Marvel's Black Panther is a 2018 live-action superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. It is the overall twenty-third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe released worldwide on February 16th 2018.


In the 90s, Wesley Snipes was in talks with 20th Century Fox to star in and produce a Black Panther adaptation, believing Africans needed more representation in action films. The project flickered in and out of development throughout the decade but was eventually scrapped entirely due to name confusion with the political Black Panther Party, which Fox was scared could cause outrage and hurt their box office.

Nothing progressed with Black Panther for a long time until Marvel Studios acquired permission from 20th Century Fox to use the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if they so chose in 2008. By the time Phase 2 came around Kevin Feige was heavily considering moving forward with a Black Panther movie thinking he would fit in well alongside the Avengers. At Comic Con Summer 2015 Black Panther was announced as part of their slate to be released in February 2018. Purposely placed in black history month in order to capitalize on the character's inherent themes of African representation. Chadwick Boseman and revealed to actually have his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War in May 2016.

After Black Panther's successful debut in said film, award winning director Ryan Coogler was tapped to helm the project. Filming began and concluded in 2017 in Georgia and Black Panther was released on schedule February 16th 2018.


  • Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panther
  • Michael B. Jordan as Erik Stevens/Killmonger
  • Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue/Klaw
  • Forest Whitaker as Achebe
  • Letitia Wright as Shuri
  • Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia
  • Daniel Kaluuya as W'Kabi
  • Danai Gurira as Okoye
  • Angela Bassett as Ramonda
  • Florence Kasumba as Ayo
  • John Kani as T'Chaka
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberman/Micro (Cameo)
  • James Earl Jones as Ghekre (Cameo)
  • Sterling K. Brown as Hunter Stevens (Flashback)
  • Nabiyah Be as Linda Stevens (Flashback)


The film starts showing the night sky and the voice of a young T'Challa asking his father, King T'Chaka, to tell him the story of "home". T'Chaka narrates how millions of years ago a meteor struck the continent of Africa gifting the plants and soil with Vibranium. The narration continues while the audience is shown a sculpted reenactment of the meteor striking. That many tribes fought over the land until one day a warrior shaman named Bashenga of the Adowa Tribe received instructions from the Panther goddess Bast to ingest a special heart shaped herb. He did as told and became the first Black Panther who united the tribes of Simbi, Vanyan, Jabari, Anansi, and Nri into the Kingdom of Wakanda. The Vibranium allowed the Wakandans to develop technology more advanced than anywhere else in the world, leading them to a golden age of prosperity. But that peace did not last long, foreign enemies came desiring to enslave their people and exploit the land. In order to protect what they had accomplished, Wakanda chose to hide in plain sight, keeping the truth of their power hidden from the outside world. T'Challa asks if they still hide and T'Chaka answers by simply stating always.

It then shows in Oakland, California where a child named Erik is outside playing Basketball with his parents, Hunter and Linda. Erik makes a good shot and he jokingly asks if his real parents were NBA stars, Hunter plays along asking if they adopted him from Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippin, he can't remember. The three of them continue to enjoy themselves until a police car shows up and demands to know what they're doing. Linda says they're just playing basketball and Hunter asks if there's a problem, the officers respond they're just doing their jobs. Hunter then reaches into his pocket taking out a phone but the Police think he's pulling a gun and proceed to shoot him, Linda then freaks out and they shot her too. Erik is stunned by the entire ordeal as the Police realize what they've done. They place weapons into both Hunter and Linda's hands and then take Erik into the car buckling him in the back seat, the blood of his parents still on his face.

Cut to present day, where a Dragon Flyer aircraft is seen turning off its invisibility cloak before flying through the wilderness of East Africa and into a "cliff" that is actually the hidden entrance into the advanced Afro-Futurist society of Wakanda! The Dragon Flyer goes over the capital of Birnin Zana where the citizens are enjoying the advanced technology until the aircraft lands in a large garden within the middle of the city. King T'Challa flanked by his mother Ramonda and sister Princess Shuri walk out of the Dragon Flyer as all the citizens begin to chant. The High Priest Achebe tells T'Challa the Heart Shaped Herb is ready for him. Achebe than goes into the grove and picks the ripest one handing it to his King. T'Challa proudly swallows it and shouts out WAKANDA FOREVER and all the people respond back in unison. He then gives a speech how all of the people in their glorious land are his comrades and he will protect them with the power of this Herb until his dying breathe. T'Challa continues to drone on until Shuri yells out for her brother to hurry up complaining that the traditional headgear she's forced to wear is uncomfortable. Ramonda makes her hush but T'Challa heeds her advice and ends the ceremony early, thanking Achebe before heading to the Royal Palace.

T'Challa begins walking inside while Ramonda tells Shuri she must behave during her brother's Herb rituals. Shuri insists that it interrupted the update she was developing on the Kimoyo Beads. T'Challa chimes in saying maybe she should spend her time developing an update for her ceremonial attire. Shuri proceeds to walk away giving him the middle finger and T'Challa simply laughs before entering the throne room. There he is greeted by his wife, Queen Nakia, and takes his seat. It does a montage of the two of them ruling Wakanda together and T'Challa being a fair and noble King to all who need his wisdom. That night he's still on the throne performing his duties until the Head of Security, W'Kabi, enters and explains that his men have recently discovered a group of Vagabonds in Wakanda who have been kidnapping citizens whom the Hatut Zeraze have had difficulty stopping. He is requesting the King's justice to help restore order. T'Challa says he will ready with the Dora Milaje and takes off shortly.

Act 1

In a Dragon Flyer over the jungle, Ayo is driving and informs T'Challa that they're almost in the vicinity of the criminals. He graciously puts on his Black Panther suit and looks at the 3-D hologram map with Okoye discussing the plan. She'll lead the Dora Milaje to rescue the citizens and he'll take care of the criminals. Okoye whimsically warns T'Challa not to freeze out there but he insists he never freezes, putting on his helmet before being released from the Dragon Flyer into the Jungle canopy. In the air, Black Panther throws out multiple Kimoyo Beads that disable the criminal vehicles and while investigating he takes them out one by one using his incredible martial arts skills and Vibranium claws. Okoye begins finding the kidnapped citizens and brings them to safety while Ayo finds stashes of Vibranium canisters in their trucks. She shows Black Panther and says the kidnappers weren't Wakandans, they were foreigners. T'Challa muttering there's only one foreigner he's ever known who had the nerve to send men into Wakanda to steal from them. Ayo gulps while Okoye says Ulysses Klaue, Black Panther comments that Wakanda must prepare itself if the Slicing Talons have returned.

