Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 live-action superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. It is the twenty-second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the sequel to Thor: The Dark World. It was released worldwide November 3rd 2017.


In 2013, after the successful premiere of Thor: The Dark World, Chris Hemsworth was enthusiastic about portraying the Thor character with director Alan Taylor once again to finish the trilogy. Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox too wanted a sequel and desired to have it be based on the classic Ragnarok saga. In particular, they wanted the film to be heavily ingrained in Norse Mythology and feel like a true fantasy epic akin to Lord of the Rings. The third Thor movie was rumored to be released May 2017 but Alan Taylor's schedule was unable to commit to that time slot and, both the cast and producers wanting him involved in the sequel, simply delayed the release date.

At Comic Con Summer 2015 the schedule for Phase 3 was announced and Thor sequel was confirmed to be titled Thor: Ragnarok with an official release date of November 2017. The rumored villains were numerous with Amora the Enchantress being a popular guess. However, it was later revealed with the casting of Cate Blanchett that the main villain of the film would be the Goddess Hela. Kevin Feige even going on to explain that she would be less like her mythological and comic counterparts, as her Domain of controlling Death would resemble Thanos (who was slated to be the main villain of Avengers 3) too closely. The Valkyries and Fire Demons were also confirmed at Comic Con 2016 by Taylor himself to appear in some large capacity as well.

Filming began in late 2016 and Thor: Ragnarok was ultimately released on schedule November 3rd 2017.


  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Cate Blanchett as Hela the God Butcher
  • Karl Urban as Skurge/Executioner
  • David Warner as Surtur
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  • Katheryn Winnick as Brunnhilde/Valkyrie
  • Jaime Alexander as Lady Sif
  • Stellan Skarsgard as Heimdall
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Beta Ray Bill
  • Lynn Cohen as Volla
  • Peter Dinklage as Eitri
  • Anthony Hopkins as Odin
  • Charles Dance as Ymir
  • Jennifer Hale as World Serpent (Voice)
  • Holt McCallany as Volstagg
  • Josh Dallas as Faendral
  • Tadanobu Asano as Hogun
  • Rene Russo as Frigga
  • Clive Russell as Tyr
  • Vladimir Kulich as Bor
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange (Cameo)


The film starts with Loki narrating how eons ago Odin travelled to Nornheim alongside his betrothed, the beautiful Hela, where they were to learn their fates by reading the sacred the Tablet of Time. It then shows Odin pick up the glowing green tablet where instead of reading the runes sees images of himself becoming the glorious All-Father of Asgard. Odin passes the Tablet to Hela who sees images of herself becoming the Goddess of Evil much to the horror of all who witnessed it. Loki further narrates that Hela's fate was to become a tyrant, the Goddess of evil, harbinger of the end times, Ragnarok! The communion between her and Odin was then terminated and Hela sentenced to death for her future transactions against the Nine Realms. Using her skills as a warrior however, Hela resisted persecution and fought back killing any who tried to take her, earning the name God-Butcher. It shows clips of Hela summoning deadly Necroblades to fight off entire armies of Asgardians. Loki narrates again that Hela became resentful to those who hated her, ironically embracing her role as Goddess of Evil because of it. She forged an alliance with the Frost Giants to bring about Ragnarok, believing that since the Nine Realms were born from Ice they would end in it.

The Frost Giant War against Asgard eventually ended with Odin himself fighting and killing Hela the God-Butcher. Odin for thousands of years ruled Asgard as it's indisputable King and All-Father just as fate foretold, but this era is coming to an end, prophecy can only last so long as King Loki will see to it the inescapable destiny of Asgard's destruction is soon foretold. In the present, Loki is in the library looking over the old texts foretelling Hela's history until Tyr comes in and he quickly shapeshifts into Odin again. "Odin" asks Tyr what the meaning of this interruption is and the All-Father's brother exclaims that the Norns refuse to give over the Tablet of Time to Asgard. Odin then insists it will be taken by force then.

The title and credits role THOR: RAGNAROK

In the realm of Nornheim, a land of rugged mountains and stone with no forests in sight, Thor hikes up to the legendary castle of Nornkeep. The structure itself is held up by large tree branches that descend from the sky, the only vegetation in the entire realm. Thor approaches the entrance until being stopped by a group of Hag Witches who tell him he isn't welcomed here. The God of Thunder insists that his father Odin is growing old in his twilight years, he requires their Tablet of Time to restore his strength and continue to maintain order in the realms. The Hag Witches simply respond if he doesn't leave now they will flay him by the stake and eat his flesh. Thor sighs and rhetorically asks if they even heard a word he just said. The Hag Witches then attack and Thor is easily able to fight them off using Mjolnir. After they're all defeated he enters Nornkeep where he sees the Roots connecting through the roof of the structure into a large wooden wall with the Yggdrasil drawn on it.

Suddenly, a Norn named Volla appears behind Thor and tells him the World Tree is what connects the Tablet to all the realms as well as their past, present, and future. Thor says he doesn't want to hurt her but that he cannot leave without the Tablet. Volla raises her hand and grabs the Tablet from its hiding spot (which was simply being invisible in the air). The Norn claiming that she knew he was coming and has no personal connection to that Stone, it's his so long as he desires it. Thor thanks her and chains the Tablet to his back. As he's about to leave, Volla tells Thor that he has chosen many paths in his life but now only one remains. For his actions here have indirectly set off a chain of events that will lead to the coming of Ragnarok. Thor looks to her and says that he knows Ragnarok is inevitable, this Tablet right here though is the key to preserving his father and delaying it for generations to come. Thor is then teleported back to Asgard by Heimdall via the Bifrost. After returning, Heimdall exclaims Odin has been growing impatient and that he should be on his way. Thor finds that unusual but nonetheless takes his advice and flies to where Odin is outside the Palace Gates.

Tyr, Odin's brother, is busy digging through the personal family crypts of Asgardian Citizens pulling their decomposed corpses out and showing them to Odin who constantly claims they're not the right ones. The families begin to protest but Skurge, the Royal Executioner, intimidates and stops them. Thor lands by and asks what's going on here, Frigga is happy to see her son home and Odin looks delighted as well. Thor is about to hug him too, but Odin simply grabs the Tablet off his back instead while telling Tyr and the Executioner that there are still other districts they haven't searched yet. Thor asks Frigga what has happened to father and she explains that even she doesn't know why he's taken a morbid fascination to the decrepit. Thor exclaims that these are sacred burials for families he cannot violate them, she says that he is All Father and his will is law. Lady Sif soon after sees Thor and runs over kissing him, claiming that he was greatly missed during his quest, the God of Thunder exclaims the thought of her kept him warm while traversing the barren hills of Nornheim. The Warriors Three then interrupt their intimate moment by starting to remove Thor's armor. Sif claims she'll come to his quarters later and Faendral realizes they just interrupted something. Volstagg apologizes but Thor tells him it's fine, he and his Lady have all the time they could ever need now.

