Marvel Anime (マーベルアニメ Māberuanime) is an anime franchise based on Marvel Comics. [1]

Marvel Anime: Iron Man

Marvel Anime: Iron Man (マーベルアニメ:アイアンマン  Māberuanime: Aianman) is a Japanese television series based on Marvel Comics.[citation needed]


On a search for Doctor Doom and Whiplash, Tony Stark comes to Japan in search for them.

Marvel Anime: Captain Marvel

Marvel Anime: Captain Marvel (マーベルアニメ:キャプテンマーベル Māberuanime: Kyaputenmāberu: Kyaputenmāberu) was announced at National Comic-Cons in early 2012. The series was going to be based on the Marvel comic book series Captain Marvel: Skrull Search.[citation needed]


Carol Danvers travels in search for the Skrulls, the search taking her to outer space.

Marvel Anime: Daredevil

In late 2013, it was announced Marvel was going to add Daredevil to there anime programming in the series Marvel Anime: Daredevil, also known as Marvel Daredevil デアデビル (Deadbiru).

“It will have Kingpin,” said executive producer Itsuki Koyomi before the series aired on television. “It will have the blind superhero facing many of his troubles, and we will have Kingpin running for mayor and Matt Murdock stopping this guy's nonsense.”[2]


Matt Murdock must search for Kingpin, who is trying to run for mayor, using him being mayor as an advantage to take over the city.

Marvel Anime: Time Battle

Marvel Anime: Time Battle (マーベルアニメ:タイムバトル Māberuanime: Taimu Batoru) is a film based on Marvel Comics.


Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Rocket, Groot and Ant-Man hear about a robbery in progress that takes them through time as they stop the madness of Doctor Doom.



  • Misuke Okoyami as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Hira Motonoku as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel


  • Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Janice C. Jackson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel


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