Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 live-action superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios based on the comic book team by the same name. It is the overall thirteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was released worldwide August 1st 2014.


Nicole Perlman was hired to write script outlines for many different superhero teams by Marvel Studios including the Guardians of the Galaxy. The idea being if The Avengers for whatever reason couldn't be made or was a financial disappointment, Marvel Studios would have another team to fall back on. After the Avengers turned out to be a smash hit, Kevin Feige went forward with the Guardians of the Galaxy outline believing them to be a good opportunity to explore the vast cosmic side of the Marvel universe and that it would help establish backstory for Thanos, who was slated to be an overreaching villain for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was announced at Comic Con 2012 to be part of Phase 2 and to be released sometime in 2014, as part of the newly implemented one new franchise a year policy Marvel Studios was attempting to enforce.

James Gunn at the beginning of 2012 was in talks to work with Marvel Studios and direct one of their upcoming films, at Comic Con it was announced he would be attached to Guardians of the Galaxy. By 2013 point the Marvel Cinematic Universe was considered a juggernaut in cinema and was able to hire A-List stars such as Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, and Zoe Saldana to play roles in the film. In addition to keeping to their tradition of casting lesser known actors as well, Chris Pratt, Michael Rooker, and Chris Sullivan joined the cast as well. Josh Brolin also announced in an interview of him joining the film to reprise his role as the villain Thanos. Details on the film released that it would be inspired from the Legacy line up consisting of Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer. Gunn said that he would be taking some inspiration from the early Guardians comics but also wanted to tell his own story due to a general lack of source material, describing his vision as being the "Star Wars of the Marvel Universe". It was later confirmed an original team of supervillains called Ravagers would be the film's main villains (consisting however of characters from the source material) and the notorious Nova Corps would be making an appearance.

Filming began in 2013 and the movie was ultimately released worldwide on August 1st 2014.


  • Chris Pratt as Jason Quill/Star-Lord
  • Zoe Saldana as Gamora/Umbra Requiem
  • Bradley Cooper as Rocket (Voice)
  • Vin Diesel as Groot (Voice)
  • Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer
  • Chris Sullivan as Taserface
  • Karen Gillan as Nebula
  • Michael Rooker as Yondu Udonta
  • Benecio Del Toro as Taneleer Tivan/The Collector
  • John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey
  • Glenn Close as Irani Rael/Nova Prime
  • Sean Gunn as Kraglin Obfonteri
  • Josh Brolin as Thanos (Cameo)


The film starts with an establishing shot of deep space until panning over to a planet in the Binary Star System called Morag where an orange M-Ship called the Milano is seen flying into the atmosphere and landing on the surface. Soon, Jason Quill with a special adaptation mask emerges from it and uses a detection device to pinpoint the coordinates of a Temple in the barren wasteland surrounding him. It then shows in the distance someone covered head to toe in robes and other protective attire is watching him.

Jason enters the temple and disables his adaptation mask, revealing himself to be human and then pulls out an old Walkman to play the song Hooked on a Feeling while exploring the ruins. Eventually, finding a pedestal holding a mysterious grey Orb protected by a force field. He uses a gravity grenade to get it out and once the Orb is in his hand, Quill proudly says "Jackpot". The stranger from before then tells him to give up the Orb, taking off the mask revealing herself to be a green Zen-Whoberi called Umbra Requiem. She tells Jason if he gives up the Orb she'll let him live. He tells her he knows exactly who she is and how no one ever lives when they cross paths with her, not on account of her father. Umbra observes he's smarter than an ordinary junker and demands to know who he is, Quill simply responds Star-Lord and attacks her while running to the Milano with the Orb before flying off. Soon after he lands inside the Eclector and quickly emerges from the vessel before being confronted by a blue Centaurian named Yondu Udonta who asks Jason if he got it. Star-Lord shows him the Orb and proclaims that business is good.

The credits begin to role.

It then shows a small asteroid called Sanctuary where Umbra Requiem (dressed in her normal attire now) slowly walks towards a throne facing the opposite direction, telling it that she had failed, the one called Star-Lord arrived on Morag before her and escaped Orb in hand. The chair then turns out revealing it to be sat on by Thanos himself, who asks her if this man was aware of what the Orb possessed. She tells him it's unlikely, based on his attire he appeared to be a member of the Ravagers. Thanos tells her to continue the pursuit, so long as he doesn't discover the true value little will be lost from this inconsequential error. Umbra tells him it will be done and begins to walk away, Thanos adds on Umbra is his favorite daughter, but if she returns empty handed again, there will be severe consequences. It then shows back on the Eclector, the Ravagers are celebrating after a successful mission while Star-Lord listens to Come and Get Your Love on his Walkman.

