The following episodes are accounted in Marvel`s Spider-Man in the first season.

Short Summary

After ordinary teenager Peter Parker, gains superhuman abilities, he initally utilizes them for his own personal gain. But as a tragedy besets, he creates a secret persona, a unique and an exceptional life as a superhero, as Spider-Man. However, he realizes that as a superhero, life is way more difficult than he had in his expectations, even with his first major antagonist on the loose!


Marvel`s Spider-Man`s first season was in the works from late 2014, and was finally confirmed to be in the productions, after Earth-101420 was rebooted. Following a contract dispute that led BeholdtheVision to back out of this project, DuttPanda was assigned, by himself, to create the first season by himself.

Official production started in July 3rd, and DuttPanda Movies Company had decided to sponsor this show. In July 6th, the cast was exploited, and Dylan O`Brien was elected as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the titular subject and role of this series.

In July 10th, the official plot synopsis for the first two episodes were leaked online and had went viral. DuttPanda Productions discovered this incident, and took down the leaks. However, those still remain as people took screenshots of it, and these are still being published online.

In July 17th, the premiere of the original Ant-Man film, DuttPanda revealed that the primary antagonist of the first season were going to be Curtis Connors/The Lizard and Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven The Hunter.


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