Marvel's Deadpool is a 2013 live-action superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios based on the character by the same name. It is the overall tenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the second film of Phase 2. It was released worldwide on July 5th 2013.


In 2010, Ryan Reynolds came to Marvel Studios pitching his idea of a Deadpool movie and the desire to star in the titular role after years of trying to have 20th Century Fox greenlight a film based around the character, to no avail. Kevin Feige wanted the MCU in Phase 2 to have at least one new movie franchise introduced every year in order to keep the brand interesting and consistently moving forward, and liked the idea of introducing Deadpool as a part of that. Believing him to be the closest thing they could ever do to a Spider-Man style film and that the he would help establish Mutants. However, the raunchy nature of Deadpool's character was unheard of being adapted for a comic book movie and 20th Century Fox was having trouble figuring out how to proceed. In early 2011, test footage was leaked for the movie and received a tremendously positive response online.

At Comic Con 2011, Feige confirmed that a Deadpool movie was in development for Phase 2 with Tim Miller directing and Ryan Reynolds starring as the lead character. News of the film began to release confirming Ajax would be the film's main villain alongside Black Swan. It was also announced, to much surprise, that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would also be making an appearance in the movie as supporting characters. Principle filming began in 2012 and was released in theaters worldwide July 5th 2013.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Ed Skrein as Francis Fanny/Ajax
  • Gina Carano as Black Swan
  • Steven Yeun as Jack Hammer/Weasel
  • Leslie Uggams as Blind Al
  • Morena Baccarin as Vanessa Carlysle
  • Randall Reeder as Buck Masterson
  • Jed Rees as Malcolm Colcord
  • Aaron Taylor Johnson as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
  • Hunter Parrish as Bob Dobalina
  • Chris Evans as Steven "Steve" Rogers/Captain America (Cameo)


The movie starts with this song playing as a man begins arming himself to the teeth. Grabbing weapons, swords, and a Magazine with Kevin Feige on the cover. It then cuts to the same man sitting on the side of a highway drawing on a piece of paper. He looks to the camera claiming he didn't see them there, that his name is Deadpool and he's the new character on the block. He then says the audience must be wondering why he choose a red suit, Deadpool explains that it's so "bad guys don't see me bleed". He then notices a van driving by under him and tells the audience he hopes they're wearing brown pants.

Deadpool then jumps off his perch into the van and begins beating on the soldiers mercilessly while taunting them with non-stop quips & mockery. After killing everyone in the vehicle, Deadpool begins using one of their decapitated heads to enact a skit claiming he's the cure to all crime. He then rhetorically tells the audience how they must've thought this was a Marvel movie, but Captain America or Iron Man wouldn't brutally murder all of their enemies like that. Deadpool tells them he's a different kind of superhero, he's not in this to save the day. All he wants is to get tail, crack some skulls, and best of all REVENGE! Deadpool then explains how, before anything else, the audience probably needs to know what's going on, that this thing has an hour and a half run time and if they're going to make the higher ups happy they need to get through it somehow.

It then does a Flashback one year earlier. He narrates that he used to be a hot, young, badass merc named Wade Wilson living the good life in Vancouver. In an apartment building a Pizza delivery man rings the doorbell, and the occupant opens it. Claiming he didn't order any food. The delivery man says that someone needs to pay for his pizza, their argument is interrupted when Wade begins walking through the apartment with a hand gun and forces the Delivery man to come in. He does as instructed and Wade asks if he burnt the Pizza Crust, he claims that he didn't but Wade said that he specifically ordered burnt crust. Wade eats anyway and then says he almost forgot he's from the Hellhouse and has a hit out on him. The occupant begins to panic and the delivery man asks if he can leave, swearing he'll never tell. Wade then mentions the hit is against him, not the occupant. He points his gun right to his head and tells him if he remembers high school five years ago, spreading a vicious rumor about a girl named Meghan he went to school with. She lost all her friends and was miserable for years because of him.

The occupant asks what the rumor was and Wade whispers it in his ear and after hearing it even he sides with the hit and tells Wade he should kick this guy's ass. Laughing at that he proceeds to shot the Delivery man in the leg and tells the occupant he should probably call the police soon, but informs both of them they saw nothing. They agree to it and before leaving Wade says he isn't making that much money from this job and wants the occupant's wallet, he gives it to him and Wade tells them to enjoy the pizza before leaving.

He goes to where the girl who called the hit is hanging out and tells her it's done, he learned his lesson. She thanks him and she says Wade is a real hero. Wade tells her he's not a hero, just a Merc with a Mouth. Wade returns to the Hellhouse and everyone cheers at him for accomplishing another hit from the Deadpool, a list of tasks the mercenaries are hired to fill out that are written on a large chalk board hanging overhead. Wade sits down and orders a shot of Whiskey from the Bartender, Buck Masterson, rudely calling him "fat Gandalf". Buck looks annoyed and says he would've beaten his ass if business wasn't booming, Wade explains that he is well aware. After The Avengers kicked those creepy aliens out of New York, everyone wants their own personal superhero to go do dirty work for them. Buck tells him speaking of which, the Deadpool isn't getting any smaller with him sitting around, he should do another. Wade tells him no way, but Buck insists Wade needs to stop being a "pussy" and maybe he ought to stop serving him alcohol then. Wade changes his attitude after that and looks at the list again. Deadpool narrates saying that decision, right then, was what lead him down the path to becoming what he is today.