Jason is in his room shirtless, a young woman named Beeret hugs him and he tells her he has to get back to the party, but they should do this again sometime. Jason gets situated in the mess hall and the clan's captain, Taserface, gives a toast. Saying that out of all the Ravager factions all over the galaxy, they are truly the greatest. They pillage what they want, kill any who stand in their way, and with this Orb will have more units than they can spend in ten lifetimes! He then points to Star-Lord and says it is all thanks to him, the Terran they wanted to eat when they found him 26 years ago, has truly earned his place amongst them. Kraglin Obfonteri begins shouting "Star-Lord! Star-Lord! Star-Lord" and everyone begins to follow suit, excluding one Ravager named Nebula. Hours later, everyone is asleep on the ground until Yondu wakes up Jason and says he wants to talk to him. He explains to Quill how they had to talk about this when everyone was sleeping, but he found a buyer for the Orb in Xandar who's willing to pay 4 billion units for it, that Taserface wants Quill to personally deliver it. That it's a great honor amongst Ravagers to be the catalyst for bringing in money like that, and not to mess it up. Jason assures Yondu he's totally honorable and will be smooth as always.

Act 1

It then cuts to the planet Xandar narrowing down into its metropolitan area, a halfworlder resembling a Raccoon named Rocket is talking to his associate Groot, commenting on all the people he sees through his high tech binoculars. Star-Lord goes up to him and is surprised to see what Rocket looks like, introducing himself and trying not to smirk. Groot looks over at them and proudly states "I am Groot" Jason quickly says "Hi" before he and Rocket start doing business. Rocket tells him he'll transfer the two billion units, but Star-Lord says they promised four billion. The Raccoon responds claiming that the Tivan Group is paying in general four billion for the Orb, including their pay to deliver it to the museum, so the Ravagers only get two billion. Star-Lord asks if he thinks he was born yesterday, this is obviously a scam, and proceeds to back out of the deal. Jason hails Yondu and explains what happened, the Ravager reminding Quill of the advice he told him the night before and to go back and talk to Rocket. He does as told and in the middle of arguing, Star-Lord gets attacked by Umbra Requiem and the Orb taken while she quickly begins making her escape. Rocket and Groot see the incident unfold and wanting to have the Orb for themselves begins attack her as well. Umbra fights them off until all four of them start being pursued by Nova Corps drones lead by Denarian Rhomann Dey who places them all under arrest.

Corpsman Dey goes over their bios and then sanctions them to be sent to the Kyln. While being situated for prison, Star-Lord listens to I'm Not In Love on his Walkman before it gets confiscated along with the Orb. Jason along with Rocket, Groot and Umbra get sent into the barracks and notice everyone throwing garbage and yelling threats to them. Rocket points out a lot of these inmates lost their families to Thanos and will target Umbra to get revenge. Jason comments how he hopes that won't cause the rest of them trouble. Groot shouts out "I am Groot" once again and Quill asks why he keeps saying that. Rocket explains Halfworld Flora lifeforms aren't linguistically intelligent the same way Fauna lifeforms are. That Groot's vocabulary is limited to I, am, and Groot exclusively in that order. Suddenly, a large alien confronts them before being brutally attacked by Umbra, she then yells out a stern warning that they are not to be bothered. Rocket thanks her and Umbra says despite their differences it would be wise if they all stuck together and protected one another.

The four of them all begin entering their cells and Jason bluntly asks Umbra what's inside of the Orb. She wonders why he cares and Quill says that obviously if she's after it and Rocket would pay all those units, there must be something valuable inside. She declines to answer, and he tells her she can be like that if she wants, he'll find out sooner or later. Back on the Eclector, Kraglin is reporting to Taserface that the Nova Corps sent Star-Lord to the Kyln before the deal could be completed, and the Orb was taken with them. He begins throwing a tantrum and says how if he finds those no good Nova "pussies" he'll rip them apart with his own bare hands! Yondu tells him he'd go to war over it, Taserface says he'll deplete their people even worse than the Kree did! Everyone begins cheering until Nebula silences them all and says or if they can take the Orb back, they don't need to waste any of their soldiers in a pointless dick measuring contest. Taserface asks what Nebula is suggesting, she tells him that Quill and the Halfworlders were sent to the Kyln with the Orb, if she breaks in she'll get it just like they did on Morag. Taserface grabs her closer and points out how he doesn't trust a cyborg, proceeding to ask how much she wants. Nebula tells him 20% of the profits, or would he rather everyone get nothing. Kraglin tells him he should probably listen to her, they could all use a pay day. Taserface then aggressively puts Nebula down and says she has a week.

