Marvel's Thor is a 2011 live-action superhero movie produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. Based off of the Norse Deity and Marvel superhero by the same name. It is the sixth film of Phase 1 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being released worldwide on May 2nd 2011.


After the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular the Iron Man and Hulk franchises, Marvel Studios announced at the 2009 Comic Con that they would be giving Thor and Captain America their own solo movies respectively come 2011. The idea for a Thor movie gained momentum and officially entered pre-production. Shortly after it was announced Kenneth Branagh was directing and Chris Hemsworth was cast at the titular role. Branagh, wished to make Thor a fantasy style epic with Shakesperian influence. The studio seemed to like this idea, though they did have Kevin Feige work with Branagh to try and make his vision flow with the rest of the MCU without altering anyone's work too much, though it still kept true to Branagh's theme the movie also acted as an origin story for MCU's Thor. It was also for that reason the movie's Supernatural tones appeared to be altered in exchange for a more scientific approach. Being that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was very grounded and science based at that point, they didn't want Thor to change the universe in far too drastic of a way, and the Studio worried introducing too much Supernatural content could do just that.

During early-to-mid 2010 when the movie held principle photography and went into Post-Production, it was revealed Clark Gregg had joined the cast reprising his role as Agent Phil Coulson, similar to what he had done in Iron Man 2 and Black Widow and Hawkeye. It later leaked before the film's release that the main villains would be Loki and the Frost Giants, Kevin Feige did confirm these rumors. It was released on May 2nd 2011 worldwide.


  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  • Colm Feore as Laufey
  • Anthony Hopkins as Odin
  • Rene Russo as Frigga
  • Ray Stevenson as Balder the Brave
  • Jaime Alexander as Lady Sif
  • Stellan Skarsgard as Heimdall
  • Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
  • Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis
  • Morgan Freeman as Marcus Stone
  • Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
  • Maximiliano Hernandez as Agent Jasper Sitwell


The movie starts with the All-Father Odin narrating that thousands of years ago the mortals of Midguard knew their place the universe, it then shows ancient Viking societies shown in Scandinavia engaged in pagan rituals. Odin explaining that they worshipped Asgard and its inhabitants as Gods. But not all beings were so humble, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim are a prime example. They waged war against their superiors in an act of defiance. Odin himself riding his steed Slepinir is then seen leading battle against the Frost Giants, where he claims that he as King of Asgard fought tirelessly to end the war and defeat the giants by stealing their most prized possession, The Casket of Ancient Winters. Capable of bringing the harshest winter one could ever know, in addition to taking something else. Showing Odin in Jotunheim picking up something else, but the camera pans away.

Since that war there has been an era of peace, Odin had married the goddess Frigga. With her brilliance and his strength they produced two magnificent twin sons. The first being a warrior named Thor, who took after him born under the sign of Thunder. Being able to manipulate the winds, skies, and currents. As a reward for his strength, Odin explains he had the Dwarves of Nidavellir use their Star Forge to create for Thor a legendary hammer called Mjolnir! Their other son Loki was much more akin to his mother. Being naturally more intellect driven, he harbored special talents in magic and knowledge, he was also clever and a trickster having been born under the sign of mischief. It then shows a clip of Odin telling Thor and Loki as children they're both destined to be Kings, but only one of them can ascend to the throne. Odin then narrates again saying that he has ruled Asgard and its Nine Realms for a long time and is reaching his twilight years, he need to choose one of his sons to be the heir to Asgard. The choice of which son is better prepared is an obvious one.

Cut to present day, a huge crowd is gathered in the Asgardian Palace where Odin is sitting on the throne with Frigga and Loki by his sides. Prince Thor soon after walks out in a ceremonial helmet applauded by all of the onlookers, basking in their praise before bowing to his father. Odin stands as everyone silences themselves, he then tells Thor that is he a remarkable warrior, son and brother. Does he swear to watch over and protect all the Nine Realms with fairness and prosperity. He swears to that along with other oaths and Odin tells him by his right as All-Father he validates him, Thor Odinson, as heir to the Nine Realms! Everyone bar Loki rejoices and they all go to the dining hall that night to feast and make merry. Thor proudly boasts about his new status as alongside his friend Lady Sif and cousin Balder the Brave. Thor says how as children they used to play warriors and he always beat them, Balder says he went easy on him. His father, Tyr, would always tell him "That's Odin's boy! Behave yourself." and Sif says they should fight again against Mjolnir and prove Thor wrong, and the God of Thunder corrects her by saying King Thor. Outside on the balcony, Loki is by himself and Frigga asks what he's doing outside. He tells his mother he didn't want to be in there. But Frigga says this is very important to Thor and that he must at least eat while he gives the toast. Loki backs down and heads inside apologizing for forgetting his place. The Mischief God comes inside and has a seat in between Balder and Lady Sif respectively. Thor says he's happy Loki joined him, and stands to give his toast.