The moment is interrupted when Wade sees on TV Captain America himself advertising a product. Wade begins commenting on how much he despises that commercial, and how distasteful it is to non-americans. Buck then reminds Wade about the Deadpool and he apologizes while continuing to look. Deadpool narrates that was the actual moment everything changed. He picks an option at the bottom of the list about busting some College Student cheating on his girlfriend with a hooker downtown. Meanwhile, in the morning it shows a man nicknamed Ajax standing by while a helicopter lands. Malcolm Colcord walks out alongside a female associate named Black Swan, Ajax asks Malcolm if he has the shipments detained and ready for testing. Malcolm tells him that he does, Black Swan got a hold of fresh Mutants all over Europe, she insists it was just a few no names from Transia mostly, nothing special.

Ajax tells Malcolm he wants to start working soon but Colcord warns him to simmer down. Ajax looks at him confused and on the verge of rage while Malcolm says the "higher ups" have been pouring resources into his workshop for years now with nothing to show for it. His methods have almost blown their cover more times than he cares to admit, Ajax asks if Malcolm wants him to start going soft. Black Swan insists that's not why they're here, that he's getting knocked down a peg, kicked down the ladder, demoted, whatever he wants to call it. Malcolm Colcord will be taking over his research until further notice. Ajax angrily tries to attack Malcolm but is talked down by Black Swan. He drops Colcord, who insists Ajax will still get to work out his fury on whoever they trick into going along with this. Back in Vancouver, Wade Wilson walks into a crack house until he busts open a door seeing the student with the prostitute. He walks in and pins the man against the wall. He begs Wade not to beat him up, saying his name is Jack Hammer and he has to graduate and get an internship with Stark Industries. The prostitute pulls him off and they both fall onto a nearby mattress with each other, she introduces herself as Vanessa and Wade, feeling attracted to her, asks if she wants to do something with him later. Feeling likewise attracted, Vanessa asks why not now. They both leave the Crack House with Jack yelling behind what's going to happen to him now!?

Wade takes Vanessa, instead of somewhere to sleep together, to a Roller Rink where they both do an elegant dance routine akin to that of Dirty Dancing. Deadpool then narrates that he and Vanessa were inseparable as it does a montage of them over the months dating and enjoying each other's company until one day Wade is showing her his music collection until he abruptly faints in the middle of them hearing a song. At the Hospital, a doctor confirms that Wade has multiple forms of cancer all throughout his body. While walking out Vanessa desperately looks over the pamphlets insisting to Wade they will fight this, but he just answers with indifference spending the next few days depressed about his predicament. He goes back to the Hellhouse and gets a drink while explaining to Buck that he has to start Chemo in a couple days but knows it will only prolong the inevitable. Buck suggests he just skips it and enjoys whatever he has left doing what he loves, Wade says he would've but with Vanessa in his life now he wants to hold on to whatever hope he can to rebound from this, to be with her as long as he can.

Afterwards, Wade sits at a table and decides due to his cancer he can let loose and eats a Chimichanga (commenting how gross it is, wondering why anyone likes it) until Malcolm Colcord walks up to him and asks if he can take a seat. Wade insists he can and after making himself comfortable says he knows what's happening with him and his Cancer, how it's a shame a young man, a veteran such as himself would have to die from it. Wade says that he hasn't been called that since his dishonorable discharge. Colcord tells him that he is approaching him on behalf of a Workshop outside Vancouver that specializes in helping cases like him. Wade tells him to get lost, he's not joining one of those sanctuary resorts that just pray the disease away. Malcolm tells him it's nothing like that, they use science just like the Doctors do. But their brand of science is a little bit ahead of its time, not approved from the government just yet. Malcolm hands Wade his card and says they'll keep in touch.

Deadpool narrates he didn't know who this guy was and knew the offer was shady, but he was desperate, he wasn't just about meet the love of his life and let cancer take him out before it starts to get good. The next scene shows Wade outside Colcord's office where a guard approaches him and says how he must be here to see the Administrator, his name's Bob, Wade looks at him confused and says he doesn't care, Bob apologizes profusely and says it's his first day. Wade pats his shoulder and gives him a word of advice: Don't tell the people you're supposed to be intimidating your name or how long you've been serving. Wade walks into the office and is greeted by Malcolm along with Ajax and Black Swan behind him. He insists that he is very happy Wade decided to take up his offer, and he responds claiming that he just wants them to do right by him, and to please not sow his mouth shut.

