The Marvel Animated Movie Universe, or MAMU, is a community project for fans to make their own animated Marvel movies on the Marvel Fanon website.

Adding films

Add a film in the space labelled Films with a title, release year, and the user who created it. For example:

Lorem Ispum: Dolor Sit Amet (2018, IronWarriorComics)

NOTE: Make sure all films have subtitles. However, there is an exception for if the film is untitled.

If the film is upcoming, put "upcoming" at the end. For example:

Lorem Ispum: Dolor Sit Amet (2018, IronWarriorComics, upcoming)

Film pages

The names of all pages for the films must end with (MAMU) to indicate that the film is set in the Marvel Animated Movie Universe. The must included these headings/topics:

  1. Plot
  2. Development
  3. Cast

However, there is an exception for if you are still developing the page.

Film list


  1. Avengers: Uprising (2015, IronWarriorComics)
  2. Iron Man: Power Surge (2016, IronWarriorComics)
  3. X-Men: Beginning (2016, IronWarriorComics)
  4. Black Panther: Warrior of Wakanda (2017, IronWarriorComics)
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy: Legends (2017, IronWarriorComics)
  6. Avengers: The S.H.I.E.L.D. Wars (2018, IronWarriorComics)
  7. Spider-Man: Learning Curve (2018, MaxGoji 2.0 and Benspider, upcoming)
  8. Inhumans: The Stand (2019, X-Inbox, upcoming)
  9. untitled Captain America film (2019, IronWarriorComics, upcoming)
  10. untitled Ant-Man film (2020, IronWarriorComics, upcoming)
  11. Venom: Dark Shadow (2022, Sosman911, upcoming)
  12. Ant-Man: Overtime (2022, Mr. Premiere, upcoming)

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