes, burn down the entirety of the Life Foundation base, riddled with monstrous symbiotic parasites and offshoots, and finally defeat Lasher. At the end of the game, Eddie and Ann are now on amicable terms, and Eddie and Venom try to get along together, all the symbiote clones are disintegrated, Lasher and Drake is killed, the Life Foundation is shut down, and Flash Thompson adopts the moniker of Agent Venom, becoming a super soldier for the government, using Venom's now, more superior and amplified spawn, as a source of power. In the post credits scene, it is revealed that Lasher was successful in sending a signal to his symbiote race stranded in outer space who are now heading to Earth. In the final post credits scene, the most dangerous and psychotic criminal in the world, Cletus Kassady, imprisoned in Ravencroft, is visited by Brock who has resumed his career as a journalist.

Spider-Man (Season 7)

This game is not an open-world game and follows a linear storyline. Peter and MJ are now finally an official couple. Peter wants to break the big question to MJ. Two and a half years years have passed since the Kraven/Venom incident. Peter and Miles operate as Spider-Men together. Their lives are suddenly thrown off-balance when a gold-and-black suit wearing Spider-Man with similar abilities is sighted by SHIELD assassinating important figures. Realizing that someone else has spider-powers, Peter and Miles team up with SHIELD. Through SHIELD, Peter is reunited with his biological sister, Teresa Parker, younger than him by 2 years, whose actual name was Teresa Parker. Peter's parents were ordinary subdivision scientists in Oscorp. Peter had always believed that his parents and sister died in a car crash when he was very young.

While visiting his parent's workplace, Peter had first met Harry, thus starting their childhood friendship. Richard and Mary Parker had unfortunately inadvertently discovered and stumbled across Norman Osborn's ties with the criminal underworld and his off-the-record unethical experiments. Even more unfortunate, their conversation discussing about Osborn's criminal connections was overheard by Teresa, who happens to have an eidetic memory. Osborn soon discovers that Richard, Mary and their daughter has got hold of sensitive information regarding his external operations.

Osborn thus decided to hire the Chameleon to assassinate them to remove any incriminating evidence of him, thus, a pregnant Mary and Richard Parker had to relocate to another city while leaving behind Peter to keep him safe since he had no involvement in this matter. Richard and Mary soon realized that they were being followed by someone. They succesfully managed to trick the Chameleon into following someone else, just in time as a diversion, so that they could drop off their daughter to an orphanage to keep her safe. They hit the road again, however they were caught up to again. While travelling to a far-off-place, Richard and Mary Parker were later ambushed by the Chameleon, who Norman Osborn personally tagged along with, and killed the couple, ensuring that his dark secrets wouldn't be revealed to the world before it was too late.

However, Richard and Mary had kept copies of Osborn's invoices and were about to send them to Nick Fury, who had been personally investigating some reportedly shady stuff about Oscorp even before Richard and Mary accidentally found proof about Osborn's corruption. Fury had visited Conners, Osborn's cross-species projects specialist, and interrogated him about Osborn in his house while the Parkers were present, and Conners denied/lied about all of Osborn's allegations in fear of his life and he himself being held accountable in some other fronts for unethical past experiments. Fury had told the Parkers then if any proof was found, then they should send it to him as soon as possible.

Mary and Richard were about to electronically send encrypted attachments to Fury's secret SHIELD server regarding their daughter and asking him to keep her safe and Osborn's criminalizing evidence, however, midway through the file sending, they were intercepted and assassinated as they were being tracked the entire time and finally been caught up to, right in time. Fortunately, Fury received a signal that someone contacted him, deciphered the location, only to unearth the bodies of Richard and Mary Parker, apparently dead in a car crash. Richard and Mary are declared dead by authorities due to an accident.  However, Fury tracks down their daughter in a nearby orphanage and decides to adopt her and take her under his wing. Teresa is scarred and becomes a silent, brooding little girl instead of her bumbly, cheery, perky self and is raised by Fury as an agent of SHIELD. Fury wipes out Teresa's memories as a child and she loses all of her memories till she was 6, which bothered her whole entire life as a SHIELD agent, feeling that there was an itch in her brain all the time. She is given a new identity, Jessica Drew, named after Fury's old SHIELD partner who died in the field.