He tells everyone that when the time comes for his father to make the voyage to sweet Valhalla he will be a fair and noble King to all the citizens of Asgard. To try and bring glory to their land and all of the Nine Realms. Protecting their lives and values in his gracious hands. Once he's done everyone continues eating and enjoying themselves for the rest of the night. The next day at dawn a group of Frost Giants are sneaking through the Palace corridors and manage to break into Odin's secret vault to find the Casket of Ancient Winters. One says they should look around more, they could steal whatever they wanted from here. But another insists the Casket was stolen from their fathers a millennia ago, this is merely justice. Right after the Frost Giants simply puts their fingers on it the Destroyer Armor awakens and incinerates them all with its destructive beam.

Act 1

The Royal Family are informed by the Einherjar what had happened. Frigga commenting Asgard haven't had a crime infiltration from another realm in centuries. Odin claims he will need to speak to the Frost Giants about this matter soon. Thor mentions how they cannot simply talk this over, the Frost Giants have violated their agreement for peace and must now suffer the consequences. Odin tells him this was the act of but a few, an entire people cannot shed blood for it. Thor responds that as King as he has a right to, Odin interrupts him though claiming he's not King! He is but an heir, and when his time comes, he hopes he will inherit the wisdom needed to resolve conflicts such as this without the use of might. Thor storms out while Loki sits quietly watching the entire incident go down. Thor begins breaking furniture in a fit of rage until Lady Sif and Balder come and ask Thor why he is so angry with Loki following along.

The God of Thunder explains the situation to them, how this is an act of invasion from their rivals in Jotunheim! Loki joins it commenting how he understands Thor's frustration. Saying how if only there was a way he could prove to father an act of strength is what's best for Asgard in a predicament such as this, causing Thor to get an idea. Saying how if he goes to Jotunheim and forces the Frost Giant to repent for what has happened, father will know his way of resolving conflict is just and fit for a King. Sif and Balder try talking him into calming down. But Thor says how they are both his friends and he asks that they stand by him for this. Balder says he hasn't had a good fight in awhile and doesn't want his blades getting duller, Sif is still weary but decides if they're all going she might as well try to lend her sword so they come out in one piece. They all go outside with reinforcements and Sif brings up how they hope to get past the Heimdall and the Bifrost Bridge. Balder thinks that is a legitimate concern, saying how his hearing and sight are uncanny, he has access to almost all of the known universe. But Thor says that he will handle it, they just need to come along and keep quiet.

They all make it across the Bifrost Bridge all the way to the observatory guarded by Heimdall. First Loki tries to talk to him, but Heimdall says he knows why they are here and that they wish to deceive him to try and use the Bifrost for their own means. Thor says how they need to investigate the meaning behind Frost Giants invading Asgard to steal what's rightfully theres. Heimdall says how he remembers the war in Jotunheim, and is bothered Frost Giants had managed to get into Asgard without his knowledge and tells them not to be too disruptive, and if they bring something harmful back he will not hesitate to leave them in the cold wastelands. Thor accepts the risks along with the others and Heimdall uses the Bridge to teleport them. They travel at light speeds into Jotunheim, and once there comment on the dark and dreary landscape. Thor starts screaming how the Frost Giants have forgotten their place in the Nine Realms beneath Asgard, retribution is in order. A group of Giants come out of the shadows and begin surrounding all of them, before stopping and bowing to their King Laufey.

He asks the Asgardians why they're trespassing in his Kingdom. Thor says how a group of vagabonds from Jotunheim had snuck into Asgard to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters and that they are not to be reckoned with. Laufey is deeply offended he thinks the act of common Banditry was an attempt at warfare and demands him to leave Jotunheim at once. Thor demands he must first swear that it will never happen again, but Laufey simply tells him the Casket of Ancient Winters was stolen from them perhaps the bandits were simply trying to take back what their forefathers died for. In a way he regrets not aiding them further. Thor then aggressively summons Mjolnir and the fight begins. It is a tough battle where a lot of the reinforcements fall but the Asgardian warriors manage to hold their own. Loki however notices something strange, when a Frost Giant touches him, he doesn't freeze but simply turns blue and acts as he normally does, not dwelling on it he continues to help his brother and friends.

Laufey gets angered by the Asgardians surviving and releases an ancient Jotun Beast to defeat them. Thor with amazing feats manages to subdue the monster and fights Laufey one on one. Laufey's frost sword is able to do considerable damage, but Mjolnir is strong and shatters the sword to pieces. Right before Thor can land the killing blow on the Frost Giant King his friends, Loki and himself start to be teleported back by Heimdall to the Bifrost Bridge. Everyone is confused and Thor looks to Heimdall asking why he was removed from Jotunheim, he was just merely on the cusp of victory! But Heimdall says that it was under orders from his King, and Odin comes out excusing Heimdall, who leaves the room along with a wounded Balder and Lady Sif.