Act 1

Inside of the palace that night, Loki is in the Throne Room alone eating an apple while looking over the runes written into the Tablet of Time, unable to decipher any of them. He then gets an idea and puts down his apple, holding the Tablet in one hand Loki points the green glowing runes at the apple, allowing Loki to manipulate time itself causing it to be fully eaten and rotting, only to rewind time and make it untouched and fresh. On the other side of the palace, Thor and Sif are in their bedroom together and the Lady asks what's troubling him. Thor confesses that it's his father, digging those burials, remaking the entire city in a new image, he fears what Odin's mind is becoming. Sif assures him the Tablet will be able to heal his degeneration, at least temporarily. Thor claims that physically it could but that it's power requires the strongest mind is resist. Any less and those who use it will descend into pure madness. Sif says that he must find out if Odin is truly losing his wisdom, if he uses it as planned it could it could permanently corrupt any wisdom still within him. Thor tells her she's right and he knows just the person to make the diagnosis.

On Earth, Doctor Strange and Thor are in Iceland walking through a Cave. Stephen tells the God of Thunder if his father really is going crazy the Water of Sights will be able to find out. Thor asks what this is and Strange explains the these waters create a reflection to Asgard. Any who bathe in them can look directly into it, allowing them to see everything. Thor becomes suspicious and asks why Strange would know of such a relic. Stephen bluntly says that it's his job to keep an eye on any and all threats to this dimension, even those who are allies now. Thor accepts Strange's answer and takes off his clothes entering the Water of Sights. After fully submerging himself Thor's eyes turn pure white as he is able to clearly see all of Asgard like never before.

Odin is in the throne room guarded by Skurge while Tyr informs him that he has discovered a secret tomb underneath the Palace, it could contain what he seeks. Odin then walks into the hallway and proceeds to use Gungnir to shatter a hole in the floor, revealing that spot to have been hallow and jumps down landing inside of the hidden tomb. He then shapeshifts into Loki once again where he opens the casket breathing heavily when he lays eyes on the skeleton of Hela the God-Butcher kept inside of it. Loki takes the Tablet of Time out and once again begins rewinding time for the Skeleton, returning flesh and clothing onto it which brings Hela back to life. She slowly gets up and asks what's happening and where she is. Loki tells her Asgard, a tomb, she was dead but he has given her life once again. Hela claims her last memories were fighting Odin in Jotunheim but Loki clarifies Odin is dead. He was weakened after a battle and Loki killed him. Hela grabs Loki by the throat and asks why he would go to all of this trouble for her, she has no love for Asgard and wishes nothing but to see this land in ruins. Loki says that he isn't Asgardian and reveals his true Frost Giant appearance to Hela, she looks into his eyes and puts him down realizing that he is the bastard of Laufey, Loki clarifying her son.

Hela holds his head and says she is sorry for abandoning him. Loki insists it was the only way he could infiltrate the Kingdom. That he has spent so many years longing to rule, but that he's learned these people will never accept him as their King. Hela confirms that he understands her plight then, the only way to save Asgard is to destroy everything and rebuild it in their own image. They both smile at each other and jump out of the tomb. Walking through the palace, the Warriors Three see Loki and are about to attack but Hela summons three Necroblades each one stabbing and killing Volstagg, Faendral, and Hogun. Hela continues walking through the Palace where she's easily able to slay any Guards who get in her way including the Lady Sif. She then walks outside the Gates where Heimdall blows the Gjallerhorn which causes all of Asgard's army, the Einherjar, to assemble. Tyr, the God of War, leads them to confront the God-Butcher and her son. Hela makes a speech that Ragnarok is here, but she will rebuild it as their All-Mother in the great Asgardia, all of them are welcomed to join her, if they swear fealty. Tyr says he will never serve the Goddess of Evil, Loki claims that evil is a matter of perspective.

The Einherjar all start to fight but Hela and Loki are able to literally face the entire army and Tyr by themselves. Skurge the Executioner in the middle begins to turn on his comrades, insisting he serves the throne, and whoever sits on it. Dozens of Einherjar soldiers do the same with Hela and Loki sparing them. Heimdall though is the only loyal fighter remaining and screams out that they are all traitors! He charges but the God-Butcher stabs him with a Necroblade. They then begin walking to the Bifrost Bridge and enter the teleportation chamber where Hela holding Heimdall's sword Hofund claims that they have all the Nine Realms at their mercy now. Frigga takes out a dagger and tries to sneak on the God-Butcher but Hela quickly begins sees her while Executioner breaks Frigga's legs. Loki slowly approaches the wife of Odin on the floor who tells him he will always be her son, the God of Mischief responding but she not his mother and stabs her with Gungnir. Thor inside the Water of Sights then shouts out in agony, quickly getting himself out and putting his clothes back on. Strange asks what he saw and Thor explains that his parents, his lover, his friends, they were all killed!

Doctor Strange asks what about Odin and Thor explains he was Loki disguised by sorcery, a ploy to resurrect his birth mother, Hela, the God-Butcher and catalyst of Ragnarok. He doesn't even have a way to Asgard with Heimdall no longer controlling the Bifrost. Strange takes pity on the God of Thunder and says he can make a portal there, but that Thor has to keep all of this off Earth. Thor nods and Stephen then opens the portal to Asgard, the God of Thunder summoning Mjolnir into his hand flying into it. Hela is speaking to Loki and the Executioner standing amongst the deceased telling them her plans to subjugate the other Nine Realms into accepting Ragnarok. She continues on until Thor flies by and summons lightning directly from his hammer blasting it at all against the God-Butcher. She casually gets up unharmed and recognizes him as Thor, son of Odin, commenting that he doesn't look like him. Thor tells her that she will know the true meaning of fury and vengeance when he lays his wrath upon her. Hela simply responds that he sounds like him. Loki asks how it feels, to have everything you ever loved crash down upon you, to see your enemies sit in glory while you squabble with the rats.