Teresa eventually learns the truth from Fury and all her memories keep bursting back, which angers and emotionally moves Teresa. She reunites with Peter, Miles and SHIELD teams up with them to track down this 'Ghost Spider' so as he/she is called, a gold and black Spidey suit wearing assassin with similar spider-powers (look is based on the Assassin Spider-Man from the comics, with a change in color scheme) Fury fears that since there is now someone else with spider-powers, a terrorist organization might keep replicating Peter's spider-powers to create a private militia and cause even more acts of terrorism. At the beginning of the game, players can play as Peter and Miles. As the SHIELD crackdown begins, players can also play as Teresa during high-stake set pieces where the Spideys are fighting baddies, during which Teresa/Jessica only can use weaponry to fight off smaller baddies and get herself out of the mess or help the heroes, aided by a non playable AI controlled Nick Fury.

They start investigating appearances of the Ghost Spider and come into blows with the Black Tarantula, a mysterious assassin, who comes from a family of mystical assassins, Taskmaster and his hypnotized Black Widow Program subordinates (Taskmaster is finally arrested for good in this game), soon they realize HYDRA is involved and they go on to face Sin: the granddaughter of the Red Skull equipped with super-strength and deaccelerated aging), Absorbing Man (hired by HYDRA), and eventually, a disgruntled, desperate Madame Hydra/Viper/Ophelia Sarkissian herself who aimed to reinvigorate HYDRA, who escapes. She is a long-time nemesis of Teresa, who has been trying to bust her for years. Meanwhile, one of Miles' best friends from high school, Cindy Moon, a Korean-American has been suspicious that Miles is Spider-Man for 2 years, being a Spidey fangirl herself, she has been relentlessly trying to find proof of Miles being Spidey, sometimes ignorantly reaching stalker-ish levels.

Peter, Miles, Teresa and Fury later meet the deadly Carrione in the UN building in the night; an almost demonic-looking, abominable human being with superhuman strength. They learn upon a long long in-game chase and cat-and-mouse catch up and an eventual, hard and gritty battle with Carrione, that he is in fact a genetically engineered human being modelled out of the Jackal, Green Goblin and the Lizard. The Ghost Spider appears and kills Carrione before he can say anything else. The heroes are outclassed by the Ghost Spider's superior fighting skills. They are able to unmask him before he escapes, and Fury is able to ID him as Kaine Reiley, a missing Mexican-American individual, who had been gone missing for a long time. The heroes reckon that HYDRA is in cahoots with an organization that has resources and the technology to genetically manufacture human beings.

They later track more leads and come across Spot (that Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman had once faced in London), Swarm (also who the deceased Gwen had faced in London), who were also under HYDRA. They learn that HYDRA has also funded the secret corporation, Power Broker Inc., that gives any person superpowers for a price, and 70% of the earnings gotten illegally with their newfound powers would be given to the corporation. They track down the Power Broke Incorporated base with the help of Felicia Hardy, who has settled down although somewhat unhappy with her stagnant lifestyle, revealing that she got powers of tychokinesis and enhanced speed and strength unwillingly from the Power Broker Inc., who she holds a grudge against In the base, Peter, Miles and Felicia (who has decided to try being the Cat one more time again just for old time's sake) fight Power Broker subjects, Armadillo (a guy fused with an animalistic body armor similar to that of Rhino or Scorpion), the Grapplers (consisting of the four superpowered women Letha, Screaming Mimi, Titania and Poundcakes) and Francine Frye aka a female Electro, imbued with the same powers as Electro himself. Felicia sacrifices herself to kill the increasingly unstable and horrifyingly powerful Francine/Electro, and the base is destroyed. A distraught Peter decides to take into mind Felicia's own words and to celebrate her life instead of being all distraught again, no matter how much pain he holds in his heart.

Meanwhile, Cindy Moon finally discovers proof that Miles and Peter are Spidey. She visits Mary Jane, now a senior reporter/editor in the revamped Daily Bugle Network, to tell her she wants to help Spidey and be of help to them and MJ although initially hesitant, decides to take her in, seeing her heart. Miles and Peter is shocked to see her with MJ and eventually begrudingly accepts it. They give MJ some leads on the secret organization that might be in cahoots with HYDRA responsible for genetically engineered human beings.