At the Kyln the next day, Star-Lord is walking around until noticing Umbra is gone. He tells Rocket and the Raccoon says how they promised to stick together and need to find her. The three of them search around to locate Umbra and find her being harassed by a group of prisoners who smuggled in a powerful sedative to keep her docile and are prepared to kill her. However, before they can do anything a gray alien with red tattoos begins approaching them. One of the men observes that he is Drax the Destroyer, a legendary warrior known across the galaxy, but another encourages them to test their brawn against him. Drax easily defeats them and Umbra slowly gets up to thank him, but he pins her against the wall, claiming that his wife and daughter were slain by Thanos, and he will return him the favor on this day! Jason runs in and tries to talk Drax down, telling him to spare her life.

Drax asks why he's defending her. Jason points out it is weird, she tried to kill him before, but that tons of chicks have! Including some Badoon accountant he tried to ditch after sleeping with. Jason starts explaining that they need to escape! He has friends (pointing to Rocket and Groot), and together they can find a way to outsmart the guards, but they need Umbra to do it, Thanos is the one he really wants revenge on anyway, not her. Drax keeps listening and Star-Lord continues saying they'll break him out too, they he can find Thanos and... Jason puts his finger to his throat and Drax asks why he would do that to him. Jason explains that it's a gesture for slitting someone's throat, but Drax still doesn't seem to understand. Umbra points out Prosilicans are a literal people, all metaphors will go right over their heads.

Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and Umbra go back to the dining room where Rocket is angry at Star-Lord, telling him they have no escape plan. But Jason says it was all he could come up with to stop Drax from literally killing Umbra, the Zen-Whoberi reminding him she saved their lives yesterday. Rocket backs down and the three of them begin brainstorming a plan until Groot literally rips out a fuse box and the power goes out in the entire Kyln, Nova Guards begin trying to keep order but the five of them all start fighting their way out by disabling the local gravity. Star-Lord tells them about the Milano and begins escorting everyone onto it until Umbra reminds Jason about the Orb. Star-Lord then panics remembering he doesn't have his Walkman either, claiming he'll go and get both of them. As Jason goes back he finds a guard using his Walkman and tries to confront him but is tazered to the ground, all before Groot (who followed behind him) is easily able to subdue the mean guard with his colossal strength. Jason thanks him before telling Groot to go back to the others. On the Milano, Rocket says Jason won't make it in time, reinforcements are going to put him back into a cell but Star-Lord flies out with his adaptation mask on listening to Go All the Way on his Walkman with the Orb in hand, Drax impressed by his efforts.

They all get inside and Star-Lord gives Umbra her sword, claiming he took it while getting the Orb, she quietly thanks him. Rocket then starts fiddling with the Communications Array realizing it's busted and announces to the crew they have no way of communicating with anyone and are officially lost in space. Jason remembers that happened back on Morag, and comments how Nebula should've fixed it. Groot begins wandering the ship and finds a Vol. 2 mixtape for Star-Lord's Walkman which Quill quickly takes out of his hand and puts back. Umbra then asks where they should go now and Rocket says "Knowhere". Drax points out they have to go somewhere but Rocket clarifies that he's talking about Knowhere, the underworld hang out spot in the center of everything. That the guy who hired him before, Tivan the Collector, is loaded. If they give him the Orb and maybe barter they can get the four billion units and split it a billion each. Star-Lord tells them he has to make the best of a bad situation and if that's what it takes to get them all on their way he's game. Umbra explains that she failed Thanos twice and can't even imagine what would happen if she returned to face him after that, this money could be a chance for her to start over. Drax also points out if she went back to working for him he would kill her right there, everyone then looks at Drax disturbed his bluntness.