Thor asks Loki how he could do this. Mother and father were good to him, Sif was his friend. The God of Mischief insists none of it was real, they were never a family, never appreciated by Asgard the way he was. He is destined to be a King, and the only way to change that is a fresh start. Hela assures her son he will get all he desires and demands the Executioner slay Thor. Skurge apologizes to him and then begins charging after the God of Thunder who easily bashes him down with Mjolnir. Thor then throws his hammer at Hela who proceeds to grab it Mid-Air. Thor is in shock claiming that's not possible, Hela telling him this useless weapon will do no good fighting what's to come and literally crushes the top of the hammer. Thor tries to fight her barehanded anyway but Hela horribly defeats him with only a meager effort.

Thor and the shattered Mjolnir are then taken from Asgard by something moving in a blur of pure speed. Loki asking where he went and Hela confidently tells him preparing for the final battle. In the vacuum of space Thor is revealed to have been saved by a Valkyrie. She introduces herself as Brunnhilde and that if not for her trusty winged steed, Aragorn, he would've been dead and all hope lost. Thor looks over her shoulder and sees a glowing Hall surrounded by a large field in the middle of space. The God of Thunder asks if that is truly Valhalla, the resting place of the Honored Dead. Does that mean he's... Brunnhilde tells him not quite, all will be explained in due time. Aragorn lands and before Valkyrie can speak Thor runs into the Hall of Fallen where he sees the Warriors Three, Lady Sif, and Frigga all feasting and making merry together. Thor goes over to them and confesses how happy he is to see and spend eternity here in Valhalla. The Warriors Three all chant that their savior has arrived. Sif thanking him for sacrifices and Frigga adding on he has honored their family. Thor insists that he doesn't understand and Heimdall tells the God that he is the one who will lead Asgard to salvation. In the final stand against Ragnarok, against Evil. Volstagg begins downing an entire stein in honor of Thor's arrival and Faendral along with Hogun even do the same.

The God of Thunder continues to be disturbed by his friends praise until seeing outside of the Hall in the fields of Folkvangr is Odin sitting by himself. Thor leaves his friends and goes to him, seating himself down next to the All-Father on a long stool. Odin looks into the distance at the vast cosmos surrounding Valhalla and Thor says he is not ready to take his place in the pantheon, to become the God of Gods. Odin responds that fate determines all, not even he can resist it. Hela and Loki's diabolical nature is the fault of no one, not even themselves. They believed it was their destinies to bring about Ragnarok, and that it is Thor's to oppose them.

The God of Thunder insists that he doesn't want to be King. Odin responds that they never truly want it, but that's how they know they're ready. He has spent every moment before his death preparing for this, but even with both eyes Thor still fails to see the full picture. The God of Thunder then turns his head and notices Valkyrie standing behind the Long Stool waiting, Thor gets up and then notices Odin gone, no longer next to him. Valkyrie talks to Thor calling him "my King" and says that the Valkyrior await his command to launch the final siege on Asgard. Thor asks what she believes should be done and Brunnhilde claims her only purpose is to serve the All-Father. That is why she saved him from death, the Norns' Tablet of Time foretold his destiny to succeed his father in Asgard's darkest hour. Thor claims he doesn't know how to beat Hela with no hammer or how to lead an army of warriors he's only heard of in passing.

Valkyrie says it matters not he has a destiny that will be fulfilled either way. Thor looks down at the handle of Mjolnir and what remains of it. Insisting his destiny is to win this battle and he cannot do it with a broken hammer, he must become an All-Father like Odin with a weapon akin to Gungnir. One that is powerful enough to channel the strength of the All-Father magic or even summon the Bifrost at will. Brunnhilde asks how he would find such a thing and Thor says he's asking her. Brunnhilde yells out that is wrong, a Valkyrie cannot teach her All-Father. They follow him and the next step must be his doing. Thor sighs realizing he cannot argue against this and suggests Nidavellir, they must find Eitri the forgemaster and have him restore Mjolnir into a superior weapon. Once that is and he gains the might of the All-Father, they will march into the final battle.

Act 2

In Asgard, Skurge the Executioner is the new guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. In the observatory chamber Hela hails him to use Hofund and teleport her back. Executioner performs his duty and the God-Butcher returns covered in blood. Delighting how all Nine Realms now bend the knee, this conquest has been much easier than she otherwise anticipated. The Executioner then shows off to her objects he had stolen from around the realms in the meantime, including a pair of rifles from Midguard he named Des and Troy respectively. Hela then makes her way into the palace and asks Loki where the Treasure Room is, he proudly shows her and in particular focuses on the Casket of Ancient Winters. Hela claims there was a time she thought Frost would be the undoing of Asgard, but Laufey's constant failure to bring about any real change has proven fate does not decree it. But rather that fire must burn everything down before Asgardia can rise from its ashes, she says approaching a brown chalice that houses a flickering flame. Loki says that's the Eternal Flame from Muspelheim, Odin told him stories that his father, Bor, stole it from a mountain sized fire demon called Surtur. Hela asks how Bor defeated such a thing and Loki says he didn't, he simply trapped his essence in the flame, only able to be reborn if his crown is dipped within it. Hela simply smiles looking deep into the Eternal flame until it shows on Nidavellir.

Thor and Valkyrie notice that the Neutron Star has gone out and all the Dwarves are dead except for Eitri. Thor asks him what happened, he shouts out that the God-Butcher brought Ragnarok upon them. He made her the Necroblade long ago when she was betrothed to Odin, she was so kind then. Not capable of killing three hundred dwarves. Thor says he is sorry and Valkyrie says that Asgard has fallen as well, Thor is now the All-Father and he needs Eitri's help, the God of Thunder then proceeding to show him the broken Mjolnir. Eitri then laughs psychotically and shows bleeding stumps where his hands once were. Claiming he can't help him, this truly is the end of everything. Brunnhilde appears hopeless and Thor looking at both of them says that before the Dwarves built the Star Forge there were many great weapons used throughout history, how did they make them. Eitri says that they would use harvest Uru from the Yggdrasil's sap using the Well of Mimir. Thor claims than that is what he must do, Eitri says no Asgardian has done such a thing since Odin's youth. The world tree is inaccessible by normal means. Thor insists if the Asgardians of old journeyed there then a path must be available somewhere. Valkyrie tells him there is one who knows the way to the World Tree, Ymir. Thor clarifies that she is talking about the first Frost Giant Ymir, hidden in the deepest reaches of Jotunheim. Brunnhilde adds on he will need to cross the Sea of Eternal Night to find Ymir's resting place.

