The Marvel Cinematic Animated Universe is an amalgamation of Earth-161609, Earth-199999, and Earth-616. It is a Movie and TV Series as they take place in the same universe. It starts with the Iron Man movie and starts with his own TV Series. Some movies will be between the 1-2 hour mark.

Cancellation of Marvel Animated Universe

After the success of the MCU and Endgame, Rangerfan14 decided to promote the movies better and after a sacrifice in Endgame, he wanted to create his own universe. While the MCAU will borrow some elements from what 6160 was supposed to be, it's completely different and will have better writing.

Phase 1

Iron Man/Captain America: The Animated Series

Thor: The Animated Series

Iron Man: Tales of Suspense (Movie)

Iron Man: The Animated Series: Season Two

Captain America: Family Matters (Movie)

Captain America: The Animated Series: Season Two

Thor: Journey Into Mystery (Movie)

Thor: The Animated Series: Season Two

Triple Threat (Movie)

Phase Two

Avengers Assemble: (Movie)

Avengers (Season One)

Avengers (Season Two)

Vision and Scarlet Witch (Movie)

The Avengers (Season Three)

The Avengers: Dark

Marvel's Spider-Man (Season One)

Spider-Man vs Sinister Six

Phase Three

Captain America (Season Three): Civil War

Iron Man (Season Three): Armor Wars

Thor (Season Three): Siege of Asgard

Captain Marvel (Movie)

Captain Marvel(Season One)

Black Panther (Season One)

The Avengers: Evil

The Avengers (Season Four)

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