Act 1

After that Wade is knocked out and wakes up tied to a gurney in the middle of the Workshop. Ajax walks over and asks Black Swan to hold him still, she does as told while Ajax explains to Wade the serum he has in his hand is Mutant Growth Hormone and it's the key to curing his disease. They've genetically engineered it to his particular needs Ajax insists while injecting it into his blood stream. Wade thanks him and asks if he can leave now, Black Swan tells him if only it worked like that. The MGH hasn't kicked in yet, he needs to undergo near death experiences in order to force his body to start producing it himself. Ajax says that he and Black Swan both went through it before him. She acquired enhanced reflexes and he pain redirection. When someone attacks him they feel the pain and damage of the attack, not him. It shows a montage of Wade being abused and tortured by the Workshop and despite that his Mutant ability continues to remain dormant. Deadpool narrating that they did everything to him and rocked his world day in and day out... noting afterwards how wrong that came out sounding.

While resting Wade asks Ajax what his name is, he responds saying he knows what it is, named after the legendary Greek hero. Wade jokingly says he thought it was after the soap, but continues on claiming that it sounds suspiciously fake and wants to know what he's really called. He looks over to his lab coat and finds the name tag Francis Fanny laughing hysterically at that name. Ajax asks if he thinks this is a joke, and Wade claims that after awhile it seems to be one. They've been torturing him every second and here he is, still sick and stuck being held down by a guy named freaking Francis! Ajax gets angry and shoves a paper in Wade's face claiming that his cancer has been in remission 1%-2% over this time which means their treatments are working. He isn't going anywhere. Ajax tells Black Swan to take him back to his cell, and Wade asks him why he's going to be left with "less angry Rosie O'Donnell"?

In his cell, Wade is sitting while he hears constant thumping in the room on his left. He screams out that he better not be doing what he thinks he's doing, and the man tells him he's too slow! Wade responds that's what they all say until a woman in the room on his right responds saying the collar is preventing her brother for using his "gift". Wade says he's never actually got to talk to any of the successes, he asks them what it's like to be up in the penthouse. She tells him they're not success stories, they're Mutants, the Workshop needs authentic ones to harvest DNA from, and no, they get no special treatment, they're slaves to these people. Wade under his breath asks why anyone would willingly come here, the man says they didn't! Maybe he did, but they were kidnapped from the streets of Hassenstadt. Wade says he knows that name, it's Transia. He rhetorically asks why they would bring them to Canada, and they're both surprised hearing where they are. Wade asks their names and the woman replies Wanda and her brother Pietro, they're twins.

Wade asks what they can do, and Wanda says she can manipulate the very nature of the universe to her will and Pietro says he can propel his body at unnatural speeds. Wade clarifies that one is fast and the other is "weird". He then says they might be useful to him getting out of here. Wanda asks what he's talking about and Wade proceeds to finish sharpening a shiv he'd been working on secretly for the past two weeks, claiming this is a trick he learned in the army when you're stuck in a POW camp with cheap ass doors. Wade uses the shiv to act as a lockpick and is able to unlock the door from the inside. Wade then lets the twins out, telling Pietro "love the hair". Wade then knocks out a guard and takes his gun along with the key to Wanda and Pietro's power dampening collars. The three of them then let all the other prisoners out and cause a riot in the Workshop. Wanda says they need to leave now, using her Telekinesis to literally move anything standing in their way. Wade starts searching through the compartments and the Twins ask what he's doing and he insists he has to find his stuff first, obviously. He finds a sketchpad of three vertical claws being implanted on a human and says that it looks stupid. A platoon of guards soon come in and begin opening fire until everything slows down. Pietro starts using his super speed to deflect the bullets and elegantly knock out all the soldiers threatening Wade and his sister.

Despite Wade being confused about what just happened, he still moves forward with the twins continuing to fight through the guards until Ajax confronts them. He says that the three of them have made a big mess that they're all going to have to clean up. Pietro runs away at super speeds with Wanda and Wade shoots Ajax in the shoulder, while Francis is only mildly effected, Wade screams out in pain as he begins to bleed too. Ajax is then able to overpower and hold him to the ground, Wade then tries to tell him something acting as though he'll surrender. Ajax falls for it but Wade simply tells him he "has something stuck in his teeth". Ajax looks anyway and Wade laughs that he tricked him into doing it, calling him Francis more. In anger he continues to beats him and tell Wade how annoying he is and asks what his name is. Every time he does Wade continues replying Francis. Ajax then stabs him with a loose pole nearby and as Wade begins losing blood instead of dying, begins to heal as his body starts hideously deforming, Ajax commenting that the Mutant Growth Hormone kicked in, now he has Rapid Cellular Regeneration, it's healing his cancer and the cells are emerging as deformities all over his body. Wade starts screaming overwhelmed by the entire event as Ajax leaves and the entire Workshop explodes into flames and rubble.