Eitri claims it's a gargantuan task but Thor says he'll do it, he must become All-Father to combat Ragnarok and if this be his destiny, then he will ride through the chill and confront the ancient giant. Brunnhilde claims that Aragorn can take him there, she must continue to train the other Valkyrie, wishing him good tidings insisting that he'll need it. Back in Asgard, a group of citizens notice the Executioner at the end of the Bifrost sleeping. They each give each other a signal and put on masks before charging across the Bifrost Bridge stealing Hofund from the observatory alter, most of them are able to escape but Skurge wakes in time and with his axe cuts a couple down. Hela is sitting on the throne until the Executioner comes in with the Einherjar guards holding the shot civilians and informs her that they have a mutiny on their hands. Hela seems unimpressed by it but Skurge informs her that they stole the Heimdall's Sword, Hofund. They have no means to access the Bifrost now. Hela's grin disappears after that and she says to come with her and bring the prisoners. Executioner and the Einherjar follow Hela down into the dungeons and goes to the last room in the hall. Claiming that Fenris was a good dog, Odin had no shame in locking him away just because he feared his power. She and him are alike in that way.

Hela lowers the force field and the Skurge forces the prisoners inside the huge pitch black cell. The God-Butcher brings up the force field again and inside can be heard screams and something being torn apart. Skurge claims the beast has their scent now, they were all wearing those same masks, she could send him to find and sick the rest. Hela tells him that's a marvelous idea and it shows outside the Palace a large gate open and the 30 foot long Fenris Wolf emerges letting out a roar that can be heard throughout all of Asgard. In the forests outside the city, the escaped rebels are running as fast as they can until being confronted by Beta Ray Bill who takes Hofund claiming that he knows this was a great risk and thanks them for doing it. They claim it's worth it to stop Hela and Loki from destroying everything they know. Bill tells them to come with him, they'll be given food and shelter along with the other refugees. He then uses Stormbreaker to fly them high in the air and brings the rebels to the massive Korbinite vessel Skuttlebutt, which is parked on the other side of the Asgard.

Thor is walking through a Jotun village hidden by a shawl until being recognized by some Frost Giant fishermen who inform the entire community of who he is. They all begin to yell and throw their belongings at him, blaming him for all the hardship their realm has suffered. A group of angry Giants stand in Thor's way, the God of Thunder insisting he doesn't want any trouble but them claiming to have all lost family when the Bifrost blast came and destroyed entire continents of Jotunheim, Thor says that wasn't him but they don't care insisting he will be punished for it. Thor tries to summon Mjolnir but nothing comes, looking down he sees the handle and broken head remembering his hammer was no more. The Frost Giants begin attacking and Thor tries to fight back only using his fists with mixed results eventually confessing that he only wants to sail the Sea of Eternal Night. They all stop fighting after hearing that saying it's suicide to go through those waters. Only the most experienced Jotuns can sail it, an outsider like him won't last. Thor tells them then they have nothing to lose then, if he is truly doomed his fate will serve as retribution. The Frost Giants appear satisfied with his logic and give Thor a small boat with two paddles, sending him off without a word.

Brunnhilde is in Valhalla until other Valkyries approach her and claim that their swords are becoming dull and armor brittle. Brunnhilde notices it and looks around seeing the wood in the Hall of the Fallen rotting and the Fields of Folkvangr are turning brown. She says how the All-Father's magic must be weaning and Valhalla's youthful vigor with it. Thor should've lead them into battle before this happened. The Valkyries observe he shows nothing of what prophecy said he should. When he was here Thor acted like nothing more than a prancing child, lacking the wisdom or strength needed to lead the Valkyrior through Ragnarok. Brunnhilde exclaims the Tablet of Time foretold it, she must speak with the masters of Destiny to find out the meaning of this. There's nothing that can't be explained, not without the proper investigation. Valkyrie then goes to the holding pens and releases Aragorn, mounting the steed and flying him off of Valhalla.

The God of Thunder is sleeping in his boat on the Sea of Eternal Night, letting the current simply drift him forward. Thor is then suddenly woken up and in the sea fog starts to see and hear strange noises that unsettle him. Thor then looks into the water and sees the dead bodies of the fallen Asgardians floating alongside his boat, in particular Lady Sif who he picks up and hugs promising she will be avenged and never forgotten. Suddenly, a bunch of Draugr zombies with glowing green eyes begin emerging from the water and climbing onto the boat as well. Thor starts to become terrified trying to kick them off but the Draugr keep coming and dog pile the God of Thunder. Instead of violently attacking him they simply get in his face and taunt Thor telling him this is the future of all he holds dear. He responds that they're wrong! He will fix his hammer and learn how to save Asgard, even if he must spend a thousand years alone in this cold strange land to do it. The Draugr respond the choice is no longer his and he screams in terror.

Hela is in the Asgardian palace and the God of Mischief goes to her while the God-Butcher warns him that she doesn't wish to speak right now, and Loki claims that he knows her quest of scouting out a new world to make into Asgardia has been delayed without the use of the Bifrost. But if they are stuck here in the meantime perhaps they should share a drink together, he says pulling out a flask of liquor. Hela is responsive to the idea and they go the dinning hall pouring each other a glass of it. Hela asks her son what it was like growing up in these halls with Odin as his father, Loki explains that there are a lot of fond memories as a matter of fact. One time during his youth he had turned into a snake and that he knew his brother Thor loved snakes, and when he picked him up to admire it Loki reverted back into his true form and shouted "Blegh! It's me!" Hela is amused by the story and Loki asks her what it was like being here so long ago as part of the Royal court. Hela insists that she was beloved, had everything she could've wanted. But when her place in the Pantheon was revealed by that cursed Tablet her fate was sealed. She never even so much as hurt a fly before that, and now they were treating her as a being of pure evil. Asgard groomed her into this, and they will reap what they sow. Loki insists he's felt the same way his entire life. When he was a babe Odin saw his fate in the Tablet of Time as well, a Trickster they deemed him, a sniveling troublemaker. Deprived of the throne on top of all that just because was happened to be a Frost Giant. Odin would claim this was predetermined, but how would he know.

