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Welcome to Marvel Fanon Wiki! We are a fanfiction Wiki modeled around the Marvel Database. Though the Wiki was started some time ago, it has come to a new rebirth following an adoption. The current administrators are BeholdtheVision, Bridgetterocks, Cartoon44, OmniWill and Uncanny X-Factor. This page is a guide for new users. Here, we will also lay down some ground rules for the Wiki.

Rules/Important Things to Know

  1. General rules fall under the Five Pillars of Wikipedia.
  2. Be kind to other users. If a chat is open, 1 or more admins will be present. If there are any issues with user interface, and it should not happen to be seen by administrators, please contact either admin for assistance. Bans may be doled out for this offense.
  3. Keep adult content to a minimum. This includes pornography, gore, etc. It is allowed, but it is up to admin discretion to determine how much is too much. Breaking this will only result in a warning, but possibly bans if continued.
  4. Swearing is allowed in chat, but it is preferred that swearing be minimal. The one exception would be swearing to insult others. (Baseball fans, 3 strikes and you're out.)
  5. Swearing is not allowed in articles. If you swear in an article, it must be censored. Please keep it toned down.
  6. We allow Marvel, OC's (original characters), and Amalgam. Any other characters (such as DC and Image) are not allowed.
  7. Duplicate pages are not allowed. If there is any evidence of plagiarized work, it will be removed and the user blocked. The same goes for categories, powers, etc. Please heck before adding something.
  8. The most notable of this set is that you must not edit certain pages, such as the Main Page or this page. You may edit another user's pages, so long as it is not vandalized. And of course, you may edit and make as many of your own pages/universes as you wish.
  9. In the end, an admin's word goes. Please respect that this is a decision made for the good of the Wiki.
  10. Though it isn't common, fanfiction comics or stories are free territory.
  11. Please, keep articles factual based on your universes. Opinions can be saved for your user page.
  12. Copying: Do not copy information from other sites. All content must be original, images not included.
  13. Be yourself. Do not mimic other users, it's very childish and has no place on Wikias. Roleplaying is allowed and encouraged by Marvel Database, but it is severely frowned upon in formal situations.
  14. Follow naming conventions. All pages must include either a real name or codename of a character. Universe numbers are encouraged, but not enforced.
  15. Though this should go without saying, please do not edit someone else's page to kill their character. This falls under no vandalism, and keep criticism constructive.
  16. Have Fun! This 'golden rule' is repeated throughout the site for a reason. Our intent is not to offend anyone, but rather provide a great resource for readers from around the world to enjoy what we have accomplished.
  17. If there is anything not covered on this list that new users have questions about, or suggestions to be made to this list or in general, contact any of the administrators anytime, and they'll be glad to help you. The current admins are Bridgetterocks, Cartoon44, and Next X-Man.