Odin yells at Thor for what he has done. Informing him that dozens of good men are dead now, his friends wounded and the sacred peace between the realms he worked so hard for no more! Thor argues back saying he was simply defending the honor of his future Kingdom. Odin says he only attempted to justify his own pride and vanity, this had nothing to do with the safety and order of the Nine Realms. Thor says that is false. Asgard has become weak under Odin's rule. While he sits around giving speeches the Frost Giants walk all over them, not even those pitiful mortals on Midguard worship them anymore. Odin says that Thor is a vain and cruel boy and the God of Thunder responds his father is an old man and a fool. Odin is shocked by his outburst and tells Thor if he thinks that Midguardians are so vastly inferior himself, then he must live as one. A King needs to know his people, and all his subjects to rule with grace. Until he has learned that valuable lesson, he is unworthy of his titles, his strengths, or the throne! Odin then takes apart Thor's apparel and snatches his Hammer putting a vex on it that whoever lifts this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. The All-Father proceeds to open the Bifrost using Heimdall's sword, Hofund, and then kicks his son into a portal to Midguard while Loki watches his father's actions, speechless.

Thor starts flying at light speed before landing in the middle of a large field late at night outside Broxton, Oklahoma. He wanders around disoriented screaming "LOKI! FATHER!" while continuing to pace aimlessly. Suddenly, a large object hits Thor knocking him out. It is revealed to be a car that a group of people start to exit from. Their names are Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, and Marcus Stone. Darcy says how she didn't see him there and Jane tries to help him up but he's on the ground completely unconscious. Marcus claims they have to take him to a hospital and the three load him into the trunk. At the nearby Hospital, Jane along with Darcy and Marcus bring Thor in and he's quickly taken to the emergency room. They then get asked by the Receptionist who they found along with personal information such as his name, their connection to him, etc. Jane isn't able to answer any of the questions but simply claims they found him out in the boonies, and wanted to look out for him, giving her number to the hospital for any updates as Marcus Stone does the same. Thor wakes up hours later in bed as the Physician tries to explain what happened. Thor though begins to get nervous of all the Doctors poking him and tries to fight his way out before they manage to overpower and subdue him.

Act 2

On Asgard, Loki goes to the treasure vault and touches the Casket of Ancient Winters, seeing his hands mysteriously turn blue once again. Odin claims it was only a matter of time before Loki found out. The God of Mischief asks why his hands change when he touches the Jotun magic, and Odin reveals that he is not his biological son, but instead Loki Laufeyson, a Frost Giant who Odin raised as his own. When Loki asks why, Odin says he felt pity for him after he was abandoned for being too small by his true father, Laufey. He had an idea that Loki's presence could prove co-existence is possible between their two races, establish a mutual respect for the Asgardians and Jotuns after years of bitter rivalry. Loki observes this is why Odin always favored Thor, why everyone in Asgard did. Why he got the glory, the hammer, the throne and Loki got nothing! Frigga tells her son the only reason they didn't tell Loki about his heritage from the beginning was because they didn't want him to feel any different. They are his family no matter the blood, and he should never feel like an outsider in these halls. The God of Mischief says it's too late for that, he'll never be one of them, not the way a true born like Thor would. Loki silently weeps while Odin and Frigga exit the room. After leaving, Loki stops crying and begins acting out in rage, shooting magical blasts around him in a fit of anger.

The next day, Thor is released from the hospital and goes to a pet shop asking for a horse. After they throw him out of the store Jane, Marcus and Darcy find him again and ask if he's doing alright revealing they found him outside Broxton yesterday. Thor says that he needs to find out how to escape this realm and make amends with his father for past transgressions. While walking away, Jane says he must be hungry and tired, and offers to get him some normal clothes and to take him to Isabel's Diner across the street. The least they could do for hitting him. Inside the Diner, Thor is eating excessively while Jane and Marcus observe him. He ends up awkwardly smashing a cup and Jane scolds him for it. Afterwards, Marcus asks what he was doing out in the fields that night. Thor says he was banished from Asgard into this realm by his father and needs to return. Darcy is confused asking if he really believes he's the Norse God Thor, and he claims he knows it for a fact. Even saying how Midguardians are foolish to have started denying their existence for hundreds of years.

Jane says how she and Marcus are both physicists and were studying strange Electromagnetic activity in Earth's atmosphere they believed could be linked to the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory. Darcy says she's their intern from Culver University, and quickly says "Before you ask, no! I didn't know Bruce Banner." and Thor simply responds "Who's Bruce Banner?" Jane changes the topic saying she believes the bridges were also seen in Scandinavia hundreds of years ago, which is why she and Marcus are out here trying to find more, her mother was a swedish-national which was what got her interested in studying this phenomenon. Thor says that Asgardians have interacted with Midguard throughout the centuries, the original Asgardians actually migrated from here. Marcus tries to get up saying how "Thor" is insane and that they need to get back to work. But Jane actually believes him, claiming the activity they picked up last night was off the charts. It's not inconceivable that what the Norse thought were gods might just be a species of extra-terrestrials, everything he's said so far is consistent with the myths her mother told Jane all her life. Marcus is still unconvinced and Foster then asks Thor what they can do to find more people like him and prove what he's saying is true. The God of Thunder claims he needs to find his hammer, Mjolnir. That will be the key to showing he is indeed as mighty as he so claims. Jane drives with Thor to the Oklahoma plains where they eventually find Mjolnir and he attempts to pick it up. Only to realize he can't no matter how hard he tries to, Thor says Odin must've put a vex on it which prevents him from being able to lift his hammer, he is truly powerless in this realm. Jane is amazed by the entire creator and tries to take a small q-tip residue of Mjolnir's metal while Thor sits on the ground next to it, heartbroken.