Act 2

Back on Xandar, Rhomann Dey reports to Nova Prime Irani Rael that he and the other Corpsman have just received news of a disturbing turn of events. She asks him what he means and Dey says that an object that was confiscated from a prisoner at the Kyln is the notorious Orb of Morag, worth billions of units on the black market and one of the most potentially dangerous objects in the whole galaxy. She tells him it bring it to the Headquarters in order be studied and then preserved in the vault. Rhomann informs the Nova Prime that's the problem, there was an escape at the Kyln last night, the prisoners all gone and the Orb with them. On the Milano, Star-Lord is listening to Spirit In The Sky on his Walkman as they fly towards Knowhere. Rocket and Groot move up to the front of the ship and explain that Knowhere is everywhere. Andromeda the way they came south, Milky Way to the east, Asgard to the west, and uncharted space north. Groot talks to him and Rocket responds saying he knows those directions are completely arbitrary since space is relative, he just doesn't know how else to explain it. Drax points out it looks like a person and Rocket tells him its structure is literally the severed head of a dead celestial.

Star-Lord says he's been here once or twice. The Ravagers told him that people started settling in Knowhere to mine and trade valuable resources like spinal fluid, brain tissue, and the like, never visited the Tivan Museum though. Umbra says it's in a high class district, they'll need to be careful there to not look suspect or warrant unwanted attention. The Milano lands and they all begin walking out (Groot giving a little girl a flower) until Umbra stops them and says she was serious back there and he doesn't think Rocket or Groot should go to the Museum. Rocket is insulted and asks why, she asks if he actually met the Collector in person before he hired him, he bluntly says no. Jason proclaims he agrees seeing a talking Raccoon and a Tree might catch a few eyes. Rocket asks him what a Raccoon is and Jason says it's what he is. Rocket then gets angry and claims he won't do that and Umbra debates with him.

Star-Lord then goes to Drax and tells him to take Rocket and Groot into the Boot of Jemiah bar and keep them distracted until they finish the deal. Drax says that Quill has proven himself to be an honorable man by keeping his promise from before, and he will do it. At the Kyln, Nebula is able to sneak inside and notices there was an escape the night prior and the Orb is gone. She hails Taserface and explains to him that they're gone and probably took the Orb with them. He tells her that the Ravagers will not lose their most valuable treasure because of this! Taserface commands her to continue the search. Nebula observes there's only one place they could've gone to sell it, she'll lead the entire clan there. Inside the Boot of Jemiah, Rocket and Groot are taking bets on Orloni survival while Drax watches. The Raccoon tells him to play but Drax says he doesn't want to waste his time on such a foolish games. Groot speaks to him and Rocket informs the Destroyer Groot just told him how violent the game is. Drax looks at it and becomes passionate one Orloni would be the last to survive and places a bet. It then shows Star-Lord and Umbra enter the Collector's Museum until Taneleer Tivan notices them and Jason says they're here to sell the Orb. The Collector infers he must be the Ravager Rocket and Groot were sent to barter with, noting how he came to make dues himself. He should've brought them with him, they could've had a place in his collection next to Cosmo. The camera then pans over to an imprisoned dog in a Soviet space suit.

Umbra hands Tivan the Orb and reminds him the deal was four billion units. The Collector tells her of course, that's a bargain for such a magnificent item as this. Star-Lord points out speaking of that what is actually inside the Orb anyway. Umbra tries to stop him but the Collector uses his device to open the casing revealing it to be a glowing purple rock. Claiming it is the Power Stone, one of the six infinity stones within the known universe. That this one was wielded by many to destroy entire planets or be strong enough to dive into stars. The Collector showing clips of cosmic warriors throughout history doing such things on his Museum screens. He explains that after a long and bloody war an armistice was agreed and the Stone was hidden in the depths of the cosmos lost for the ages. But the Ravagers have found it, and will be rewarded handsomely. Star-Lord freaks out claiming that is what Umbra's father wanted. She tells him it's not as though his reputation was unknown to him, but Jason says that he doesn't know the Collector, or anyone else who might get the Orb. He backs out of the deal with Quill telling the Collector he can't sell it, they need to give it to the Nova Corps so it can't hurt anyone. The Collector says if they're going to waste his time they must leave his Museum at once.