In London at a History Museum an African-American man is looking at a collection of masks. The curator asks if she can help him and he insists that he's just browsing and wonders if she could explain the history of one particular mask to him. The curator says it was picked up by British Soldiers in Nigeria and the African-American man insists she's wrong, it was found in Nigeria but it's actually from Wakanda and is made out of Vibranium. But that he'll take it for them, the Curator informs him they aren't for sale but the man claims her ancestors stole it and he's just repaying them. Before she can respond they all start to hearing ringing while the African-American man quickly jumps out of the way and a loud sonic boom comes over the entire room killing everyone inside and shattering all the artifacts, except for the ones made of Vibranium.

Afterwards, Ulysses Klaue himself spotting a sonic cannon "claw" in place of his right arm walks in and tells Erik that was a job well done. Erik insists his name is Killmonger and that he wants to keep this Vibranium mask, to be his own claw. Ulysses asks why he would care about that hideous thing and Killmonger claims it makes him feel closer to his roots. Klaw lets him have it and starts collecting all the Vibranium treasures while Slicing Talons thugs undercover as EMTs escort Klaw and Killmonger off the scene while the police run right past them. In Wakanda, T'Challa is in the throne room with all the tribe elders and W'Kabi discussing how to handle the Slicing Talons. Ramonda asks W'Kabi how these colonizers get into their homes, he answers that he does not know, perhaps they have found the hidden entrance. T'Challa stands and tells him the Nri tribe must be more vigilant then! This is the second time Klaw has discovered the way into Wakanda, the first time countless good men including his own father fell to that madman and he will not put his people through that again. All the tribe elders are shocked by his outburst and W'Kabi insists he will move the entrance again and send the Nri men to secure the entire perimeter.

T'Challa leaves the room to get some air and Nakia followers him outside. The Black Panther is on the large balcony watching the beautiful sun set claiming this never gets old. Nakia says that she understands how he feels, the idea of Klaw and his Slicing Talons carving up Wakanda is that of nightmares. But it has made her think the only reason that Klaw has been able to get away with this for so long is because no one even knows what he's doing. Wakanda is a mystery to anyone who isn't one of them, T'Challa asks what she's suggesting and Nakia claims that perhaps it is time for Wakanda to open its borders. Black Panther insists that is out of the question, their Kingdom has been hidden precisely because of people like Klaw. If they open their borders now there will be more of them, he is sure of it.

Nakia says or they could help other Africans who are not as fortunate as they are. T'Challa insists he traveled all over the world last year and saw first hand the chaos that is engulfing other countries with Hydra and the Avengers. These foreigners will only bring their problems with them, put their whole way of life at risk. Nakia responds that the Slicing Talons armada is made up of Africans all over the continent who work for Klaw because they need a roof over their head and food on their plates. Wakanda is strong enough as a nation to protect itself and help others. Black Panther still stands by his initial position that he is the King of Wakanda, and will protect all people born here with his life, but the outside world is of no concern to him.

Meanwhile, the Slicing Talons are shown to have made a base of operations around the remains of the Churchill in rural South Africa. There, Killmonger is sorting through the stolen treasures and once he's done delivers all the scraps to Klaw. He goes through it disappointed that's all they have after a whole year of pirating. Erik asks what he expects, not a lot of Vibranium on this planet and his system stealing little bits from Wakanda every now and then isn't going to make up for that. Klaw insists last time he launched a full scale invasion into Wakanda it was a disaster. They might be savages but their technology is too much for idiots like them to even comprehend. Killmonger clarifies idiots like you to Ulysses and that he understands it plenty, Vibranium has a weakness, Erik takes out a blueprint and Klaw listens. He explains that Vibranium metal and vegetation is resistant to vibrations which gives it incredible properties. But as he knows sounds are one of the few mediums that can somewhat slow it down. That if the math is right a calculation tuned to just a high enough frequency can actually nullify Vibranium's superhuman properties altogether, temporarily disabling it. He starts to sketch on the blueprint insisting the only problem with this theory was that you need Vibranium to actually make a device capable of producing such a precise sound waves. Lucky for them that's just what his claw happens to be made out of.

Klaw starts to laugh and kisses Erik on the forehead claiming he thought he was just some crazy American. That big brain of his is going to make them both richer than the pope. Killmonger remains unfazed and tells him all they need is a top of the line Sound Converter, he knows a guy who could hook them up. In Wakanda once again, T'Challa is with his mother Ramonda walking the streets together. He tells her about his discussion with Nakia and how she wishes to open Wakanda's borders to the rest of the world. He naturally opposes it as he was raised to do, but his bride, she's so stubborn. It's why he fell in love with her but he cannot deal with conflict in his marriage while protecting all of Wakanda from Ulysses Klaue. Ramonda insists that this is why she didn't approve of him marrying an Anansi woman, those River folk are too forward thinking for their own good. T'Challa asks his mother if she's finished, and Ramonda insists he asked for her input and she thinks he is right to put their people first. T'Challa says he knows, many would agree with him. But Nakia's words could not have sent him into this spiral if there was not a small part of him that understood the wisdom in them. Ramonda suggests if this is a matter of an unsure soul, he needs guidance from one who specializes in the spiritual.

T'Challa heeds his mother's advice and goes to the Necropolis where Achebe is tending the burial plots and asks him if he has a moment to spare. Achebe claims for him always but T'Challa insists he just wishes to talk to him as friends, not as his King. Achebe insists though that it makes little difference to him. The Black Panther explains he is feeling doubt in the way he is ruling Wakanda as its King. If his instincts are truly wise or indirectly leading them to their doom. Achebe asks if he believes in the path he has chosen and T'Challa insists that he does, but T'Chaka believed in his Path as well and it was the ultimate mistake. High Priest Achebe informs T'Challa that death is not the end, T'Chaka protected Wakanda until he could no more and Black Panther insists he does not want that. He doesn't wish to simply die in battle, he wants to protect Wakanda so that no one ever has to die unjustly under his rule.