The next morning, a hand emerges under all the rubble as Wade begins digging himself out. He stands up looks around and screams how awesome that was! Deadpool narrates that in this very moment, he rose from the ashes the badass, sexy beast he is today. Wade then asks who said that, and Deadpool realizes Wade can hear him and says he's done narrating now, the audience can figure the rest of the movie out. Wade wonders what he means by "movie" and is then startled by the camera, he asks how long they've been watching him. He then starts laughing, saying he's just kidding he know what's going on and how he needs to move the plot forward, getting revenge on Francis and everyone who tortured him. He starts walking forward loudly singing "I'm off to see the Wizard!" before stopping in his tracks and realizing he's probably going to need some help... and clothes.

Act 2

In Vancouver, Jack Hammer is shown trying to sell drugs but the deal ends up going sour and his clients pull out guns. Suddenly, Wade Wilson approaches them and demands they let his friend go. They refuse and begin shooting while Wade pretends to be hurt by the shots, until the bullets physically pop out and his wounds quickly regenerate. The shooters run away in fear and Jack is confused until realizing Wade is the guy who busted him months ago. Jack tells him to stay away, but Wade says he needs help and to stop being such a drama queen. Jack replies that Wade's face is horrifying, he looks like Ryan Reynolds if he was merged with a topographical map of Utah. Wade says he probably had that coming, and walks closer saying he knows the guys who did this and wants to get revenge on them. He could've gone anywhere in the world, but he went to... Wade then says he doesn't even remember his name and calls him Weasel (even though Jack tries to correct him multiple times).

Weasel asks why him and Wade confesses that he's the only other actor with a multi-film contract in the entire cast, so it's obvious they're supposed to team up or something. Weasel realizes Wade is hurt and obviously not right in the head, he explains how he lost the opportunity of a lifetime with that Stark Internship falling through, but that he'll help him. Weasel leads Wade into his house and he comments it smells like old lady pants in there, a voice behind him casually yells that it sounds like he has "a dick in his mouth". Wade looks to see an elderly blind woman sitting on the couch next to them. Wade starts laughing hysterically and says "Blind Al" over there is a hoot, he then asks Weasel if she's his girlfriend or sister. He tells him that she's his roommate. He says that he loves her already and sits on the couch next to her talking back and fourth. Weasel interrupts them and says how Wade had a plan to get revenge on the guys who messed up his face. They all go to the big table and Wade takes out a giant schematics blue print of his "plan" to get revenge, Al commenting she doesn't want to know where he could've been carrying that. He tells them the first stop is busting into the mansion of Director Colcord which he tracked down from his card fingerprints, but that's he's gonna need equipment from the Hellhouse first.

The three of them drive to the Hellhouse but notice the door is locked. Wade busts it open before realizing he worked there and has a key on him. Weasel and Blind Al begin gathering weapons while Wade sits down eating a Chimichanga, saying how amazing it is. Weasel sits down next to him and says that he probably should keep his identity and face hidden. Like a superhero, the best ones wear masks and have code names. Wade says that's a great idea, but confesses he doesn't know what he could call himself. He suggests Band-Aid Man because of his healing but Al tells him that sounds "fucking retarded". Weasel says Deathstroke could be cool, but Wade says they're already on thin ice making a movie about him, they can't afford to get sued by DC too. Wade then says he can't believe he's never got any good nicknames after taking people off the Deadpool. He stops after saying that and Weasel notices it written on the board as well. Wade then suggests "Captain Deadpool" be his name, but Weasel nudges into just Deadpool.

It shows a montage of Blind Al and Weasel drawing sketches for the costume, Wade raising an eyebrow at Al's blind artwork. After finally perfecting the sketches himself the three of them work together to sow a suit before it's finally completed. It then shows Director Colcord's mansion and Bob is circling the Perimeter before noticing two other soldiers brutally chopped up. He calls for backup on his com and they start investigating inside the house, insisting not to let the Director hear anything and just quietly get this guy. Bob begins searching the halls while the rest of the backup begin getting slowly taken out. He opens the door to the study noticing no one inside Bob sighs with relief and begins to turn around until he loudly hears someone say "Looking for me!?" he quickly looks and sees Deadpool laying down in front of the fireplace before he quickly jumps up and slashes Bob's knees.

He's about to behead him but recognizes that they met before and asks how he's doing. Bob tells him he's in a lot of pain but Deadpool doesn't seem to care, outside the room he hears a voice screaming that the gig is up and he needs to come out. Deadpool looks at the camera and says it's the moment they were all waiting for, he then breaks out of the door and begins brutally attacking everyone and destroying everything all over the Mansion. He eventually makes his way outside and starts traversing through the Hedge Maze making references to The Shining while economically taking out a dozen guards with only a handful of remaining gun bullets. He then notices Colcord's mailbox and after snooping through it finds a belt with teleportation abilities, eventually using it to find where the Main Bedroom is located. Inside, while Malcolm Colcord is watching porn on the TV in bed, Deadpool teleports in and aggressively throws one of his knives into Malcolm's hand. He asks why he's doing this and Deadpool tells him he knew it was a mistake believing him in the Hellhouse, he then puts the pieces together he's Wade Wilson. Deadpool tells him to shut up, he has one chance to do something right here and tell him where Francis is. Out of all the Workshop workers who made his life miserable, Francis is the one he really wants to stick it to. Malcolm says he doesn't know, he's just one part of a bigger group. Ajax could be anywhere, he wouldn't know, not his place. Deadpool claims he understands and throws him out the window.