It then shows in the streets of Knowhere an M-Ship landing with Taserface, Nebula, Kraglin and Yondu emerging. Taserface goes over to ask the little girl who Groot gave a flower to before where he went, she points them to the Boot of Jemiah. Inside, Drax is having the time of his life with Rocket and Groot gambling, telling them how much he enjoys the game. Umbra then comes over to them and says it wasn't her idea, they ask what she's talking about and Star-Lord confesses he didn't sell the Orb. Rocket asks why not and he claims there's an Infinity Stone inside. Rocket sarcastically says there's a rock inside, oh no! If the Collector wants to spend Units on it why would he care. Star-Lord tells him this Stone is strong enough to destroy planets! It can't be flying around the black market, he knows first hand how devious they are. Rocket tells him that selling to the underworld is all he can do. No one in the Galaxy takes Halfworlders seriously, everyone views them as vermin, shrubs, or animals that aren't worth a damn, he and Groot need to make ends meet somehow. Rocket then snatches the Orb from Jason's hand and says he knew staying in the bar was a mistake, and is going to go to the Collector himself and see this deal through. Soon after, Nebula approach the Raccoon, noticing him holding the Orb and demands him to give it up or else. Star-Lord asks how she got there but Rocket responds to Nebula saying he chooses "or else" and a fight breaks out. Drax begins fighting Ravager soldiers, while Umbra and Nebula duke it out. The latter claiming she always wanted to fight a child of the Mad Titan.

Star-Lord meets Kraglin who escorts him back to the ship insisting everything will be fine out there. Drax then bursts out of the bar and locks eyes with Taserface, the Ravager Captain demands to know if he was involved in taking the Orb. Drax tells him he needs the units to get his revenge and tries to fight Taserface, but gets easily beaten with his Ravager technology. Rocket and Groot try to run out the back and run into Yondu, who uses his Yaka Arrow to make them both stop in their tracks. Umbra is then finally bested by Nebula who gets taken outside next to Drax, Rocket and Groot. Nebula says they should execute them all but Taserface says nonsense... they'll sell them to slavery!

Everyone gets loaded onto the Eclector while Star-Lord watches feeling guilty. He goes to talk to Yondu who tells him once they dispose of their captives they'll start looking for new bidders on the Orb. Jason tells him it's just that, he actually doesn't think the Ravagers should sell this. Yondu asks him why and he says the Orb is dangerous, he knows the Ravagers don't do politics but if this ends up in the wrong hands it could cause some serious problems for the whole galaxy. Yondu responds that he better not let the others hear about this, they were going to leave in the Kyln because they thought he failed before. He got a second chance, and would be pretty stupid to waste it. In the lounge Umbra, Drax, Rocket and Groot are tied up to chairs being harassed by the Ravagers.

Act 3

Taserface begins beating on Groot, telling them they all choose to go down the wrong path and make enemies with him, because they're weak and stupid! He screams out that no one crosses Taserface. Rocket then starts laughing hysterically as the room goes silent, commenting on how dumb of a name Taserface is, asking him if he "shoots Tasers out of his face". The Ravager Captain responds by shouting that it's metaphorical but Rocket continues to endlessly mock it. Eventually, Drax begins to start laughing as well and everyone in the room follows suit. Taserface screams for them to shut up and says he's going to cook the Raccoon and feed his flesh to the entire crew. He commands them to turn up the grills. Umbra's chair is taken to another room with a view of space and Star-Lord enters inside. Telling her that they're not actually going to eat Rocket, it's just a scare tactic since he embarrassed Taserface back there. She asks what he wants and Jason says he's curious why she helped them get to Knowhere in the first place. Umbra says she hates Thanos, he isn't her real father. He went to her homeworld of Zen-Whoberis, killed both her parents but not her, he instead kidnapped and groomed her into becoming his personal assassin, forced her to forgo her heritage and start being calling Umbra Requiem. Jason asks what her real name is and she says Gamora.

He then asks if she ever listens to music. Gamora tells him no, and Star-Lord says that it helps and gives her his Walkman playing O-o-h Child which she listens to and enjoys. Gamora then asks Star-Lord what his story is, how did he get here. Jason just says he was from a place called Earth, a primitive little planet in the Milky Way. Lived with his mother, never knew his father, until one day the Ravagers stopped by and he joined up, get some milage on him. Gamora says that she doesn't hate him, no matter what happens here he freed her from Thanos, and wherever she ends up can't be worse than that. Star-Lord looks down somberly thinking about what she said before leaving the room. He then goes to another part of the Eclector and simply asks if he can take the Orb, the Ravagers inside tell him sure and he goes. While casually tossing it in his hand Star-Lord goes to Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Gamora freeing them from their binds. Rocket asks why the change of heart and Quill says they all deserve better than this.