Back in Asgard Balder the Brave, Loki, and Lady Sif are on skiffs fighting off Frost Giant attackers trying to get into Asgard. The three warriors using their skills and dexterity to destroy the ships and secure their home. While heading back, Sif says they should've never gone with Thor. That the war they instigated with the Frost Giants is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. But Balder says that his cousin still deserves to be brought back home, he can't survive in the savage realm of Midguard. Loki adds on that he thinks the ban is entirely justified, that Thor had proven himself to not only be an arrogant and reckless warrior, but a bad King. Sif says that Loki has become cold and hostile himself, asking what troubles him. Loki claims that his outlook has changed after Jotunheim, saying no more before the skiffs land and he hastily walks off leaving both Balder and Sif far behind him. On Earth, Jane set up her trailer near the Hammer and makes a campfire while Thor sits in a pull out chair. Jane asks why he's on Earth in the first place. The God of Thunder explains that he was destined to become King of Asgard after his father, Odin. But that in order to try and impress him provoked war with the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, and as punishment he was stripped of his powers and banished to Midguard.

Jane asks what Jotunheim is. Thor then explains the whole Nine Realms, the Bifrost Bridge, and how it is united by the Yggdrasil, or world tree as they call it. Jane theorizes the "realms" to be distant Planets, possibly in another Solar System and the Bifrost Bridge to be some kind of wormhole they use to teleport. She then asks how humans could find and colonize other planets like that. Thor explains how countless years ago a small number of Midguardians were able to teleport across the cosmos and find Asgard by complete chance, once there they consumed the Golden Apples of Idunn, which granted them divinity over those who were left behind. He continues to explain that the Asgardian Empire grew and when they returned to Midguard were worshipped as Gods. Jane begins to get tired and says that tomorrow she needs to go back to Broxton and analyze the residue from Mjolnir, which could take days. He explains to her the metal is Uru, which is very good at channeling enchantments. Jane is impressed with his knowledge, and tells Thor he should come with her, that he knows a lot about this and could help with her data. Thor claims her friends might not welcome him. They think of him as a madman, but he will show them just how wrong they are. Foster says there was a part of her that didn't believe him either, thought that she was going out in the wilderness alone with someone for all she knows could've been a serial killer. Her mother was a scientist too, but died from breast cancer a couple years ago. Since then Jane's wanted to honor her legacy by her finishing her research on the Cosmic bridges that were seen in northern Europe. If there was even a small chance Thor is the key to proving it, she had to take it, for Mom's sake. The God of Thunder claims he is touched by Jane's conviction to honor her family legacy, and if his presence on Midguard will make that possible for her, he will aid her research however he can.

Odin is sitting in his throne room while opening a communication portal in which he can speak to Laufey. The All-Father talks to him about peace, that he would be willing to excuse the Frost Giant invasions of Asgard if he excuses the one on Jotunheim. But Laufey says that their peace was broken, his son nearly ended him. He has to defend his Kingdom and make Asgard pay for their crimes, he would do the same if the tables were turned, even admitting he made a mistake agreeing to peace all those years ago. He adds on that Odin needs to face the consequences of his heir's transactions. Laufey then drops the communication portal and the conversation abruptly ends. The All-Father claiming how his family is more broken then it's ever been. Loki finding out his parentage, Thor's banishment to Midguard, if he can't manage his own blood how can he save an entire kingdom from war against the Frost Giants!? Frigga suggests that perhaps with Odin's great age he requires rest in the form of Odinsleep. But he rejects the idea claiming that he cannot leave his Kingdom unattended, once the family is re-united and peace restored he will be able to rest and restore his energy.

A few days later in the plains of Oklahoma, a farmer is going through his land and ends up finding the crater with Mjolnir in it. He tries to pick it up but to no avail. In Broxton, Jane is at her apartment with Darcy Lewis and Marcus Stone. They all speak to one another about their research until Thor walks out of a bedroom revealing to have stayed the night. While Darcy approves, Marcus is disgusted, pulling Jane to the side and asking why she is letting that crazy man stay with her. Jane insists how the Einstein-Rosen Bridge they were searching for, the strange electromagnetic lights, it all makes sense. The "Gods" that were worshipped by the Ancient Norse were just advanced humanoids from other worlds they had no way of explaining. Thor is one of those people, it's a breakthrough. Marcus claims what she's arguing is pure conjecture, the scientific community is never going to believe it without some sort of actual proof. Jane responds by showing Stone a sample of Thor's Hammer, explaining how it's like no metal on Earth. She can't even describe the type of atomic composition it has. Marcus says just because there's no explanation for what's happening doesn't mean the God of Thunder is standing in their living room right now. He's not going to continue supporting her project if this is where it's going to lead. Jane claims he's free to leave then and Marcus walks out the door in disgust.