Black Panther asks what he can do to make this a reality. Achebe says in times of hardship the Black Panthers of history went to the one who originally showed them the way, Bast. T'Challa tells Achebe to bring him to her and he proceeds to bury his King is ritual red sand until he's completely submerged and when he rises finds himself in a savannah dazzled by a night sky with purple lights emanating from it. Bast who appears as a giant black panther with glowing white eyes approaches him and takes the form of the previous King T'Chaka. T'Challa mutters under his breathe father and Bast says its merely a form she is taking. Asking what troubles him that he would come to her seeking guidance, Black Panther explains that Wakanda faces the return of one of its greatest threats, and he does not know what to do to stop him, his heart tells him to do one thing but his head another. Bast responds that the Panther does not think before it pounces on its prey, it simply does. What does his heart tell him to do, T'Challa insists he wants to respect the decisions of his ancestors and keep his Kingdom safe. Bast proclaims than that is what he must do and all who oppose him are inconsequential. T'Challa is then waken up by Achebe removing the sand from his face proclaiming that he is needed in the throne room.

In the Palace, Okoye informs her King that Klaw has been spotted in Barcelona along with the Slicing Talons. She strongly advises action be taken to detain him as soon as possible. W'Kabi on the other hand says that there are still Slicing Talons in Wakanda and the Black Panther must remain on the throne should they attack again. T'Challa insists that not a day goes by where he doesn't dream of bringing Klaw to justice and save Wakanda from ever having to suffer from the threat of him, and because of that he will follow his heart and go to Barcelona. He suggests that Nakia come with him, she discussed a desire to help those outside of Wakanda and perhaps this quest will satisfy her need to do so. Nakia responds that it couldn't hurt and that it's a good opportunity for him to try out Shuri's new Panther Habit design. T'Challa asks what she's talking about and it then shows a Dragon Flyer entering the Wakandan Vibranium Mound revealing the inside of it to contain an advanced mining system that extracts thousands of tons of Vibranium, in addition to housing Shuri's personal lab.

Act 2

Shuri greets her brother when he enters telling him about all the new technology she has invented recently that can be used when fighting Klaw. Including Kimoyo Beads that allow remote control over any vehicle they're attached to and an updated Black Panther habit. T'Challa asks what's wrong with his design, and Shuri claims it's old and impractical. When people are shooting at you you shouldn't have to stop and put your helmet on. The upgrade is fully automated, literally stored within the necklace. T'Challa tries it on and the Panther Habit literally synthesizes around his skin, Shuri claiming it looks good on him. Black Panther says that it lacks the traditional designs of the older habits and Shuri insists it's the way of the future. That they cannot stay stuck making everything look the same just because they've always done it that way.

T'Challa though says it's not about being the same, it's about respecting their heritage and history. Shuri claims he didn't discuss respecting their heritage when she introduced the Maglev Train to extract Vibranium replace the Simbi mining workers. T'Challa tells her point taken but that there's a way to value science and efficiently while still respecting what makes the legacy of the Black Panther what it is, Shuri tells him but if they ever have to make a choice progress must always come first. In Barcelona, Klaw along with Killmonger and his entourage walk into a Casino (with this playing) where they meet Erik's contact Micro busy gambling. He becomes startled seeing them and quickly folds taking them away from the tables. Micro then shows them the Sound Converter and comments that when Killmonger called again after their last encounter, he didn't expect him to be asking for a machine like this, what gives.

Klaw answers asking Micro what he knows about Wakanda. Micro answers it's a third world country but Ulysses insists that's all a front. They are sitting on the world's largest stash of Vibranium, they built technology out of it, weave it into their clothes, heal themselves, do everything with the stuff. A modern El Dorado, everyone thought it was in South America, but it was in Africa this whole time. He's the only one who's seen it and made it out alive. Micro looks confused and asks Erik if this is the man he's working for. Erik doesn't respond and simply takes out a wad of cash giving it to Micro before telling Klaw they need to leave. It then shows at the front door T'Challa, along with Nakia and Okoye enter where they quickly spot Klaw and his Slicing Talons henchmen all over. Nakia observes he's leaving and insists they must hide outside and ambush him there but T'Challa insists that will only prolong the inevitable and gives the signal to Okoye. She then snatches her wig and takes out a Vibranium spear attacking the Slicing Talons' thugs while Nakia does the same on the other side of the Casino. T'Challa jumps down onto Klaw and tells him he is a sick and greedy man, after all these years he will finally be put on trial for his crimes against Wakanda! Klaw laughs hysterically and mockingly sings "What is Love" to him before blasting Black Panther with his claw and escaping along with Killmonger, who slowly puts his mask on.

Nakia tries to fight Erik using her ring blades while Klaw and the Slicing Talons escape. Killmonger is able to dodge all of Nakia's attacks and easily beats her down using his martial arts killing any Casino security or Dora Milaje who try to get in his way. T'Challa is then seen running after Klaw's van on the street before attaching a Kimoyo Bead to his car allowing Shuri to literally drive it while still in her Wakanda lab. He then has his necklace synthesize the new Panther habit around his body and jumps on Shuri's car while they chase after Klaw. Killmonger and some other Slicing Talons get in their own van and begin driving away while Nakia and Okoye get inside their Vibranium car and chase after them. Black Panther and Shuri are in hot pursuit of Klaw all over the city while the Slicing Talons proceed to shoot Nakia and Okoye's Vibranium car to little effect, Erik needing to remind them it's completely bullet resistant. Okoye stands up and through the sun roof and throws her Spear at Killmonger's van, however Erik is so skilled he's able to catch mid air and throw it right back at them, slashing the tires of the Vibranium car.

