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Marvel Forever
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A new universe begins here!

After the multiverse-spanning events of Secret Wars, a new universe has been born.

Welcome to the Earth-10698, where everything is doomed to die.

The Marvel Forever universe kicks off with a massive #1 issue of Forever Avengers by Sam Riders.

Five years after the emergence of the superheroes to the public.

Four years after the formation of the Avengers.

One year after Tony Stark was left as the sole member of the team.

(From the solicit synopsis of Forever Avengers #1)

Available Comics

Forever Avengers

Vol 1: Midnight Heralds (1-present)

Forever Fantastic Four

Vol 1: Seven Gates (1-present)

Forever Scarlet Witch

Vol 1: Weird-verse (1-present)


June 2018

July 2018


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