Hela observes perhaps that's the curse of their family. Blamed for simply born and hated for desiring more. Loki says he spent his entire life thinking he was the only one who felt this way and Hela insists he's not. He is no trickster or Frost Giant to her, but rather a glorious prince who will lead at her side. Loki tells his mother that he loves her and they both hug one another. On the Sea of Eternal Night, Thor looks weak and miserable continuing to paddle until his boat reaches an iceberg. He gets off and starts walking through the Iceberg navigating through the harsh winds and snow until finally seeing a giant Ice Throne and Ymir, the original Frost Giant covered completely in white snow, sitting on it. Thor shouts out his name and says he requires passage to the Yggdrasil. Ymir stands up and asks why he would show such things to a youngling like himself. Thor proclaims it is needed to stop Ragnarok and save the Nine Realms from certain doom. Ymir says he remembers when the land he speaks, what they call Asgard, was created from the cold air of Jotunheim and the warm air of Muspelheim, a domain of perfect harmony. Thor asks why he is telling him this and Ymir insists Surtur wanted to engulf Asgard in fire but he was proud of what was created. He proudly joined their Nine Realms because those who lived in it, the descendants of Buri, had proven their strength and valor. If he is to play a part in subduing Ragnarok, Thor must do the same!

Ymir attacks and the God of Thunder begins to fight him. The ancient Frost Giant is too strong though and is easily able to beat Thor in battle. Ymir holds him down and begins to start freezing him with his breathe until Thor starts to get visions of himself in the Fields of Folkvangr with the Tablet of Time in front of him. He looks down at it and sees the runes, surprisingly able to temporarily understand and interpret a few of them. Translating those mere few words Thor feels a surge of power flowing through him. In Jotunheim once again, his eyes start to glow as he is able to punch Ymir off with a super powered lightning punch. Ymir gets up and tells Thor it has been too long since he's faced a worthy opponent, the God asks if the Frost Giant will grant him what he seeks. Ymir sings out a soft melody that causes the two Ravens Munin and Hugin to fly over and physically lift Thor off the ground with their talons high into the air and drop him off at the base of the literal Yggdrasil world tree. Munin and Hugin fly away and God of Thunder begins his pilgrimage climbing up the trunk.

Act 3

In Nornheim, Valkyrie rides Aragorn to the top of a mountain, her steed weakening from the All-Father's failing magic and collapses once reaching their destination. Brunnhilde shows grief over Aragorn's pain and tells him he has done well. She then walks inside of a collection of Norn Stones dotted in a large circle. Once inside, Brunnhilde announces that she wishes to speak to the three Norns Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi. The Three Norns suddenly appear as large ethereal spirits inside the stone circle who ask the Valkyrie what knowledge she seeks. Brunnhilde says of the end times, that peering into the Tablet of Time it foretold Ragnarok would one day come and Thor, Odin's first born, would lead them to salvation. That time is now but the Valkyrior stand alone with Thor rejecting his duty. The Norns respond that the Tablet of Time is an ever flowing stream that moves in all directions at once. As are all the stones of Infinity, the infinite six that cannot be brought together nor kept apart. Thor will take the mantle of All-Father but that will not stop the destruction she fears. Valkyrie asks how they conquer Ragnarok then and the Norns say they transcended their bodies using the Time Stone and have floated on its streams seeing countless pasts, presents, and futures. The one they dwell in now will lead to Ragnarok, but no further. Valkyrie asks if it's hopeless then and the Norns disappear.

Brunnhilde walks out of the Norn Stone circle and sees Volla waiting for her, who says that time is relative. While she's begging the three wise ones on what's to come so never never realized that the answers all lie in the past. Brunnhilde dismisses her as a foolish old woman and that the Norns themselves admitted Ragnarok is inevitable. Her riddles will change none of that or what fate has planned for all of them. In Asgard, the Fenris Wolf is running through the city until approaching the Executioner. Through snarls and growls the wolf communicates with Skurge that he has located the rebellion on the other side of Asgard. It then cuts to the Einherjar preparing for the assault and Loki tells them all he will be leading them in glorious battle. He then mounts Fenris and rides him guiding Executioner and the Einherjar to the rebels. On the other side of Asgard, Skuttlebutt is still parked with Beta Ray Bill inside of it managing the Korbinites and the Asgardian refugees until they all hear an army marching forward outside and Fenris Wolf begins bitting his powerful jaw into Skuttlebutt as it tries to fly away and all the Einherjar begin to attack. Beta Ray Bill instructs the pilots to drive the ship away from here, save those victimized by Hela's tyranny.

Bill then flies down to Asgard along with a handful of Korbinite warriors to confront Loki and the Einherjar. Loki uses Gungnir to fight Beta Ray Bill, asking him why he's returned to Asgard, these people don't concern him. Bill exclaims that Thor was there for him when Korbin was no more, he owes him and his people a life debt. Stormbreaker is no match for Gungnir and Executioner begins using Des and Troy to start blasting away at Korbinites, insisting they'll love the taste of premium Asgardian steel. Loki defeats Beta Ray Bill and pins him to the ground demanding to know where he has Hofund. Bill taunts him until Loki realizes it's on Skuttlebutt, which Fenris is continuing to attack but due to the ship is flying away the Wolf can't hang on and ends up falling into space. While Loki is distracted watching the event unfold Beta Ray Bill calls Stormbreaker which hits the God of Mischief off of him and allows the Korbinite to escape into the forest. Loki quickly gets up and commands the Executioner to find him and Skurge runs off following Bill's tracks.

On the Yggdrasil, Thor finally climbs to the branches with nothing higher but leaves and stars. He walks forward only to see the old and dilapidated Well of Mimir completely dry and empty of anything. In anger over believing the journey was in vein Thor starts beating at the bark and screams out asking why he has been forsaken, what more do they want from him!? Thor continues shouting in rage until he hears something hissing and sees the World Serpent engulfs the entire Yggdrasil with her head peering at the top in front of him. She says only the truly mad or hardened of spirit can traverse the perilous roads that lead to the World Tree. Thor takes out Mjolnir's handle and the pebbles that remain of its head insisting that he must remake his hammer in the ways of the All-Fathers to save Asgard, but there is nothing here to fix it. The World Serpent insists that he must open his eyes for everything he needs is right here with them. Thor tells her to stop speaking to him in riddles. Ragnarok is here and the Well of Mimir has gone dry, without the World Tree's sap Mjolnir can never be remade. The World Serpent asks why he won't simply let Ragnarok come then, perhaps this is truly the end of Asgard, his folly merely the result of trying to delay the inevitable. Thor says he will not accept that as the undeniable truth, World Serpent responding that he accepted Destiny when it claimed he was meant to be the All-Father yet he rejects the same source when it describes his failure. Thor insists to her so long as there is life in his breast he will not give up on everything he has left. If Destiny sees to it that Ragnarok is inevitable than he will die on his feet fighting it until he can no more.