On the other side of town, Black Panther is getting closer and Klaw shoots a sonic blast that destroys Shuri's car and the Kimoyo bead disconnecting her from the fight. T'Challa though is able to evade on the sides of buildings and keep his momentum going and is able to flip Klaw's car over. Ulysses tries to crawl out and fight T'Challa but despite his sound manipulation is easily beaten, the Black Panther then pulls the claw out of Ulysses' arm socket and demands to know how he found the entrance into Wakanda again and he insists "you savages" can't even keep your own people in order. T'Challa asks what that means and before Klaw can answer Black Panther gets hit with a rocket launcher being held by Killmonger. T'Challa quickly gets up and tries to fight back but Erik uses the Sound Converter against him which deactivates his Panther Habit along with Killmonger's own mask. He then kicks him down and takes Klaw into his van before driving away. The Panther Habit only recalibrating and herb based superhuman abilities returning after they're already gone. Okoye and Nakia catch up and ask what happened, Black Panther explains that Klaw had an accomplice who was somehow able to nullify Vibranium, the device he used to do it must've been what they came to Barcelona for. Nakia asks how that's even possible and T'Challa claims he does not know.

In Wakanda, Shuri is doing research in her lab with T'Challa and W'Kabi. She clarifies that even the Heart Shaped Herb's abilities were ineffective and T'Challa insists everything that made him King was no more. Shuri is stumped claiming she's never heard of something that could do that to Vibranium, she'll have to think about this. W'Kabi tells her to do so as fast as she can, something that can disable Vibranium in the hands of the Slicing Talons is by in large the greatest existing threat to their entire Kingdom. T'Challa tells her to just work hard as she can and walks with W'Kabi in the hallway. There, Black Panther tells the Head of Security that Klaw gave him an ominous message in Barcelona, implying that there was a traitor in Wakanda who revealed the force field entrance to his henchmen. W'Kabi asks who could be doing this and T'Challa claims their conversation was interrupted before he could find out, W'Kabi claims the only ones who know are the high court and his guards in the Nri Tribe. Black Panther asks him how well he knows those men and W'Kabi insists he trusts each and every one of them with his own life. They are loyal to Wakanda, he assures him. T'Challa tells him that the true evil in this world can be ultimately deceptive, and pull the wool right over your eyes. Check with all the guards in the Nri tribe and be sure of his assessment, if there is even a fraction of a doubt, they look into it. Wakanda's independence might hinge on it.

At the Churchill Village, Killmonger is marking his skin with with cuts for all the people that he killed in Barcelona. Klaw is meanwhile busy attaching the Sound Converter into his claw and after tuning it to the right pitch shoots a sonic blast at the camp's stash of Vibranium, completely shattering all of it. Klaw runs up to Killmonger and starts to screaming for him to look at how awesome that was! Those savages and their force field won't be able to keep him out with this in his back pocket. Erik doesn't say anything, but looks impressed. Klaw then shouts out for his men to ready themselves, it's time to march on the Wakanda and hit the jackpot. Killmonger walks over to the Slicing Talons thugs personally and tells them that they've all been waiting a long time to see this place, he trusts they'll know how to treat it. Back in Wakanda, T'Challa is sitting in the throne room while Okoye explains that the man assisting Klaw's name is Erik Stevens. Adopted at infancy by Hunter and Linda Stevens he lived with them in Oakland until they were killed in a controversial shoot out with the police, he moved from foster homes ever since before graduating MIT and joining the Marine Corps. During his time serving he had so many confirmed killed they started calling him Killmonger.

Nakia says it breaks her heart to see Africans who would work on behalf of the Slicing Talons. Black Panther comments Killmonger is not African, he is an American and must be treated as any one Klaw's accomplices would. The Slicing Talons have been raising their standards, becoming more aggressive and bold in their attacks. No doubt due to the traitor revealing the secret entrance to them. The tribe leaders ask W'Kabi what he has done about this and the Head of Security responds there are a handful of guards who he trusts "less" than the others. He has ordered they come to Birnin Zana and be interrogated accordingly, Black Panther says if none of the Nri guards are a match then the other tribe leaders must begin looking for the traitor in their own ranks. Until then the Dora Milaje shall temporarily act as replacements to the called upon Nri Guards while they're in questioning. That night, Ramonda visits Shuri inside of her bedroom and asks if she wishes to be read a story just like when she was little. Shuri insists however that engineering is as much comfort before bed as she needs.

The Princess even exclaiming she always hated those stories anyway. Ramonda gets insulted by that asking what happened to her, she was not always like this. Shuri asks what she means, interested in science more than politics, sorry to be a disappointment. The Queen Mother though claims they gave her a lab and the resources to do whatever she pleases, yet she still continues to reject any and all of Wakanda's traditions, her heritage! Shuri yells back the reason they all live so well is because there are people like her who make something out of Vibranium. They didn't just all sit there and talk to plants. Everyone's lives are easier because they thought of the future and didn't stay living in the past. Ramonda says knows nothing of what Wakanda has been through to become what it is now, how much they all sacrificed to give her what she has. Shuri responds they did that so she could embrace all the Vibranium has to offer, not to relive their struggles a second time.

At the border, the Dora Milaje are exiting their Dragon Flyer where Okoye is telling Ayo their strategy for patrolling and how if anyone, even someone she's not sure of, gets too close she must not hesitate to act against them. Ayo comments when she was drafted into the Dora Milaje she thought her only obligation would be to act as the King's servant, please him during late hours or perhaps deliver a child should Queen Nakia be unable or unfit. Okoye tells Ayo she is confusing the Dora Milaje of old with them now. They are protectors first and concubines second. All the women have an obligation to protect Wakanda even more so than the Hatut Zeraze or the Nri guards. King T'Challa relies on them and if they fail, all of the nation fails with them. The shame felt by the previous general when T'Chaka got slain was unimaginable. Ayo says she does not know if she can serve well in that regard, but Okoye claims her sisters will protect her. She was chosen for a reason and with her undying love to Wakanda could never disappoint them. Ayo responds by proudly stating Wakanda Forever to Okoye as they both salute each other.

In Birnin Zana, W'Kabi is interrogating his guards but can't find evidence any of them are traitors. Achebe tells him he will be the one to inform the other tribes of the news, with Bast by his side there's no doubt he can appease them into submission of Adowa rule, as the High Priests always have. W'Kabi suggests that the Jabari would be his first pick and Achebe begins to walk away. As the High Priest leaves, he is escorted by two Hatut Zeraze guards before quickly pulling out a Vibranium dagger and secretly murdering both of them. Achebe then takes their security clearance cards and enters the control room where he has the force field secret entrance moved to the bottom. He then steals a Hover Car which he uses to drive out of Birnin Zana and begins heading for the border.