Darcy meanwhile is talking to Thor and tells him how Jane explained his situation to her, his pops kicked him out of heaven and now he has to slum with them mortals to be allowed back. Thor tells her that's precisely it, that Jane has agreed to help him get started. Darcy says she knows a guy who deals with stuff like this, she'd be willing to make some phone calls and hook him up with a job. Thor asks what a job is, and why he would want to do that. Jane joins their conversation explaining the social etiquette of making money. Darcy adds on that he's not Thor God of Thunder anymore, and needs something to occupy himself to "fit in". Thor seems irritated, but seeing little choice in the matter agrees to go along with it. It does a montage for the next couple of months showing Thor being given a new identity as a Construction Worker named Donald Blake. At first he does poorly at his job but soon begins to acclimate and enjoy himself as a humble mortal. Loki on Asgard spends all of his days training in magic and physical strength, getting improvements to his armor & Scepter. On Earth, the farmer has a business of daring people to lift the hammer which they all seemingly fail to do. One even using a truck to try and move it. Jane also tries writing papers on her research into the Nine Realms and emailing it to multiple prestigious organizations and universities, none of whom take her seriously.

That night Thor is having a drink with his colleagues after work until he sees Marcus Stone in the same bar having a drink alone. Thor tells the other Construction Workers he'll catch up with them later and scoots next to Marcus, asking him what he's doing back in Broxton. Stone claims he's conducting independent research on the phenomenons he and Jane originally came here to study, he then proceeds to ask why Thor is bothering him. The God of Thunder says that he understands how Marcus is skeptical of him, knowing Midguard and its culture the idea of a God coming out of the sky and interacting with people must be very shocking. Thor and Marcus talk more and bond after Thor buys him a drink. It shows the next day at the site of Mjolnir a S.H.I.E.L.D. Van pulls up with Agent Coulson and Sitwell exiting. Agent Sitwell clears the area out and then goes to Coulson asking him "Is this what Dr. Foster's research was going on about?" Coulson replies it has to be. He says that S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to study this 0-8-4 ASAP and Agent Sitwell tries to move the hammer unable to budge it, telling Coulson they might have to bring S.H.I.E.L.D. here.

Act 3

On Asgard, Odin is peacefully walking through the outside of his palace. He continues turning around the bend until Loki mysteriously appears in front of him. He starts telling Odin about how the war against Jotunheim is beginning to take a toll on Asgard's defenses, the constant loopholes between realms are breaking down the potency of the Bifrost Bridge and the branches of the Yggdrasil. Odin says he'll speak to Heimdall about it, but Loki says that none of this would be happening had he not lied to him from childhood and raised Thor into a spoiled baby! Odin defends Thor,and his decision to keep the Frost Giant lineage from Loki. They argue very intensely until Odin actually faints, Loki goes to him calling for help, Frigga eventually comes and says he has miraculously entered Odinsleep.

In Broxton, at Jane's apartment her and Thor are eating breakfast while making friendly small talk until they both hear a knock on the door. Jane gets up to open it and Agent Coulson and Sitwell enter her apartment uninvited claiming it's official Government business and begin hauling out all of her research technology. But Jane says no one in the science field took her seriously, that she wasn't able to even study the hammer since the land owner wouldn't let them do research on it, saying it would interfere with his profits. But Coulson claimed they had that taken care of, and this is just another loose end. Thor tries to protest them but Sitwell tells him he has to stay back and let the Agents do their work. Jane tries to say they can't do this, but Coulson insists that they can and despite all of this they're the "good guys". After they leave and Jane furiously rants at Thor for what they're doing, she gets a call and answers. It's Darcy on the other line and she asks Jane if some Government "goons" came and took her equipment too. They both talk about it while Thor adds in how he heard Coulson say they're studying Mjolnir's site as well. He should go and try to get their equipment back and, since he has been more humble, retrieve his hammer and return to Asgard.

Jane and him get in a minor argument about how he's so willing to abandon his life on Earth. But he says how he has enjoyed her company and found the perks of life there to be fascinating, but he has responsibilities he must return to, and he is feeling homesick. In the Asgardian Palace, Odin is still in Odinsleep while Frigga and Loki watch him, both looking very upset. The Einherjar come in shortly after explaining that in this time of crisis Asgard will need Loki, the only remaining heir, to rule as Monarch in the All-Father's absence, he has a tear in his eye and tells them thank you while they lead Frigga out. After the Einherjar leave, Loki wipes away his acted tears and opens a communication portal to talk with Laufey. Revealing himself to be Laufey's true born son, that he had managed to subtly put Odin under enough emotional duress that he would need to recover in his Odinsleep, making him acting King and as such allow the Mischief God to fulfill his destiny. Laufey asks what that is and Loki claims peace between both of his people, if Laufey comes to Asgard he will return him the Casket of Ancient Winters to their rightful owners in Jotunheim, finally ushering a lasting peace after millennia of bitter rivalry between the Frost Giants and Asgardians. Laufey says how his son is cunning, he could never have foreseen such a small and insignificant creature going on to become the King that would unite them all.