They dig into it by going to different sites and whatnot to investigate some leads. In these leads, players can play as Mary Jane Watson, for whom, Peter Parker and Mr. Fantastic has reverse-engineered the Regent Power Mimicry Suit (the antagonist from Spider-Man: Miles Morales) that only gives her access to Peter's spidey powers at will but Peter demanded that she only use these for emergencies and not try and be a hero and risk her life. In this investigative mission, MJ and Cindy will end up being chased by HYDRA enforcer, Madam Masque, who they are able to defeat and knock down. Players can play as MJ's Spider-Woman in this mission, although she has no upgrades or additional features of any kind, except for a given set of limited skills (the explanation being Peter locked a lot of the Instant-Kill features only for life threatening contingencies) MJ's Spider-Woman design is that of Spinerret from the Renew Your Vows comic book series.

Peter and the gang meanwhile are suddenly struck facing off with weird Spider-Man clones, including that of a six-armed Spider-Man with no proper facial construction and a cheap costume party Spidey suit, with his six arms sprouting out, with grisly teeth (an obvious improper reconstruction of Spider-Man as a clone) haunting Peter all the more. The Ghost Spider appears once more and has a talkdown with Teresa Parker who senses that the Ghost Spider isn't inherently evil but there is someone controlling him and that he wants help but is unable to express it but Peter and Miles are able to overpower him this time, although he promptly escapes. Although he was here to assassinate the Spider-Men, Peter felt that the Ghost Spider/Kaine was holding himself back. Cindy and MJ do some old school investigative journalism and discover that the organization responsible for these clonings are in hiding in the city's water reservoir.

The two infiltrate the place and realize that this place belongs to the recently apparently discontinued Life Foundation scientific cult. They realize that the Life Foundation have been operating secretly, not completely destroyed, and that they are using advanced biological technology from the Kree to continue the Clone Saga and that this project is being spearheaded by none other than Doctor Octavius himself! Technically, Otto is dead, however, before his final showdown with Peter, his tyrannical, vengeful artificial intelligence backed itself up in a robotic party, and has now inserted itself in a cloned body (his new attire is that of the Superior Octopus/Eliot Tolliver in present comics) The AI-intelligence Doctor Octopus, now dubbing himself as the Superior Octavius, is helping the Life Foundation with it's cloning science, and it has been backed up and funded by HYDRA, who had also funded the Power Broke Incorporation, to expand their reach in the terrorist underworld after it's dismantling. The Superior Octavius, from his time of work at Oscorp, had blueprints of the genetically modified arachnids that gave the Spider-Man his powers. This Doc Ock doesn't know Peter's identity as Spider-Man, since it is a digitally backed up version, before the real Otto turned good at the end after reconciling with Peter. This AI Octavius seeks to be revered as a criminal mastermind for the rage and envy built up within him and destroy Peter Parker's life, remembering only the worst parts about Spidey.

It is revealed, through the POV of the suppressed memories of the Ghost Spider, Kaine, that he was one of the perfectly healthy human specimens that the Superior Octavius was looking for, through a citywide hospital-wide records search that would be a perfect candidate. He was an ordinary joe, a quiet, good-natured, tragic human being, a former priest, who had struggled with his faith and lost his brother to suicide. He was abducted by Octavius and the Life Foundation and brainwashed and turned into a superhuman with the powers of Spider-Man, turned into their equivalent of the Winter Soldier, brainwashed and modified until he assassinated anyone they commanded him to kill in cold blood. His memories are coming back to him slowly and his real persona is trying to hold his brainwashed alter ego from his further crimes. Octavius discovers Cindy in the lab, who unintentionally lets her position out. MJ is pinned down and calls Peter and the gang to come to their rescue. Octavius decides to use a modified version of the spider and decides to test it on Cindy who gets spider-powers and is promptly knocked out. She also gains organic webbing.