In the wilderness of East Africa, a huge swath of jeeps are driving through the savannah being lead by one driven by Killmonger with Klaw sitting shotgun. They all drive through the Force Field secret entrance while Klaw begins using his Sound Converter to shoot and easily dispatch any Wakandan defense that stands in his way. Achebe eventually joins the conflict being taken in by the Slicing Talons revealing himself to have been the traitor the entire time running over Ayo with his Hover Car. Klaw asks him for the map of where the Vibranium mound is. Achebe shows them saying the fastest way is through the waterfalls and offers to drive his Hover Car there, he then subtly nods to Killmonger who does the same to right back to him. In Birnin Zana, W'Kabi along with the tribe leaders are debating how to proceed with this invasion, all of them devastated about Achebe's betrayal. Okoye is also saddened that Ayo had lost her life in the attack. W'Kabi says it's obvious they need to organize the Hatut Zeraze and send them to protect the mound. Nakia on the other hand argues Klaw nearly killed all of the Dora Milaje and his own tribe at the border, they openly admitted they only want one part of Wakanda. Diplomacy needs to be considered, this fight is greater than just Klaw and his greed. The tribe leaders all start taking sides.

In the middle of arguing, Nakia asks her King to please back her up and a troubled T'Challa quickly synthesizes the Black Panther Habit out of his necklace, claiming Wakanda will do as they always have in the face of invading enemies, they will fight and protect what is theres. Foreigners and traitors will never take even a fraction of this land from him or his people. So long as he draws breath and the Heart Shaped Herb flows through his veins, he will not allow himself to fail the same way that T'Chaka did. W'Kabi is happy about T'Challa's decision but Nakia is disappointed yet again. He goes to Shuri and asks her about the latest weapon designs she's worked on. The Princess responds most of it was in her lab, but there's still enough in Birnin Zana to drive the Slicing Talons into the hills, she'll ready all of it for him.

At the waterfalls, Klaw arrives with his henchmen along with Killmonger and Achebe only to be confronted by Black Panther along with Okoye and the entire Hatut Zeraze armed with advanced Vibranium weapons, suits and vehicles. Klaw says that he looks just like his "daddy" and T'Challa yells out he can take his father, he can corrupt his High Priest, take his Vibranium, it doesn't matter what Klaw does, he will still kill him! Achebe says T'Challa he might not know it yet, this is what's best for the entire world and Wakanda. Black Panther responds the time for talking is over and on his signal all the Hatut Zeraze power up their shields along with Okoye flanked by her Dora Milaje, shouting out this is for Ayo! The Slicing Talons begin charging at them too in an all out war. The Wakandan Warriors and Black Panther do well at first, Okoye especially showing impressive feats. Klaw's Sonic Blasts though eventually hit T'Challa with his Panther Habit becoming completely inert. Okoye screams out at T'Challa and runs over to help him, eventually fighting Klaw and demanding to know what he did.

Klaw tells her his arm can make Vibranium stop working, he can sell it but they can't use it! Ulysses then blasts Okoye and starts shooting sonic waves all around him nullifying all the Vibranium on the battle field until T'Challa begins beating him with just his fists. Okoye slowly gets up but Killmonger quickly knocks her out. The rest of the Hatut Zeraze have no working Vibranium anymore and begin to get overwhelmed and slaughtered by the Slicing Talons. Klaw continues to fight Black Panther hurting him with his claw's sound waves saying that this is how things should be, the savages being civilized by the superior technology. They didn't deserve Vibranium and they're never going to have it again. Ulysses Klaue will always be remembered as the man who uncovered the last jewel of Africa. Suddenly, Klaw gets shot a dozen times in the chest which causes him to stop generate sound and notice himself bleeding. He then takes a final shot between the eyes revealed to have been murdered by Killmonger.

Erik yells Yibambe and all the black Slicing Talons soldiers begin to turn out and shoot their white counterparts. They all gather around Killmonger and Black Panther says that he doesn't understand, why is he doing this. Erik says he never cared about that racist piece of white trash, Klaw. He just needed someone to get him into Wakanda, he served his purpose and now the Imperialists got what they deserved. All the Slicing Talons and Achebe begin to shout in praise and T'Challa slowly stands up again, Killmonger noticing he's not feeling so good right now. Not without his Heart Shaped Herb or Vibranium protecting him. That there are two billion people in the world who look like them and feel this way everyday of their lives. Wakanda has the tools to liberate them all, the ones he can't even last a second without. T'Challa says Vibranium will never be used on whatever twisted goal he's trying to achieve. Killmonger clarifies the slave trade, Jim Crow, apartheid, Africans are the most oppressed people on the planet and Wakanda did nothing to help them ever! T'Challa shouts back they are not his people and Erik responds life started in this continent, all people are his people, or is he just going to keep ignoring the family he doesn't want to think about. T'Challa asks what he's talking about and Killmonger tells him when he was sixteen years old he went on a vacation to San Francisco, he met a woman named Monica Lynne. He had his way with her and then left, and she put his bastard up for adoption. The son of a King living in Oakland barely enough food to eat terrorized everyday by agents of a foreign government.

Black Panther begins to stammer saying out loud that Erik is his son and Killmonger replies asking him to imagine what he thought when he found out. That he abandoned him just like Wakanda did to the rest of the world. Achebe says that he trusted the Black Panther to be the prophet of Bast, but when he saw what was happening outside Wakanda and the fact he refused to do anything about it, for even his own child, he knew that could not be the case any longer. T'Challa screams out they are all wrong and quickly starts fighting the Slicing Talons soldiers off. Killmonger begins fighting back against his father beating him horribly, T'Challa is no match without his Heart Shaped Herb abilities and gets badly hurt into submission. Erik then picks him up and throws Black Panther right off the Waterfall and into the river. Erik walks back up to the Mound where the surviving Wakandans have all escaped, he then takes the Sound Converter out of Klaw's arm and attaches it to a Satellite Dish, telling the Slicing Talons to aim it towards the capital. Klaw was right, they don't deserve Vibranium. He then turns the Satellite Dish on and it sends sound frequencies all through Wakanda nullifying all of the Vibranium used in the cities and towns, including Birnin Zana. All of their technology stops working and plants begin to die as the people are confused about what's going on.