On Earth, Thor alongside Jane & Darcy are at the S.H.I.E.L.D. compound in the outskirts of Oklahoma. Thor says he's ready to go in, while Darcy asks him if he's sure this is a good idea. Jane wonders that too, saying that those Agents aren't just going to let him walk out with all of their equipment. Thor says he knows they won't, that's why he'll fly out instead. He then heads into the compound and fights off the Agents before finally making it to his hammer. As Thor tries to pick it up though, he still comes to the unfortunate realization that he is unable to, still deemed unworthy. Thor then starts to scream to the heavens asking why he still can't lift his hammer from the ground even after all these months of humility. He then bends down next to it while Agent Phil Coulson and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. Personnel corner him, a disgruntled Thor surrenders without any struggle against them. Meanwhile, Laufey and the Frost Giants are escorted into Asgard through the Bifrost with Heimdall telling them he hopes they find it in their hearts to accept peace once again.

Laufey simply grunts at him and makes his way into the Palace where he meets Loki and Frigga inside. There, Loki is with the Casket of Ancient Winters and begins to reveal his true blue skin and red eyes telling his father that he is happy to see him. Laufey insists he only came for the Casket and Loki asks if that will ensure a ceasefire to the war. The Frost Giant claims that of course it won't, too much Jotun blood has been spilled to simply give up because of one atrocity corrected. But Loki knew that, he never wanted to unite their two Kingdoms, only to earn enough favor to be allowed a suitable throne to sit atop of. The God of Mischief insists that he's correct, but his mistake was thinking the throne he wanted was Jotunheim's. Loki then picks up and unleashes the Casket of Ancient Winters to Laufey, he then walks over to his biological father and with a swift kick breaks his frozen body into pieces across the room.

Thor is locked up with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents being interviewed by Phil Coulson. He claims that according to their records his name is Donald Blake and he's a Construction Worker, but they asked why he was after the hammer. If he was connected somehow to it, but Thor refused to answer any questions Coulson had. He said sooner or later he would find out the truth, but right after that he is approached by Agent Sitwell who says someone has information on Blake. They're surprised to find Marcus Stone there, who says he simply used Steroids and was trying to get back equipment that was taken from his roommate, and he meant no harm to any of them. After more convincing Coulson reluctantly lets Thor go with Marcus. He thanks Stone for bailing him out and Marcus claims he doesn't know what he is or what he wants, but he's not going to let him rot in a prison cell just for trying to get Jane's stuff back. Thor says perhaps he's not the man Marcus thinks he is, still unworthy of Mjolnir after all these months perhaps he's not noble at all. Coulson meanwhile tells a couple S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents he doesn't trust those two and to keep an eye on them.

Back in Asgard, Frigga asks Loki why he did this. He responds that he might be related to Laufey, but that Odin was his true father! That he always favored Thor their whole lives. But after this, saving Asgard from long sworn enemies, Loki's own blood relatives no less. He will be more than worthy to be named heir for the throne of Asgard! Frigga is horrified claiming Odin will never name him heir like this! No matter how much Loki attempts to deceive him with mischief and illusions. Loki claims that's a risk he's willing to take and commands the Einherjar to exterminate all Frost Giants currently in the realm. They do all do as told with the exception of Balder and Sif who claim this is barbaric and that these Frost Giants clearly meant no harm. The Einherjar though claim Loki as acting King has made his will known. Lady Sif and Balder the Brave realize that Loki has gone mad and Thor is the only one with a legitimate enough claim to the throne who can rally against him. The two of them then head to the Bifrost Observatory and see Heimdall, begging him to allow them passage to find Thor to stop Loki's madness. Heimdall claims he is bound to the standing King of Asgard, and cannot defy his king... but they can! He simply looks the other way while the duo uses Hofund to access the Bifrost and head into Midguard.

Loki meanwhile is informed that Lady Sif and Balder had escaped Asgard through Heimdall's ignorance in order to bring back Thor. Loki enraged goes into the Treasure Vault and releases the Destroyer Armor. Claiming that it will be the perfect way to destroy his brother. On Earth, Thor is brought back to Broxton with Marcus Stone. He is warmly greeted by Jane while Marcus explains that he removed Thor from custody after reading some of her rejected papers, they actually made sense to him and the two discuss it in greater detail. Jane is surprised Thor is still mortal and he says the hammer was unable to be lifted, and that perhaps he will spend the rest of his life as a mortal. But it won't be so bad with all of them, Darcy and Marcus are also glad to hear this and say they should stop by Isabel's Diner to discuss all their findings, everyone agrees. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents watching claim they're picking up strange signals nearby, and Agent Coulson tells them they should investigate. Outside the city Lady Sif and Balder stop traveling through the Bifrost and land in Midguard. They then go looking for Thor eventually finding Broxton and walk through the streets to find him.