Peter, Miles, Teresa, Nick and SHIELD rush to the reservoir hideout. Otto brings out HYDRA mercenaries and more of his disfigured Spider-clone failures to combat against the SHIELD forces. Players now have to play as Peter, Miles, MJ and Teresa, alternating through the different hordes of foes. The Ghost Spider frees himself from his brainwashing seeing that Otto is about to dispose of Cindy, an innocent person. Players now have to play as Ghost Spider who has to carry Cindy out of the base to safety while being chased by Ock. Superior Ock apprehends Kaine again and Kaine throws Cindy to safety off the base through a window.

Now, Cindy/the player awakens from being knocked down and has to go through a lucid, trippy sequence as Peter did in the first game when he got his spider-powers. Now players have to play as Cindy, with very hard to control spidey powers. Although she is scared shitless, she goes to help Kaine fight Superior Ock, a foe way above their skill level. Teresa appears and tries to shoot down Superior Otto. One of the bullets deflect and releases the glass compartments holding many of the modified spiders. Teresa tries to set every one of them ablaze, but the strongest one sweeps through the flames and infects her before dying. Teresa is shortly knocked out. Cindy takes her away from the scene, struggling with her powers herself.

In the final level, Peter, Miles, MJ, Kaine and Cindy have to take down the Superior Octavius. Players can alternate as each Spidey to take down the tech-upgraded, extremely powerful, and annoyingly durable Ock. Peter's ultimate ability, the Primal Sense is activated, this is basically Spidey's version of Dragon Ball's Ultra Instinct. He can subconsciously block, dodge and attack every move of his opponent and sense every little thing, down to the microscopic objects, for a short frame of time. Miles' ultimate ability is the Venom Blast. MJ's Ultimate Ability is the Iron Spider Arms and targeted mini missile systems, sprouting from her suit to inflict maximum damage while flying as projectiles towards enemies, respectively.

Cindy's is the Web Whirlpool, where she can produce HUGE amount of webs that exceed the size of cars and trucks, and weaponize them into different shapes without running out of energy or webbing in a brief moment of adrenaline to damage massive enemies. Kaine's ultimate ability is the Talon Attack, releasing more than dozens of razor-sharp retractable talons, sharper than knives and swords from his body against the enemy that stuns and massively damages the foe. Otto reveals the Spider-Virus, a virus he has developed that has the biometrics/schematics of the arachnid that can give humans spider-powers. He plans to release it now that he is apprehended, and turn the entire city into a collateral warzone/battlefield/jungle and create a Spider-Island of 'fools and more bugs to squash' and create chaos of unprecedented levels for the chaos Spidey brought to his ambitions.

The Web Warriors try to stop him from reaching the Spider-Virus cannister at all costs. As this is happening, an hour passes by and Teresa awakens. She/the player has to go through a lucid, trippy sequence as Peter did in the first game when he got his spider-powers. Although she is very hurt and very much scared herself too, she has to chase the Web Warriors and Otto, while getting the hang of things. She learns that she has unstable self-propelled gliding abilities and can operate at low gravity while secreting/tracking down the pheromones of other Spider-people and produce short sparks of bioelectricity. and Teresa joins the Web Warriors too in the fight against Superior Otto. Ultimately, the virus is released, however, the web warriors are able to contain it underground, and the entire facility explodes, thus ending the threat of the Clone Saga and Spider-Island.

Teresa is dying, however, Kaine, who also has another feature of an advanced self-regenerative process and the ability to create powerful toxins/antigens heals her and goes far, far away, while ending on good terms with the Parkers. Cindy and Teresa are hospitalized in a SHIELD wing. The two decide to operate as Web Warriors in the future themselves, with Cindy dubbing herself as Silk and Teresa as the Scarlet Spider, with all new suits. Teresa bids goodbye to the Parkers and decides to chase after Kaine whom she wants to help and rehabilitate. The Life Foundation is now finally completely decimated, without any trace. HYDRA is once again, completely disassembled and forced to split ways. Peter proposes to MJ and they decide to get married. Miles and Cindy both graduate from high school. In a post credits scene, it is revealed that Otto's AI has made multiple digital copies of himself, in multiple similar, cloned bodies, although he now possesses the experience and feedback from his last battle, unwilling to go headfirst into a diabolical plan again without thinking of the consequences. In the final post credits scene, Fury is seen expanding SHIELD into an intergalactic patrol, rebranding it as SWORD.