Weasel and Blind Al are standing outside the Mansion both bored and contemplating if they should light a joint to pass the time until Deadpool teleports out holding Colcord's head in his hands. Al asks if he's satisfied now, and Deadpool tells her he wished Francis was there to kill, but he can live with this. He then throws the decapitated head to Weasel and tells him they're driving to pick up Vanessa. He throws the head away and tells Deadpool now that his fingerprints are all over this horrendous crime scene he's a criminal now, so why not. Weasel then says he knows the club she performs at on Tuesdays, and he'll take them there. Deadpool warns him they're not going to be taking turns, she's all his.

Later, it shows inside a warehouse Bob is crying hysterically explaining everything that happened to Ajax and Black Swan. Eventually he becomes too distraught and Ajax has to give him an ice cream cone to calm down. He asks if Deadpool was sent by Department H but Bob confirms it didn't seem like it, Francis rubs the bridge of his nose and Black Swan says that Malcolm Colcord had made a lot of enemies over the years, that it isn't inconceivable someone wanted revenge. Ajax says he knows that, but this man was looking for him! He just wants to live a simple life, working and doing what he loves, beating the ever loving crap out of anyone and anything. It's the only way he feels anything anymore. This red masked lunatic is going to ruin it all! Black Swan tells Ajax if he's right then he's going to come back eventually, and if he does he'll murder himself trying to hurt him. He sighs and says she's right, Bob then interrupts telling Ajax & Black Swan he wanted Mint chip, not vanilla.

Deadpool, Weasel, and Blind Al all go into the strip club, Weasel wishes Wade good luck saying he's got a wad of dollar bills and no time to waste. Deadpool starts walking to where Vanessa Carlysle is, passing the Stan Lee cameo loudly exclaiming "Hi Stan!" As he walks closer to her he stops himself and eventually turns around. Weasel is meanwhile seen arguing with a stripper who refuses to take his money until Deadpool comes up to him and says he can't do it, he wants to so badly but he thought about what his life is like now and what kind of danger he's going to bring Vanessa if he gets her involved. Weasel comments that's actually really sweet and thoughtful of him to realize, but asks what they're going to do now. Deadpool says the reason he can't be with Vanessa is because of Francis and his cronies, all he needs to do is waste him and then he'll be Scot-free. They go to get Blind Al who's having an in-depth conversation with an empty stripper pole and announce that the they're going to be dedicating all of their free time now to finding Ajax.

It shows a montage of Deadpool hunting down all the Workshop employees demanding to know where Francis is, even trying to kill one with a Zamboni. When he's not fighting, Wade creates a chart of everyone and their connection to Ajax. He then says to fast forward and the movie does as told going to the moment from the beginning after Deadpool ransacked the Workshop vans. He starts attacking the surviving soldiers and continues to ask them where Francis is, none of them know. One of the soldiers, however, is able to get up and hop on a Motorcycle which they run into Deadpool, horribly mangling his body. He manages to heal and get up until the soldier takes off their helmet revealing them self to be Black Swan. Deadpool looks surprised and comments how she isn't faceless cannon fodder. He takes out his two swords and they approach each other, Black Swan says that she didn't want to have to do do this on her day off. But when he attacks her truck, delivering her favorite merry band of Workshop soldiers, a vigilante gets an ass kicking. Deadpool tells her to bring it on and tries to slash her, only for Black Swan to effortlessly move out of the way via her enhanced reflexes. Deadpool isn't able to touch her once, while he gets hit multiple times and heals from it.

This continues on until Deadpool's swords get knocked out of his hands and Black Swan grabs one with her reflexes and tries to cut his head off. Before she does it, she taunts Wade about how close he really was to finding Ajax's location. They were stashed out in the old Junkyard, in Vancouver this entire time. He was so close, and Black Swan hopes he realizes that right before she murders his smart-ass. Deadpool tells her that her hands may be fast, but her brain isn't. He then hitches a ride of a garbage truck driving on the street below them. He rides in the garbage truck and lays down while laughing joyfully that he knows where Francis is! The truck driver then opens the window and asks "who's Francis", revealing himself to be yet another Stan Lee cameo. Deadpool then comments "You're a garbage collector too, seriously? How many cameos do you have in this thing?"