Act 3

At the river late that night, Okoye along with the wounded Hatut Zeraze and Dora Milaje fish T'Challa out of the water nearly dead. The King quickly gets taken to the city and brought into the royal medical wing. But without any of the Vibranium technology the Doctors and Shuri aren't able to instantly heal him and instead at the advice of Ramonda have to use the old Alchemy techniques of Ancient Wakanda to simply get him out of critical condition. After finally saving T'Challa, they bring him to his quarters to rest and Shuri sees countless other wounded Wakandans being brought in who end up dying due to none of her technology working. The Slicing Talons are then all shown inside the mines where they're raiding and exploring the old laboratories and Maglev Trains that are transporting and all of the Vibranium. Killmonger asks Achebe if the trains are magnetic levitation and the High Priest confirms they are, this mound has nearly all of the world's Vibranium. It's where Wakanda constructs all of its weaponry and equipment, and with the Sound Converter the only place in the Kingdom with working Vibranium. They've been mining it for thousands of years and haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Killmonger says the whole world's about to change. With all this Vibranium he'll be able to arm revolutions around the world, overthrow their oppressors with ease. To just imagine if his folks in Oakland had some Vibranium weapons to show those pigs what's up. He won't have to ask that anymore, because the sun will never set on the new empire of Africa. Back in Birnin Zana, Nakia is walking around seeing everyone trying to make a living without the Vibranium and notices a group of children going through the garden in the center of the city. She tries to tell them to stop but they all swear they're only playing, showing her the dead Heart Shaped Herbs. She looks over them, and then tells the children they can play here if they want. They thank their Queen and continue playing as they normally would. In the Royal Palace once again, Shuri is taking apart all of her technology with a crude wrench and Ramonda asks why she would do this, these electronics meant so much to her. The Princess responds it doesn't matter now, all of these inventions but none of them matter when Wakanda needs it the most.

Ramonda puts her hand on Shuri's shoulder and tells her this is not her fault. Shuri proclaims she spent so long working on all of this. Maybe if she had just tried to be different, to focus on Wakanda instead of its Vibranium. Given T'Challa more than just meaningless invention, maybe, he wouldn't be on the verge of death as they speak. Ramonda insists he isn't dead, Wakanda is in a dark place now but is it not of her doing. That when she was Shuri's age she was only interested in the glamor of royalty and tradition, and never understood the workings of Vibranium or the inventions of the future. She felt intimidated and almost obsolete in the face of her daughter's brilliance. Shuri claims that sometimes she wishes she was more like her. So strong and wise, even after father died she continued to support her children without so much as a flinch, just like she's doing now. Shuri and Ramonda then proceed to hug one another.

That night at the Mound, everyone is getting the hang of using Vibranium weapons and controlling Vibranium military vehicles. Achebe interrupts Erik in the middle of testing a sonic cannon spear and asks if he could spare a moment for spiritual guidance. Killmonger claims he's not religious but Achebe insists his personal beliefs matter little, revealing to him a bucket of red sand he had stolen from the Necropolis. They go outside and Achebe says when he encases Erik in the red sand he will be granted entrance to the plane of Bast. He will acquire the wisdom to lead his Empire to triumph and glory, Killmonger tells him to just get this over with and lays down on the top mound's grass, Achebe pouring the red sand all out of the bucket and burying Erik inside of it. Killmonger then emerges from the sand finding himself on a basketball court in Oakland with a purple sky over it. Bast slowly walks over to him and Erik becomes scared of her before she transforms into his adopted father, Hunter. Bast telling him she is impressed by his success in stripping her influence from the Earth.

Erik is then shown to be a child saying it's not fair she wouldn't help them. They didn't deserve to die, looking at the spot on the court where his parents were shot. He starts crying and Bast tells him no tears, his tragedy lead him right where he needed to be. Bast then turns into T'Challa and Erik is an adult once again, Bast saying he is a Prince exiled from his home. But now he has returned, he should stay and honor the legacy he was born into. Erik says the folks in Oakland are his people, Hunter and Linda were his real parents. He might've been born Wakandan but he was raised like everyone else, and that's the legacy he's going to fight for. Bast warns him to keep his mind open, the sunset only lasts for fleeting moments, look quickly! Killmonger bursts out of the red sand as Achebe calms him down, Erik telling him it's done and that Bast rejected him, just like the Black Panther did. Achebe says he must go back and make things right and Killmonger instead exclaims it's time for them to move on from this broken religion.

At the Royal Palace, T'Challa suddenly wakes up with Ramonda, Shuri, and Nakia standing over him, all delighted that he's awake again. T'Challa tells them that the living are not done with him yet, no matter how much his soul aches knowing what he's done. Ramonda asks what he's talking about and T'Challa tells her and Shuri that Erik Stevens is his bastard son. He was in San Francisco and fell for a Jazz Singer, but when he had to return to Wakanda he left her, never even knew she was pregnant. Ramonda and Shuri are silent but Nakia says she must think over this and quickly walks out of the room. Meanwhile, W'Kabi and Okoye are talking to each other about how both their respective forces are stretched thin and the cities are struggling with droughts, famine, industry shutting down. W'Kabi insists Wakanda can't survive without their Vibranium. Okoye says they need help, the Head of Security says no where else in Wakanda in faring any better but Okoye clarifies from their neighbors.

W'Kabi begs the General to tell him she's not an open borders proponent like the Queen. Okoye asks what if she is, these past few days she's overheard discussions about it in the court and has stayed neutral the entire time. But their people are starving in the streets and their enemies have them at their mercy. Accepting help can't be worse than what is happening to all of them now. W'Kabi tells her they can rise above this threat, take action against Slicing Talons in due time. Showing the world what Wakanda truly is, that's something that cannot be undone. Nakia is sitting in the fields outside Birnin Zana until being joined by T'Challa. She confesses that she does not resent him for his history of lovers, but is upset as any heirs they produce will always be his second, but not hers. T'Challa says that's only a question to ask if there is a Wakanda to inherit. Nakia insists of course there will be but T'Challa says Killmonger is a fearsome warrior, without the Heart Shaped Herb or his Panther Habit he has no way of leading this Kingdom to victory.