Kaine & Parker

This is the spin-off/expandalone set right after Season 7 of Spider-Man. It follows the two characters, Scarlet Spider/Teresa Parker/Jessica Drew and Ghost Spider/Kaine Reiley. It is an open-world game set in Venice, Italy. Kaine flees to Venice following his freedom from Otto's mind-control. Teresa follows Kaine there in a bid to help him escape his tormented mind and recruit him into SHIELD. This is the first, romantic-buddy cop game in the series. Teresa falls for Kaine and tries to help him get humanized again, slowly unearthing Kaine's reserved and brooding attitude. This expandalone is also the smallest in terms of scope or size. It has a shorter story than the other games in the franchise, on par with the size of the future installment, Silk And The Spirit Spider.

The main village in this game is the Black Tarantula/Carlos LaMuerto, returning from the previous game. The Black Tarantula identity is passed down to a bloodline of royal assassins with powers rooted in the mystics. The generic hordes of villains are the Tarantula Family Servants, who are mystic ninjas basically, under the Black Tarantula Family. The Black Tarantula family prides itself in getting guaranteed kill assassinations, but they select their targets, and will always be paid seven digit sums. The current Black Tarantula also happens to be the mentor of the Taskmaster, who he had later disowned for his dishonorable personality. Last time, the Black Tarantula was assigned to hunt down the Spider-Men. He decides to start off with the ones in Venice. Players can unlock the different skills, features and abilities and experiment with the different playsets of the two new Spider-warriors in the game. Teresa/Jessica can glide through areas, can fight in unstable low gravity, has bioelectrical powers and is optimal to play for long distance, ranged combat. Kaine is more specialized in stealthy takedowns and hand-to-hand combat and take a lot of enemies at once, specializing in martial arts and combat. He also has more stealth options than Parker, although both are the two best characters out of all the Web Warriors in the series to use stealth for. The first is both Kaine/Drew at the same level and the second is Peter/Miles.

More enemies include Unus The Untouchable (a side mission villain, a mutant), cybernetically enhanced mobster Silvermane/Silvio Manfredi (who had an appearance in Spider-Man Season 3), Count Nefaria/Luchino Nefaria (the nemesis/rival house to the Tarantula Royal Family), Madam Masque (reappearing again from the last game, also the heir to the Nefaria family) Cagliostro (a wizard subordinate of the Nefaria Royal Family), Jhoatu Lau (an eldrich ravenous, murderous, destructive, demonic deity Cagliostro summoned), the Manfredi crime family, the Nefaria servants, the Tarantula servants, Italian mob enforcers, Jacques Duquesnes/Swordsman; a French swordsman with an anti-hero alignment, the Rose (reappearing after Spider-Woman; he is killed by Silvio Manfredi), the Karnelli Crime Family enforcers, Libris family crime enforcers, remnants of the Maggia Crime Family, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson; the enforcer of both the Manfredi and Karnelli crime families, working for each, whoever pays him the best, double-crossing his own respective employees with the cybernetic Cyclone Suit, which he stole out of the Fantastic Four tech SHIELD inventory lockup.

The Cyclone Suit was originally a suit designed for a planet that had harsh cyclones to no end which the Fantastic Four were travelling through. The suit has concealed mechanisms in his synthetic stretch fabric suit that allows Cyclone to mechanically produce high-speed winds, including tornado-strength gales. Cyclone could attack his enemies with blasts off wind powerful enough to cause a several-story building to collapse and he can also redirect air currents at whim to repel gliding enemies, or murder a victim by increasing spin speed and draw all the air in the area so that his opponent cannot breath. Cyclone can fly by generating a small twister from his waist down, then increasing and moving it by using his powers like so, he can carry at least four people with him.

The final boss is Black Tarantula, who is betrated by Cagliostro, who summons the demonic deity Jhoatu Lau. At the end, Kaine and Drew decide to start dating and Kaine is convinced to start a new leaf as a SHIELD operative.


Silk & The Spirit Spider

Into The Spider-Verse

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