Marvel's Spider-Man is a 2017 superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Spider-Man has been a loner vigilante in New York for about six months now, and is focusing on finding his uncle's killer. Adrian Toomes, an employee of Norman Osborn (the father of Peter's best friend Harry Osborn), invents a high-tech flying suit, and they begin doing tests with it, but the tests go terribly wrong each time.

Peter Parker decides to get a job at the Daily Bugle so he can pay for his ill Aunt May's hospital bills. After another failed test, Norman Osborn rejects Adrian Toomes' glider idea. Norman decides that Oscorp should stop focusing on ideas like this and invest in things that make more money, such as social media.

Adrian quits Oscorp to start his own company with Phineas Mason, called "Tinkerer Labs". When they manage to successfully build the glider, Adrian tests it out and flies through the city. However, when he sees Oscorp has stolen his glider idea and they are already famous for building it, Adrian is enraged, and builds in rocket launchers and weapons to his glider so he can attack and destroy Oscorp. Spider-Man stops him, but Adrian escapes and plans revenge.


  • Dylan Everett as Peter Parker/Spider-Man - The titular character. He struggles with keeping his grades up at school, helping out his Aunt May, taking pictures for his job at the Daily Bugle, and fighting crime as Spider-Man after vowing to use his powers for good.
  • Diane Keaton as May Parker -
  • Bruce Greenwood as Ben Parker -
  • Currently unknown as Harry Osborn - Peter's best friend since childhood. He hates his rich father, Norman, though everyone fails to see why.
  • Jon Hamm as Norman Osborn - Harry's father and the CEO of Oscorp. He is very likeable, and most people, including Peter, think he's a great person, although Harry doesn't.
  • Max Thieriot as Eddie Brock - Peter's friend. Eddie's father worked with Peter's father at Oscorp before Peter's father died, and so Peter and Eddie met when they were very young.
  • Saorsie Ronan as Felicia Hardy - A popular rich kid at school. She ends up liking Peter, and they two begin dating toward the end of the film. In the end credits, she is seen suiting up as the Black Cat and heading out to start a crime spree. Her reasoning is unknown, but will be revealed in the sequel.
  • Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson -
  • Rashida Jones as Betty Brant -
  • Ernie Hudson as Joseph "Robbie" Robertson -
  • John Malkovich as Adrian Toomes/Vulture -
  • Joel Edgerton as Phineas Mason -
  • Holt McCallany as Michael Morbius -


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