Act 3

In then shows in the airport, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are sitting undercover waiting for their flight back to Transia until they see on TV the report of what happened in the city from WHiH News, claiming a crazed man in a red suit kept screaming about finding someone named "Francis". The twins look at each other and realize there was only one Workshop prisoner who called Ajax that, Pietro says it's too much of a coincidence but Wanda asks who could've taken out entire trucks of soldiers like that, it has to be Wade! He saved their lives and he's going to get himself killed fighting them. Pietro sighs and asks Wanda if they're going to try and talk him out of it and she affirms it, Pietro grabs onto her and speeds away.

It then shows Vanessa heading off to work but before she can get into her car Black Swan kidnaps her. At the Junkyard, Ajax says he didn't think she'd make it back. Black Swan tells him it wasn't easy, they lost a lot of good men on the highway and she might've told Deadpool where they're staying. Ajax takes a club and almost assaults Swan with it, but she tells him that they have a bargaining chip. She moves out of the way to show Vanessa tied up and gagged behind her, he calms down and says the woman is a distraction for Wade, this could be the perfect opportunity to try something. Ajax opens a special brief case with a serum inside, claiming it came from one of the big laboratories, it's in the early phases but if it works like thinks it does this should be Anti-Growth Hormone that can target synthetic mutant genes. They can wipe the very healing factor they gave Deadpool right out of him, and end that cretin once and for all, with Vanessa as bait.

It then shows at the house, Deadpool and Blind Al are doing a Karaoke cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. He then asks Weasel how they did, his only response being that it was better than when they sang "Summer lovin". Deadpool then tells Weasel to lighten up, his Karaoke before a massacre ritual has never failed him, he's not going to stop it now when he has the most important fight ever coming up. Blind Al tells him after all this time she hopes Deadpool really messes Francis up, she had this uncle growing up who would... someone then knocks on the door and Deadpool answers it seeing Wanda & Pietro standing there. He welcomes them and asks if they're here for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants viewing party. They both are confused but Wanda tells Deadpool Buck Masterson told them where he was staying and they have to talk him out of confronting Ajax.

He lets them in while commenting it's weird they're the only other Mutants he seems to run into, almost like the studio couldn't afford anymore heroes. The twins explain why they're here and Deadpool tells them there's no way he's going to give up killing Francis. He tortured all of them for months in that place! Pietro says that Wade needs to let go of his anger and start thinking about his own well-being. Deadpool tells him that he can't die, his power kicked in after they ran off and now he can heal anything. Wanda goes on a long speech about how all the suffering she's been through in her life, that she doesn't hold anger in her heart towards any of it, that revenge is a poison that blackens the soul. After that Deadpool gets a text from Ajax himself saying that he has Vanessa kidnapped and they can work out a deal in the Junkyard. Deadpool screams freaking out in rage over it and tells them what happened, after that Wanda and Pietro look at each other before confirming that Wade's right, they should all probably just kill Ajax.

Deadpool starts yelling that he wants every gun in the house but Weasel tells him they don't have any, he used everything they had during the Highway fight and he supposed to go on a shop later. He says he's just going to have to do it the old fashion way, taking his trusted swords Deadpool then looks at the camera and says they all know what how much damage he can do with just these. It then shows an outside perspective of Deadpool having a conversation with nobody, Pietro then asks Weasel who Wade is talking to, he explains that after he got his healing his brain kind lost all semblance of sanity. Pietro asks if it's at all distracting and Weasel says he barely notices it anymore. Deadpool says he's ready to kick butt and Wanda tells Pietro to speed them to the Junkyard. He does as told and the three of them begin walking right into it until a group of soldiers lead by Bob hold up Deadpool. Ajax stands at the top of a building structure and tells Wade it's nice to see him again, with two of other Mutant degenerates to waste. Wanda tells him to bite her, they're just here for the girl. He says that he'll give her under one condition, Deadpool say his name. He asks Deadpool what his name is and he angrily responds "Francis fucking Fanny" Ajax claims he knew Deadpool would be too stupid to do it, he had no plans of releasing Vanessa, he just wanted to get them somewhere he could wipe them all out. Pietro curses for tricking them and goes into super speed punching Ajax, but the pain redirects and Quicksilver falls back winded.

The soldiers begin shooting while Deadpool and Scarlet Witch use their powers and skills to take them down, in the commotion Bob flees the scene in terror and begins running from everyone. It shows inside the building Ajax tells Black Swan to help out there while he gets the Anti-MGH needle prepared. Vanessa screams out asking why he's doing this, why her! He explains that her boyfriend had been pushing him for too long, Vanessa tells him that her boyfriend Wade disappeared over a year ago and is probably dead from cancer. Ajax tells her that he cured it, but only as a means to make him a super soldier to the organization he works for, he then leaves the room and Carlysle is deeply shocked by this revelation. Outside Deadpool and Scarlet Witch begin to get overwhelmed until Quicksilver gets up and uses his speed to casually take out a significant amount of soldiers, until he's about to take down Black Swan but she's able to keep up with him and blocks the attack. He's impressed and they both begin fighting each other at super speed, while Wade and Wanda go after soldiers again. Weasel and Blind Al are then shown pulling into the other side of the Junkyard, Weasel asks why they're doing this again and Blind Al tells him Deadpool might be an annoying creep who kidnapped them but she's too invested in him getting justice to just sit by and let him go at this alone. The two soon run into Bob, Weasel tells Blind Al he'll handle this and the two men begin preparing to fight one another.