Nakia tells him that is not true! His armor, the herb, those are just objects to feel closer to Bast and the Panther. They were never his source of strength. What gave him the power of the Black Panther was always what was inside of him. A King who is wise as the forests, strong as its animals, and loved by his people. T'Challa listens to her words and squeezes his fist quickly getting up, Nakia asks where he's going and the Black Panther tells her preserving Wakanda for their future children. At the Vibranium Mound, the Slicing Talons' soldiers are all getting inside of their Dragon Flyers and arming themselves to the teeth with weaponry. Killmonger telling Achebe they'll strike in all the big cities first, arm any civilians of African descent, they'll spread the cause until everything is taken over. Achebe asks what of those who refuse and Killmonger claims they're just as bad as the oppressors, and will be treated the same.

Black Panther is then seen in the distance riding to the Mound on a traditional War Rhinoceros waving a peace flag before slowing down and getting off the Rhino face to face with his son, Erik. He asks what he's doing here and Black Panther claims that when the Kings of Wakanda faced direct opposition to their dynasties the objector had the right to challenge the King in ritual combat. It was often a fruitless task with the Heart Shaped Herb, but now since that's gone, a battle between them will be a true challenge to determine the future of Wakanda. Killmonger claims all that tradition shit is over, he has the weapons now, and might makes right. All the Slicing Talons are disturbed to hear that and begin conversing among themselves. T'Challa then whispers into Erik's ear his followers all believe him to be a liberator of the African people, yet he spits on their tradition and rejects their culture the same way Klaw did. Killmonger grits his teeth and says he'll do it, one more fight to prove his Empire is legit, cake walk. T'Challa tells him they will meet in the Birnin Zana garden at dusk.

Later inside the throne room, the court is surprised learning that T'Challa challenged Killmonger in ritual combat. Okoye reminding him that she nor any of the Dora Milaje will be able to help him and T'Challa claims he knows but it's the only way. W'Kabi asks how he knows Killmonger is good on his word, that he won't turn on them irregardless of the results. Black Panther claims if the Slicing Talons wanted to kill them they'd have massacred them all when they had the chance. His men feel a sense of nationalism for all Africans including Wakandans. Killmonger will need to adhere to this if he wishes to keep their loyalty. Shuri insists it's a good idea, and that without their Vibranium appealing to tradition is all they have left, Nakia says she has faith her husband the King will fight honorably on Wakanda's behalf. T'Challa says it is settled then, the Court recognizes his challenge and he will to see it Bast does as well. Black Panther goes to the Necropolis where Ramonda buries him in the red sand and he shortly after rises from it in a Savannah once again.

Bast in the form of T'Chaka tells T'Challa what he seeks now, he claims a reason to fight. Bast asks why he would need her reasons and T'Challa clarifies because he does not know what he truly wants. Erik was abandoned, forced to live through oppression and cruelty. All dark skinned people not born into Wakanda were as well, Bast tells him she did not bless those outside Wakanda and T'Challa insists they are still people. What makes Erik not Wakandan, because he wasn't born in this land. His ancestors were, as were the ones of all other humans. Where was Wakanda then, how he can sit in luxury knowing first hand the people who have less than him. How could his father, or his father before him allow it. Bast puts her hand on T'Challa's face and says he is a good man, but often times it is hard for a good man to be King. T'Challa says he will not let the mistakes of the previous Black Panthers define his reign as King any longer. He will be his own man, free and wild as a Panther should be. Bast says that's all she ever wanted, from when she first spoke to Bashenga to this very moment.

T'Challa then wakes up slowly moving the red sand from his face, telling his mother he's ready. Outside in the garden, all the civilians are gathered watching tribe leaders and Shuri, who is wearing her traditional headgear alongside Ramonda and Nakia. T'Challa is given a spear and a shield by his Dora Milaje along with Okoye and walks out into the arena as Killmonger is given the same weapons by the Slicing Talons and Achebe before getting sent out as well. W'Kabi comes out and says a ceremonial battle between the standing King and Black Panther T'Challa and his challenger Erik Stevens. The Hatut Zeraze will swear to respect the victor as the will of Bast. The soldiers all get into formation and light a perfect circle of fire around the garden boundaries. Erik mockingly tells Shuri "hey auntie" and T'Challa says to his son that he wants him to know from he is eternally sorrowful about all that has happened to him. If he throws his weapons down and submits, he promises they will handle this another way. Killmonger responds by simply removing his shirt revealing his entire torso to be filled with scars that mark each of his victims. Explaining that he's been all over the world committing countless murders and spilling blood all to get here and take what's his. He isn't leaving empty handed.

Black Panther and Killmonger begin to fight each other, both of them seem evenly matched and are able to get good hits in. T'Challa says he is becoming exactly the kind of man he hated during his life, a conqueror and colonizer motivated by a false sense of superiority. Killmonger says back he doesn't look down on anyone, what he's doing is just an eye for an eye. Black Panther responds then he will blind Wakanda, Erik growls at him and they fight more. The onlookers all watch anxiously just as engaged in their verbal debate as they are in the actual fight. Erik eventually steals T'Challa's spear and is double wielding both of theres, Black Panther desperately tries to maneuver and block the attacks with his shield. T'Challa gracefully bashes with all his strength into the shield causing Killmonger to throw both spears into the air, Black Panther then quickly grabs one and stabs Erik right in the gut with it. The onlookers gasp while Killmonger falls on his knees and sees past the fire and into the beautiful sunset over Wakanda.