On Asgard, Loki goes to the Bifrost Observatory and tells Heimdall that he knows of his treachery and for that he is relieved of all his duties, stripped of his citizenship, and banished from this realm to wander. Heimdall says that means he does not have to serve Loki's insanity anymore and tries to slash him with his mighty blade before Loki blocks it with his Scepter. Heimdall says he fought in the harshest wars before Loki was even born, the God of Mischief then responds saying but in these years being stuck as a guard dog to the Bifrost Bridge his magic has gotten rusty and beats him battle. Loki proceeds to then grab Hofund and use the Bifrost to send down Destroyer Armor. In Broxton, Thor is with Jane, Darcy and Marcus Stone going over the research. Stone says that even though he can understand the research without any hard proof for it she'll never be able to convince the Scientific community of even the Einstein-Rose bridge, not to mention the Asgardian Gods existing. Jane says they'll get hard proof, and Marcus asks where. Thor after that says "There!" seeing his friends outside where he runs up to them and gives them both hugs, saying how happy he is to see them. Balder says he wishes they could stand on ceremony but there is much danger happening in Asgard, Loki has taken over since his uncle fell into Odinsleep. Sif adding on that Loki has gone mad with the power and is attempting to slaughter all the Frost Giants. Thor tells them he would love to help, but has no way to since he is unable to lift Mjolnir.

Sif says there must be some other force they can use to restore Thor's strength and mustn't give up now. As they say that something else falls from the sky. As the dust clears everyone sees the Destroyer Armor pillaging everything around it and terrorizing the people and buildings, while S.H.I.E.L.D. and the police scramble to fight it off. But nothing can even damage the mighty robot. Sif, Balder and Thor comment how that is Destroyer Armor. An extraordinary powerful robot created by Odin centuries ago. Made to fight any Mad Titans or World Eaters that exist in the cosmos who would threaten Asgard. Loki must've unleashed it in Midguard to prevent them from stopping his plan. Lady Sif and Balder say they won't go down from Loki's evil ways and begin to fight the Armor. Only to both be horribly beaten by it. Thor goes to confront the Destroyer Armor and begins telling Loki how he doesn't know why he's doing this, or what motivated him to become so villainous, but that the people of this realm are innocent. Killing them will gain Loki nothing in this quest, and that even without his hammer, without his strength, without his magic Thor will gladly die protecting them from Destroyer Armor's dread. Loki sees from the Robot's perspective Thor's words and still brutally attacks him savagely. As he lies on the ground almost dead Jane is about to cry seeing him so weak. He says how he needs them all to be safe, all to live, that he loves this world and all the people who are in it. That these last months have been glorious and he would not have spent them any differently and loves them as much as he loves his own mother realm.

Right after that, everyone thinks Thor is dying and begins to mourn until Mjolnir begins to move out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. compound as Agent Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, and Marcus Stone look in amazement as it flies across miles and miles into his hand, returning all of Thor's Asgardian strength and powers to him. He alongside Lady Sif and Balder fight the Armor while Thor manages to create a large tornado that lifts it into the air, he then flies down and strikes it with Mjolnir hard enough that the armor literally flies out of the atmosphere into space. Thor then gently lands while people start cheering for him, even the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents who saw the whole thing unfold. He tells them that he needs to go back to Asgard and stop Loki's evil alongside his comrades. He then hugs Darcy and shakes Marcus' hand while all of his Construction friends are amazed that "Donald Blake" is literally Thor, and start asking for his autograph. He goes to Isabel's Diner and gives her a coffee cup, saying how he "owed it" and how she made the most delicious coffee to have ever grace his lips. Thor then goes to Jane and tells her she has been unbelievably kind to him over these months, and he would've sacrificed his life to keep her safe. She says that she feels the same way and feels blessed out of all the people in the universe he came to her, they then kiss. Thor tells Jane to enjoy life on Earth, and they will see each other again.

Thor along with Balder the Brave and Lady Sif request Heimdall to return them to Asgard but receive no response. In the Bifrost Observatory, Loki is shown to be using the Bifrost Beam's blast to destroy all of Jotunheim, screaming to Heimdall that once he is done he will be loved and cherished by the Nine Realms for giving peace to Asgard forever. Heimdall though hears Thor's summons and crawls over, using Hofund to teleport the God of Thunder and his friends to Asgard once again. Lady Sif and Balder the Brave come and help Heimdall while Thor demands to know what Loki is doing. He says that his time being Thor's understudy is over. He explains how he let the Frost Giants into Asgard all those months ago to ruin Thor's crowning ceremony. How that lead to him discovering his true heritage and their father entering Odinsleep, that he will prove his worth as heir by destroying Jotunheim along with all the Frost Giants. He will be greatest King Asgard had ever had. Thor says he doesn't want to do this, but he will fight his brother for the betterment of the realm. Loki asked how Thor became so disgraceful, asking if it was the humans on Midguard he stayed with. But Thor affirms it wasn't just them, it was everyone. They taught him a lesson he could never learn from war, that he won't let the Kingdom stay ignorant of it any longer. The two engage in an epic duel and Loki uses the Casket of Ancient Winters to freeze the Bifrost beam in place on Jotunheim.