The World Serpent comments Odin was never this stubborn when he made the voyage. Perhaps he was wise to save his breathe, the Well of Mimir never overflowed for any who came, they had to sacrifice something from themselves to taste the might of the Yggdrasil's Uru. Thor remembers that Odin gave up his right eye to learn the wisdom needed to become All-Father. Thor then reaches into his head and plucks his own eye out dropping it into the Well of Mimir yet nothing happens. The World Serpent explains Thor sacrificed nothing, that gesture alone is empty! Odin has already given that up for his quest. In order for Thor to complete his he must carve his own path, one of both strength and wisdom. Thor asks what else she wants and then realizes what he must do, plucking out his other eye and dropping it down the Well. Thor shouts out what good has this done, now he is blind. The World Serpent tells him that only now can his desire be truly seen. The Well of Mimir begins to overflow with liquid Uru sap from the Yggdrasil which begins shaping itself into a Winged Helmet that Thor places onto himself. He claims that with this on he can now sense his surroundings and takes Mjolnir's handle dipping its head into the Well and personally shapes the Uru into a new hammer with an axe shaped tip! Thor picks it up claiming that Mjolnir now has the power of all the Nine Realms flowing through it.

Thor then lifts Mjolnir into the air and uses it to summon the Bifrost teleporting himself and Valkyrie, who's stranded on Nornheim, to Valhalla. Brunnhilde notices that Valhalla has been fully rejuvenated along with Aragorn, realizing that Thor must have the power of an All-Father now, his journey is complete. She along with all the other Valkyries bow to him and Thor tells the entire Hall that the glorious battle of Ragnarok is soon to be upon them. Which means they will soon be moving on from their long joyous rest in Valhalla. But that he promises all the fallen heroes that sit in this hall will be avenged when he launches his axe deep into Hela's chest taking her progeny with her! Thor then personally says goodbye to the Warriors Three, Heimdall, and Frigga. He then goes to the Lady Sif claiming how he wishes he could see her face one last time. She holds his hand and tells Thor to simply feel her and remember. Outside in the Fields of Folkvangr, Odin is looking in on the entire scene, not joining nor saying anything.

Beta Ray Bill is running through the forests of Asgard until seeing Skuttlebutt floating above him, the Korbinites and Asgardians inside trying to save him. Bill claims that they must sacrifice him and leave now, Hofund cannot go into Hela's hands. Unfortunately, in the midst of their arguing giant Necroblades emerge into Skuttlebutt severely damaging the vessel as it shows that they were produced by Hela miles away in the city. Beta Ray Bill in anger flies Stormbreaker to the city and confronts the God-Butcher outside the palace. She tells Loki to keep the throne warm for her as she and Bill begin fighting one another. Hela overpowers him and taunting Bill that the rise of Asgardia is inevitable, just as the destruction of Korbin was. She'll get that sword even if she has to kill every last one of his people to do it. Skuttlebutt starts trying to fly away but due to its damage collapses near the shoreline where the Executioner follows them. Skurge along with a legion of Einherjar are about to start slaughtering until they hear a glorious battle cry from the heavens called out as Thor riding his chariot pulled by the goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder is armed with Mjolnir leading all the Valkyrior into Ragnarok while this plays. Hela throws Bill to the side and mutters that the end is here.

The Valkyries engage in an all out war with Hela's Einherjar liberating the Korbinites at the shoreline while Skurge surrenders and tries to swear his loyalty to Thor now, the Valkyries though see through his cowardice and kill him anyway. Thor uses Mjolnir's new blade to easily slice through the hostile forces and summon a giant bolt of lighting to Hela which launches her away from the palace as he lands and helps Beta Ray Bill. Bill is amazed to see Thor again and asks what happened to his eyes, the God of Thunder claiming he sacrificed them to fulfill his destiny. To save Asgard and confront his brother for the last time. Bill runs off to help the Valkyrie while Thor goes into the Throne room seeing Loki sitting there holding Gungnir. Thor says he has no right to sit in that chair. The God of Mischief claims neither does he, but Thor insists he is the All-Father now. Their competition for the Kingdom is over, he won. Loki responds that it was rigged from the start! This game they were playing was never truly a competition, they were both raised to be Kings but only he ever had a chance to rule. All the Nine Realms use fate and the Tablet of Time as excuses because they're afraid of the future being unknown to them. It would be chaos, mischief even. Yet despite knowing what was to come they will still meet their end in Ragnarok! Thor throws his hammer at Loki but it phases right through him the axe end breaking into the chair. It was an illusion and the real Loki jumps out blasting Thor with Gungnir as he summons back Mjolnir and they engage in battle.

Outside, Hela is at the Bifrost Bridge surrounded by Valkyries and Korbinites. She says how those Asgardian armies were worthless, if want something done right, you must do it yourself. She then launches dozens of individual Necroblades at Brunnhilde leading the Valkyrior against her in a beautiful slow motion shot. Many Valkyries and Korbinites are slain by the God-Butcher's onslaught. Hela then proceeds to summon a giant Necroblade which finds Fenris Wolf floating in space and carries him all the way back to Asgard. There he attacks Beta Ray Bill who wrestles him into the water while Valkyrie tries to fight Hela, fairly poorly against the Goddess of Evil. In the palace, Thor isn't doing much better claiming that he doesn't understand, Mjolnir is more powerful than ever and Loki insists Gungnir was forged in the same vein. The God of Mischief eventually overpowers Thor and is able to chop his head clean off. Fenris Wolf in the water is fighting with Beta Ray Bill and is able to sink his teeth into his flesh. Valkyrie tries to continue fighting Hela but gets exhausted and stabbed by an ensemble of Necroblades. The God-Butcher then quickly goes into the wreckage of Skuttlebutt and finds Hofund at last. Hela calls out to Loki that they must march to Ragnarok! He finds Surtur's Crown in the Palace treasure room and places it into the Eternal Flame, claiming with this Flame Surtur will be free to smite the stars and bring Twilight to the gods! Loki then takes a skiff to Hela at the Bifrost where they both notice the Palace implode as Surtur in his true mountain sized form bursts out of it burning everything to the ground. Hela places Hofund into the Bifrost Observatory telling Loki Asgard will be nothing but a distant memory soon, with the entire universe at their fingertips to make home anew, they then use the Bifrost to teleport away.