They all begin trying to sneak through the hallways while Star-Lord listens to Cherry Bomb on his Walkman. Right before they get inside the Docking Bay, Nebula asks Jason what he's doing. He tries to come up with an excuse but proceeds to hit the Cyborg over the head with the Orb and then starts to run. Nebula calls a bunch of Ravagers to get them and the Guardians begin resisting. One of the Ravagers wrestles the Orb out of Star-Lord's hand and opens it, proceeding to grab the Infinity Stone inside before screaming and being surrounded by a purple aura, he then violently explodes. In the chaos, everyone is able to board the Milano and escape with the Eclector in shambles.

While flying, Star-Lord tells everyone he has a plan for how they can get the Orb to safety in Xandar. They'll stop on Berhert, a colony world of the Nova Corps and then tip them off of their location for a pick up. Rocket begins asking him details about the plan and realizes it's barely an actual plan at all. He starts saying they should just sell the Orb like they were supposed to! Everyone begins arguing until Jason gets all of their attention, he begins giving a speech about how they were all just a bunch of degenerates and criminals before, but now they have to chance to actually do something good. Make a difference in the Galaxy by working together and putting this Orb where it belongs. Touched by his speech, everyone agrees to do it and the Milano soon after lands on Berhert, the landscape covered in tall trees and thick forests. Back on the Eclector, Nebula is speaking to Yondu about what happened and how they got away. She tries to explain and why she couldn't fight but, seeing it as simple excuses, he begins mockingly talking over her with gibberish while Kraglin laughs. Frustrated, she yells out his little protege Quill caught her off guard!

Surprised, Yondu asks if she's sure and Nebula tells him she is. In the other room, Taserface is helping clean up fallen debris and Yondu comes in informing him that Star-Lord double crossed them, stole the Orb and freed the prisoners since he thinks the Power Stone is a threat. Taserface is enraged at the news and speculates that Jason's gone soft, who cares about the betterment of the galaxy, his loyalty should be towards the clan. For his treachery of the Ravager code he will personally kill him and every last one of his team. He commands everyone to use all of their technology to track down where the Milano escaped to, there is no spot in the entire known universe they will be able to hide from him. Yondu tries to talk him out of killing, but Taserface says an example must be made if they are to keep their reputation and sell the Orb at its highest price on the black market.

On Xandar, it shows Rhomann Dey in the middle of responding to a hail from Star-Lord on Berhert. Jason tells him that they have the Orb and will give it to them if they show up, Dey is skeptical this isn't a trap but Star-Lord convinces him he isn't associated with the Ravagers anymore. He hangs up and then goes to the Nova Prime and explains the situation to her. She asks if he believes Star-Lord, and Dey claims he does. Irani Rael says his opinion is noted but she will need to converse with the Centurions before any risk is taken. On Berhert, Star-Lord tells Rocket and Groot they just have to sit and wait. Drax is with Gamora and she asks what his wife and daughters names were, Hovat and Kamaria he replies. He tells her no matter what happens, he will never forget them, or the role she played in their demise.

Groot states "I am Groot" pointing out the Eclector slowly coming into Berhert's atmosphere. Rocket observes the Ravagers must've tracked them by tracing the radio waves emitted from their message to Xandar. Gamora informs them they have company and the team is surrounded. Yondu tells Star-Lord how he broke all of their hearts and Quill responds saying he's got new friends now. The Ravagers all start attacking and the heroes retaliate in a big brawl. All of them do well and Jason eventually finds Yondu and Kraglin beaten on the ground, but instead of shooting decides to spare them. It shows in the Eclector, Taserface demands the M-Ships go down and blow them to pieces. The heroes all notice the M-Ships emerging and realizing they have no way to fight back stare in shock until being saved by Star Blasters from the Nova Corps who arrive just in time to start fighting the Ravager forces. In order to secure the Orb, the Star Blasters all begin creating a blockade to stop the Eclector in its tracks. Jason and the others get inside the Milano joining the fight while listening to Space Oddity. On the ground, Yondu and Kraglin get surrounded by Ravagers who begin scrutinizing them for not stopping the heroes from getting into the Milano. Yondu in anger controls his Yaka Arrow and uses it against all the soldiers in his vicinity except for Kraglin. Claiming if anyone's going to kill Jason it's going to be him, on his terms.