Bob charges at them but trips on a littered beer bottle and bangs his head on a discarded refrigerator. Blind Al asks if he beat him, and Weasel stammers before proudly proclaiming he totally beat the crap out of him. Black Swan begins to seriously start beating Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch notices, Wade tells her to go help him he's gonna go do what he came here for. Ajax walks out again and sees FRANCIS written on the ground with the bodies of his soldiers. He does a superhero landing while jumping down to his level, Deadpool then tells him it's time to fight and they proceed to battle. Ajax is able to damage Deadpool heavily with his club, and by redirecting the pain of Wade's own attacks. Weasel and Blind Al soon catch up to him and start cheering Wade on, he tells them that he can't hurt Ajax, they need to operate a nearby crane and smash him with it. If no person is directly responsible for an attack on him, nobody but him will be hurt.

Weasel and Blind Al get inside the crane but it won't work. Weasel tries to jumpstart it but it ends up short circuiting and his hand is hurt, but it starts working which gives Blind Al the opportunity to use it. Unfortunately, due to being blind she swings the Wrecking Ball completely over Ajax and crashes the entire building down, knocking Vanessa out of her holding area and onto the ground level, still safe. Ajax and Deadpool keep fighting until Deadpool accidentally tries to hit Francis and turns on a discarded television set, playing the Captain America commercial from years before in the Hellhouse. Wade begins to stop fighting and rant about how furious he is that's still being played, and how it's a disgrace to the country of Canada. Ajax takes this opportunity to overpower him. Deadpool begins getting badly beaten by Ajax who stabs a knife through his brain and pins him to a wall. Black Swan is able to overpower Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with her weapons and reflexes as well. Ajax then takes out the Anti-MGH needle and is about to inject Deadpool with it, until he slows down and begins to cough up blood. Deadpool starts laughing manically saying that one of the downsides of not feeling, you'd never know if your enemy stabs in the back and you slowly bleed out. Ajax looks and sees a stab wound in his back doing just that, while distracted Wade quickly takes the Needle out of his hand and jams it into Ajax's hip. He then begins to start screaming as his powers fade away and he begins to feel pain once again. Quicksilver then temporarily stuns Black Swan while Scarlet Witch telekinetically knocks her out.

Deadpool grabs Francis by the neck and tells him he ruined his life. Ajax asks him why he thinks that, he saved him from Cancer, turned him into a superhero, Deadpool should be thanking him. Wade angrily corrects him saying he choose to be a hero, it had nothing to do with his sadistic torture. Ajax tells him he's right, Deadpool could never be a hero, just a sad broken man with no purpose in the world. He then says to Francis that pain must be a new sensation for him, but that Deadpool can teach him a few things. He then physically touches the camera and tells the audience they may want to look away, moving the view behind them as Ajax can be heard being killed. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver help Weasel and Blind Al out of the crane wreckage and meet up with Deadpool, who sees Vanessa disoriented on the ground, he helps her up and reveals that he's Wade. She hugs him and asks why he didn't call her this whole time and he says that he had to tie up all the loose ends from his past. But that he's cancer free and ready to start making babies. He takes off his mask to try and kiss her but Vanessa is absolutely shocked, claiming he's the most hideous man she's ever seen in her life. Wade insists that it's just a side effect of the healing but that he's still the same guy who just saved her life. She tells him thanks, but there's no way she's ever going to get turned on by him again, proceeding to then walk away.

Deadpool puts his mask on while Blind Al comforts him, saying he's beautiful to her. He wisely points out she's blind but Al claims that she's not spiritually, and that his soul is beautiful. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver agree with her, saying that Wade saved them and probably countless other people by stopping the Workshop. Deadpool asks what they're going to do now and Scarlet Witch says maybe he had the right idea that revenge isn't always bad, the Workshop was just one part of a bigger organization, and they're pretty good at this. They then walk off and Deadpool asks Blind Al & Weasel if they want to go back to the loft and get high, Weasel replies saying he'd love nothing more, he has a stash of imported stuff under the floor boards. They start walking away in the sun set while Blind Al asks what they're going to do about all the corpses & destruction in the Junkyard, but Deadpool says that it's the end of the movie, nobody's thinking about that. She begins saying how they can't just ignore all of the people who work there, they're going to see it and the police will probably start an entire investigation, not to mention Ajax's bosses will probably.