Surtur stabs his Twilight Sword deep into the heart of Asgard causing the entire plane to violently explode in a burst of fiery glory. Everything explodes until there's nothing but empty space with the Time Stone floating in the middle of it. The Time Stone then begins to glow brightly as it starts to rewind time first returning its stone tablet casing before completely remaking Asgard as Surtur's destruction is played in reverse along with Hela and Loki's fights. Thor has a brief flash of the Tablet rune again and is able to miraculously break out of the rewind but doesn't understanding what's happening. The rewind start gaining momentum the further it goes and eventually starts rewinding through all the events of the previous films and beyond all the way until thousands of years in the past. Thor wanders in a daze before realizing he's standing in ancient Asgard, having literally just traveled through time! It then shows Thor's grandfather, Bor, and his Einherjar fleet take out their weapons and demand to know who he is, he exclaims that he is Bor's Grandson from the future. The Tablet of Time has created some sort of Temporal paradox, resetting the timeline to this point after elapsing a certain period. Bor simply claims Ragnarok and that it worked! Thor is indeed his grandson. Bor hugs him and comments that he's not as firm as he would've liked, but with those battle scars (referring to his eye patches) he must be deadly in combat. He then commands his Einherjar to take him and his kin to the palace.

Inside the old palace, Bor walks into a rugged throne room and sits down. Thor clarifies that he is the one who caused this time loop. Bor confirms that he did, Surtur will be victorious, the Norns foresaw it. In order to save Asgard he used the Infinity Stone of Time to set a loop. When Surtur brings Ragnarok upon them everything will be reset to this moment. How Thor was able to escape it though is a quagmire indeed. The God of Thunder says that isn't right, not natural, life is a flowing stream not a tapestry that weaves in on itself. They must learn how to defeat Surtur permanently, not settle for whatever this is. Bor asks him why, Surtur is beyond all of them in sheer power, never to be killed. Ragnarok will fall on them eventually and this time loop is the only way their Kingdom can be preserved. Thor responds he will not accept it, Ragnarok cannot be the only way. Bor says it's destiny, since discovering Nornheim and the Time Stone he has learned so much of his fate and what will come. That he will raise a brilliant Kingdom that in multiple millenia will be destroyed. Except Ragnarok is no longer the end, he has made it a cycle, and with it the means to make his legacy last forever. Thor realizes he's a fanatic, blinded by these visions of the future he cannot even look for a solution right in front of him. Observing that Odin had learned it from Bor, and Thor himself from Odin.

Thor summons Mjolnir again and begins walking out of the palace. Bor asks where he's going and Thor claims unlike him he will confront his problems head on, if Surtur is the end of Asgard, they must end Surtur first. Bor warns him that's suicide but Thor summons the Bifrost teleporting himself Muspelheim despite his grandfather's objections. There, the God of Thunder flies across the orange fog covered volcanic lands until getting attacked by a bunch of Magma-like Fire Demons on who he's able to dispatch easily at first, but begin to dog pile him until Thor falls unconscious. Inside of a large cave, Thor wakes up bound by chains dangling upside down with his helmet off, and therefore unable to see, only to be confronted by Surtur himself. He says that he has lived through Ragnarok more times than he could ever count in his entire lifetime. But never once in any of them, at this moment, has Muspelheim been visited by him. Surtur drags his Twilight Sword on the ground getting close to Thor saying that he escaped Ragnarok, the first Asgardian that ever has. Thor responds that he will never be able to claim victory over their destruction so long as even one of them survives. Now he's part of the time loop and an eternally engraved in the cycle.

Surtur is enraged by his words and says the beauty of free will is that the ones with power can decide how the story ends. The massive Fire Demon raises his Twilight Sword burning the God of Thunder in his chains yelling that the fires of the Twilight Sword burn hotter than the surface of the sun, even with the might of an All-Father he cannot resist it for long. Thor begins to shout in agony as his flesh singes and the life drains from him. As he begins to die, Thor has a vision of himself in the Fields of Folkvangr once again, his eyes fully restored and with Odin standing over him. Thor confesses that he was a fool to think he could stop Surtur or Hela and Loki. That he has failed and Asgard will forever be trapped in the snare of Ragnarok. Destiny was wrong, and their obedience to it lead to the ruin of everything.

Odin says that was the final lesson he needed to learn, the one he only understood by the time he lost the throne. Thor asks what that is and Odin claims the Tablet of Time isn't an all encompassing truth, it simply reveals what one has inside of them. He isn't meant to be King because the Tablet foretold it as his destiny, he's meant to be King because he is a great man. The runestone Tablet was chosen by the Norns to house their Time Stone for a reason, a protective measure, a test if you will, to block its infinite knowledge from those who could not see past the limitations of linear fate. Thor claims he doesn't have the Tablet of Time with him now, he couldn't read its runes even if he wanted to. Odin though insists time is relative, from one perspective he hasn't been born yet and from another he's already read it. Thor then looks down and sees the Tablet in front of him, claiming that he's not as strong as him but Odin insists he's stronger. Thor picks up the Tablet of Time and is able to see past the green energy and look directly into the runes able to understand and read all of them. With that knowledge Thor becomes something beyond All-Father, a Rune King!

In Muspelheim, Thor's eye patches fall off as his eyes are filled up glowing light blue with electricity as he starts to heal from the Twilight Sword's fire. He then bursts out of the chains and easily summons Mjolnir back to him using his Rune induced knowledge to fight against Surtur and finally destroy the Fire Demon with an all powerful God Blast. Once the dust of the explosion settles Thor is no longer glowing and it is revealed his physical eyes have returned, seeing all that's left of Surtur is merely his crown. Thor picks it up and summons the Bifrost to teleport him back to Asgard throwing Surtur's crown at Bor's feet, who's is in shock over the fact he actually defeated the Fire Demon. Thor calmly commands Bor to store the Crown, tell any who ask that Surtur's essence was trapped in the Eternal Flame, he cannot risk contaminating the chain of events in his timeline by taking credit for this feat. Bor asks what has come of him and he claims the runes have given him insight into what must be done, to ensure the survival and prosperity of Asgard, for as many years as they've lost. Bor says that in his timeline Asgard's been destroyed and Thor simply responds that time is relative. He then teleports into Nornkeep where the Tablet of Time is kept, he goes to it and places his hand on the Tablet disabling the loop. He then sees Volla standing there and says the Runes spoke many truths to him, but she still remains a mystery, was this all her doing. Volla smiles and responds he did this. Thor then uses the Tablet to fast forward time all the way to the present.