Taserface gets out a Hadron Enforcer gun he won in a bet and tells Nebula to secure the defenses. He begins shooting at the Nova blockade, which actually hurts much to the surprise of the Corpsmen inside, claiming the Star Blast force fields are strong enough to hold back moons. On the Milano, Drax tells everyone how no matter what happens he is grateful to be in the company of friends. That they are all his friends, even Gamora too. Star-Lord thanks him and tries looking for the Eclector's weak spots to attack. It then shows Nebula jump out of that very ship and land on top of the Milano, ripping her way through into the lounge before being attacked by Gamora as the two rivals battle once again. Nebula taunts her claiming she knows pain better than she ever could, being broken apart and rebuilt time and time again during her service to the Ravagers. Gamora is nothing but a green whore! Drax then attacks Nebula and says not to talk about his friend like that. She pushes him off and Gamora eventually defeats Nebula by throwing her out of the Milano. The Milano hits the final weak spot on the Eclector and joins the Star Blasters. As the Eclector starts to blow, Taserface finally breaks the blockade apart with his Hadron Enforcer causing all the ships to begin falling to Berhert's surface along. The lights go out in the Milano and Star-Lord claims they're losing altitude fast and won't be able to escape in time, they're going to crash. Groot bravely gets up and creates glowing seeds before extending his branches to cover everyone, insisting "We are Groot" and protecting them all from dying in the blast, despite Rocket's pleas not too.

The Milano crashes and the Eclector follows along smashing into the ground. Taserface emerges from the ship seeing Star-Lord slowly getting up with Gamora and Drax doing the same. Rocket begins crying over what happened to Groot while Taserface mockingly refers to them as the Guardians of the Galaxy. He approaches Jason and says he trusted him to serve the Ravagers well, but he failed, as he has everything else in his miserable life. Taserface then takes the Orb from his knapsack, ripping it open to see the Power Stone and says he's gladly sell it to the likes of Thanos for only a billion units, just to spite them. Rocket tells him no matter him no matter many units he makes, it will never change the fact he has the most idiotic name in the entire galaxy, Taserface. He looks to Rocket and swears at him saying he will die first. The Raccoon tells him Groot already had that honor, that he had to die because Rocket was as stupid as him at one point, couldn't see the bigger picture or think about anyone else. Taserface tells him his epiphany will be short lived, but Rocket tells him that where he's wrong since his little speech just distracted long enough for Drax to make his shot. Drax the Destroyer then throws one of his knives and it lands right into Taserface's leg, causing him to drop the Orb and for Star-Lord to reach down and actually grab the Infinity Stone with his own hand. He begins getting surrounded by the purple aura and cracks of energy begin to form around his body. Gamora rushes over and tells Jason to grab her hand, he does as told and the energy passes through her. Drax does it too and Rocket follows suit, the Power Stone's energy passing through all of them at once. Taserface takes out his Hadron Enforcer and shoots them but the large bullet does nothing. He asks how that's possible, and Jason responds claiming he said it himself, they're the Guardians of the Galaxy, and uses then channel's Power Stone's energy to destroy Taserface.

After that the Guardians all use their combined strength to put the Infinity Stone back into the Orb. Nova Corps Starblasters reinforcements then arrive and start securing the area while Rocket cries over Groot's sacrifice until noticing something glimmer in the dirt. He picks it up and his mood turns around realizing it's a seed, Groot sprouted a seed, he's going to have a baby! On Xandar, Irani Rael puts the Orb inside the Headquarters vault and thanks the Guardians of the Galaxy for everything they've done. She says they will all be awarded a large compensation for their deeds. Star-Lord asks if it's four billion units, and she says no. He claims it was still worth saving the galaxy, but getting the same amount of money if he had sold it to the Collector would've been kinda cool too. She wishes him good luck and says how he has more potential than he thinks, while his mother might've been from Earth his father was something ancient, extremely powerful. It was the reason he survived holding the Power Stone at all. Star-Lord thanks her but says he knows he has plenty of potential, even without his father. Rocket is then sitting with Drax and Gamora watching the baby Flora Halfworlder seed begin to grow, claiming how they're going to have to be his family.