Loki uses his dark magic and the might of his Scepter to try and trick Thor in their battle, but Thor's strength and superior wits eventually overwhelms Loki and has him pinned to the ground by laying Mjolnir on him. He taunts Thor saying the Bifrost Beam is almost done destroying the Jotunheim. It's too late to shut it off or stop the surge of power. Thor proceeds to grab Mjolnir off of Loki and flies right into the Bifrost blast and begins using his Hammer and durability to start reflecting the destructive energy back into itself. Loki screams out that it's enough energy to shatter mountains, he'll never survive. Thor claims he has to do it. Loki responds it's not worth it for those monsters but he argues back the people of Jotunheim are no monsters! Thor successfully resists the pain and re-channels the energy which causes the Bifrost observatory shell to shatter in a large explosion that almost knock both Thor and Loki off the bridge. Thor tries to hang on with one hand, and Loki onto his leg. But due to being weakened from reflecting the beam almost slips into the vacuum of the cosmos before Odin himself is revealed to have awakened and grabs them, standing on the Bifrost trying to hold both his sons up.

Loki says he could've done it, been the greatest King Asgard has ever known, Odin simply tells him "no". The Mischief God then simply looks at them and despite Thor's pleas to grab on and come up Loki lets go and falls down, much to Thor's dismay. Afterwards, Odin is King of Asgard once again and is talking to Frigga while Asgardian workers re-build the Bifrost Observatory. Odin says to her that Asgard's finest were able to hold back many of the Frost Giant attacks and with the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters and a new dynasty elected to rule Jotunheim, all should likely return to prosperity in only a matter of months. Frigga says Loki had still caused an indescribable amount of damage to Jotunheim. Odin agrees and says he must remain King for the foreseeable future, that even though Thor had learned much in his time secluded in Midguard he still has a long journey to go before he can truly take the throne. Lady Sif and Balder are training, but notice Thor is feeling intense melancholy and contemplate it. Sif theorizing that he longs for his brother's guidance again, but even then something else might be bothering him.

Near the Bifrost Bridge Thor is looking down in the Cosmos, where Loki fell, missing him and feeling sorry. Heimdall comes to comfort him and says that his brother is a strong man, he would likely survive even the harshness of the Yggdrasil. But Thor says he is not just upset about Loki but about Midguard. He understands as a Prince he has many duties everywhere in the realms, but he longs to visit again. He learned how complex their world is and thinks he could help them, truly act like a god worth worshipping, even see Jane again. Heimdall tells him a desire for philanthropy is the sign of a compassionate soul, he might just make a good King yet. This seems to make Thor happy as he tells Heimdall "Thank you". Thor then walks over to his father watching over Asgard, standing by his side. Thor says he has experienced a lot in these months but still has much to achieve and he hopes to one day make his father proud of his actions. Odin tells Thor that he has already done it. It shows on Earth Jane Foster and Marcus Stone publishing their paper on Asgard and the Norse Mythology, as well its connection to the Rosen-Einstein Bridge turning it into Culver University, being accepted by the scientific community there. Back in Asgard, Thor sighs. He reaches his hand out and Mjolnir flies right into his hand. He holds it, sheaths it to his side and smiles.

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Teasing The Avengers

Loki wakes up on a dark, metallic world. He quickly re-orients himself before being confronted a bunch of small, gray, reptilian aliens. Loki mutters "Annakul, homeworld of the Chitauri". The Chitauri then start taking their weapons out preparing to attack, but Loki quickly tells them to stop. After informing them who he is and they all instantly put their guns away and bow to him.


  • Balder the Brave, is Thor's Cousin in the MCU, this is because Kenneth Branagh thought having a third son of Odin and Frigga might distract from the Thor-Loki relationship and be difficult to write around.
  • Similar to the comics, Thor's hammer Mjolnir is powered from a harsh cosmic storm Odin himself contained within a metal called Uru. Though, it appears the hammer was forged by the Dwarves of Nidavellier through their own mystical skill, not needing the heat of a supernova to smelt it.
  • On Earth, Thor spends the majority of his time in Broxton, Oklahoma. In the comics the location plays an important role in Thor's Mythos. As it is the location of Asgard after the original realm was destroyed in a Ragnarok cycle.
  • Thor uses the name Donald Blake, as a civilian. In the comics, that is the name of the first Thor when he was disguised as a mortal on Earth. His occupation is inspired by Thor's other Pseudonym, Sigurd Jarlson. Who too, acted as a construction worker.
  • Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell work for the same organization that appeared in Black Widow and Hawkeye, Iron Man 2, & The Incredible Hulk 2 respectively called S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Marcus Stone in the comics is an officer for the NYPD who physically challenged the Thor villain Ulik the Rock Troll after defeating the God of Thunder and his ally Hercules.
  • It is revealed in the film that the Asgardians were descended from humans and achieved their God-like attributes after consuming the Golden Apples of Idunn. Which in the comics have no such ability to transform ordinary humans into Gods.
  • Thor describes the Destroyer Armor having been created by Odin to fight off "Mad Titans and World Eaters". Both of which are notorious titles for the Celestial Marvel supervillains Thanos and Galactus respectively. The latter was considered part of the Fantastic Four IP and not cinematically able to be used by Marvel Studios, nonetheless the quote stayed in the film.
  • In Odin's Vault Room a large Tuning Fork and the Warlock's Eye can be seen in the collection. Two notoriously powerful artifacts from the comics used by Thor during his many adventures.
  • Annakul, the homeworld of the Chitauri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is named after what the Chitauri are sometimes referred to as in the Ultimate Comics.
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