Loki is shown putting Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame, reciting the chant but nothing happens and the God of Mischief realizes it was a myth, Surtur is long dead and this crown is worthless! Thor's body in the throne room then begins to sparkle with lightning as he literally gets up and reattaches his head to his shoulders, eyes fully glowing. Thor then flies out of the Palace all the way to Fenris Wolf. Who's in the process of biting Beta Ray Bill until Thor uses Rune Magic to physically transmute him into the side of a wall. The Rune King then jumps onto the Bifrost Bridge while Hela is is about to enter the Bifrost Observatory and fights her using Mjolnir. Hela knows he's using the magic of the Runes and simply asks "how" that his fate was to die! Thor says that Destiny holds a leash on him no longer. They fight and the God-Butcher gets easily defeated, Hela screaming it's not fair, this isn't the life she ever wanted. The Goddess of Evil was forced on her, Thor insists though that every choice she made was hers alone and proceeds to slice Hela's head off with Mjolnir's axe, the life draining from her eyes. Thor helps Valkyrie and Beta Ray Bill up and all the Asgardians come out of their hiding places as the dark foggy sky above turns into Asgard's usual blue and sunny. Brunnhilde shouts out for Asgard to behold, their first ever Rune King. May he be destined to rule fair and righteously!

Thor tells her there's no destiny involved. For too long Asgard the law of predetermination have guided them to their doom. But that they have stopped Ragnarok today, and no longer will they follow the words of prophecy and fate. Living the same era over and over again, planning all of their days around what the future holds. Life is about moving forward not stagnating in the past. He has no idea what the future has in store for them now, but he promises the sun will shine on Asgard again. They all cheer and Beta Ray Bill tells the God of Thunder that he's glad that he didn't have to lose his home the same way he did. Thor says Skuttlebutt has been destroyed and Asgard could use help rebuilding, he'd be honored to share this land with the Korbinites as a united people. Weeks later, the Rune King is seen sitting on the throne in the palace. He asks if there has been any news of Loki's whereabouts and the servant claims they've heard nothing from any of their scouts. Thor insists perhaps his brother will never be found again, a relief more than anything as he doesn't even know where he would say to him after all that's transpired. Brunnhilde then comes in and informs her King that it's time for the fallen to receive their final rite of passage.

Outside, it shows Thor and all the citizens of Asgard gathered on a series of large boats near the waterfall. Thor giving a speech that with the passing Ragnarok the fallen will rest in Valhalla forever. They in the realm of the living, will say their final goodbyes. But not to view this as a time of mourning, but of celebration. For their passing on is proof that Asgard has broken the cycle of Ragnarok. Fate is a beautiful ever changing thing. Odin's corpse is then sent off on a funeral pyre floating in the water as Thor shoots a flaming arrow towards it lightning Odin on fire. Pyres for Sif, Heimdall, Frigga, Volstagg, Faendral, and Hogun are sent off as well which the Einherjar shoot flaming arrows towards lighting them on fire. All the pyres then fall off the side of the waterfall as the spirits of the fallen disperse into the stars. The Asgardians and Valkyrior then release balls of glowing light that fill up the entire night sky. Thor looks up to them and slowly begins to close his eyes.

End Credits

Teasing Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Thor pours himself a drink and quickly downs it in one shot. Afterward, he notices the alcohol start replenishing inside his cup as a result of being within the vicinity of the Tablet of Time. He puts the cup down and picks up the Tablet, muttering under his breath it couldn't hurt to have a look and uses the Time Stone to peer into the future. There he sees the Tesseract explode releasing the Space Stone, the Aether releasing the Reality Stone, the Orb releasing the Power Stone, the Heart of Knowledge releasing the Mind Stone, the Staff of Karnic releasing the Soul Stone, and finally the Tablet of Time releasing the Time Stone all resting in a gauntlet shaped cosmic cloud. He quickly summons Mjolnir and teleports to the Sanctum Sanctorum crashing through the staircase. Doctor Strange along with a handful of other Kamar-Taj sorcerers generate spells while slowly approaching. They then see Thor emerge from the rubble who simply says "Thanos is coming" The Doctor responds by simply asking "who?"


  • This film introduces the green Infinity Stone of time. Originally colored orange in the comics.
  • The Uru helmet that Thor wears to sense his surroundings after sacrificing both of his eyes is actually designed in the same way as his classic helmet from the comics. Which until that point had never made an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Hela is an amalgamation between her comic counterpart and another Thor villain Gorr the God-Butcher the former gaining both his title and signature Necroblades. In addition she was changed to be the Goddess of Evil instead of death, in order to avoid confusion with Mistress Death who was confirmed to be appear in future films.
  • In the comics, The Ones who Sit in Shadow are responsible for the cycle of Ragnarok continuing in Asgard ad infinitum. They make no appearance in the film and their role was ultimately given to Bor, albeit, portrayed more sympathetically then they were.
  • In the opening narration, Loki finally answers a series long mystery of what caused the war between Asgard and Jotunheim shown in Thor. The answer is Hela's manipulating Laufey into aggression believing the Jotuns and their connection to ice would bring Ragnarok to Asgard.
  • The hammer Thor creates from the Well of Mimir bares a striking resemblance to the Ultimate Mjolnir from Earth-1610. Having an axe shaped edge and being able to summon the Bifrost at will, both notorious elements of Ultimate Mjolnir.
  • Doctor Strange is shown working with Thor to help him find out what's wrong with Odin. Thor's actual ask of asking Strange for help is seen in the end of credits of Doctor Strange.
  • The World Serpent in the comics and norse mythology has no connection to the Yggdrasil world tree, despite the derivative naming. There is however an Yggdrasil Serpent in mythology who gnaws at the roots of the tree whom the MCU adaptation is likely amalgamated with.
  • Hela in Norse Mythology and Earth-616 is Loki's daughter, she was changed into his mother for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an homage to their familial connection in both source materials.
  • Munin and Hugin are often portrayed as belonging to Odin, that he sends out each day to learn what has transpired in the realms. Their purpose in the film taking Thor to the Yggdrasil is entirely original to the MCU.
  • The Executioner in the comics never worked with Hela, and is instead often associated with Amora the Enchantress, whom he was seduced to fight for against his will.
  • Heimdall blows on his Gjallhorn when he needs the Einherjar to confront and fight Hela. This is a reference to the fact Heimdall would only blow the horn when Ragnarok was approaching, a foreshadowing to Hela's ominous goals.
  • Ymir in the comics has no love for Asgard or its people. He actually has similar goals to Surtur believing all other races in the Nine Realms are abominations against him, the original being.
  • Asgardia, the land Hela aspires to both culturally and literally replace Asgard is actually a real place in the comics. It was created by Tony Stark and Thor over Broxton, Oklahoma filled with advanced technology in addition to traditional magic.
  • In the end credits scene, Thor telling Doctor Strange about Thanos' coming is lifted directly from an iconic Infinity Gauntlet comic panel. Except it was the Silver Surfer who did it instead of Thor.
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