Rhomann Dey escorts the Guardians of the Galaxy outside and says how he saw to it the Milano be restored and in the wreckage the engineers found something, showing Jason the Vol. 2 Walkman cassette tape. He takes it and says he thought that was lost forever. They all board the M-Ship while Star-Lord sits down and listens to Ain't no Mountain High Enough while looking at the cassette. He begins shedding tears until Gamora comes in and asks what's wrong, he tells her he lied, he didn't join up the Ravagers just cause. It then shows a flashback where Jason is walking home from school only to enter his house and find his mother dead. He hugs her corpse mourning her loss until Ravagers soldiers break into the house and start taking Jason away. In the present, Jason finishes telling Gamora everything. Concluding the story by explaining he needed to escape, so he went with them. His mom's Walkman and her two cassette tapes are all he has to remember her, but he only ever listened to one of them. If he listens Vol. 2 that would be it, she'd truly be gone. Gamora tells him she'll live on in his memories and with them, embracing the man she wanted him to be. The same way her family lives on through her even though they too are gone.

The two kiss shortly after and then the Guardians have a group shot walking through the Milano while Star-Lord sits in the cockpit and puts Vol. 2 into the Walkman. He then asks the Guardians of the Galaxy where they want to go next as it begins playing I Want You Back and the Milano flies off Xandar into endless space.

End Credits

Teasing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It shows on Sanctuary, Thanos opens a large container storing his Infinity Gauntlet and places it onto his hand. He then says "Fine, I'll do it myself."


  • This film introduces the purple Infinity Stone of Power. Originally colored red in the comics.
  • Star-Lord's real name on Earth-616 is Peter Jason Quill. His middle name was changed to his given name due to an overabundance of characters named "Peter" in the Marvel Universe.
  • Thanos, who is referenced multiple times through the movie is the same character who appeared in The Avengers end credits scene.
  • Rocket Raccoon and Groot in the comics are two different species. Only the former being from Halfworld and latter simply being a Flora Colossus.
  • Gamora never had the codename Umbra Requiem in any source material. This was changed in the movie to add credibility to having her being a member of Thanos' Black Order (Children of Thanos), who all have codenames similar to that.
  • Drax the Destroyer in the comics was actually a human who was killed by one of Thanos' raids and resurrected by the notorious Eternal Mentor as a superpowered cosmic warrior. In order for Star-Lord to be the only human in the film, James Gunn streamlined his origin by simply making him an alien who wants revenge for his family's murder.
  • While traveling to Knowhere, Rocket mentions Asgard laying to the west. The same location where the Thor franchise heavily takes place and home of the legendary Norse gods.
  • On Xandar, the island in which the Nova Headquarters is located heavily resembles the sigil of the Marvel Comics superhero Nova.
  • Star-Lord mentions he has slept with a Badoon accountant. In the comics, the Badoon are a notorious species of violent aliens.
  • Taserface is defeated when he drops the Orb during the climax and the Guardians are able to take it from him. This a reference to #39 of the Spidey Super Stories where Thanos obtains the Cosmic Cube and uses it to summon an Earthquake, unfortunately, it causes him to lose his sense of balance which makes him drop the item, not unlike Taserface in the film.
  • Drax's species is Prosilican in the film, which in Marvel Comics is an obscure species of grey aliens who appeared in one issue of Tales of Suspense.
  • The Boot of Jemiah bar in Knowhere is named after the Celestial Jemiah from Earth-616.
  • The Original Guardians were from the 31st Century and actually had Yondu Udonta as one of its early members. This version of the team was not adapted to the film, but one of their stories Quest for the Shield inspired a few plot elements.
  • While enraged, Taserface proclaims he will kill more Nova Corpsman than the Kree did. A reference to the notorious warlike alien species from Marvel Comics, who at some point in the MCU's history feuded with the Nova Empire.
  • Nebula in the comics is allegedly the granddaughter of Thanos. In early drafts for the movie she was called Cobalt Nebula and actually worked alongside Gamora as a reference to this. This was changed for unknown reasons.
  • The Collector had previously appeared in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World. Inside his museum can be seen Cosmo the Spacedog, a Terrigen Crystal that's used to power Inhumans, a Slug from the James Gunn directed film Slither, and even the Aether which was given to him by Lady Sif and Volstagg.
  • Rhomann Dey of the Nova Corps never actually met the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics, his significant role in their creation is more akin to Richard Rider. Who helped form the latest iteration of the team in 2008.
  • Jason Quill's father was implied to be a very powerful and ancient being in the film. Within the comics however, his father is J'son of the Spatoi empire. James Gunn confirmed this would not be the case within the MCU however.
  • The item Thanos retrieves in the end credits is the Infinity Gauntlet. An object that is built to house and channel the power from all six of the Infinity Stones.
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