The Slicing Talons all start taking their guns out but Erik demands they don't shoot, he doesn't want to ruin this. He spent so long trying to get to Wakanda, dreaming about it, an untouched Africa. He won't let Klaw or anyone else ruin it, even if it means giving up his dream. T'Challa tells him it's not too late, they can save him he just has to turn off the sound waves, he can give him the life he always wanted. Killmonger tells him no, he lost his chance already after all he did. Erik then pulls the spear out his abdomen and says to bury him in the ocean like the slaves who jumped off ships, because they knew death was better than bondage. Erik then collapses from blood lost, Black Panther trying his best to hold back tears. He then stands up telling the crowd that Wakanda has made horrible choices in the past. But that today Erik Stevens' sacrifice will not be in vein. All of the people who were exploited and brutalized under Klaw will be able to seek refuge in Wakanda as fully naturalized citizens, and from this day he will do everything he can as Black Panther to liberate the oppressed people everywhere in the world. All they must do is put down their guns and yield.

All the Slicing Talons begin throwing their guns on the ground and Shuri screams Wakanda Forever as Nakia and Ramonda do the same and eventually everyone in the crowd follows in unison. Achebe tells them to stop, asking if they've forgotten what they were fighting for, to spread the will of Bast and take revenge against those who oppressed them. They would be fools to give that all up for meaningless diplomacy against the son of a man who couldn't even defend his own nation! Okoye takes out her spear and points it to Achebe's throat, telling him he is under arrest for treason against Wakanda and its people. Nakia begins leading the old Slicing Talons soldiers somewhere safe while Achebe gets formally arrested by the Dora Milaje. Months pass as the Vibranium all over the Kingdom is fully restored and powered up once again. Shuri is inside her lab with Ramonda showing her all of her latest inventions and the Queen Mother is genuinely impressed by them, though doesn't understand how any of it works.

T'Challa is with Nakia in the Necropolis. She's looking over the plot for T'Chaka while he's looking over the one for Erik. He says that he thought losing a father was hard, but losing a child even that which he did not know is still so painful. He then says he's sorry for burdening her with these feelings he knows she doesn't care. Nakia kisses T'Challa and tells him he was a son of Wakanda, he might not have been related to her or born in their land. He was still a Prince by any other name. Black Panther says they should take their leave soon, Erik would've wanted it. In Vienna at the United Nations, T'Challa along with Nakia, W'Kabi, and Okoye walk into the assembly where the Wakandan King is soon called up to the podium. He announces that he wishes to build bridges instead of barriers, and treat the entire world as one tribe. For that reason he is officially opening Wakanda's borders. Nakia is smiling while W'Kabi looks frustrated and a delegate asks what a country of farmers could offer the rest of the world. The Black Panther then presses one of his Kimoyo beads and the Dragon Flyer outside turns off its invisibility cloak as all the world's politicians run outside speechlessly impressed by it.

First End Credits

Teasing Black Panther: Wild Kingdom

Bast is in her plane resting until suddenly a large white Gorilla appears and tells her she has lost her way. Letting these foreign devils into Wakanda, perhaps the era of the Panther has come to an end. Bast whispers with the sound of all the voices she's mimicked during the film "Ghekre" before trying to attack the Gorilla. Ghekre though quickly throws her off, warning Bast that if she cannot guide the Black Panther to protect their sacred lands, perhaps he will need a champion of his own.

Second End Credits

Teasing Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Shuri is in her lab with T'Challa and he asks his sister how their secret project is going. She tells him the engineering process to create the material was very energy intensive, but the design team pulled through. It would've been impossible without open borders, that's how she was able to buy two pounds of Adamantium. T'Challa clarifies only two pounds and Shuri insists that's all she needed taking out a pair of Carbonadium arm shields. Saying Steve Rogers won't even be able to tell the difference between them and the single handed American design. T'Challa picks up the shields claiming that he hopes these will serve him well for what's to come.


  • Erik Killmonger in the comics was instead born N'Jadaka as a native to Wakanda before being exiled to the United States at a young age due to his father aiding Ulysses Klaue in an invasion. His origin story was retooled in the film to be an amalgamation between another Black Panther villain named Jakarra.
  • The Hatut Zeraze on Earth-616 are a secret police force or spies who work on behalf of Black Panther. They were changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be the name of the military in Wakanda.
  • Hunter Stevens, Erik's adoptive father's first name, is a reference to T'Challa's foster brother and enemy the White Wolf, who's first name was also Hunter.
  • Ulysses Klaue is shown to be missing his right arm throughout the entire film. A reference to his brief appearance in Avengers: The Ultron Imperative where Ultron sliced Klaw's arm off for trying to extort the villain for money.
  • Achebe in the comics was never part of T'Challa's royal council and was a Priest for the demon Mephisto, as opposed to the Goddess Bast.
  • Ryan Coogler originally wanted to use Ororo Munroe or Storm to be T'Challa's wife and the Queen of Wakanda in the film, but was forced to use Nakia instead when Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios insisted they wanted to save any X-Men characters for Phase 4.
  • Killmonger throwing T'Challa off the Waterfall is a direct adaptation of a famous comic book panel in the graphic novel Panther's Rage. Which the film takes heavy inspiration from.
  • In the comics, T'Challa was a scientific prodigy. In the MCU however these skills were opted to his younger sister, Shuri, as not to make the Black Panther too overpowered and give his supporting a more relevant role in the story.
  • Micro was sells Klaw and Killmonger the Sound Converter in Barcelona is the same supporting character who appears in the MCU based Netflix series The Punisher which was slated to release a month after Black Panther hit theaters.
  • T'Challa when arguing with Nakia about opening Wakanda's borders mentions seeing last year chaos engulfing the outside world involving Hydra and the Avengers. A reference to his role in Captain America: Civil War.
  • The remains of the Churchill that act as the Slicing Talons' base of operations looks and plays a very similar role to the 616 location N'Jadaka village.
  • Monica Lynne, who T'Challa fell in love with and got pregnant is actually his love interest in the Don McGregor run of Black Panther in the comics.
  • Inside the Barcelona casino, in the background the song Pray For Me can be heard playing. This is a meta reference to Black Panther's official soundtrack, which includes Pray for Me.
  • During the first end credits scene, Bast is attacked by a White Gorilla named Ghekre, who in the comics is an Ape God and the sworn rival of the Panther cult.
  • In the second end credits scene, Shuri is revealed to have built a pair of Carbonadium arm Shields for Steve Rogers, as his original shield was lost at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Hinting at the fact Captain America will be working with Wakanda sometime soon to help fight a major threat.
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