Before she can finish Deadpool starts narrating that he's not going to let Vanessa's rejection define him. He may not be handsome, he may not be smart, he may not even be a real superhero, but the truth is... "I am Deadpool... but you probably already knew that."

He then ends by shouting Chimichangas rule!

First End Credits

Teasing The Incredible Hulk 3

Deadpool is sitting on the couch at the loft watching TV with Weasel and Blind Al passed out on both sides of him. He begins channel surfing until coming across WHiH News talking about anti-Mutant sentiment is reaching an all time high. That this distrust has even began to spread to the Hulk, with General Thaddeus Ross and John Ryker wanting him to be incarcerated even after what happened in New York. Deadpool quickly looks at the camera and says that's totally not a hint of something that's gonna happen.

Second End Credits

Teasing Deadpool: The Second Coming

Deadpool comes out of his room in a hallway with strange wallpaper in his robe and tells the audience that the movie's over and they should go home, they don't have the funding for more stingers. Before finally leaving view he turns to the camera again and says "Oh, what the hell? You waited long enough" and tells them that the sequel is going to have Domino in it and she's going to be totally awesome, he didn't think they had the rights to use her, but apparently they do. There's also going to be a bigger budget, more action, and maybe even another cameo from an Avenger.


  • Deadpool was given his powers due to experimentation from the notorious Weapon-X organization in the comics. Due to rights issues however, this was changed into the Workshop a shady research facility working for an unknown entity with similar nefarious goals.
  • After learning of Deadpool's existence, Ajax ponders if he works for Department H, a Canadian branch of the government dedicated to monitoring superhero activity. When interviewed if the reference was possibly an indication of a future movie involving them Kevin Feige claimed the reference was merely to establish their existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that they have no plans for them to show up in any Phase 2 movies.
  • In the Hellhouse, Wade Wilson mentions the Battle of New York causing business for mercenaries in Vancouver to boom. Referencing the events of The Avengers.
  • Weasel claims to have had an internship with Stark Industries, the company owned by Tony Stark which plays an essential role in the Iron Man trilogy. This changed from the comics where Weasel had an internship with Oscorp instead.
  • Ajax's mutant ability of pain redirection is exclusive to the film, and a play of his comic attribute of simply not feeling any pain. This was done to give him a powerful enough ability to contrast Deadpool's healing factor.
  • Bob Dobalina in the comics is known as Bob, Agent of Hydra and is an alley of Deadpool. In the film however, he works under Ajax and Black Swan, not directly on behalf of Hydra.
  • In mainstream continuity, Vanessa Carlysle is the mutant Copycat and an agent for the time traveling law firm Landau, Luckman & Lake.
  • Mutant Growth Hormone (or MGH) in the comics is an addictive substance sold in the criminal underworld that temporarily grants its user enhanced strength and manic rage.
  • Deadpool finds a sketch of claws being injected onto a human skeleton in the Workshop, which he dismisses as stupid, a reference to the popular hero Wolverine who received his Adamantium claws through the same institution Deadpool received his healing factor in the comics.
  • Black Swan in the comics is male and a bavarian assassin who develops a deep hatred for Wade Wilson after he is falsely credited for one of his high priority kills. The version of the film is a genderbent character with little to no resemblance to the comic outside of the similar codename.
  • Captain America, who appears in a dozen commercials viewed by Deadpool throughout the movie is the same hero who fought against the Nazis during World War II and against the Masters of Evil during the Battle of New York.
  • Deadpool brings a magazine with Kevin Feige on the cover, the main producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with him alongside his weapons.
  • While coming up with a codename Weasel suggests Deathstroke, the name of the DC comics supervillain and character Deadpool was originally made to parody.
  • WHiH News which appears multiple times in the movie is a recurring news station seen in many other Marvel Cinematic Universe properties. Its appearance in Deadpool proves they are an international news organization, as the film takes place largely in Canada.
  • Wade begs Malcolm Colcord not to "sow his mouth shut" before being taken to the Workshop, a direct reference to the extremely unpopular Deadpool adaptation from the X-Men film continuity released exclusively under 20th Century Fox.
  • In the comics, Hassenstadt is the former capital of the eastern european nation of Latveria.
  • Weasel mentions that Deadpool unmasked looks like "Ryan Reynolds merged with a topographical map of utah". The reference being Reynolds is the actor who actually portrays the character within the film.
  • At the end of the movie Deadpool narrates the line "I am Deadpool..." which is a play on the slogan at the end of Iron Man and Iron Man 3.
  • The first end credit scene has the reporter mention the Hulk being targeted by Generals Ross and Ryker. The latter of whom is one of the Hulk's greatest villains in the comics not yet seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Deadpool's second end credit scene is designed in the vein of the end credits scene of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and has him blatantly mention plans for Domino to appear in the sequel. Tim Miller comments on this claiming the idea for the scene came from the fact his contract had him secured for a sequel and that he always wanted to have Domino appear in the MCU Deadpool franchise, but couldn't add her in the first movie.
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